The Park Man

In many ways Tim was a very fortunate guy. He had a good job in the Financial Services sector in the City which was very well paid. At 27 years of age, four months earlier he had moved in to a spacious apartment on the 5th floor of a low rise block overlooking a park which also had sports fields and a nice lake. He bought it at a knock down price as it needed some work done but he now had it decorated and furnished in a way he wanted, minimalistic and tasteful. On warm summer evenings he could sit on the balcony watching the world go by in peace and quiet.

He is very popular at work with his colleagues and has a great circle of friends whether it be just going to a pub for a drink, out to a restaurant for a meal or having them round to his flat for dinner and conversation.

Tim is also very good looking. At 6' 2" with an athletic body from his days rowing and swimming, short blond hair, big blue eyes, perfect skin with great facial features he is simply a very handsome guy and very modest too. He is also very well endowed with an 8 inch uncut cock which is also quite thick and big balls that never fail to deliver big loads of cum. His legs and forearms are hairy but little body hair apart from a narrow line that led down from his stomach to his groin.

He has had several girlfriends in the past, some quite serious but at the end of the day he simply got bored and ended the relationships. He could get any girl he wanted but after his last split up six months ago he knew deep down he secretly wanted more. He wanted to experience something different, he wanted man sex.

He has a high sex drive and since being single he can wank whenever he likes and he does that a lot when he's at home. He even has the occasional lunchtime wank in the toilets at work and has wet wipes in the office so he can clean his cock afterwards.

Tim started watching gay porn online which he found a big turn-on. He found a couple of sites with playful wrestling which also turned him on with the wrestlers ending up sucking and fucking each other. He discretely looked at good looking athletic guys in the park and on the streets and trains and wondered "what if". He had kept a vibrator from a previous girlfriend which he used on himself and really enjoyed it. There were some gay guys at work which had shown their interest but they were too effeminate for Tim. They weren't of interest, he wanted a man.

Then there was Park Man as Tim had silently nicknamed him, he is one of the grounds men looking after the park. He had first noticed him when crossing the park on the way to station to get the train to work and he sometimes sees him at weekends when Tim is in the park sunbathing. He wasn't sure if it was just his imagination but he felt that Park Man had looked at him too. All in all he gets to observe this fine physical body of masculinity at least four times a week.

Sometimes he's wearing well worn jeans with rips around the knees and a T shirt, sometimes shorts and a T shirt and sometimes just shorts. He walks around the park but more often than not he rides a quad bike with a small trailer attached.

Park Man is tall around the same height with broad shoulders but with a more muscular body, legs and arms than Tim but not overly so. He has long shoulder length thick dark brown hair, big brown eyes and heavy stubble on his face. His chest is fairly hairy and looks trimmed, the hairs on his legs and forearms are quite dense. He is rugged and all man with a great tan from working outdoors. Tim thought he might be from Italy or Greece with those classical looks that men from those countries have.

From the crotch bulge that Tim noticed in the jeans and shorts he imagined that Park Man had a good package down there. Tim also noticed he had a lovely smile and always looked happy. He tried not to think about Park Man too much as the chances of anything actually happening were very slim. But he did wonder "what if" and increasingly had fantasies about doing stuff with this guy.

It was Friday morning and Tim was half way across the park on the way to work. It was early and there weren't many people around, just a few dog walkers and joggers. It had been a tough busy week at work and he was looking forward to a lazy weekend. At the back of his mind he wondered if he might spot Park Man. The weather had been hot and today was no exception. He secretly hoped that he would not be wearing a T shirt so he could get sight of his body as he had done earlier in the week.

Tim heard an engine, he knew the sound, it was the quad bike but he couldn't see from which direction it was coming. He didn't want to turn around. Then the quad bike came from behind past him with Park Man on it. He was looking at Tim with a big smile. He stopped a few yards ahead, turned the engine off and stepped down and walked towards Tim still with a smile and pushing his fingers threw his hair to clear his face.

Tim froze, Park Man was wearing just shorts and he tried to keep his eyes from wandering over his body. But it was difficult as he had never been this close to him before. He felt a flutter in his stomach.

"Good morning, I'm James but my friends call me Jamie. I'm pleased I caught you this morning" Park Man said in a deep manly voice and a perfect English accent holding out a hand.

Tim smiled and tried to relax.

"Hello Jamie, I'm Timothy but my friends call me Tim". He took Jamie's hand and they gave each other a firm shake.

Jamie looked stunning. His big smile exposed a fine set of teeth and his eyes where full of happiness and warmth. His must have been doing some heavy work as there was a film of sweat on his body which gave it a glow. The bulge in his shorts was big and Tim could not stop his eyes from having a glance.

"Tim I hope you didn't mind my stopping you like this and I really hope this won't sound too inappropriate but I was wondering if we could stop our mutual secret admiration for each other and maybe do something about it? Oh, if I've said the wrong thing please don't punch my lights out".

Tim was taken aback he never believed this might happen or has he misunderstood what Tim just said.

They were still smiling at each other.

"No Jamie I didn't mind you stopping me. I'm not going to punch your lights out and I hope this won't sound too inappropriate but if so please don't punch my lights out but . . . . . I've never had man sex before".

Tim looked nervously at Jamie who was still smiling and then laughed which made Tim even more nervous. Had he misunderstood him?

"Hey Tim, I've never had man sex before either but I'm really curious to find out what it's like being with a guy. I've noticed the way you look at me and it's the same way I look at you and . . . oh shit am I saying too much here?"

Now Jamie started to look worried. Tim smiled.

"No, no Jamie it's absolutely fine. I'm really curious too. Look, I seriously want to talk more but I have to get to work. I don't know if you're around but I'll be back around 6.30 this evening. We could meet in the pub by the station and talk more. How does that sound?"

Jamie's face lit up again.

"Actually that sounds fucking great. I know the one, The Antelope right? I've never been there before which is odd as I live just around the corner from the station. 6.30 this evening it is !"

They exchanged mobile numbers and as they did Tim could feel his cock swelling and was sure Jamie's bulge was growing too. They would text each other if there were any changed about the meet up in the pub. They shook hands again with big smiles, said their goodbyes and then Jamie was off speeding across the park on the quad bike waving as he did so.

Tim stood on the path for moment giving himself a reality check. Did that really happen, will Jamie send him a text later saying he's changed his mind, will he turn up? His mind was racing with thoughts, doubts and ideas. Tim was really pleased he chose to wear close fitting briefs that morning and not loose boxers that he sometimes wears. He cock was getting hard but at least the briefs will hold it in place. The trousers of his suit fitted him well but were not tight so his shaft would not show too much but he buttoned up his jacket just in case. He tried to stop thinking about what might happen later and walked quickly to the station.

In the office Tim was just about able to keep his concentration on a complicated report he had to write. It was only whilst on breaks during the day that his mind wandered thinking about what might happen later. It was at these times his cock would swell. At lunchtime he desperately wanted a wank but just popped out to get a sandwich and some fruit which he brought back to his desk and continued working. Various colleagues asked him what he was up too for the weekend, it was the usual conversation they had every Friday afternoon. Tim just said he was having a lazy one and going out for lunch with friends on Sunday. He couldn't and didn't say anything else.

At three o'clock his mobile vibrated. It was a text from Jamie which read "really looking forward to 6.30" and a smiley symbol. Tim texted back "me too" and added a double smiley. That was it, confirmation that Jamie would be in the pub. Tim smiled and quietly laughed. He could feel his pulse race and his cock went hard and he had to adjust its' position staying sat down. He was surprised by the strength of feelings he was having. He'd never felt quite like this even when on first dates with previous girlfriends. He wondered how Jamie was feeling.

The journey back to the station seemed to take forever. He didn't have time to go home first and change out of his suit and just before 6.30 he walked into the pub taking his tie off and undoing the top button of his shirt. He couldn't see Jamie and went to the bar to order a drink. As the barman was pouring it he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was Jamie's.

They both had big smiles for each other.

"Hey Jamie, I'm just ordering. What can I get you?"

"Oh cheers Tim, I'll have whatever you're having thanks".

"I'm just having a lime and soda, it's nice and refreshing when the weather is like this. Is that ok?"

"That sound great, fine with me".

The pub was busy as it was Friday but most people were outside in the beer garden. They found a table with two chairs at the back of the pub and other tables were not too close so they would not be over heard. They sat next to each with the wall behind them so they could keep an eye out for anyone approaching them. Tim took off his jacket and put it on the back of the chair.

"Sorry I haven't been able to change out of my suit Jamie, the journey back from the office took ages. You look great".

Jamie looked like he had spent time getting himself spruced up for the evening. His hair was still very wavy and free flowing but groomed and tidy. He was wearing nice blue denim jeans that hugged his thighs and a light blue polo shirt which was not tucked in. The colour of his polo enhanced his facial features making him look even more handsome if that were possible.

He spoke quite softly.

"Thank you, no worries about the suit Tim, you look great too.

They smiled at each other but also looked around the pub to make sure they were not being noticed. There were two girls sat at the bar glancing over but Tim and Jamie avoided making eye contact or any other signals that would bring them over. That was not why they were here.

"How's your day been in the park?"

"Well, I'll be honest, it's been a little bit difficult. Since we met this morning I've been feeling really horny and all the clothes I have at work, are, shall we say a bit revealing. At times it was awkward, if you know what I mean!"

Tim laughed as did Jamie.

"Funny you should say that Jamie, my day has been like that too though I don't think these trousers reveal too much but I've been sat at my desk for most of the day".

There was more laughter and it was clear that they were starting to feel very comfortable in each other's company. They had a short general conversation during which Tim told Jamie about his work. It turned out that Jamie was a year younger being 26 and he had a degree in Horticulture and the job in the park was a stop gap until something more meaningful came up. Then Jamie got more to the point.

"What's your story with girlfriends Tim and where are you at now?"

They looked around the bar again. Neither of them wanted to be overheard but the coast was clear. The pub had background music playing but it wasn't loud so they could talk quietly.

Tim decided to be totally upfront.

"Well, I've had several girlfriends over the years, some serious long term ones. In recent times I've found myself just getting bored with wanting to try something different. After I got out of my last relationship six months ago I started watching gay porn and it turned me on. I've also watched some gay stuff which involves playful wrestling and that turns me on too. I've used a vibrator on myself and like the feeling. I started looking at good looking guys in the park, mainly you, and on the streets and trains wondering "what if". There have been a couple of gay guys at work but I'm not interested in them as they're too camp.

I want to try things with a man. I have a high sex drive and wank a lot. When I'm doing that all I think about is doing stuff with a guy, not a girl. I suppose all the usual stuff I'd do with a girl and probably more. I'm very open minded really. By the way thanks for taking the bull by the horns this morning, I don't know when or if I would have had the balls to approach you".

Tim surprised himself on how he'd just blurted everything out and felt a bit stupid.

"What about you, where are you at?"

James could sense how Tim was feeling.

"Wow Tim thanks for being so honest you are so cool. Actually, we've got some similarities. I've had several girlfriends again some serious but like you my mind started wondering. I wasn't bored as such. I've been single for five months now, she ended it. I wanted her to do stuff to me and when I told her what it was she called me a pervert and that was it, over. Yeah, I've since watched gay stuff online and looked at guys and you and wondered how I could test my boundaries. You see, I want to try the usual stuff too, touching, kissing, hugging, sucking and fucking I guess but at some stage I want to try being tied up, spanked, even my balls being roughed up. Not all at once though, that might be too much (he laughed) but I want to see what my boundaries are. My sex drive is high too and I wank all the time thinking about this stuff. Shit, I hope that's not too much information".

"Hey Jamie, no of course it's not. Shit I thought I'd gone a bit too far, too soon with what I've told you. Yes we do have common ground and maybe, at some stage, I could help you explore your boundaries as well as the usual stuff we both want to try."

"I'd really like that Tim even though we've only actually met properly today it feels like I've know you for ages".

"You're right it does seem like that. Shall we have another drink here or would you like to come back to my place".

"There is only one answer to that Tim . . . your place! I have a flatmate and I don't think he would understand if we went back to mine". Jamie chuckled.

Jamie stood up first and turned to face Tim keeping his back to the bar room. He lifted the front his polo shirt to just above the belt of his jeans.

"This is why I did didn't tuck my polo in. I kept it loose to cover my crotch". He smiled at Tim.

Tim looked down and could see a clear outline of Jamie's cock in the bulge of his jeans. They both laughed. Tim got up slowly being careful where to stand.

"And this is why I going to have to button my jacket up".

Jamie looked at Tim's crotch and could see a cock bulge snaking to the left in his trousers. Tim put his jacket on, did the lower button up and picked up his briefcase.

"Come on Jamie let's get out of here".

As soon as they got outside the pub they just burst in to loud laughter and walked towards the park gate. It didn't close still sunset so they could take the shortcut across the park to Tim's apartment. They were walking quite fast and it wouldn't take long.

"Tim, I'm really looking forward to this but I'm a bit anxious I'll be like a bull in a china shop rushing everything. I want you to be in control of what we do, I'll follow your lead. Is that ok with you?"

"Sure Jamie that's fine, this is new to both of us and we don't need to do everything at once. We can take it one step at a time and make sure we are both comfortable with things. That's my flat over there". He pointed to his block which was now close. Jamie chuckled.

"Yes I know. I've seen you on your balcony a few times wearing what looked like just a pair of briefs".

They smiled and put a hand on each other's shoulder.

Tim opened his front door and put the light on in the hallway.

"Come on in, I'll give you a quick tour so you know where things are"

They went in to the lounge, Tim switched on a couple of lights, put his jacket on a chair and his briefcase by the desk.

Jamie stood in the middle of the room looking around.

"Fuck Tim, this is amazing, it's so spacious and the furniture, pictures and paintings, oh man you've landed on your feet"

Tim smiled and showed Jamie the kitchen and bathroom. He didn't bother with the second bedroom as it was a bit of a tip with storage boxes that remained to be sorted.

"And this is my bedroom"

He turned the lights on and dimmed them to a soft level, went over to the floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors that led to the balcony and pulled the blinds.

He turned to Jamie who was slowly moving around taking everything in.

"Jesus man, this is awesome, what a fantastic room, it's so big. The mirrors, wardrobes, chests of drawers and a fucking king size bed and still loads of room to move around!"

"Thanks, I know I'm very fortunate to have this, I'm pleased you like it"

They were standing in between the bed and the window looking in to each other's eyes then slowly looking up and down at each other, smiling. Their bulges were still very evident.

"What's step one going be Tim?" Jamie said softly.

"Step one is taking our clothes off BUT not our underwear"

They started to undress, shoes and socks first, then tops. They had their eyes on each other the whole time. They undid their belts. Tim moved his trousers over his thighs and just had to adjust his cock. Jamie did the same with his jeans and adjusted his cock too. Then trousers and jeans came off entirely.

As they stood they both laughed out loud. They both had the same style of Calvin Klein briefs on, Tim's were white and Jamie's red. Virtually at the same time they both said

"CKs are the best!"

They stood, admiring each other's almost naked bodies, their CKs and the lines that their cocks made in their briefs being the main features.

After several moments Tim said

"Step two is touching BUT only above the waist"

They moved closer to each other and started to slowly caress each other's biceps, shoulders, chests, nipples and stomachs. Tim ran his fingers through Jamie's hair. The moves brought soft moans and groans from each of them. The sexual tension was rising heavily.

"Step three is taking our briefs off BUT no touching yet"

They eased the front of their briefs down and their cocks sprung out, both totally rock hard giving rise to a gentle gasp from the relief of their cocks being freed. They pushed their briefs down till they fell to the floor and they stepped out of them. They stood with their legs slightly apart.

They stared at each other's cocks with no embarrassment or awkwardness. Their foreskins had retracted revealing bulbous heads. Both Tim and Jamie had neatly trimmed pubes and their cocks pointed straight up from their bodies.

"Tim, that's one hell of a weapon you have there and your balls are so big!"

Jamie's cock was only a bit shorter and not quite as thick and his balls a little smaller than Tim's.

"Thank you Jamie, your package is very impressive too . . . . . step four is touching"

They each moved a hand forward and wrapped their fingers around each other's cock bringing more soft gasps and groans from touching and being touched. They moved closer and rested their foreheads on each other's shoulder so they could watch the action below.

They slowly wanked each other and soon pre-cum was starting to ooze from the heads of their cocks. Tim still slowly wanking Jamie's cock ran a thumb over the sensitive head spreading the pre-cum. Jamie's body visibly twitched and he gasped out loud. Jamie did the same to Tim's cock with the same reaction.

Tim released his hand and moved to Jamie's balls which he cupped and moved them around in their sac.

"This is fucking awesome" Jamie whispered as he moved his hand on to Tim's balls, feeling their size and gently rolling them together.

Their breathing was getting heavier, their moans and groans getting louder as they switched back and forth from balls action to cock action.

"Step five . . . get on the bed . . . hug, kiss and wank!" Tim gasped.

In no time at all they were rolling around the bed, arms and legs entwined their cocks rubbing against each other. Their hands were all over each other's body, touching, feeling, squeezing. Their tongues flickered in and out of each other's mouth. Their moans and groans of raw passion were getting more intense. Their breathing was getting heavier. Sweat was building up on their bodies and faces.

Tim got Jamie on his back and quickly lay close to him reaching a hand over he grabbed Jamie's cock and started to wank him fast. Jamie got hold of Tim's cock and did the same. They looked in to each other's eyes, they looked at their cocks being wanked and they watched the action in the large mirror on the wall opposite the bottom of the bed. They could feel their balls tighten their muscles going tense.

Jamie let out a primeval groan and his cock exploded in to orgasm. A thick stream of cum flowed from his cock reaching his neck, chest and stomach. It seemed to go on for ever. This triggered Tim's own explosive one, he body twitched uncontrollably, gush after gush of thick white cum shot out of his cock splattering all over his upper body. As their orgasms passed they gulped in air trying to get control of their breath.

They lay there in silence for a few moments with their eyes closed. Then Jamie started to giggle and he turned his head towards Tim. They looked at each other.

"Do you know what Tim, I can't remember when I've had so much fun and I've never had such an intense orgasm like that, never!"

Tim smiled, his face had a look of deep satisfaction.

"I know what you mean, that was totally awesome"

He moved on his side and pulled Jamie in to a full body hug. They had a long passionate but gentle kiss and when they separated they looked at the sticky mess they had created on their bodies from their combined cum and sweat. They laughed out loud.

"Come on Jamie, let's go jump in the shower"

The shower cubicle in Tim's bathroom was large with plenty of room for two people. He turned the water on which flowed from the large monsoon shower head. He adjusted the temperature till it was just right. They moved under the shower and let the water flow over their bodies for several minutes just looking at each other, no words just smiles.

Tim eased both of them away from the flow of water and put some shower gel in the palm of his hand and started to wash Jamie's chest moving his hand in circles creating a foam. Jamie watched the action on his chest, it felt good. Tim's hand moved slowly downwards to Jamie's stomach. He put another squirt of shower gel on to his hand and washed Jamie's cock easing his foreskin back so he could clean the head before washing his balls caressing and playing with them at the same time.

Jamie put some gel on to his hand and started on Tim's chest teasing his nipples causing him to softly groan before moving down his body. He moved his hand further down and made contact with Tim's cock slowly wanking it as well as giving it a wash. He then washed and cupped Tim's balls. They moved back under the shower and let the cascading water rinse their bodies.

Tim turned the water off and they stepped out of the cubicle in to a steam filled bathroom. They slowly dried each other before putting the towels onto the heated rails. They gently hugged each other and kissed whispering compliments until Tim stepped back.

"Jamie would you like a bite to eat? I've got some chicken and pasta salad I made last night, there's enough left for the both of us"

"Thanks, that sounds great. I don't suppose we could eat wearing just our briefs?"

"That's fine by me!" Tim said giving Jamie's crotch a gentle nudge.

They returned to the bedroom, put their briefs on and went to the kitchen. Tim quickly plated up the salad, poured two glasses of wine and then they went to the lounge and sat on the large settee. Jamie complimented Tim on the food and as they ate they chatted warmly giving each other's body's long glances. They finished and Tim took Jamie's plate. As he did so Jamie happened to glance at the clock on the wall.

"Oh shit, is that the time! Tim I'm really sorry but I have to go. I've got to be in the park early in the morning to get the sports pitches ready for some matches. I'm so sorry".

"You can stay the night if you like"

"Believe me, I would really have liked that but I've got my work clothes and stuff at home which I'm going to need. Oh fuck, I'm so sorry"

They went to the bedroom and Tim watched Jamie get dressed.

"Jamie, I've got no plans for tomorrow night so if you'd like to . . ."

Jamie interrupted.

"YES please! I'd love too. I finish work around 5 so could be here for 6. I'm not working on Sunday, could I spend the night with you?"

"Of course Jamie, that would be fantastic. If you've got no plans for Sunday, maybe we could spend that time together as well, go out for lunch or something"

"That sounds really good, I'd love that. Oh, will you take control again, I liked being told what to do"

Tim nodded with a smile and led Jamie to the door. They hugged and kissed and then he left.

Tim lay on the settee in the lounge feeling his cock through his briefs and thought back on the evening, smiling and laughing. His mobile vibrated. It was a text from Jamie "thanks for a totally awesome time, really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow" Tim texted back "yes it was awesome, totally awesome. See you tomorrow for some more fun"

He went to his bedroom and took his briefs off replacing them with night shorts and went to bed. He soon fell into a deep contented sleep.

To be continued . . . . . . .




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