The Park Man - Chapter 2

It was around 6.30am on Saturday morning and Tim was starting to wake up. He didn't have his alarm on like he normally does during the week but his body clock doesn't recognise the weekend. He realised it was Saturday and he didn't have to rush so he lay there whilst his brain got into gear.

He thought back to the previous evening and the time spent with Jamie on their first encounter of man sex. He slipped a hand inside his night shorts, his cock was hard. Jamie would be round again that evening and Tim decided not to self-please himself and lay there thinking about the day ahead.

After a short while he got up and went to the bathroom then into the kitchen and made some fresh coffee. At first he sat on the settee in the lounge but it was a beautiful morning so he opened the sliding doors to the balcony and sat on a sun lounger outside. He needed to plan the day in readiness for 6pm when Jamie was due.

Tim thought about food for later. He enjoyed cooking but didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen that night and he decided on a couple of salads with cold meats and also fruit tarts which he could get from the really good patisserie nearby. He finished his coffee, stood up and looked over to the park thinking about Jamie and smiled.

He walked through his apartment checking to see if anything needed cleaning. Jamie has a lady who comes in once a week and she does the vacuuming and cleans the kitchen and bathroom so there was little for him to do. His mind turned towards seeing Jamie later and what he had said about the other stuff he wanted to try. Did he really want to experience bondage, being spanked and having rough play on his balls? Tim got strangely excited about doing those things to him.

He took a quick shower and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a T shirt. Breakfast was cereal and toast and fresh orange juice. It was such a beautiful day Tim decided to walk to the shops about twenty five minutes away. He had plenty of time and carrying the shopping back would not be too cumbersome. Before he left he texted Jamie, "looking forward to seeing you later and for further adventures" A reply came almost immediately, "me too Tim, me too" Tim could feel blood rushing to his groin.

Tim strolled from shop to shop getting the food supplies he needed for later. He remembered he didn't have any condoms so he went to the chemist and got some along with some lube. He got a newspaper and had a coffee and a croissant in a café sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

When he got home he packed the food in the fridge and put the condoms and lube in a drawer in the bedside table next to a box of tissues. He opened the double doors in his bedroom that led to the balcony and did the same in the lounge creating a gentle breeze of air through the apartment.

Lunch was light, just pate and toast and some fruit. After he tidied things up he decided he had time to go to the park and catch some rays for an hour. He put on a pair of light blue speedos, shorts over them and a T shirt. He grabbed a towel, a book and his mobile and headed off.

Tim went to his favourite spot in the park for sunbathing. It was not a busy area with loads of people and a large oak tree provided some light shade, preferring that rather than direct sun. He spread the towel out, took off his T shirt and shorts and lay down to read his book. He could not concentrate on the book as his kept thinking about what might happen later which made him feel very horny. His cock kept on swelling and his speedos were very revealing and after about forty minutes he returned home.

He stripped off and put the pair of briefs back on replacing his speedos. He prepared two salads, a potato one and one just with mixed green leaves and tomatoes. He made two dressings which he would pour over later. His mobile signalled a message, it was Jamie "Fuck, I wish it was 6pm!" It made Tim laugh, he replied "Patience is a virtue lol"

It was just past 5 and Tim had everything ready so he took a shower. Slowly washing himself all over he thought about the evening ahead and what might happen. He had a plan, it just depended on Jamie. He got out of the shower, dried himself off and cleaned his teeth. In the bedroom he looked at himself naked in the long mirror on the wardrobe door. He was feeling very horny. He put on a fresh pair of CKs, a pair of shorts and a T shirt. It was nearly 6 and Tim made a final check around the apartment.

At exactly 6pm Tim's entry phone sounded and moments later he was welcoming Jamie into his apartment.

"Hey how are you Jamie, great to see you!"

"And you Tim, I fine thanks"

They went into the lounge and Jamie put a small backpack he was carrying onto the floor. He was wearing a loose T shirt, nicely fitting track bottoms and trainers. They got into a close hug and kissed each other.

"Would you like a drink Jamie?"

"Yes please, I've bought some lagers for us but for the moment can I just have water?"

"Sure, you needn't have bought anything with you but thanks. I'll put the lagers in the fridge for later"

Jamie got the lagers out of his backpack and followed Tim into the kitchen. They returned to the lounge each with water and sat on the settee. They had a casual chat on their day and their eyes were already wandering over each other. Like the previous evening there was no awkwardness.

"Tim, have you got a plan for our activities?" Jamie asked with a broad smile.

"Well, yes I have. I thought we could . .

"No don't tell me, I want it all to be a surprise with you in the driving seat. Oh, if you want to test any of my boundaries I spoke of yesterday, please do but again don't tell me, just do it." Jamie had an eager look on his face along with his warm smile".

"This could be a long night Jamie" They both laughed.

They were sat very casually on the settee and Tim put a hand on Jamie's stomach just above the waistband of his track bottoms. Jamie put his hand on Tim's thigh close to his crotch. They kissed deeply, their hands moving to feel each other's bulge though the clothing. Without saying anything Tim led Jamie to the bedroom where they quickly undressed. Their cocks were rock solid.

Tim sat of edge of the bed and with Jamie still standing he pulled him towards him. He got hold of Jamie's cock easing the foreskin completely back and lowered his mouth onto it. Taking in the first couple of inches, Tim moved his tongue all over its head and made a slow pumping action. His other hand caressed Jamie's arse and thigh feeling the muscles at the back and front. He held Jamie's balls rolling them together. All this made Jamie give out low moans and groans of pleasure. After several minutes Tim stopped and stood up.

"Your turn Jamie" pointing down to his own cock.

They switched positions. Jamie licked Tim's balls then moved up the shaft of his cock licking and kissing as he went. He held the shaft in his hand and moved his lips on to the bulbous head, flickering his tongue over it. His other hand moved slowly up and down Tim's thigh and round on to his firm buttocks. Tim was now making pleasurable noises but then spoke with a warm tone.

"Come on, let's do sixty nine" With big smiles and eager eyes they got on to the bed.

It was a bit clumsy at first but they soon found the right position that gave them both easy access to each other's balls and cock. They found a good rhythm on each other and is was not long before they were tasting pre-cum. Their tongues and hands were giving a great deal of passion and pleasure. Tim was the first to give a warning of orgasm.

"Oh j e z z z z z, I going to . . . . "

And with that he shot a stream of hot cum over Jamie's face and neck with some landing on the duvet. His whole body rocked in muscle spasms and he was gasping for air. Jamie's own orgasm came with a loud groan of deep pleasure his load shooting out over Tim's face, neck and also on the duvet. They lay there regaining control of their breathing. Then Tim reached for the tissues in the bedside table so they could clear some of the mess they had made on each other.

"Fucking hell Tim, that was totally awesome. I never thought it would be this good. Sorry about hitting the duvet cover though"

"I know what you mean, it was very special, fucking totally special, don't worry about the cover, I did the same"

They laughed and rolled in to each arms, kissing deeply and hugging. Their mouths tasted of cock.

"Come on Jamie, let's get cleaned up"

They stood together under the large monsoon shower head for several minute letting the cascade of water run over their faces. They hugged and kissed and moved their bodies against each other. Their semi hard cocks were rubbing together. Despite the intensity of their orgasms they were both still very horny. Tim turned the shower off and they washed each other with shower gel paying particular attention to each other's cock. Tim turned the shower back on and they let the flowing water rinse the soapy lather from their bodies. Once done they got out and dried each other off, slowly and sensually.

When they were back in bedroom Tim wanted to try one more thing before they got dressed and had dinner. He gently manoeuvred Jamie so he had his back against the wall and told him to keep his hands by his side. Jamie had a look of curiosity on him. Tim then played with Jamie's nipples making them hard. He then slowly moved his hands downwards almost like a massage movement feeling his abs. They were staring at each other with intensity and affection. His right hand then took hold of Jamie's balls, gently at first but then increasing the pressure.

Jamie gave out a deep groan and Tim released the pressure only to increase it once more till Jamie groaned again. He formed a ring around the base of his balls with his thumb and a finger and started to pull . . . more groans. Tim checked with Jamie if he wanted him to stop but he shook his head. Tim continued to alternate between squeezing and pulling Jamie's balls making him groan and gasp. He found having control over this hunk of a man curiously exciting and his cock was hard as was Jamie's.

With a final long squeeze he let go and stepped back. Jamie bent over gasping.

"Hell Jamie, you must have balls of steel"

"Well, I said I wanted to see what my boundaries are. That was amazing and I think I can take more. I loved the way you did that, you can take my balls anytime!" Jamie straightened up clutching his balls.

"I did kind of enjoy it" Tim said pointing to his erection. "You must tell me when to stop though, I don't want to damage you"

"I enjoyed it too Tim" pointing to his own stiff cock "and yes I'll let you know"

They both laughed and decided to let their cocks soften without further action and after a while they put their briefs on and went to the kitchen. Tim got two beers from the fridge and handed one to Jamie and set about putting the meal together. They took their plates to the lounge and used the coffee table to eat from and as they were both thirsty they stayed with beer rather than wine.

As they ate they chatted about their activities so far that evening. This was all very new to them and they both agreed it was turning into a wonderful adventure. They found it a massive turn on being intimate with other guy and the sexual chemistry between them even after a short while was very strong.

After they had finished the meal along with the fruit tarts they cleared away and put the plates in the dishwasher and returned to the lounge. Sitting on the settee chatting again and letting their food settle their hands would wander onto each other's body but not to the groin area. However eyes were wandering to those areas. Their CK briefs fitted perfectly giving wonderful bulges from their hidden cock and balls.

After a long while Tim wanted to ask a question.

"Jamie I know you don't want to know when and what we are going to do but I want to check sometime with you. Neither of us have been fucked before so it's new to us but I have used a vibrator in my bum so kind of know what to expect. Do you want me to use it on you first before the real thing so you get a feeling for it?"

"Oh Tim, that's so thoughtful of you but it's ok. I know it will hurt but I'm one for jumping in the deep end so just go it. Just use a lot of lube though as your cock is fucking big!" They both laughed.

"That's fine by me, if you're sure. I need a piss, I'll be back in a moment" Tim stood up to go to the bathroom.

"Tim, sorry, err, would you piss on me, I think it's called water sports or something?"

"WOW Jamie, I hadn't really thought about that, err yes if you really want me too. I guess if you sit on the floor in the shower I'll just let it flow over you and we can rinse it away afterwards" They went together to the bathroom smiling and chuckling. They took their CKs off and threw them onto the floor.

Jamie got in the shower, sat down and leant back. Tim stood over him and let lose a long stream of hot urine over Jamie's chest and body. Jamie pointed his cock to the floor and released his own flow of piss. They shook the last drops from their cocks and Jamie stood up.

"That was actually really interesting!" Tim said smiling and by the look on Jamie's face he had liked it took too.

Tim took the handheld shower attachment from the side of the cubicle and set about cleaning off Jamie's body with some gel making sure all their urine was washed away. They stepped out and got dry. Embracing each other they moved as one to the bedroom.

In no time at all their cocks were rock solid and with Tim and Jamie still embracing each other their cocks were rubbing together. After more deep kissing and hugging with hands roaming, Tim got Jamie in to a doggy position on the bed. He slipped on condom and smeared on a dollop of lube before fingering some in to Jamie's hole. He could not resist reaching between Jamie's legs and giving his balls a long squeeze making him groan.

"Arrggghhhh Tim, fuck me, please fuck me!"

Holding the shaft of his cock Tim teased and probed the entrance to Jamie's hole until the muscle gave way and eased his way in with the first couple of inches.

"AWWWW F F FUCK" Jamie spluttered in a deep slow yelp as his shoulders and head fell on to the bed gripping the duvet tightly with his hands leaving his bum raised.

Tim moved slowly withdrawing a little and then going a bit further in till more than half of his eight inches were inside Jamie's bum. It was very tight but as he slowly pumped he could feel it give way a little. Jamie's face was red with a look of pain on it. Still gripping the duvet tightly he was letting out gravelly wordless noises, just slow grunts and groans.

He leant forward and put his hands on the back of Jamie's shoulders holding him in position. He slowly went deeper till the entire length of his cock was in and increased speed of his pumping making Jamie whimper. He reached round with one hand and felt Jamie's cock, it was rock solid. Their bodies were starting to sweat. Tim's breathing was getting more intense and Jamie was gasping for air.

Jamie's knees slipped back and now his whole body was flat on the bed with his legs spread out. His hands were still gripping tightly on to the duvet and his face laying on one side covered by his long brown hair. Tim adjusted himself so he was lying on top and swept Jamie's hair back so they could kiss between gasping for air.

Tim's thrusting got harder and faster and he too was grunting. Then Jamie could feel Tim's cock swell even more in his arse as it exploded in to orgasm filling the tip of the condom with cum. Tim's body shook uncontrollably and he slowly stopped pumping, just laying on to of Jamie. Tim slowly withdrew his cock and rolled over on his back. Reaching for a tissue he eased the cum filled condom off and wrapped it in the tissue throwing it on to the floor. Jamie turned over on to his back, his cock was solid and he started to wank.

Tim moved onto his side and got close to Jamie.

"No, let me, it's the least I can do" He moved Jamie's hand away replacing it with his own and wank him fast.

It only took seconds before Jamie exploded. A loud deep gravelly noise followed by a stream of cum shooting powerfully from his cock. Breathless he was gasping for air. His spasms subsided and they both lay there exhausted.

"Tim that was amazing. Yeah, it fucking hurt but oh man, I really enjoyed it. I'm mean really, really enjoyed it!"

"Yep, it was great for me too. Hey, you're going have to fuck me so I know what it's like to have cock up my arse!"

I'll do that Tim but I going to need a bit of a rest first!" They both laughed as they had done all night.

"Come on let's go shower"

They washed themselves but watched each other as their hands cleansed their body, paying particular attention to their cock and balls. Jamie turned round so Tim could watch as he wash his bum and hole. They dried off and returned to the bedroom. The night was still very warm and they lay close to each other on their sides chatting.

Neither of them knew how long they had been lying there but Tim was starting to feel horny and he could feel his cock slowly starting to move. He ran his eyes down to Jamie's cock and it looked like he was feeling the same way. He took Jamie's semi in his hand and gently massaged it.

"Do you think you've had enough rest Jamie?"

"It does look that way and if you carry on doing that, then definitely!"

They move very close and started lightly kissing each other. Tim continued playing with Jamie's cock and Jamie moved a hand round to caress Tim's bum. He felt the firm cheeks then slipped a finger in between them towards his hole which he teased. Tim squeezed Jamie's rock hard shaft.

"I think you are ready Jamie"

Jamie stood up and started to put a condom on along with some lube.

"How shall we do this Tim, I mean what position?"

Tim moved to the centre of the bed on his back and put a pillow beneath his lower spine lifting his arse. He spread his legs and raised them exposing his hole. He eased some lube in.

"How about this?"

Jamie knelt in position and adjusted the spread of his legs so that his cock was more in line with Tim's hole. He moved forward and the head of his cock rested against the entrance.

"This is great Tim, here comes my cock!"

With that Jamie increased the pressure on Tim's hole which gave way and Jamie's cock entered him inch by inch. They both gasped out loud. Jamie slowly pumped his way in till he was balls deep in and then he paused. They could both feel Jamie's cock twitching.

"Fuck Tim, this feel great, much nicer than any pussy!" he laughed.

"Yeah Jamie, I know that from fucking you and your cock feels much better than having a vibrator up my arse!" This made them both chuckled.

Jamie started slowly pumping Tim's arse, bringing moans of contentment from each of them. In this position Tim could wank his own hard cock. They stared in to each other's eyes then down at the action taking place and took a look at themselves in the large mirror on the wardrobe door.

Jamie increased the speed and strength of his thrusts. Sweat was building on their bodies, groaning noises were increasing. Jamie held on to Tim's raised thighs, his fingers digging in to the muscles. Tim wanked his cock with greater intensity, pre-cum was starting to show.

Tim shot off first releasing a load of cum on his abs and chest. His body went in to muscle spasm causing him to grip Jamie's cock deep inside his arse. This made Jamie explode with equal force. Once again they were both gasping for air. As they regained control Tim handed Jamie a tissue and he slowly withdrew his cock from Tim's arse and discarded the condom in the tissue. Jamie flopped forward to lie on top of Tim, their cock and balls, abs and chest against each other. Tim wrapped his legs and arms around Jamie. They lay there for several moments enjoying the intimacy of it all.

"Oh Tim, what can I say, words fail me, incredible" His words were softly spoken

"Totally right Jamie, I couldn't agree more. Let's shower before we fall asleep like this".

They showered without saying anything. The looks they had for each other said it all. They dried each other and went back to the bedroom and got under the duvet, naked, side by side. They kissed lightly, caressing each other faces.

"Let's play a game in the morning Jamie. If I wake up first I'll wake you up with a blow job or if you wake up first then you do the same to me"

"It's deal, I can't wait for the morning whoever wakes first"

Tim turned the lights off, they kissed gently in the dark and both quickly fell in to a deep contented sleep.

(to be continued)




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