The Park Man - Chapter 3

Tim woke up slowly. It was just before 8am which was late for him but it had been a late night with great man sex so it wasn't surprising. It had also been a warm night and the duvet had been pushed to the bottom of the bed leaving him and Jamie exposed. He didn't remember doing that but did remember what he had said before they went to sleep about whoever woke up first would wake the other with a blow job.

He looked across to Jamie. He was laying on his back with one arm across his chest and the other spread out to the side. One leg was straight and other was bent at the knee to one side. Sometime during the night he had slipped out of his night shorts which were now around just one ankle. His cock and balls were in full view and open for the wakeup call. His head was to one side facing Tim. He looked so handsome with his long hair covering part of his face. Tim could see from his slow breathing that Jamie was still in a deep sleep.

Tim felt a bit guilty and perhaps a little smutty but he just wanted to move his eyes up and down this muscular hunk by his side. He glazed at his trimmed hairy chest, his nipples, his abs and those strong hairy thighs. His cock was laying to one side with his balls tantalising exposed with his legs spread open. He so wanted to kiss and caress Jamie's whole body but that would have woken him too soon. With minimal movement in case he woke Jamie, Tim slipped his night shorts off and moved down the bed so his head was close to Jamie's groin. He reached for his own cock which was getting hard.

Very gently he took hold of Jamie's soft cock and eased the foreskin back before taking the head in to his mouth slowly moving his tongue around it and taking in the shaft. Very lightly he cupped Jamie's balls in his hand. Tim's mouth was quickly filling with Jamie's stiffening cock. He took hold of the shaft in one hand and softly used his tongue and lips on the bulbous head.

Tim felt Jamie's hand on his neck.

"Oh man, this is best ever way to be woken up".

Tim released Jamie's cock from his mouth and turned to him.

"Good morning. You just lay there and let me do the work" Tim said smiling before returning to Jamie's stiff cock.

Tim kissed and licked Jamie's balls then sucked each one pulling on them with his mouth causing Jamie to let out a long low satisfying groan. Tim then moved slowly up the hard shaft and held it in his hand as he got to the head. He paused and turned so Jamie could see what he was doing. He licked the glistening head and wrapped his lips around it starting a pumping action. Jamie watched the action on his cock with a look of great pleasure. Tim began to wank his own cock in full view of Jamie's gaze.

Jamie's breathing started to deepen and speed up, his ab muscles were tense and Tim was tasting pre-cum as he sped up the mouth action on Jamie's cock. Just in time Tim released Jamie's cock as a stream of cum shot out landing on Jamie's abs and chest. His body shook in muscular spasm and deep groans emitted from his throat. Tim continued to wank his own cock as Jamie's orgasm slowly subsided.

"Fucking hell Tim, that was wonderful. I wish I could wake up every morning like that (they both laughed). What can I do for your happy ending?"

Tim moved by Jamie's side and they kissed.

"I'm actually pretty close myself"

With that he moved to sit astride Jamie's chest put a hand behind his head and moved Jamie's mouth on to his throbbing cock. Jamie willingly took it in and ran his tongue all round the head. He began a slow pumping action. It didn't take long and Tim withdrew his cock before releasing his own load over Jamie's face and hair, his body rocked by the intensity of his orgasm. When he regained control Tim flopped off Jamie and wiped the gooey cum off his face with some tissues.

"Sorry about that Jamie, I seem to have made a bit of a mess"

"Hey don't apologise, I loved it" Feeling Tim's cum in his hair.

"Do you think this makes good conditioner, it is protein after all?"

They laughed loudly.

"Come on Jamie let's take a shower"

When the water temperature was right they both immersed themselves under the flow from the large monsoon shower head letting the water do the initial cleansing of their hair, faces and bodies. They stared at each other with great affection.

Tim reached for the shampoo.

"Come here Jamie, let me wash my mess out of your hair"

"WOW, this is going to be different from the usual experience at the hairdressers. Whilst you're doing that, let me wash your cock for you". Jamie reached for the shower gel.

Their movements on each other were slow, sensual and erotic. After several moments they switched with Tim washing Jamie's cock and Jamie washing Tim's hair. They then let the clear water rinse off the bubbles, their hands moved on each other helping the process.

Once complete Tim turned the shower off. For a moment they stood there looking at each other with the water dripping off their bodies. No words were spoken, the looks said it all. A strong bond between them was developing fast. They dried each other and Jamie combed his long dark hair. They went to the bedroom where they paused again, both their cocks were semi-hard.

"Jamie, let's have breakfast. We have the whole day and we shouldn't let our energy levels drop". They smiled at each other but before they put on some fresh briefs they embraced and lightly kissed.

Tim prepared a light but wholesome breakfast of coffee, fruit juice, cereal, toast and fruit which they ate on the balcony just in their briefs as it wasn't overlooked. Once they finished they sat there in the warm sunshine watching the park opposite come to life with joggers and dog walkers. It was very relaxing and conversation was banter about they had been doing with each other and general chat. They became unaware of time, it didn't matter today.

Their eyes were never far off each other and from glances to each other's groin it was clear they were both feeling horny.

"Jamie, it's such a nice day I thought at some point we could go out somewhere for a few hours, have some lunch, a beer. What do you think?"

"Sounds great, where you thinking of?"

"Well, there's that place in town by the river that has a street food market on a Sunday, we could graze from the various stalls. It only about twenty five minutes on the train".

"Sounds perfect Tim, I know where you mean but I've never actually been to it before. Is there anything we should do before we go" Jamie had sex written all over his face which Tim gladly picked up on.

"Well, we've done a lot since we met on Friday, kissing, hugging, sucking, wanking, fucking, you even got me doing rough stuff on your balls which you enjoyed . . . "

Jamie interrupted

"Well yes I did and you enjoyed doing it" he said laughing.

"I suppose I did (smiling). I was thinking of some playful wrestling and see where that leads. No heavy stuff or throwing around, the neighbours will wonder what the fuck is going on if they hear loads of banging and crashing. We could use the large rug in the lounge as the ring. I think we should change our briefs though, back to yesterday's to keep these fresh"

"Let's do it, nothing heavy but if you're tempted by my balls, go for it" Jamie said chuckling.

They quickly changed their briefs in the bedroom and Tim picked up the box of tissues then they went to the lounge. They moved the coffee out of the way and checked just to make sure there weren't any other obstacles in the way. Moving to the centre of the rug they knelt down facing each other.

They started by grabbing each other's wrists try to get the other off balance and testing their strength. Jamie was clearly the stronger from all his manual work in the park but he didn't take advantage of this.

They moved around the rug on their knees getting each other in arm and head locks, releasing the hold before it came in any way painful. Several times they both lost their balance and they would land up rolling around the rug, arms and legs entwined each trying to get an upper hand before returning to kneeling again. Sweat was building up on their bodies.

Then Jamie took a lunge at Tim and with both of them off balance they landed up with Tim's legs wrapped around Jamie's waist locking him in place with his ankles crossed. Jamie was on his back with Tim's body slightly lent back and his hands outstretched on the rug to counter Jamie's wriggling.

"Hey, how did you do that Tim?"

"I'm not sure, it just kind of happened" he replied smiling down at Jamie as he increased the pressure of the grip around Jamie's waist.

Jamie tried to work a way out of the hold but was not sure how. Then he noticed Tim's hands were firmly spread out on the rug. He reached across and started to lightly run his fingers over Tim's cock through the fabric of his briefs. Things were moving beyond playful wrestling.

"Oi, that's cheating!" Tim was laughing but didn't want to move his hands in case he lost balance.

"Cheating? I didn't know we had any rules". Jamie move his hand to Tim's balls and Tim held his breath to see what he was going to do next. He gently played with them rolling them around together and Tim could feel his cock hardening rapidly so he released the lock on Jamie's waist.

Smiling at each other they moved back to the kneeling position. Tim slipped his hand inside his briefs to get his cock in a more comfortable position, he was off guard. Jamie very quickly got Tim in a tight hug and locking Tim's arms in. Their faces were very close together.

"Get out of this one Tim" They kissed and laughed.

As they kissed Tim managed to make enough of a gap between them to take a firm hold of Jamie's balls.

Ah oh, I think I'm in trouble!"

Tim increased the pressure and he could feel Jamie's cock getting hard against his wrist.

"Arrgh, f f f u c k, I'm definitely in trouble here" Jamie tried increasing the pressure of his hug but that made Tim pull on his balls as well as squeezing them. Jamie let go of the hug and Tim immediately moved his hand away. Jamie laid on his back holding his balls groaning. Tim leant over and put a hand on Jamie's shoulder.

"Hey man, are you ok, did I go too far this time?"

"Honestly I'm fine. You know me, I'm all about pushing boundaries. In any case if I wasn't ok my cock wouldn't be so fucking hard" Laughing he slid his briefs off to show what he meant. Tim slipped his briefs down to reveal his own very stiff erection. They smiled at each other.

Without any further words Tim laid on the floor beside him and they got in a 69 position. They took each other's cock in their mouths and more than eagerly licked, and sucked each other. With all the wrestling foreplay they were in total sexual ecstasy. They were both moaning with intense pleasure and gasping for air, their lips and tongues working the cock in their mouths.

Before they knew it and with no warning for withdrawal they both simultaneously came to orgasm shooting wads of cum in to their mouths. With their bodies still shaking from the intensity of it all they milked each other dry and then laid back with both of them out of breath covered in sweat and a mixture of saliva and man juice filling their mouths.

Tim reached for the tissues and cleared his mouth and handed tissues to Jamie who did the same.

"Fucking hell Tim that was amazing, totally amazing. The wrestling was fun and I've never tasted cum before, not even my own. You taste good"

Yep, it was great. I've tasted my own cum out of curiosity and didn't like it but you taste nice. That was so intense as well, really wonderful. I think we'd better take another shower though otherwise we're going to smell like pigs"

Arm in arm they went to the bathroom chuckling about what had just happened. They didn't spend too much time in the shower, just long enough to refresh their bodies and mouths. They got dressed and headed for town.

They got to the street food market by the river just before 2pm. It was busy with people mingling around on a hot sunny afternoon. They looked around and decided on some brochette which they ate just standing and then got a burger and a beer from another stall and found a couple of seat on a communal table where they ate and drank their beers. Finally they got a couple of ice creams which they had walking over the bridge to the other side of the river.

There was no real plan, they just strolled around chatting looking at the sights. By accident they found themselves in the gay area of town with lots of guys sipping coffee or beers outside cafes and bars. There was also a lot of sex shops.

"Come on Jamie let's pop in here"

"Err Tim I know this might sound odd but I've never been in a sex shop before let alone a gay one"

"Jamie you surprise me I imagined you would have been in a sex shop at some time. Ok not a gay one and actually I've never been in a gay one either. If you want to try bondage we're going to need stuff for that. Anyway I'm sure they won't bite"

They laughed and went inside. The shop wasn't too busy and they had a look around at the mix of clothing, books and videos and found an area that was full of sex toys and the like. They stood by a large display of bondage gear not really knowing what they were looking for.

"Hey guys, can I help you?"

Tim and Jamie turned to see a shop assistant. He was tall, very handsome and athletic looking with broad shoulders. His tight T shirt and snug fitting jeans showed off his torso perfectly. He was probably around their age and not in the least bit gay. From his badge pinned to his T shirt his name was Paul.

"Oh thanks, we're looking at bondage stuff but to be honest we don't really know what we want". Tim said a bit nervously.

"Cool, well the stuff on the right hand side is pretty advanced for the experienced guys and the stuff on the left is more intermediate. If you're just starting out we do sell bondage rope by the metre which you can cut as you like. To be honest and don't tell the boss I said this but I wouldn't bother with the expensive stuff here, just get the rope and experiment!"

"Thanks Paul that's really helpful. We'll take your advice" Tim replied feeling a bit more at ease.

Paul took them round to where the rope was whilst smiling and making small talk with Tim and Jamie. The two of them were getting more relaxed and responding to the chat. At the till Jamie said he'd take some condoms and lube and Paul recommended ones that were on display which they got along with the length of rope. Tim paid for the items and Paul put them in a plain plastic bag.

"Thanks guys, if you need any advice or help with anything else, here's my mobile number" Paul wrote his number on the back of one of the shop's cards and slipped it in the bag giving a knowing look to the both of them.

The three shook hands and Tim and Jamie left. A short way from the shop they stopped and burst out laughing.

"God Tim, was he coming on to us or what"

"I guess he might have been. Actually I think he was!"

They got a taxi back to the station to get the train back to Tim's place.

It was early evening when they got back to the apartment Tim opened the sliding doors to the balcony letting a breeze flow through the lounge. The heat from the day had made it quite stuffy.

"Jamie I really fancy a cold beer, would you like one?"

"Yes please, that would be great"

Tim went to the kitchen and returned with two open bottles of lager. They sat on the settee and inspected the goods they had bought including the card with Paul's number.

"Jamie, what do you think he meant when he said help with anything else"

"I'm not sure but by the look he gave us there was something going on. Maybe he wants a threesome" They laughed.

"Would that interest you then?"

"I guess so. I mean it could be interesting sometime. How about you Tim?"

"It's a fun idea for sure, let's talk about it more another time" and with that Tim put the card on a small table next to the settee. Jamie smiled and put his hand on Tim's thigh giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Tim I've had the most amazing time with you this weekend and don't want it to end but I have to go home at some point to get stuff ready for work and I've got to be in the park early tomorrow. I really hope we can do this again"

"No problem Jamie I've got stuff to do as well and fuck yeah we must do this again. I was thinking that if you're around on Wednesday evening you could come round but meantime do you want to try this out?" He held up the rope.

"Wednesday evening would be great and yes please with the rope, let's do it!"

Tim skipped to the kitchen and cut the rope in to four equal lengths before they both went to the bedroom. Tim hesitated for a moment whilst he worked out a plan. He tied a length to each corner of the bedframe and tugged on each to make sure it was secure. Jamie watched with excited anticipation.

Tim embraced Jamie and they kissed passionately then they slowly undressed each other. By the time they were down to their briefs their excitement was visible for both to see.

"Lie in the centre of the bed Jamie"

He did that and Tim put a couple of pillows behind his head propping it up. He wanted Jamie to be able to see what he was going to be doing. Tim moved around the bed and first tied Jamie's wrist to a top corner and then the other one to the other corner. He slipped Jamie's briefs off releasing his hard cock and tied one ankle to a corner at the base of the bed and the other ankle to the other corner. He paused and looked at Jamie's vulnerability, tied and spread-eagled on the bed.

Tim slipped out of his briefs revealing his own erect cock, pausing again thinking of his next move. He knelt on the bed and reached for Jamie's nipples pinching and squeezing them making Jamie wince but it make his nipples hard and pert. He knelt across his body high up and slapped Jamie's face with his cock. Jamie tried to take it in his mouth but Tim wouldn't let him.

He moved so he was kneeling by his side and took Jamie's balls in his hand. Jamie was expecting a squeeze but that didn't happen. He just gently played with them. Jamie was looking puzzled as to what might come next. Tim moved his hand and grasped Jamie's hard shaft. He squeezed it hard and kept the pressure on making Jamie's body squirm.

"Arrrgh fuck Tim, where'd you learn that one, it's awesome, it feels so different, amazing, oh fuck"

"I think I've been watching too much gay porn Jamie"

"Well keep on watching and learning!" They both laughed out loud.

Tim released the pressure and slowly wanked Jamie's cock whilst his free hand caressed his thigh and gently slapped it. Jamie's eyes were wide open watching and enjoying the action on his body.

Tim stopped and reached for the lube and a condom whilst looking into Jamie's eyes.

"What you going to do Tim?"

"Wait and see, you'll find out soon enough"

Tim slipped the condom onto Jamie's cock then spread a dollop of lube over it. He got astride Jamie, lowered his arse and with a guiding hand he fed Jamie's cock into his hole. They both gasped as the head broke through his outer muscle. Tim eased his body downwards until all of Jamie's cock was inside him. He started to slowly ride it whilst wanking his cock.

"Oh fuck Tim, I never expected this. OMG this is bliss, I'm in heaven"

"It feels pretty fucking good from where I am too"

In rhythm with Tim's movements Jamie started gentle thrusts of his own. They looked at each other, their bodies and at the action taking place. As Tim wanked his cock with one hand he reached behind him with the other one and took hold of Jamie's balls which were freely available from his legs being held open by the ropes. He began to squeeze them. Not being able to do much else Jamie raised his head off the pillow, his neck straining, his face showing a look of pure pleasure.

"Arrgh fuck, is this something else you learnt from porn Tim? Please don't stop!"

"Yeah" he replied starting to gasp as pre-cum seeped from his cock.

Tim was close and his wanking sped up. He could feel Jamie's cock swelling even more in his arse and all of sudden he shot a load of cum over Jamie's torso. This triggered Jamie to unload, his body shook and he let out an almost silent gravelly scream. Tim body hunched over as he gasped for air. He slowly eased Jamie's cock out of his arse, grabbing a tissue to wrap the condom in then reached around to release Jamie's arms and legs from the ropes.

He slumped by Jamie's side and pulled him in to an embrace. They kissed passionately as Tim ran his fingers through Jamie's long hair, their bodies and legs rubbing against each other, their softening cock pressed together.

They looked into each other's eyes. As had happened before no words were needed to verbally express what they had just done and the pleasure they had gained from each other. After several moment Jamie quietly spoke.

"I think I know what you are going to say next Tim"

"What's that?" he replied softly.

"Let's go take a shower" They smiled, kissed again and went to the bathroom.

They showered helping each other get clean. Both sensed some sadness in the other, it was the end of a wonderful weekend and very nearly time to part, at least for now.

They got dressed and went to the lounge.

"Jamie would you like something to eat before you go?"

"Thanks Tim, I'd better make a move. Listen, it's been a truly remarkable time and I've loved every second"

"Me too Jamie, me too. Hey on Wednesday evening we can do some more. Is 6.30 ok?"

"You try and keep me away!"

They had a final long kiss and hug and Jamie left. Tim tidied the apartment up, putting things away including the ropes in a safe place so that his cleaner would not find them when she came in. He made himself a sandwich and listened to some music thinking about all the things he had done with Jamie.

He was just about to go to bed when his phone bleeped. It was a message from Jamie, "good night and very sweet dreams" Tim replied "you too, till Wednesday xx"

Tim soon drifted in to a deep satisfying sleep.

(to be continued)




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