The lube rolled to a stop by a desk chair and for a moment neither Caleb nor Mitch moved, the room completely quiet. Caleb leaned forward and looked at the bottle as it rocked back and forth slowly.

"I think you dropped something" he said in a mischievous tone.

Mitch looked at Caleb, the smile on his face with the daring in his eyes and he smiled knowingly back as he leaned down and picked up the bottle and the handcuffs he had dropped.

"Just something I like to use to make things interesting..." Mitch replied as he looked back at Caleb, "...ya know?" The last sounded like a question, but both knew it wasn't, not really, for Mitch could read Caleb, for he'd seen that look before, back home when his best friend pushed him to take their sex further, to make it more physical with the handcuffs, the rope and even the belts. Mitch had hesitated at first, not sure he liked having sex where he was so dominating, took so much control, but his cock ached with its hardness every time, pre-cum drooled from the head till he made his friend licked it off before sucking him. Leaving home for college had been a mixture of feelings, the longing to go, to start on a new journey, but he also would miss Ryan and the way he just gave himself to Mitch, totally, letting Mitch do whatever he wanted to do. He knew college should give him all the opportunities he could want for it was a mass of sexually charged men and women, each looking for something special, or just looking for new experiences. He just didn't think he'd find it in his dorm room on his first day. Now he just had to find out how far he could push this new roommate.

Caleb just laughed as he sat down on Mitch's lower bunk, leaning back till he rested on his elbows, his long lean body stretched out before Mitch, his hardening cock pressing against the front of his shorts.

"When it stops raining I'll help you get your stuff up, why don't you get out of those wet clothes and get comfortable" Caleb said, his tone seductive, the meaning clear.

Mitch stepped back to the door and made sure it was closed and locked. He pulled his wet shirt off revealing his brown toned skin, smooth, tight over his lean frame, and he undid his jeans and peeled them down his legs the wet denim tough to work his legs out and as he struggled to get each leg free his white briefs transparent with their wetness showed his cock, its dark skinned shaft and flared head lying to the side. Caleb watched, stared at Mitch's cock through the wet fabric and blatantly groped his own hardening cock. Mitch watched him, laying back, his hand manipulating his cock, as he worked his jeans off tossing them on the floor in the corner. He stood up straight, his tall lean body damp, shiny in the light, his blonde hair messed up, seductively sticking up randomly and Mitch ran a hand through it, his raised arm revealing the sparse hair underneath it.

"Are you going to take off those wet shorts?" Caleb asked with his voice sounding impatient.

"I thought I'd make you do it" Mitch replied, ready to test Caleb, see what he was willing to do. He wanted to see if he'd submit.

Caleb smiled and eased off the bed and down on the floor on his knees. He pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it back on Mitch's bed and moved to him, slowly, deliberately, his eyes focused on Mitch's cock watching it swell up hard as it pushed against the wet fabric.

"Yeah, get your ass over here" Mitch whispered as he watched Caleb moved across the floor.

Caleb moved up close to Mitch, his face only a couple of inches from his stomach and he leaned forward and put his tongue to Mitch's navel probing its recesses as he held Mitch by the hips. The sensation was ticklish and Mitch fought to control his breathing as Caleb ran his tongue from his navel and downward, running it along the waist of his briefs and then down over the head of his cock where he could feel Caleb's warm breath blow over it, then his warm lips encase it, suck it through the fabric.

"Jesus" Mitch uttered as Caleb worked his mouth over the shaft from the head down to the base and he shifted his body so he could lean down further as he took Mitch's balls in his mouth sucking on them, tugging on them through the fabric and Mitch fought the urge to push his briefs down as he let Caleb work him over through them.

Caleb leaned up and reached out, his fingers slipping over the waist band and he looked up at Mitch, his eyes yielding, as he pulled the briefs down Mitch's legs helping him to step out of them. Caleb held the briefs out to Mitch, the wet garment lying over his upturned palms and Mitch took them and forced them into Caleb's mouth gagging him.

"Stand up" Mitch demanded and Caleb stood, knowing what Mitch wanted and he turned his back to him holding his hands together behind him, waiting, submissive. Mitch cuffed his wrists and reached around his waist and roughly undid his shorts shoving them down and he pushed Caleb toward the desk that was to be his, the one still clear, and he forced Caleb down on it, his legs trapped in his shorts.

"I've been horny for two days and you're going to help me out, aren't you" Mitch said in a mocking tone. He reached for the seat of Caleb's boxers and ripped the seat open exposing his smooth white ass, leaving his cock trapped in the front. Mitch ran his cock over Caleb's ass smearing a slick trail over them. He roughly pushed his cock into the cleft and probed Caleb's ass finding his tight little hole and he bore down with his hips breaching Caleb, as he painfully he penetrated the opening pushing his cock all the way into him. Caleb rose up as his muffled cry was blocked by the briefs in his mouth.

"Fuck, you're tight" Mitch grunted through his clinched teeth as he pumped his hips driving his cock in a hard fast fuck. "Take it...take my cock...fucking...whore..." Mitch stammered as he pummeled Caleb, shoving his cock into him over and over and over.

Caleb grunted and moaned, his own cock achingly hard, as he took Mitch's fuck, a fuck as hard and forceful as any Jacob threw into him. His fingers would graze over Mitch's stomach on every shove inward and he felt himself push back, to try to get more of Mitch inside him. Mitch put one foot on Caleb's shorts forcing one leg free and he kicked Caleb's legs apart spreading him open a little further, his hole more accessible to his fuck and he drove into him, hard, slapping his hips hard against Caleb's ass rocking the desk noisily, it banging against the wall.

Mitch leaned over and held Caleb down by the neck and drove his hips faster, his need to cum rising up fast and he swing his hips hard and fast, thrusting his cock deep into Caleb until he felt it swell up larger as he pumped in short jabbing thrust. He slammed into Caleb's hole hard holding his cock buried all the way in him as he pumped his cum into Caleb's stretched open hole.

Mitch stood up and stepped back, his cock half hard, slimly with cum and he watched Caleb stagger to his feet and turn to him. He reached out and pulled his briefs from Caleb's mouth tossing them on the floor.

"Clean me off."

Caleb dropped to his knees and took Mitch's cock, sucking it deeply into his mouth tasting the cum smeared along the shaft. Mitch held him by the head and pumped his hips slowly, feeling his cock reawaken, grow thick and stiff again and he held Caleb by the head and pumped his cock into Caleb's suctioning mouth.

"Goddamn I'm ready to go again" Mitch uttered under his breath as he thrust his cock into Caleb's slick mouth pumping it faster and faster through his lips till drool ran down his chin.

"Yeah, take it motherfucker...take it" Caleb sneered as he drove his cock into Caleb.

Caleb took it, every thrust into his mouth, feeling Mitch's cock push into his throat. He had no sense of balance as Mitch held his head while fucking his mouth and it excited him, made his cock stay hard.

Mitch felt his second load build, this cock flex up harder and he roughly pulled out of Caleb's mouth, pulled his head back roughly by the hair and jacked his cock in Caleb's face. He grunted, moaned as his hand was a blur on his cock and he rocked his hips forward hard as he aimed his cock at Caleb's face shooting his cum across his cheeks and nose, a wad over his lips and into his open mouth and the last wad on his cheek with the rest dripping down on to Caleb's chest and the floor. Mitch let his cock go, the slimy shaft bobbing in front of him and Caleb leaned forward and took it in his mouth once again, sucking the cum smeared along its length off.

Caleb pulled back and looked up at Mitch, the cum running down his face and Mitch eased down on his knees, his face up close to Caleb's and he smiled, wickedly just before he leaned toward Caleb and ran his tongue up Caleb's chin, dragging it upward over his cheek and over his nose capturing the cum on his face. Mitch licked Caleb's face clean and kissed him on the mouth sharing the taste of his cum.

Mitch leaned back on his heels looking at Caleb, his lean body with its white skin, his cock still rock hard and he smiled at his control over him.

"I guess we're going to get along alright" he whispered to Caleb. He got up and released the cuffs from Caleb's wrist telling him to jack off; he wanted to watch. Mitch dropped down on his bed and leaned back watching Caleb still on his knees stroking his cock. Caleb stroked it with a steady rhythm and he soon found himself pushing his hips forward slightly as he jacked his cock faster and faster.

"Come on...shoot motherfucker, shoot that shit...let me see you shoot" Mitch commanded as he watched, his own fingers playing with his flaccid cock.

Caleb began to grunt, to thrust forward a little harder with short jerking motions and he stroked his cock harder until he cried out shooting cum across the floor. He kept stroking his cock, pumping each wad out till his cum just dribbled from the head and he smeared it with his hand down his shaft. Finally spent he let go of his cock and just hung his head with his hands at his side and his slimy cock going flaccid.

"Well don't just stand there, clean that shit up" Mitch demanded and Caleb knew what Mitch meant, knew what he must do and he got down on his hands and knees and licked up his cum from the floor.

Mitch stood up and slipped on a pair of shorts and he handed Caleb his own shorts.

"Let's shower off and go get something to eat; I'm starving" Mitch stated as he headed toward the door. In the corridor there were a couple of guys talking and they gave Mitch and Caleb strange looks as they passed and it was obvious they had heard some of the noise they had been making.

That night Mitch fucked Caleb again pumping two loads into his ass till they leaked down his thigh and then he cuffed him to the bed frame in his bed, Caleb's naked body lying at his side ready to take his cock whenever he was erect, and that first night Mitch was ready a few times, pumping his cock into Caleb's ass till he couldn't cum anymore, his last fuck a long slow dry fuck with Mitch just enjoying the feel of Caleb's hole around his cock.

Caleb had laid there, his arms held over his head secured to the bed frame, taking Mitch's fuck, feeling his body press against his own, Mitch's cock sink deeply into his hole and it made him hard, his cock leaking till there was a wet spot on the bed and Mitch did not let him get off during the night, kept him hard, his desires ramped up as he pumped load after load into him. Caleb knew there was more to experience, more to learn of his role and wondered if Mitch would keep pushing him, continue to want to use him, but he smiled at the realization that classes hadn't even started and his roommate had him naked, tied to the bed and plowing his ass already.



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