Michael had become an integral part of the family, We had learned to love him, and we accepted him with open arms and very much love, Mom treated him, even though he was of mixed race, just beautifully, actually she seemed to play favorites in his favor, but that was O.K. with Eric and Me.

Michael and I had continued to have sex like crazy, manwe acted like sex starved maniacs, but we loved it.

Michael loved to have my seven inch cock buried in his ass and I love his big long black cock in mine.

Michael could suck cock like no one that had ever sucked me off.

We were doing the yard work one Friday evening, cutting grass, raking up the excess and putting it on the garden for mulch, when Mom called us over to the porch and she told us that Aunt Virginia's daughter had called and needed her to come as soon as possible, she had had a heart attack and was in intensive care, she was Mom's only living family.

Mom and Dad took off about an hour later saying they would be back in about a week, if everything went O.K. with Aunt Virginia. She said she would call if there was any reason to. But she knew that we were old enough to take care of things around the house, There was extra money for Milk and bread in the coffee can in the kitchen cabnet, plenty of meat in the freezer and food in the pantry. We all hugged her and dad and they took off.

I knew that Michael and I would use this opportunity to fuck our brains out, but we had to watch ourselfs, Eric was still there, and the truth was I didn't know just how he felt about Gay men. I was really sure that he didn't know about me, or if he did, he never had said anything about it.

Well for some strange reason I was about to find out first hand.

I had gone to the school for band practice the next day, I played trumpet in the band. We were practicing for The Homecoming Parade and really working on some new peices we were planning to use in the Parade. And we were practicing the marching exercises.

I didn't really know how long I would be, so I gave no definate time that I would be home.

We got finished with the band, and I headed for home on my bicycle, I still at eighteen had not gotten a car.

I got home and didn't see Eric and Michael anywhere, I kicked off my shoes took off my band uniform in the kitchen and walked around in my underwear and socks. I just thought Michael and Eric had gone to the mall or something.

I had my hand down inside my briefs sorta rubbing my half hard cock, and walking around the house like that, feeing really free and loose, actually rubbing my half hard cock was feeling really good.

I was walking down the hallway toward the bedrooms when I heard some funny noises, I snuck up to the door of Erics beedroom, it was just cracked open just a tiny bit, I got up to it and I heard some moaning and huffing sounds. I gently pushed the door open a little and almost pissed my pants. There with his back toward me was Eric, bare assed naked, up on his bed, on his knees, and Michaels legs were up on his shoulders and Eric was pumping his seven and a half inches of thick hard cock into Michaels asshole.

My minds question was answered, and Eric was really into this fucking of Michaels asshole. Michael was almost yelling in pleasure as Eric hilted his cock every time he punched it in.

I could see Erics big nuts slapping that bronze ass of Michaels.

My cock was sticking straight out hard as a peice of iron, and I realized I was so friggen turned on watching my brothers going at it. I had my hand flying on my cock as they fucked. I leaned down and slid my briefs off and threw them against the wall, I pushed the door opened a little more and I walked in gently and walked over beside them with my hardon in my hand. When Michael saw me, he smiled a big smile and Eric just almost jumped out of his skin.

Eric stopped pumping his cock into Michaels ass and studdered and stammered as I walked in and he saw my cock in my hand, I just walked up to Michaels side, Looked at Eric, and said 'Hey Bro. Don't let me stop you from enjoying our new brother,' I haven't, and I stepped up to the bed and Michael took my cock into his mouth and started sucking it like mad.

Eric smiled and just started slowly fucking Michaels ass and smiling and staring at me like he just found another new toy.

I had not realized Eric'c Cock was so friggen big.

It was as thick as Michaels but not quite as long and Eric was hammering it to the nuts. I watched Erics face as he got close to cumming, he was almost holding his breath as his climax built up to the finale, his face got really red and he started sweating, then he just let out a big Growl and stuffed it to the pubes and just held onto Michaels ankles as his cock fired off his load into Michaels intestines.

After seeing Eric's climax, I just lost it, It took me about three minutes and I was filling Michaels mouth with my load, I just started laughing as I unloaded and held Michaels head onto my cock.

Eric was still buried in Michaels asshole and he was stroking Michaels cock It was dark skinned, hard, thick, and shiny with pre-cum and Michaels stomach started jerking as his cock fired long thick ropes of cum all the way up over his head, god man was all this so fucking awesome.

We all just layed back and crashed on Erics Bed, fell asleep together and all tangled up like a bunch of tree roots.

We all three got up the next morning and took a shower together, laughed, played around the house totally naked and ended up haveing sex together again on the front room floor.

Shit man, If Mom and Dad had seen us do that, they would have had our heads for it. but we had one hell of an awesome time.

From that day forward, our sex life ended up being a threesome almost every time.

I got to suck of my brother Eric off quite a few times,and he fucked me several times before Mom and Dad got back.

Eric, Michael, and I were extememly close and still are.

About a year later after that Eric went off to the Marines, and Michael and I went to the local Community college.

We look forward to having Eric home on leave when ever he has the chance to get here.

But in the mean time, Michael and I keep each other satisfied in every way.

We even bring a friend home once in a while to sparkle up the event.

I will say with out reservation we -Eric and I- have really gotten close to Michael and really love our other brother.



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