Chapter 2: An officer and Amnesia

A few hours had passed and it was now noon. Eric had finally come to. Eric slowly got up and realized he was in a bed. He was bare except for a pair of flannel boxers that were put on him. He slowly got up out of the bed and heard a noise coming from down the hall. He grabbed a nearby lamp and cautiously walked down the hallway. Eric peered around the corner and saw the police officer he saw from earlier.

“What the hell officer! I thought I was kidnapped or some shit!”

            “Ha-ha no way. I was the only one out there. Sorry about your clothes I had to remove them. You were covered in grime from the inn so they are being washed. You have a thicker waist then me so I gave you the best underwear I could find. Sorry! Want some coffee?” the look on the officer was genuine. Eric was still a bit shaken up but the hospitality he was offered took his mind off the strange events for the moment.

“Thank you! Also yes, I would love some coffee.” Eric sat down at the dining table and watched the Latino officer pour a cup for him. Eric also noticed the bubble butt the officer was naturally born with in his brown officer’s uniform. It also helped that the officer was cute to look at.

“Are you okay?” asked the officer, but Eric was too busy staring at the attractive young man in front of him. Eric loved his silky tan skin, his wavy dark brown hair, his 5’o clock shadow growing on his face, and of course his piercing hazel eyes. Eric also stared at his thick juicy lips. “Are you okay?” the officer asked again.

“I’m fine.” Said Eric as he snapped out of his trance.

            “Good I thought I lost you for a second. Look, I need to make my rounds. Get dressed and we can talk in the car.”

“Why didn’t you take me to the police station?” asked Eric calmly

            “To be honest, you are not the first person to make claims about seeing a “ghost” in these parts. In fact, we usually have about 10 men a year show up here claiming they saw a loved one.”

“Where they all men?”

            “Yes as a matter of fact, they were.” The officer looked puzzled. Eric believed that the officer never really thought of it.

“Let me get dressed and then we can go.” Eric got up from the table and grabbed some clothes from the officer’s closet. He put on a red flannel and a pair of blue jeans. The jeans fit a little tight but Eric made them work.

“Got any shoes I can wear?” asked Eric politely

            “Yours’s are outside. Put them on as we leave.” Eric and the officer rushed out of the house with his shoes in toe. As the two men got inside the police car Eric noticed a figure in the rear-view mirror. It smiled at him. Eric took a glance back but nothing was there.

“Did you see something?” asked the young officer as he started the vehicle.

            “No…. I don’t think I did.” Eric lied.

            The town was alive again. Eric could not believe his eyes. What once was a ghost town now had around 50 people or so maneuvering throughout the town. The bank was open, car wash had cars being cleaned, and even the school was open. “I thought this town was dead. I literally drove right through here mere hours ago. What the hell is happening?”

            “Look, this place has a reputation for being haunted. Not going to lie this town is barely scrapping by but it’s managing. People usually stop by for the Halloween season anyway. Population is around 300 but its declining every year. Most people are too afraid to live here.”

            “Do you have a huge police force?”

“Ha us? No fucking way. We are only 3 people. It’s me, my friend Tommy, and his dad Earl. We are the law in this town. We mostly deal with break-ins or vandalism but no other crime. Except for around this time of year. Especially today and tomorrow.”

            “Why? Also what is today?”, asked Eric hesitantly.

“It’s October 30th. dude, It’s all Hallows Eve.” The officer looked at the stunned expression on Eric’s face.

            “It can’t be! If I would have known I never would have come here!” Eric began hitting his head while chanting stupid! Stupid!

“Relax sir! It’s fine.” The officer stopped Eric from hitting his head.

            “Thanks but you are wrong. You have no idea what I have seen or been through!”

“You could tell me? Want to start by giving me your name?”

            “It’s Eric. What’s yours?”

“Santos. My name is Santos Vega. I moved up here a few years ago to get some on the job training. I have seen some crazy shit but nothing like this morning. I’ve never seen someone so dead-set on seeing a dead person.”

            “Do you believe in ghosts or demons?”

“I believe that people can believe in them. I believe some people are more prone to that type of shit but as for me no I don’t.” Eric looked at Santos. This young man was actually having a full on conversation about the dead and not even passing judgments. Eric could never talk to Reid about anything like that.

            “Where are we going? I think we just left town?” asked Eric as he began to notice where they were.

“I’m taking you to Grass hill. I want to show you some truth.” Santos drove for another 12 minutes and finally the car came to a halt. Eric opened the car door and noticed a cemetery across the way. Eric moved through the entrance as it read “Grass Hill”. Eric’s worst fears were coming to life. Eric moved through the tombs and finally came upon one that read Reid’s name. Eric gasped in horror. Another memory came to him.

“But Eric don’t you hear the song?”

            “Reid don’t listen to it. It draws you in. He wants us. He wants me!”

“Eric I can’t…. I…. I……. I…. the king has called me!”

            “Reid don’t go! Shut your ears! Don’t listen to the devil lyrics!”

“I’m sorry……It’s too beautiful…. come join us! He wants us!”

“Eric are you okay?” Santos picked Eric off the ground. He had collapsed.

            “Yeah, sorry about that. I just remembered something.” Eric liked the muscular grip Santos had on him and liked the feeling of being less dominate. Santos held Eric upright and dusted him off. Eric also noticed that Santos kept dusting his ass checks off. Santos giggled each cheek separately again and again. Eric liked the way it felt.

“I think I’m good!” Eric shouted.

            “Sorry. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t stain my pants. What was all that fainting about? Are you going to faint a lot? I just need to know in case I have to catch you every time.”

“Ha-ha. It’s not that I want to faint I just do it. For some reason I have forgotten a lot about this place. It’s time I remembered. Can you take me into town? I need to stop at the library.”

            “Sure thing!” Just like that the two men headed back towards the police car. As the exited the cemetery Eric took a final glance back. He said in a faint voice, “I told you that story was real. I am sorry.” With that the two men headed back towards town.

            Town was only a few minutes back. Santos dropped Eric off at the library while he did his daily rounds. Santos told him about an hour or so. Eric had plenty of time to look for what he needed. Eric entered the small library, only two floors big, and went investigating. Eric was looking for a book on the towns history or even the towns own lore.

“Excuse me?” asked Eric toward the old librarian behind the counter.

            “What the fuck do you want cocksucker?” she asked in a crackly voice while lighting up a cigarette.

“Well…I’d like information about the town?” Eric asked surprised by her demeanor.

            “Sure…it’s called Google you piece of shit! Why don’t you ask a better question?” The old lady had scraggly hair, a wart on her cheek, and grey colored eyes with big glasses attached to them.

            “Okay. How about a book about this town past?” The lady looked up at him. She got out of her seat and walked close towards Eric.

“Ugh!” Eric shouted as she grabbed his genital region by her hand. She began to move her fingers around and around trying to see if she could get a reaction out of him. His cock stayed flaccid and probably a bit purple.

            “What a fuckin shame! All the hot guys like cock! The book you are looking for is the 2nd floor back section. You won’t miss it. Also if you ever want someone to suck that huge cock that you are keeping all to yourself you know where to find me.” The woman let go of his crotch and Eric nodded and put on a fake grin. As he walked up the steps he noticed the older woman smelling her fingers and touching herself.

            An hour had passed and all the books he read were of no use. Book after book yet nothing on the towns own history. The only thing he could find was about the fall harvest. Eric also noticed that the old woman had not gotten her hand out of her lower region. Eric tried to keep that image out of his head. Few minutes passed and Eric had finally given up. He needed something to help regain all his memories about this place. Boom!

            The lights had shut off in the library. “GoshDamnit! Fucking lazy bitches can’t ever fix anything right! Hey sexy guy, I’ll be right back I got to fix the breakers.” Eric watched the old lady head towards the back of the library. Eric began to put the books on the shelf when he noticed a distinct orange light coming through the bookshelf. With a couple taps he found a weak point and began to push the bookshelf. The bookshelf revealed a small door with a pumpkin carved on the door. Eric turned the knob and entered.

            Inside the orange lit room he noticed a few things were odd. He saw a small yellow blanket, a bunny rabbit, a whistle, and a book. Eric picked up the book and it revealed a title called, “The Song of the Pumpkin King”. Eric grabbed the book and turned around…………


Eric was thrown back in the room.

            Eric awoke with his shirt off, pants down, and hands and feet bound by vines. Eric tried to get free but it was no use. Suddenly a grotesque looking man walked through the door. The man was covered in moss, dirt, and long silver hair. This was a ghost! Eric tried to unbind his hands and feet but nothing would be let loose. The man creeped over Eric’s exposed body and began to speak in a sinfully erotic voice, “Want to play with daddy?” The man licked Eric’s mouth with its dirt covered tongue. Eric tried to scream for help but the tongue was actually gagging him. While the saliva of the being was drowning him the man also began to twist Eric’s nipples and squeeze them harder than they have been squeezed before.

            Again Eric tried to let himself free but it was to no avail. The man began to stick his tongue further downs Eric’s throat almost to the point where he almost gagged. Finally, the gross looking ghost man let up. This time he began to lick down Eric’s body. He licked his nipples, liked his torso, and all the way down to his belly button. Finally, he got to the crotch region. “Want to show daddy what kind of worm you are hiding in their boy?” Eric stared in horror. The man had removed Eric’s cock from his boxers and began to deep throat his cock.

            “Ahh! Oooo!” Eric moaned in pleasure and in fear. Whatever this being was doing to him felt good but it was wrong at the same time. The being moved its head up and down, up and down, up and down, and slurped and sucked. Eric loved the sounds this thing made but wanted it to stop. Finally, Eric could feel himself coming.

“I’m gonna cum!” Eric screamed and with a thrust of his pelvis he shot his hot load down the ghost’s throat. The ghost sucked every last drop. But it didn’t swallow. It moved its head right back up to Eric and forced open Eric’s mouth. Eric tried to keep it shut but he couldn’t fight it off anymore. Finally, he succumbed to the force and opened his mouth just long enough for the ghost to spit all of Eric’s own cum back down his throat! Eric gagged and screamed as he felt his hot salty juices go down his own throat! The ghost laughed and laughed while finally yelling

Tastes like me!”

            Eric shrugged back and forth and awoke to find himself still in the orange room but he was fully clothed and not bound at all. Eric still had to book but did notice he had come on himself. Did he have a wet dream or something? Eric shook his head in disbelief. He was scared he was going insane. Eric regained his composure and preceded to go back down to the entrance. As he walked by he noticed the old lady staring at him vividly. She smiled and winked at him as he walked out the door.

            Santos was waiting by his car when he saw Eric come out in a hurry.

“Hey guy you look like you had a rough time in there.” Santos said as he looked at the cum stain on Eric’s skinny jeans.

            “Don’t ask! Anyway I think I found what I was looking for.”

“What did you find?” asked Santos as they both entered his car.

            “The story I was read as a kid. Also for some reason I feel like I’ve been inside that library room before.”

“What room?” asked Santos. Eric just shook his head and pointed in the direction of Santos’ home. Eric held on to the book tightly and looked outside the window. Come to think of it, Eric began to wonder, that ghost almost looked like Eric himself or some version of him. Either way Eric shook off that notion and the two men headed towards the house to learn more about Eric's and the town's past.



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