The Magic of Presence -3- The Date

OMG! Can this guy get any more gorgeous?! He's just sitting there across from me at the little table, and he keeps smiling wider giving me those dimples that are driving me insane. Where has this guy been all my life? He talks sooo smoothly, with such grace, and he listens as well, and I'm wondering why,...why he's not giving me that 'look', as we're pretty close together, and the 'magic' should have grabbed him by now.

I mean, seriously, not that I need it to hook up with someone, but this guy isn't giving me any of the classic signs of being...taken by it. I wonder...? So, I'm sitting here, resting an elbow on the table, my chin in my hand, listening to him, and I find myself just staring into those deep eyes, and those dimples, and those gorgeous teeth, and those..., I look up, as the server has walked up setting our order down in front of us, and then poured more iced tea. I smiled up, knowing this guy that's waiting on us, he's from one of my classes, and he's giving me the 'look', and I know that he's a 'sniffer' as well. I try to ignore him, and maybe he'll just go away, and turn my focus back to Seth, God he's just so frickin beautiful! The server is lingering for a long time, and I'm starting to get annoyed, he's distracting me. I look up and give him a wide eyed look, like; go away, dipshit, I'm busy here! Finally he gets it, breaks his fog and walks off, I'll tip him heavy when we're done...Seth! I smile back at him as we slowly start to eat. He's even gorgeous when he puts food in his mouth! Jesus! My mind is going ninety miles an hour right now. He's not affected by the 'magic'! Holy Hell! This is awesome! The server dude was falling apart and Seth is completely unaffected. I am so in love right at this moment!

"You okay? Devin?"

"Huh?" I snapped around. "I'm sorry...I guess I zoned out for a second."

"Maybe that hit to the head with the volleyball did something to you?" He smiled that sexy even smile of his. Oh, yeah, I'm so in love, well, with a whole lot of lust on top of it, but, yeah, this is love.

"Uh, no." I said and then got embarrassed about that stupid move from earlier today. I guess I blushed, cause he smiled again, showing dimples, I'm melting so bad right now. "Had a hard class today, and it was running through my mind all of a sudden." I smiled really big for him, and he gave me dimples again. "You know, that was unfair of me, to drift off like that, won't happen again, promise."

"Wow, okay." His eyes opened wide, and the smile dropped. "You don't have to make me promises."

"No big deal, thought it needed saying, that's all." I looked down at my plate.

"That's sweet of you though." Seth's sweet sexy voice was sending me to the clouds, I lifted my eyes, and gave him the soft sexy look. He looked back at me, now with a new look, a longing, a need that was down deep. I realized that I didn't need the 'magic' for him, and it was a new experience for me, as I also realized that I had become dependent on using the 'magic' to get what I wanted, and the realization was, and smack, another hit to the back of the head, from myself, this time...duh, that I had been a complete asshole to a good many people because of it. What a fuckup I am!

We ate pretty much in silence getting through dinner, which was awesome, and the food was really why I came here, not the service, even though the servers were hot, and I had had most of them from campus, and they were already 'sniffers', fuck, there I go again, being the! Focus, isn't that what Jimmie said today, focus? Yeah, and this guy, this absolutely gorgeous guy was right in front of me, a guy who could stop a clock with his looks, man, yeah, I'm idiot for not paying attention. Dinner was over and we were both pretty much done. He sat back to just relax, and I stared at him intensely. He saw it, and I think deep down he appreciated it, but I also think that it bothered him a little.

"So, you want to tell me what is really on your mind?" Seth gave a look that had a devilish undertone to it, and I hoped I was reading the signs right.

"What do you mean?"

"It looks like there's something...eating at you. I don't mean to make you upset or anything, but if you need to talk about it, I'm willing to listen." Seth said, with true genuine concern in his voice and his eyes. I was so boning in my jeans. And I thought that Vinnie was marriage material? OMG! Can this guy get any more perfect?! Fuck!

"It's hard to talk about, really." I said, really needing a true drink right about now. A bar, we need to go to a bar and then I could my spill to him, or on him, or in him, whatever the fuck he wanted, ugh!

"Well, I find it's easier to just say it, and then work it out from there." Seth said, giving me the dimples again. Jeez, was he a psych major too? Fuck!

"Yeah, it's kind of...complicated."

"Oh, jeez, is there...someone else that you're..."

"Whoa!" I held up a hand, knowing where and what he was asking, "No, there is no one else, and I am single."

"That's a relief." He said, looking more at ease now. I sighed to myself as well, and then smiled.

"You were worried." I said, trying to take control, my normal bullshit I suppose.

"I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes." He lifted an eyebrow at me.

"If there was anyone else, I don't think they would mind at all." I was doing my best at charm, and obviously failed as he looked at me with a strange look. "I mean, look at you, you're....breath taking." He blushed, and looked down. "No, I'm serious," I said quickly, "you really are, and I'm just...well..." He looked at me and chuckled a little.

"You know, can I tell you something?"

"Anything you want." I said through a sigh, as I rested my chin in my hand, giving him the soft sexy look.

"I have to be honest, I was kind of stalking you." He almost gulped with his confession, it was cute, and I knew I had him, "I saw you up in the seats with the girl that came down to talk to the professor and me, and I got it out of her, finally, where you were going. I just wanted to talk to you, if I had the chance."

"Really?" I asked, knowing Tricia the way I did, it's a wonder he got a word in edgewise. "What did she say?"

"Well, that you played volleyball out behind the gym a few times a week, and that it was probably best to catch you there. That's why I walked by when I did." He blushed, and then looked down. I wanted him so bad, I was ready to do him right here, right now....control....

"So, what do you want to do now?" I asked in a coy tone. He smiled again, giving me the dimples, I was so boned up in my jeans, it was going to be an hour at least before it went down!

"Well, we could go to my room." He said plainly, there was no suggestion, no beating around about it, just flat telling me, that's the way it was going to be.

"Okay!" I said, rather loudly, giving him a startled look. He calmed himself almost immediately and then went to get up, reaching for his back pocket. I stood up, reaching out a hand, touching his arm. "I've got it." I said, matter of fact, and pulled out some cash and dropped it on the table. "I suggested this place, I've got it."

"Yeah, but..."

"No, no, no, no." I said waving a finger in the air, "I insist." He let it go, but gave a look that I'll never forget, like don't do it again. I smiled at him, and then he brightened, when he looked down at my jeans, then back up into my eyes. OH YEAH! He likes what he sees for sure! We walked away together, and started back toward the campus. There were several trees and bushes along the way as we walked back toward his hall. We started to hold hands as we walked, I wanted to hurry and maybe go on a dead run with him, but he had other ideas, very clearly other ideas. He would stop me now and then, turn me, and kiss me, softly, sensually, then look in my eyes. I was going to explode inside, and in my jeans if we didn't hurry. But, he slowed me, lead me, showed me what he wanted, and it was romance, charm, grace, not just some gutter fuck or backroom thing that I was used to. Yeah, slut, remember? This was pretty new to me, and it slowly dawned on me that I liked it...a lot! He is so fucking hot! And he can kiss too! Instead of the ten minute walk to the bistro, it was like thirty to get back to his room, with all the stops and him just...doing me.

We got up to the second floor, stopping on the stairs of course for a long couple of minutes as he ran his tongue down my throat, and grabbed my ass. His hands are so awesome! I was so breathing hard when he got me in the room at the top of the stairs, which was small, but it was his alone, no roomie! Great! There was this big couch like thing against the wall, that was more like a lounge. He guided me over to it and slowly lay me on it, covering me with his body, hands were all over the place, his, mine, as he kissed me deep, and I mean deep. I almost gagged on the length of his tongue, but I so loved it, as I sucked it tight as he dove in and he moaned when I did it. He flipped one of my switches, and I went into major overdrive, clawing at his clothes, trying to get him out of them, and he pulled his tongue back, and then got up on his knees, over me, holding himself up with one hand on the lounge, looking at me with such a soft wanting look. I clawed at the shirt, getting it off him, and saw what was under it. He was so frickin ripped, and I thought I had abs. His nipples were medallions the size of a half dollar and flat, so golden in color against that tanned skin, they almost blended. I raised up, running my hands and arms around his waist and buried my face over his left one, clamping my mouth, sucking, licking with my tongue tip and he moaned again, I loved it, another switch was flipped, and then I moved to the other quickly doing the same thing, he groaned this time, using his free hand to clasp the back of my head, pulling me deeper to his muscled pec. I was getting so lost, and as he supported my weight with his hand and arm, I moved my hands down quickly and undid his jeans, unzipping them, and felt his bulge in his underwear, popping up, trying to get out, I rubbed it with my fingertips through the material. He moaned as I worked him, with my mouth and my fingers. He wanted more, I could tell, as he let me slowly go, lying me back on the lounge. He moved, I followed.

He slid off the lounge and got to his feet, I could see his chest heaving from being so excited, and I loved the way he looked in the soft light of the room, God, he's so fucking hot! I scooted to the edge and wanted to help him rip his pants off, but he stopped me with a look and then a grin, telling me to hold on, and I did, as well as held my breath. He slowly worked them off, dropping them and using his heels to pull the legs, and then dropped the jeans on the floor. He was bulged out in his boxer briefs, and his balls filled them out so nice, it was an amazing sight, and he saw the lust in my eyes. He stepped one step towards me and I was on him with my mouth, lipping and chewing him through his underwear, my hands were clamped on his tight ass. He put his hands in my hair and was moaning softly as I worked him all over, his hard length, and then his balls below. God, it was awesome! He smelled oh so good, that light musk scent and his body wash that he must have used in the shower, plus the underwear? He flipped another switch, my underwear fetish switch! FUCK!

I hooked fingers into the band and pulled it away from his tight hard abs and pulled the boxer briefs down releasing him. It almost flew into my open mouth. Now, I've loved cock since I was really young, the look of a cock, its soft skin getting tight and being so smooth, its form, the crown of the head, just the shape, oh yeah, I worship it so, so much. There have been nice ones in my past, big ones, short ones, some I won't mention....okay....but his? Holy Fuck! It looked like a smooth steel rod with the most gorgeous slender head, not out of proportion by any means, just fucking...gorgeous...just like him. I stared at it for a just a moment, you know one those classic moments where everything stands still kind of thing? It was just so...I swallowed it...all of it, buried my nose right into his perfectly trimmed hairs and clamped my mouth and pushed up my tongue. He groaned so long and loud as his seven pluser was in the back of my throat. I wanted it there for days!

His fingers clenched in my hair. YES! My mind screamed, as my mouth was full of his cock. Pull it! Rip it out! Another switch was flipped in me. Yeah, I have a bunch of them...he stayed still and I kept clamping my mouth on him. His long groan eased and I started moving on him, easing the clamping a bit so he could slide in and out of my mouth. I lifted just my eyes, seeing his head tilted back, him breathing through his nose, still with his fingers in my hair, his rising and falling tight pecs, his eight pack flexing for me as I moved on him, yeah, days...I wanted him for days! I reached up with one hand and cradled his hanging balls in my palm. I was sliding back and forth on him so fast, I was thinking, just drown me, cum in my mouth and fucking drown me! I could die just like this! He started moaning, and then he tried to push me off him, using his fingers and my hair, I knew he was really feeling it and was getting close, as his balls moved and tightened slightly. YEAH! Drown me! Come on! I want it so fucking bad! Then the first pulse cut loose in the back of my throat, I pulled off just a little so it would hit my tongue and I could actually taste him. I stayed with my motions on him, his load was thin, not thick and heavy...fuck yes, my favorite! And he coated my tongue and bombed my entire mouth. I worked my tongue all over him up and down his length and then tickled around his head as he pulsed his last shot. I swallowed a little but saved most of it in my mouth, and then watching his eyes, with his cock still in my mouth, as he was blinking hard looking down into mine, I pulled off him, opening my mouth just a little, showing him, telling him that I was carrying him in me. He became an animal for just a moment, that flash in his eyes and then he dove onto my mouth, furiously tonguing me, trying to take his own load from me. We fought for it with our tongues and I was in heaven, my hands were sliding up and down his back as he was bent over the top of me, then he pushed against me, laying me back on the lounge, making deep growls in his throat, breathing hard through his nose. I almost went off in my underwear, he sounded so sexy and felt even better. I was finally able to pull my face from his, breathing deep. I swallowed what was left in my mouth.

"No stealing." I whispered in his ear, then tongued it. He groaned as I felt his hands clamp onto my ass over my jeans, and I mean tight. He gave me a small chuckle, as he kissed and chewed just below my ear, then tongued inside it, Fuck, another switch! One after the other, fuck he's good! My head is spinning with this gorgeous guy!

He started clawing at my clothes now, pulling up my shirt, desperately trying to get me naked, and I was not about to argue, and I let him pull it off me, and he dove down to my jeans, rubbing his face all over my jeans and my screaming bulge. I put my fingers into his perfect hair, and just enjoyed his soft feel of all those perfect strands of his golden hair. I moaned as he rubbed his face all over my crotch, and then I felt the tug of the top button and then the pull of the zipper, the tug of the flaps and then I felt him chew on my cock over the underwear I was in. Oh God, it felt so good! I was laying off to the left in my underwear, with my length it always went to the edge of my hip. I heard him as he saw how long I actually am, 'wow', was the only word he uttered softly as he dropped back on me again, then I felt the tug, him trying to get my tight jeans off me, down over my thighs, then my knees, then I felt my shoes go, then the jeans were off and he was on me again, his mouth on the underwear and then a hand massaging my balls, rubbing them through the underwear. I spread my legs a little more for him, and was still working my fingers through his hair. He was breathing hard through the material of my underwear making them hot and moist with his breath, this is so good!

And then I felt them being stretched out and lifted, I didn't have to look as I felt myself slide across my hip being released and pointed itself up my stomach. I heard him groan at seeing it, obviously, and then felt the pull of my underwear as they came off me. He used his hands spreading my thighs apart a little and then I felt him suck in one of my balls, the heat, the wet, his tongue, oh man, that magic tongue of his as the tip tickled around over it, he worked for a long minute and then let it go with a sloppy sound, and then went after the other one. OMG! He pulled on it, sucked it, moved his face back and forth with it trapped in his mouth, and that tongue, holy...! He let it go and then moved his tongue up, running it up my cock, making it twitch and me moan now, and then traced the tip all under the base of my head, not touching me at all with his hand. I went to stand myself for him, but he pushed me away. I lifted my head to see what he was doing and I saw his eyes, flashing at mine as we made contact, he gave me a different smile this time and then licked my slit pulling all of the gathered, dripping precum and took it all in. I moaned watching him. I clenched my teeth and wanted him so bad, wanted him in me right now! I pulled on his pits with both hands as hard as I could and rolled him up on the lounge with me, putting him on his back.

He gave me a surprised look but settled into that satisfied look, like he wanted to be dom'ed, almost like a dare kind of stare. Fuck, he was gorgeous! With him on his back, I rolled his hips to his left and slid down his body and started to lick at his ass. I could hear him taking in short breaths, not panting, making sounds like he was cooing, it was so sexy sounding, and I used a hand and spreading him apart, his cheeks were tight and so firm, it was so hot, and I went in with my tongue, he groaned as I entered with just my tip and he was melting, oh yeah, he's so all mine. I was so hard by it all that I didn't have to touch myself, I knew I was pointing at the ceiling and dripping wet even more. I felt a hand at the top of my head as he pulled a little, dragging me in even further, and I didn't fight it, I wanted it, to make him moan and groan and then finally scream, oh yeah!

"Fuck me." He said softly, and I lifted my eyes up toward him over his hip. I grinned and then smirked, then I thrust into him again and he gave me a slight hiss of ecstasy, then dropped his head back on the lounge. I pulled back out of him and heard a slight whimper from the loss. I climbed up over him and he lay his hips back and we went cock to cock rubbing against each other, thumping, moving each other around as my hands straddled him.

"You..." I whispered, "are going to fuck me." I wiggled my eyebrows. He smiled and then raised his hands, sliding them up my chest, rubbing my nipples with fingertips, his eyes following his hands.

"You've got me all ready, and I want you, in me." He said, bringing his eyes back to mine.

"First things first, baby." I said and then kissed him quickly and softly, then pulled back, "I need you, and I need you bad. I want to ride you, I want you to explode inside of me."

"Oh fuck." He whispered and then he gulped hard. Our eyes never left one another. I took my right hand and found him, lifting him, standing him up and put my ass over his head, tip to hole and slowly, so slowly working myself down on him, making him moan a little with the pressure, my hole wanted it and it let him in, remember...slut...oh, yeah, I adjusted to him quickly, his smooth steel rod and it was like we were made for each other, he slid right into me, and I sat down on him fully, and rocked back a little, sitting almost straight up. I felt all of him inside me, and he filled me with that wonderful feeling of being full. I loved it so, and I basked in it, and I let out a long breath, putting my hands over his medallions, and gripping tight flexing muscle, kneading it in my fingers, making him growl again in his throat.

I started to move, rocking my hips back and forth at first, I could tell that he liked that as he gripped my thighs at my hips, clenching them, making sounds in his throat, I closed my eyes and rode with it, looking towards the blank wall, then I switched and started to lift and drop a little using my legs and my ass, just a little bit of movement up and down, and he really loved it, my clenching on him was driving both of us crazy, as I could feel him rubbing against my spot. Fuck I love this! He was getting me close, I could feel it, so I stopped and started the circular motions, using my butt only as I sat on him. Fuck, he feels so good in me! I kept moving and moving the whole time, not giving him a chance to do anything but feel good, and that's when he stopped me, pulling my thighs, silently telling me that he wanted to shift position. I pulled off him slowly and swung my leg over, and he rolled to get behind me, and that's when I heard him. It was a gasp, I turned around and saw the look on his face.

"What's wrong? You okay?" I asked.

"Devin,...what happened to you?" He gave me a look of utter horror. Fuck, the bruises from Cory, I had forgot about them. "Do they hurt? It looks like they do." There was concern, genuine concern in his voice, and I had to stop this before it went anywhere else.

"No, they're fine. Well, they ache a little bit, but it's no biggie..." I was trying to get him back. Come on, bud, you have to finish fucking me here, hello? My mind was screaming again. Get in his're losing him...! "Seth." I said softly, waving a hand in front of his face, "uhh, okay?"

"I...I...uh," He had that look like his dog had just been run over...fuck, we're done here, as I looked down and saw him deflating...yep...over for the night. I sat down on the lounge, folding my legs underneath me, and put my hands in my lap, cocking my head slightly to the right, pursing my lips, I waited....I raised an eyebrow,...I was still waiting...I sighed, heavily...I waited some more. Okay, we're done here, I got up off the lounge, and started to jump into my clothes, looking at him from time to time, there was no pulling this deer back from that headlight. I sat down on the lounge and got my shoes on, gave him another look, as he sat there looking all hot and gorgeous in his nakedness. Fuck! I leaned forward and kissed him softly on the cheek, you know that kiss of death kind of one, I'll call you some time if I remember your name, you know, that kiss? Yeah. He blinked and looked at me.

"Hi." I said, now that somebody was home, finally. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Then the most sad puppy eyed look I have ever seen, well beside my two roomies that fall apart at the drop of a hat, came through, and I saw them well up.

"Wow," I said now feeling like an asshole, as the psyche major thing kicked in and I saw he was more than bothered by the bruises. "yeah, you're okay, alright." I sat down next to him. "You want to tell me about it?" He snapped around, obviously still seeing the bruises in front of his eyes.

"Maybe you should tell me about it." He said, giving me a look that showed he was getting angry.

"Well, let's just say I lost a wrestling match."

"Those are deep, really deep, I can tell, I know. They were done from some kind of rage. And they're only on your back, and I see a couple on your neck, too." As he moved his head and leaned a little. We had so much going between us that he hadn't noticed when he ripped off my shirt, okay...

"How do you know it was rage?"

"I've seen it before," His voice changed, going deep, no more softness, "and it's something I don't want to see ever again."


"I thought you said you were 'single'."

"I am."

"Recent break up and then being single?"

"No. I've been single for a long time." My eyes narrowed at him.

"Looks like maybe a jealous boyfriend lost it on you or something. Was that the little 'problem' that you had to take care of?"

"Kinda..." I held up a finger, "now hold on here..."

"No, you hold on," He paused cutting me off, "I thought tonight was great, I really do, did, but if there's something going on, I don't need to be involved in it." BAM! Okay, another slap to the head, thank God it wasn't a brick. I got up off the lounge.

"Well, I thought tonight was great too. I guess I'll see you around." I said, and turned and walked to the door, opening it, and then closing it softly behind me. I let out another deep breath and walked down the stairs, and out of the building. I was shaking my head as I crossed the lawn heading toward my building, hearing a few people in the distance laughing and joking, and then went inside, up my own wide stairs and then down the hall. Our room was near the end of the long hall, and I walked in the door, turning and closing it, when I turned back around there was a muscled wall in front of me, I tilted my head back a little and there was Vinnie standing right there.

"Where've you been?" He asked softly.

"Uh, I told you, date, phone call, remember?" God, don't do this thick head jock thing on me right now...and then I couldn't breathe. Vinnie had scooped me up and was tonguing me deeply, his hands held me, one on my butt, the other under my thigh bending it up, making my leg go over his thick hip.

I put my hands on his shoulders and started to push back, he was following me, kissing me deeply, and then I was against the wall, his body against mine, and then I felt him firming, his crotch underneath mine that was kind of hyperextending, and was getting a little uncomfortable...and push...

"Whoa, dude! What's going on?" I asked, searching his eyes.

"I love you, Devin. I want you so bad." Vinnie has such a deep sexy voice that purrs when he talks soft, and flipped a switch in me. Wait...control...stop, stop, stop...

"Dude, I love you too, you know that, but...we shouldn't do this....remember?" I pulled back till I hit the wall as he leaned in for another kiss. "Vinnie...Vinnie...hang on bud, hang on. Put me down, my leg's going numb." He snapped around a little, then set me down on the floor. I needed some room to maneuver in, I ducked and got around him, holding out a hand. "Vinnie, stop, tell me what's going on, man." I was backing up slowly and he kept coming, my idea of room was disappearing as I was backing closer to the far wall, Vinnie was almost on top of me, my fingers were on his chest, then my palm, and I felt pressure against my arm and shoulder as he was still coming. "Vinnie...STOP!" All I could think of was Cory and what had happened between us, him losing control. Vinnie was bigger, and if he lost it, I knew I was done. Eeek! Vinnie stopped.

"Now, you stay right there." I said in my firmest voice, "Tell me what's going on?"

"I've been waiting for you to come back, I wanted to tell you..."

"Vinnie, I thought you were going to call one of the girls?"

"'s you that I want."

"'re not into guys, dude. Remember? We talked about that? Stay with me, bud."

"I can't help it, it's what I feel, what I want."

"Oh man, dude, you don't know right now what you want. You're need to get your head clear...let's get you outside." He started to power through again, he was like a big truck and I knew I was done as his hands went around me, and pulled me in, and then he buried his face to mine, tongue in, going deep, I pushed and tried to get away from him as best I could, but there was no stopping him, and I was losing...bad...really bad. Vinnie felt good, and he was so powerful, more so than Cory, but he was being gentle at the same time, not really hurting me. But where I was hurt from the bruising, he was touching on my back and that hurt, it would bring a moan, but not that kind of a moan, and Vinnie was responding to it, totally taking it the wrong way.

He had me tight in his hands and arms, and yes, I had fantasized over this, many, many times, it just wasn't right though. My head was clear, and I was not responding to it or him at all, it was all him, moving me, groping me, clutching me, then he started to get me out of my clothes. I tried to fight back, but fuck, he was so strong, and I was like a rag doll in his hands, he did this move and for a split second, I was in the air, my shirt up under my pits, and he held me suspended with only one hand, shirt came off and dropped and then he had me again. He went to kiss me again, but I turned my head away, and was using my hands to push against those monstrous shoulders, I pushed and I pushed hard, I was leaving marks on him, as I strained, arching my back as he had both powerhouse arms around my waist, holding me up off the floor. There was a knock on the door, he was choking the air out of me and I was really getting lightheaded and dizzy. Vinnie was pushing in, as his concentration was broken, I wanted to scream at whoever was at the door for help, but I had no air. Another knock. I pushed and turned my head, looking Vinnie right in the eyes, he opened his mouth like he was going to suck me in.

"VINNIE!" I almost screamed with what air I had in my lungs, clasping his face in my hands. Another knock, sounding a little more insistent now. Vinnie's usually soft face changed to one of being pissed by the interruption, I knew he had heard it. And he put me down. I tried to get a hold of myself as he walked to the door and opened it. I crumbled to the floor, pain, drained, exhausted.

I heard them at the door, talking at first, then it became a little more heated in their words, and I got to my feet, shook my head, and went for the door, kinda in a roundabout way, rather than a straight line, but I got there. Vinnie turned and he caught me as I went down with a groan.

"What did you do to him?" I heard the voice ask, and then lifted my head slowly, and there was Seth, standing in the brightly lit hallway. His eyes weren't on me, but Vinnie, as Vinnie was holding me up, his arms extended downward, holding me just off the floor. "What did you do to him?" He asked again, but it was really drawn out this time. I lifted my hands and arms and tried to push against Vinnie, to get my balance and my dignity at least, yeah, like that worked, and I slumped.

I woke up, not knowing where I was, wasn't the first time that that has happened, and I felt comfortable, I knew I wasn't in my own bed, it was firm and warm, not lumpy and dipping like my mattress, the material underneath me was soft, cloth like. I looked around and I smelled something. I tried to move, but it was tough, and I ached, really bad. Not that I had ever been, but I felt like the end result of a big bar fight or something. I sat up, and this soft blanket dropped off me, exposing my naked chest. Oh man, a sign. I lifted the soft cover and saw, rut rho, even worse, I'm naked. Definite rut rho!

"Hey." Came the voice next to me, and I felt the pressure of the weight. I looked over and there he was, my stomach flipped seeing that gorgeous face, those beautiful soft hazel eyes, those white teeth, that even smile of his, thank God there were no dimples yet. "Morning."

"Morning?" I asked, wide eyed, looking around again, seeing sunlight streaming through the window of the far wall.

"Here, looks like you could use this." Seth said as he handed me a cup of coffee. "You told me you liked coffee only in the morning,... afterward." I looked at the cup for a second, then took it from him, our fingers touched as I took it, and our eyes locked.

"I'm,...I...," I was confused and really didn't know what was going on. "What time is it?"

"After seven." Seth just sat there, no shirt, only his underwear on, and I could so get used to this in the mornings, just seeing him look like this. Fuck! "Drink some coffee."

"What happened last night?"

"We can talk about it later." Seth said in that soft tone of his, the one that melted me. I smelled the coffee that was in my hand and I looked down at it for a moment, and then back to him again. Fuck, he was beautiful in the morning, his hair slightly tossed about, that glow from the sunlight behind him through the window, Jeez, I was such a mess, and I knew it. I focused on the cup and lifted it to my lips, wow, this was...

"Ah," I said quietly, as I stared at the cup I was holding, "damn good cup of coffee." I whispered. I heard him, chuckling softly next to me. "Did we...?" I asked.

"Uh, no...sorry to say." I heard him, but didn't look at him, focusing on the coffee cup. "You were in no shape to do anything." He paused for a moment. "How are you feeling this morning?" I hated to admit that I was felt like I had been in a plane crash, but I really felt like I had. I drew up my reserves and tried to give him a brave front. It was classes, thank God!

"I'm alright."

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't look alright." He said with another even smile, and I looked at him now.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I...will be." He said, and I knew that something was wrong, or something had happened. "Let's just say, it was a long night." Then he gave me dimples, and I melted. "And it was a different kind of...first date. One for the books." Again with the dimples, I wanted him so bad...

"I need to know..."

"Your roommate?" He asked, I nodded. "He's alright, well, at least he was when we got you out of there."

"We?" I asked, my eyes going wide.

"Tricia and a couple of guys from a room across the hall." My eyes went wide when he said it.

"Oh, fuck." I whispered. I knew everyone on the floor with us, and most were jocks from the football team, and yeah, go figure, most were also 'sniffers'. Figures.

"There was no real big deal, after everyone saw all the marks and bruises on you, we brought you here, and I got you comfortable."

"Is Vinnie alright?" I asked, and I was really starting to worry about him.

"Like I said, he was when we left." Seth said, his soft tone, and he nodded a little toward me

"I gotta get to..." I started to move, but he gently stopped me with a hand to my shoulder. It ached when he touched me.

"I don't think you're going anywhere." He said softly, "Except maybe to a hospital or something. Those bruises are really bad, and I know they must hurt." I eased myself hearing him, dropping the blanket back where it was, covering me again.

"Yeah, I can explain those..." I started, but he held up a hand.

"You don't need to explain anything to me." That soft voice, caring eyes, I was done for. "I need to apologize for what happened last night,...with us."

"You don't..."

"Yeah, I do." Seth lowered his eyes away from mine. "Never really talked about it before, I guess I should have." He drew in a breath. "It was back home, one night, out with a 'friend', and we got...'victimized' by a group of guys. They beat us up pretty bad, and my 'friend'...he was so badly beaten...he..." I just sat there wide eyed listening to him, "was bruised just like you. I guess I...saw it on you...and it...just hit..."

"Oh, Seth," I whispered, "are you okay?" He lifted his welling eyes meeting mine.

"I would hate to see anything happen to you like that." He said, "It just kind of..."

"Shocked you?" I asked, he nodded in silent reply. "I didn't even think. I was so excited about just going out with you, I totally forgot all about them. I'm sorry." His eyes flashed.

"You were the one that was beaten, you have nothing to be sorry about."

"Well, I wasn't...beaten, it was more like...manhandled...roughly." I smiled weakly.

"Doesn't excuse it, whoever did this to you needs to be..."

"Whoa...whoa," I said holding up a hand, "it wasn't his fault." His eyes went wide.

"Don't tell me you're into that?"

"No,," I said, knowing where he was going, "I mean, I like it rough sometimes, but a playful kind of rough," I wiggled my eyebrows and he smiled again, thank God, "but what made this was not his fault at all." He gave a look of question and surprise, his mouth dropping open a little.


"Not like you think." I said, staring at him, giving him truth, pure truth. "And...that's what makes you so me." His look of question increased in his eyes, like...huh? "I need to tell you...explain it to you..." I stopped as there was a knock at the door, he slowly got up off the lounge, still giving me that look as he walked over to it and opened the door. I went wide eyed seeing who was there, and Seth stepped out of the way...



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