It was a day like most days. nothing was happening that wasn't expected. I was setting on the steps to the back porch when Mom called us in the house and Her and Dad was setting at the table looking like the end of the world had just taken place.

I looked at Mom and then our Dad and said,'Hey whats goin on?' Mom just sorta snickered and said, 'oh nothing much, But your Father had a little surprise for you guys.' My brother, two years older than me, looked over and with a funny look on his face says,'What kind of Surprise?'

My father whom I had always admired and loved with all my heart looked a little squirmy, unsettled, and jittery. I looked at him and said,'Dad, What is it?'

'Well its sorta hard to explain, but back when I was working for The Billings Company, you remember traveling a lot,you were really little then Eric, And Sam wasn't born yet.' Well I was away from home a lot, I really missed having some companionship and such, well! I met this woman in Atlanta and had an affair with her. She worked at this Motel I was staying at as a cleaning woman, And We got it on a couple times.'

My Older brother looked at me kinda funny and said, 'Well Shit Dad, I thought you were gonna tell us you had cancer or something. I said,'Well have you and Mom worked this out?' Mom said, 'Yes he confessed this to me back then and I forgave him and he, to my knowledge has not repeated this sin.' Dad chimed in and said, 'No, I never did anything like that again, I felt so guilty and I do love your Mother so much.'

'Well then whats the problem?' I said.

Mom looked kinda funny and said,'Well theres a little thing called a baby that seems to be in the picture now.' My Brother Blurted out,'A what?'

'Sorry kids, but your father has another son, by this cleaning woman, we just found it out.'

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

My brother looked at me with his mouth open and said, 'We Have a half Brother?'

'Yes, sorry guys.'

But my mother, being the absolute saint that she is said, 'Now boys just as it is not your fault that you got born, it is not His fault he was conceived and we will treat him like family, is that understood?' 'Yes Mamm' we responded.

I realized what she was saying,and I said, 'Hes coming here?'

'Yes he will be in tomorrow morning at the Bus station.'

'Wow, we get to meet him already' My brother Eric said.

'Where will he sleep Mom?' She said, for now untill we come up with something different, he will sleep with you Samuel thats me.' seeing that you have a queen sized bed. Eric Said with a chide, 'you get to baby set your little brother in your room.'

I was thinking, thats just what I need a little brat to put up with.

Well we were all in for a little surprise when we saw Michael, our new brother. It has totally slipped my mind what dad had said about him being born before I got here.

The next morning we all got ready and went down to the bus station.

And as the bus was unloading we saw no little boys getting off the bus. But my Dad knew from having a picture of Michael that he was it a little boy that we were expecting.

We sa this one guy, He looked to be about 18 or 19, get off the bus holding a picture of someone and looking around like he was looking for someone, when he saw my Dad he smiled and started walking toward him.

My mouth dropped open, and knowing that I was gay, I realized how good looking this guy was, he was fantastic. There was a glitch, this young man, walked over and said,'Mr. Woods?' My Dad said, 'Yes' 'Im Michael' As happy as it seemed this reunion of Father and son were, I stood there with my mouth opened, Father, sweet adoreable Father had forgot to mention that the cleaning lady he had gotten pregnant was a black woman.

Now I don't have a racist bone in my body, and a lot of my better friends are African Americans.

But the shock, Mom smiled and said, 'Boys come over here and meet your brother.'

We came over and hugged our half brother and started to being as nice as we could be.

Well we found out that Michaels mother had died about four montha ago and he wanted to find his father and get to know him.

We readily accepted him into our household and family. Thats when things started to heat up.

It was the first night that I notice Michael in his undershirt. He had been an athlete in high school and was really built well, he had that half white, half black bronze skin, smooth and when he dropped his trousers to come to bed his ass was gorgeous. My cock was standing up looking for something to eat and My heart was pounding like a Jack Hammer. Man My half brother was turning me on like nobodys business.

Michael and I was sharing a bed, I knew I wanted to share more that a bed with Michael once I saw him undress.

Michael stood about six ft. one inch, and when he took off his trousers and then turned around and I saw the outline of his cock in his shorts and I knew he had inherited his mothers family trait for cock size, it looked like it must have hung down soft seven inches, It was all I could do to not jump over and grab it.

Michael looked at me and giggled and said, 'Sam? if your going to fuck me in the ass, Please use some lubrication, then he chuckled.' I said, 'What?' He said, 'I was just joking.' I looked at his gorgeous face and realized just how good looking he really was.

I said, 'Michael, do you mind if we snuggle, I always liked to do that with Eric, He said, 'no, I dont mind, I would like that a lot, your my brother and I feel really good haveing you and Eric as brothers.'

He turned over to face me and we started hugging and snuggling, he was staring at my face. I was staring at his. We for some reason was just sorta rubbing all over each others body feeling each other out I guess.

Then I felt it, His cock was like a fence post sticking straight into my groin area, mine was like a brick, not nearly as big as Mikes, but still seven inches hard is not that bad either.

Michael said, 'Man, your really cute Sam, I feel so good with you.' 'Me too,' was all I could say.

The next thing I knew Michael had his hand down around my cock rubbing it, 'he looked over and said,'you like this?' 'Oh hell yeah' was all I could say, and I reached down to do the same to Michael. His cock was the biggest I have ever touched. It must have been nine inches long and so thick my hand wouldn't wrap around it. I could tell he still had a foreskin.

I was breathing so damned hard and Michael just said,'I want to make my brother really like me and feel good, and then he crawled down and took my cock out and into his mouth, I fucking like to exploded, no one has ever done that before, and I we in outer space.

Michael had done this before I could tell, I was feeling sensations like out of this world, I told Michael that if he continued I was gonna cum, He stopped long enough to say.'I know that, why do you think I'm doing this for you? for your pleasure.'

I grabbed his head and started guideing it back and forth, and god was I getting hotter and hotter by the minute.

I was almost there when Michael started fingering my love button ass hole, the sensations that it was making was astronomical, I was about to fly off my bed, I was wimpering and moaning and making all sortsof appreciative noises, I thought I would wake up everyone else in the house and Michael just kept on working on my asshole with his long finger. then he stopped sucking my cock and raised me up and stuck his tongue into my rectum, I almost came right then. God it was intense. Michael knew what he was doing. I was getting close to cumming from just getting rimmed.

Michael had taken me to cloud nine, and I was getting so close it was almost aching, then he came off my ass, grabbed my nutsack and took my cock full length into his mouth and started sucking, my god was it intense. I could feel it building I was raising my ass up off the bed as he took mt to the top of the mountain. And when the climax came, I felt like I was floating away. I could feel the intense pleasure as my cock pumped shot after shot of cum into Michaels mouth. I was like a dead man after that, every muscle, every nerve, every fiber of my being was like I had died. Spent, exhausted, drained of my essense, Michael just smiled and kept my cock in his mouth as it slowly softened and he had licked every little dripplet of cum from the opening.

After about ten minutes of me getting my breath, I looked at Michael and I kissed him on his beautiful mouth and said,'Hey Michael, Welcome to the family,' he smiled and said, 'Thanks,I know were going go be not only brothers but very intimate friends too.'

Michael had not gotten his nuts off for a couple days, and I was there to take care of that.

I got up slathered some saliva on my hand and mixed with his pre-cum that was leaking out from he tip of his beautiful nine inch cock, I got up over Michael and sat down on his cock and let that huge peice of very dark meat just gently slide into my asshole, god was I ever full of manmeat. It felt so wonderful, I had always loved getting fucked but this was out of sight.

Michael started pushing upward with my motion and before long we were both grunting and wispering sweet things into each others ear, Michaes just looked into my eyes, and said,'this is fucking awesome Sam, I love my new family already. hehehe'

I said,'and I love my new brother too.'

It took about five minutes when Michael said,'Oh jeezus Sam,' and I know he shot a quart of cum into my intestines, just as I fired off another load.

We fell asleep in each others arms that night and havent missed a night of sleeping with each other. Michael and I are close, very close, And he has become a very special part of our family.

Every one in the family has accepted and taken him in as part of the bigger Picture and Michael just fit in with everyone.

Hey what can I say, I love my new brother.



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