The other guys on the floor knew they were doing stuff, nasty gay stuff, for they had heard the noises coming through the door and the walls and when Caleb and Mitch would come out to go shower they had seen the red marks on Caleb, the bite marks on his shoulders and the drying cum on his face. Most of the guys just joked around about it, kidded Mitch and Caleb, but in the end didn't really care what the two of them did in their room. But some did care. Some were angry about it, fearful, making crude comments about how disgusting it was what they were doing, bringing up religious dogma and bigoted preconceptions, but late at night most of them found their own cocks hard with the image of Caleb and Mitch doing things, sexual things, and they masturbated in shame till they were covered in their own cum. Others found it intriguing or were envious, wondering what it would be like to have sex like they were doing, rough, loud, banging against the wall sex and they masturbated to images of Caleb and Mitch fucking, to images of them fucking Caleb or to images of Mitch fucking them. No matter how any one guy considered Mitch and Caleb's relationship it gave the floor a sexual tension that made the others more daring, more experimental, willing to try things...with girls or with each other.

It was October, a week before Halloween, and Caleb was lying sideways on Mitch's bed, his hands bound together and secured by a short rope to his own bunk above and his legs were spread apart, stretched upward and tied to the front corners of his upper bunk. Mitch was sliding a dildo up his ass, a long thick thing, the sides ribbed with fake veins and Caleb was laying back, his mouth open breathing hard taking the initial pain with the stretching of his hole, and the deep penetration. The lube was a warming type, the warmth spreading along Caleb's tunnel and around his stretched opening. He felt the heat of it deep inside his body, the dildo digging deep into him.

Mitch stood up and sat in his chair slowly stroking his cock as he looked at Caleb tied up, the dildo protruding from his ass. Caleb quivered with the pain of the stretching and with the odd sensation of his hole warming up. Mitch turned and surfed on his computer while he let Caleb lie there with his hole loosening up. Caleb didn't know how long Mitch made him wait this time, but when Mitch finally got up and came over, he rose up and saw Mitch stroking his hard leaking cock and he knew he was going to get fucked.

Mitch pulled the dildo out and watched Caleb's hole slowly close, the slick lube shiny around the opening and he moved up into position and shoved his cock all the way into him. Caleb cried out unable to move as Mitch began to fuck, fast thrusts of his hips slapping Caleb's ass rocking the bed banging it against the wall, with Caleb crying out noisily, begging Mitch to fuck him harder. Mitch didn't hold back, didn't try to make the fuck last as he hammered his cock into Caleb until he was pumping his cum deep into him. He pumped his cock through his load, shoving it in deep and finally pulled out standing back up, his slimy cock still half hard as he looked at Caleb's hole and how it was still gapped open. He watched as his cum trickled back out and he eased down on his knees and ate his cum from Caleb's ass.

Mitch looked at Caleb's hard cock, how it drooled a pool of pre-cum on his stomach and he smiled as he ran his hand over Caleb's sac and around the base of his cock, avoiding the shaft, letting it remain achingly hard and untouched.

"Not yet" was all he said as he turned back to his desk and busied himself, leaving Caleb tied up. He didn't tell Caleb he was talking to one of the guys on their floor on a social site, a guy who had been nervous to admit who he was, but had asked for details of what they did and had even begged Mitch to put in a camera and let him watch. Mitch considered the idea but had another idea instead. He told the guy if he'd admit to his identity and let him know he wasn't fucking around he'd leave the door open for him to come in and have his way with Caleb.

That was three days ago and the guy finally responded and this afternoon when Mitch went to the bathroom at the end of the corridor he found himself staring at Paul. Six foot two, light brown hair and olive skin; the All-American Paul and Mitch had tested him, seeing the desire in his eyes, this need to know what it was like, this sex between men, so it was arranged, so Mitch stood up after a few minutes, slipped on his jeans and a t-shirt and headed out.

"I'll be back after while" as he pulled the door closed, leaving it unlocked.

Caleb laid there his mind blank, his cock finally going down, resting in the pool of pre-cum on his abdomen. He no longer felt his nakedness like he did the first couple of weeks because Mitch made him stay naked while in their room and he closed his eyes and drifted off into a light sleep, trying to stay alert to Mitch's return. He heard the door open and he looked over and saw Paul look in. He was suddenly panicked, scared things could get out of hand, for he knew some of the guys on the floor wanted to hurt him, viewed him as someone to bully, so he watched Paul ease into the room, close the door and lock it and then it hit Caleb, the way Mitch had been online and the door being left unlocked and he relaxed a little, still unsure of Paul's motives.

"Damn...look at you" Paul uttered, the surprise of seeing Caleb tied up naked, his legs spread open, his hole still wet with lube, cum and Mitch's spit. He walked up to Caleb and ran his hand down Caleb's thigh and over his nuts and down over his ass, rubbing his fingers over the loose hole and finally letting two fingers sink into Caleb making him moan.

"Goddamn" Paul said under his breath as he worked his two fingers in Caleb, pumped them back and forth through the ring of his opening feeling him open back up. He leaned over and put his nose to Caleb's sac and breathed deeply his masculine scent, this odor of his body, with its mixture of cum and sweat, and then he flicked his tongue out and ran it over Caleb's sac, pushing the balls around, feeling them move over his tongue and he ran his tongue around the base of Caleb's cock through the sparse black hair and upward over his abdomen till he was licking up the sweet clear liquid pooled on his skin. Caleb couldn't help it, even with this guy he barely knew, Paul from down the hall, and his cock began to rise up hard, to bob over his abdomen. All through Paul's ministrations, Caleb said nothing, just kept his head up watching.

Paul slipped a third finger into Caleb as he moved upward, his lips and his tongue running over the soft smooth skin of Caleb's stomach, over his chest and to the right nipple. Paul tongued it, felt it rise up hard and he mouthed it with his lips softly, gently and finally as Caleb watched, waiting, the anticipation unbearable, Paul took the nipple between his teeth and bit down making Caleb moan loudly. Paul moved over Caleb, his clothed body feeling rough on top of him, and he kissed along Caleb's jaw, over his face and on his lips, intimate in a way Caleb wasn't use to with Mitch. A fourth finger sank into Caleb's ass and he moaned again as his body shivered with the stretching and penetration of his hole.

Paul stood up and pulled his t-shirt off revealing his muscular torso, and Caleb stared at him, watching as he undid his shorts and pushed them down along with his boxers revealing his long thin cock, it bouncing up and down hard, the head already wet. Caleb watched Paul move to him, holding his cock in alignment, then drive it into his hole, pushing in all the way as he moved his body over him in the tight confines of the lower bunk and the space between his tied up legs.

Paul was clumsy, timid even, as he began to pump his hips, to drive his cock into Caleb, pushing it in all the way. Caleb wanted to reach down and pull his hair, force his head down to his nipples to have him bit them, to tug on them. He wanted his legs free to drive his heels into Paul's ass to drive him to fuck harder, to pound his cock into his hole; instead he laid their bound feeling Paul's slow timid strokes.

Paul was so engrossed in fucking Caleb he didn't hear the door open. Caleb heard it and watched as Mitch eased into their room motioning for Caleb to be quiet. Caleb nodded his head a couple times quickly and began to moan, to grunt with Paul's push into him, the noise to mask any sounds Mitch might make as he pulled his clothes off and stood behind Paul watching his narrow round ass move up and down as he pumped his own cock to full hardness. Mitch leaned over Paul, hovered just above him.

"You like fucking that ass?" he whispered making Paul jerk with a start.

"What...oh...Mitch" Paul replied, his voice betraying his nervousness.

"Keep fucking Paul..." Mitch whispered as he leaned down close, his head right next to Paul's, his body only inches above Paul's body with his cock bumping Paul's ass every time he pulled upwards, "...fuck him hard; he likes it rough."

Mitch reached to the handcuffs around Caleb's wrist and unhooked them freeing Caleb, letting him reach around Paul and hug their bodies together. Caleb knew what was coming and knew what was expected of him and he held Paul down, his cock buried in his own ass as Mitch eased up, ran his hand up and down Paul's back and over his ass.

"Fuck, you've got a nice body, Paul."

"Wh-wh-what are you doing?" Paul stammered as Mitch rubbed his ass, ran his fingers down in the cleft between his cheeks, and pulled them apart so he could see the entry to his hole.

"I'm going to fuck you Paul" Mitch replied.

"No...I don't want...I..." and Paul stammered to a stop, there being no conviction to his protest, as he laid there and let Mitch touch him down there, rub his fingers over his hole while Caleb held him down.

"Relax Paul" Caleb said with a stern serious voice, "it'll feel good, I promise."

Mitch eased a finger into Paul, sank it all the way into his tight little hole and Paul rose up moaning with the penetration. Caleb ran his hands up and down Paul's back, soothed him with his whispering as Mitch drove his finger in and out of his hole. Mitch added a second finger, then a third and Paul was pushing back taking them once his hole loosened up and the fingers stroking through the ring of his tight opening began to feel good, to stroke his desire, his need and he leaned down and kissed Caleb, roughly, passionately, as he relaxed his body on top of him.

Mitch eased up and rubbed his leaking cock over the smooth hairless ass, pressed against the loosen entry to Paul's tunnel and he bore down on him, pushed with his weight as his cock penetrated and inch after inch sank into Paul's tunnel till he had all of Mitch's cock. Caleb could feel him quiver on top of him as he took each inch, felt the heat of his body, the way he began to sweat as Mitch drove into his hole and Caleb held him tightly as he ground his own hard leaking cock against Paul's stomach.

Mitch leaned over Paul and began to fuck, throwing his weight into each shove inward burying his cock deep into Paul making him moan and grunt. Paul's body shook and sweat soon covered him as he took each penetration. Mitch shifted back up and slapped Paul's ass hard, the red imprint of his hand rising to the surface of Paul's skin.

"Fuck Caleb" Mitch commanded and Paul began to work his hips, to drive his cock in and out of Caleb's hole while driving Mitch's cock in and out of his own. At first Paul's rhythm was off, he struggled with Mitch's cock in his ass, but as he worked his body back and forth, felt his cock sink into the hot velvety tunnel in Caleb and then feel Mitch sink all the way into his own he felt his body awaken, its sensitivity increase and he fell into a steady rhythm, plunged his cock into Caleb with urgency and slammed his ass back on Mitch's cock feeling it fill his hole.

" that ass" Mitch urged Paul as he ran his hands over Paul's back feeling the wet slick heat of his skin. Caleb hugged Paul to him, felt his stomach rub his cock with every undulation of his body on top of him and he humped his hips upward, pushed his cock, with its leaking head, against Paul's stomach as Paul drove his cock harder and harder into his ass.

"Fuck...pump his ass" Mitch urged Paul as he watched Paul's ass move along his cock, the tight ring of its opening milking his cock.

Caleb came first, for he'd been hard all day with Mitch's manipulations and Paul on top of him, their bodies rubbing together, Paul's cock fucking his ass and he threw his head back and cried out as he pumped his cum between their bodies.

Paul felt it, the warm cum pooling between them and the way Caleb's ass spasm around his cock milking it, driving him to fuck harder and with Mitch leaning over him, his warm body on his back and his cock buried in his own ass Paul shot next, pumping his cock harder and harder as he pushed his ejaculating cock as deep into Caleb as he could.

Mitch rose up and held Paul down by the neck and began to pile drive his cock into him, shoving in hard, rocking Paul roughly over Caleb, the bed squeaking and rocking, slamming against the wall.

"Goddamn...take me..." Mitch uttered as he pushed in all the way and pumped his load into Paul. He pumped his hips hard, thrusting his cock through his load till it began to pump out of his hole and run down over his sac. Mitch pulled out and eased down behind Paul and watched his cum run from Paul's hole while he rested on top of Caleb, their breathing still rough. Mitch leaned forward and ran his tongue up Paul ass, over the smooth hairless skin scooping up his load, rimming Paul's hole and eating is cum from it. Paul jerked upward when he felt Mitch's tongue but Caleb held him down getting him to relax and let Mitch eat him out.

When Mitch finally pulled away and sat down Paul eased up, suddenly nervous about what he had done and he looked down at Caleb, his legs still bound to the upper bunk, spread open obscenely, his ass exposed with cum trickling out.

"You gonna waste that?" Mitch asked jokingly as he rubbed his hand over Paul's ass and up his back. Paul looked back at him and saw how Mitch was smiling mischievously.

"You can have it" Paul replied smiling back at Mitch, and he went over to Caleb desk chair and sat down watching Mitch ease down on his knees moving up to Caleb. He watched how Mitch tongued Caleb's ass, raked it up the smooth skin, worked it into Caleb's hole eating the cum he had just deposited.

A few minutes later Paul was dressed and eased out of Mitch and Caleb's room, glad no one was in the corridor and he went back to his room, thankful his roommate was gone and he lay on his bunk masturbating to the memory of what he had just done, the way he sank his cock into Caleb and the way Mitch sank cock into his own ass and he came hard a second time that day, pumping cum over his chest and into his face.

Mitch finally let Caleb loose and they crashed on his bunk, bodies spooned together, their cocks flaccid, their fucking finally making them completely spent, and they drifted off to sleep.



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