The Magic of Presence -2- Seth

I struggled to get Cory into bed. It was really hot, his hands were all over me while I got him undressed. I took off his pants and tossed them aside as he was on his narrow bed. It took a bit of work, but I got his cum filled boxers off of him and dropped them on the end of the bed, saving them for later. (I know what you're thinking, and believe me, you're right) It was so fucking hot and so was he, laying there naked in front of me, half hard, and still full of desire.

I took a deep breath in and let it out, looking at this total god, only half conscious from what I had done to him earlier with the 'magic'. Yeah, I had turned it on, almost full blast, drowning him, my friend, and I got a little worried as he seemed to be 'drowning' in it. (Ask yourself, how many guys do you know that can cum huge amounts without almost being touched? I count I wanted to blow him so bad right now....STOP! can''s not right.....he's your friend, and I would lay money on it right now....he doesn't remember a thing...or will, in the morning....FUCK! I silently screamed to myself. Fucking psyche major, always makes you do the right thing.....FUCK! Cory finally had fallen asleep.

I covered him up with the sheet, sighed and then turned to leave the room. That's when I saw them at the foot of the bed, his cum coated and soaked boxers. Yum! As Cory was breathing deeply through his nose, taking in the faint wisp of the 'magic' from me, I picked them up and smelled them, deeply. Ahhh, first it was where they rode up his tight muscled ass, smelling everything that he had been through during the day, and I sighed into them. They were so fucking awesome (and yes, I have an underwear fetish and have collected several pairs from different guys as trophies. Got a problem with it? Try it yourself first and then we can talk!). I knew where the payoff was already and I was saving it for last. I looked down at Cory as I pulled the boxers away from my nose and looked down at myself, I was so boned in my jeans with my nine incher and I knew I was so fucking hot looking, with my pants open, and my boner pushing out as far as it could across my hip, being trapped to the side in my underwear, and I had this beautiful godlike man under me on the bed! FUCK!, my life sucks sometimes! (Okay, regroup!) I was holding the boxers to my face, a devilish grin crept over my lips as Cory's boxers were brought closer to my lips. I pulled out my long hard dick with the other hand, and as I had done so many times before in the shower, I began to stroke myself over Cory's sleeping body, at his feet, as if I was lost in my past fantasies, but now it was real, I was here, could actually hear him breathing. I turned the boxers inside out and as I stroked myself. I licked at the load that Cory had so thoughtfully left me. I groaned and then shot out, harder than I ever had before with a fantasy as I tasted the cum from the boxers, loving it oh so much. I came all over the sheet covering Cory, and when I eased in my glorious orgasm, I looked down seeing what I had left.....fuck, it was a ton!...I decided to leave it, and the boxers till morning, as another plan was already in the back of my mind. I tucked my softening cock back in my pants and left the room, turning off the lamp at the wall. I sat back down at my desk and sighed heavily, thinking about everything that had happened with Vinnie and Cory. I pulled my back together as I knew I had to study.

The morning came, and as it was a Wednesday, ugh, my psyche professor always liked to do a pop quiz, that's why I had to study all night. Now, my psyche professor is hot, very hot, and he is close to my age, only a few years older. I am always trying to impress him and I flirt with him all the time. He always smiles and always blows me off. If I could just get close enough to him, him with those dreamy blue eyes of his, and those tight fitting slacks he always wears, I could use the 'magic' on him, and he would be doomed, and then I would let him take me all afternoon long, on his desk of course, after blowing him, and making him mine, oh so mine. I always fantasized that he had a short fat one under his slacks with hanging balls behind and an ass that was tighter than tight. I squirmed in my seat thinking about it. Oh...what about Vinnie and Cory? Funny you should ask that...let me back up just a bit...

I was at my desk and was really bleary eyed from studying all night, I saw him come out of his room, Vinnie, wearing only boxer briefs that hugged the muscles in his legs and showed his complete manhood in them. I was in love, I mean lust, I mean...Vinnie walked up to me, scratching his head, yawning, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. My eyes went wide, as he had never done that before...ever. I gulped as I watched him walk away, his tight muscled ass flexing in the briefs. Lust, love, lust, love, I kept weighing it in my mind watching him. Vinnie had been my heartthrob over the past two years. He was always so sweet to me, every day, every time we were together in the room or out somewhere else. He looked after me, and I looked after him. Yeah, Vinnie was marriage material for sure, and I had countless fantasies about that over the past two years, and endless jack off sessions in the shower. (Yes, I took a lot of showers) Vinnie opened the small fridge door in the kitchenette and pulled out a quart carton of milk. I watched with wide eyes as he downed it all, then he closed the door of the small fridge dumping the empty carton in the trash. He waited a moment and then burped like the gorgeous jock that he is, but he looked at me and put a hand to his lips, giving me wide eyes, and said, 'scuse me'. He blushed and then walked back to his room. I was boned just watching him. I sat there trying to compose myself, as I started to put things away in my backpack for class.

I looked over my shoulder hearing the squeak of a door, and saw Cory come out of his room. He saw me and his expression immediately changed to that 'look' of,...oh fuck, morning after... look that straight guys give. I took control, suspecting it already. I gave him a nod and said, simply 'Morning.' He nodded and then headed to the bathroom, closing the door, which was about right for him. I heard the toilet flush a minute later and then he opened the door, giving me that 'look' again. I smiled softly, giving him back a soft sexy look. Cory blushed and I knew he was done with the curiosity thing. He walked across the room and went back to his own room. I, on the other hand, reveled in everything, Vinnie was still sweet and innocent, Cory was just as lost as he was before, and I had had the chance to beat off over one of my fantasies last night. It was good, totally good. I went to my room or 'closet', as I called it, and gathered some things for a shower, to get ready for class and my day.

I sighed as I stared at the professor, and then got shoulder bumped, hard. I looked over and saw Tricia, sitting next to me, giving me the one eyed stare of death. I was so busted. Tricia and I had palled around on campus. She was a good friend, and took the 'magic' in stride. We shared many things, our taste in guys for instance. She spotted for me, and I for her. She never acted on it though, and I suspected that she was actually a closeted lesbian. (I needed to work on that, make a note of it) She was still giving me her 'death glare' and then went back to writing notes. What the fuck did I do to deserve a look like that?

Once the professor was done with his lecture, there was always about ten minutes where we could stretch and get things together before we left for our next class. I was putting my things away while I was still admiring the professor from a distance, sighing to myself. It came as a shock being slapped in the back of the head, I turned and focused trying to put the one eye back where it belonged with a hard blink.

"What?" I asked, sounding pissed.

"Fucking cock hound, that's what you are, you know that?" Tricia asked in a low voice.

"Uh...okay," I said, in utter shock, "and how's your day going?"

"Don't be cute," She said as she snarled in my face, "You want to blow him? Go blow him. He'll do it with no problem. They say he's insatiable."

"Really?" I asked wide eyed. The blow to the back of my head must have,... "What? Really? Wait,... what did you just say?"

"Fucking moron...if you want to blow him,... go blow him." She said while she pretended to use sign language. I guess I was looking lost.

"Hold on...what makes you thing I want to blow him?"

"You think I'm fuckin stupid?" She asked, with that death look again. "My dead grandmother could see it. What the fuck is your problem?"

"What's yours?" I asked in confusion. "And what's got you so pissed anyway?"

She was totally silent, which was a first for her, and I noticed that she was staring with wide eyes, but not at me. I waved a hand in front of her face, but she just stared down toward the center of the room. I turned slowly and that's when I saw what she saw, and so help me, my mouth fell open. Now, I'm living with two godlike beings, but this guy was beyond that, beyond them in grace or in beauty, and he moved like a panther in the jungle, carefully, almost guarded, but there was something else about him, something I couldn't put my finger on.

"Dib's." Tricia said as she backhanded me in the gut with her fist, making me almost double over, and cough. She bolted down the steps toward the center of the room, as the professor was talking to this guy and then he looked up seeing her coming in their direction.

Now, Tricia could be smooth when she wanted to be, God knows she'd tried it on me enough times to just bang her, thankfully I never did, yeah, train wreck, and I watched as the 'miss smoothie of the year' started to do her thing, leaning on the desk, talking to both of them, being cute and coy, it looked like they were eating out of her hand. I raised an eyebrow and walked out the backdoor near where I was.

I went to my only other class of the day, seeing several people that I knew along the way, they all drew near, as they had all become 'sniffers' as well. I made quick chit chat with them and continued on my way. The professor of my sociology class was attractive and I had learned from experience to either stay to the back of the room of at least in the middle. I had had some bad experiences with the 'magic' and teachers, sitting to close to the front where they were, causing them to be 'distracted', sometimes with embarrassing results. Students like myself, I didn't give a shit about, it was instructors that were the key. My dad helped teach me that, as he had experienced the same problem when he was going to school. The class droned on and on with what seemed like hours, and then finally we were free, and I had to hurry, because I was supposed to meet some of my buddies for a volleyball match.

The net was behind the gym and locker room, and I saw a couple of my buds already changed and pointing at their wrists informing me that I was late. I held up my hands and went into the locker room and changed. I had a locker there already because I'm on the water polo team. I changed and came out, going around the back to the net area. There's bleachers there next to the net area, and as the four of us were always playing, at least four times a week, we always have an audience. Mostly it's girls, but there are some guys from time to time, mostly fem's as they loved the eye candy of the four of us.

Brett, Jimmie, and Todd, each of them was a stud on their own, Todd's on the polo team with me and played guard, Brett's a baseball player and has the hottest abs, a true hard eight pac, fucking perfection, Jimmie didn't play any sports here, just liked the exercise and worked out in a gym. I looked up at the bleachers and saw the usual audience, the swooning girls and a couple of guys as well, but I noticed Tricia was there and she had that death stare again, something was really up her ass today for sure, I ignored her and went to my buddies. We stripped shirts and dropped them on the edge of the net area which was sand. My buds loved it when we took our shirts off, always hearing the girls make their noises. I loved it because I was so close to hot fucking studs, and I had fantasies about taking all three of them on at once, remember, I'm versatile, very versatile, and a slut? I had to stay focused so I didn't bone up in my shorts, even though I wore a jock, I could feel the tightening in it. The guys know I'm gay and didn't give a shit, but they were also 'sniffers', so it kind of balanced out I suppose, they were buddies, and I would never put a move on them.

We switched it up, Jimmie went with me, Todd going with Brett, it was almost always Todd with me. We got to it, and as I crouched, I reached up and pushed my sweeping bang back out of the way. The first serve and we set into it, warming up. After a while were tied at twelve/twelve, Jimmie came over, putting an arm around my neck, pulling me to him, discussing strategy. He said a couple of things and then let me go and swatted my ass, I walked up close to the net and the serve came, Jimmie stepped in and set, I went to go for the spike and hit, it went over and out, too much power, damn, We started again, same plan, and Brett served, and that's when I saw him, the hottie from my psyche class, walking by the pit area, but not to close, I stood up, we made eye contact, and then wham, the ball hit me at the top of my forehead. I didn't even feel it, the ball just bounced off me and Jimmie caught it. I just stood there frozen seeing this incredibly gorgeous guy. He smiled at me being hit, and I blinked hard. Jimmie ran up to me.

"Dude, what the fuck?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"You alright?"

"Huh?" I was just staring at the guy, who was slowing down and was clearly looking. I couldn't do anything, move, blink, smile, speak. Then I felt it, another slap to the back of my head. What the fuck is this all about?! Everybody's hitting me today! I finally blinked and looked to my right. It was Jimmie, standing there, ball under his arm, raised eyebrow, clearly pissed off. "What?!" I asked.

"Are you kidding me right now? You're checking out a dude?" Jimmie looked over to where he was, then looked back at me. He took two fingers and pointed to his own eyes. "FOCUS!" He yelled at me. I blinked hard a couple of times at him, he tossed the ball under the net to the other side, then walked back to his spot, giving out a huff and he got ready. I looked to where Mr. Hottie was , but he was gone. I looked around quickly but he was gone, fuck, now I looked stupid to him, great, just great. Brett served.

The match was finally over, and I was totally bummed. I walked over and picked up my shirt, shook it and went to put it over my head. When it cleared my head, Tricia was standing in front of me. I jumped a little seeing her. She still had that death stare. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Way to go earlier."

"What?" I asked, seemed to my word of the day today.

"That was some move you did out there." She said, as she shifted her weight to one foot and crossed her arms.

"What is up your ass today?" I asked quietly.

"Well it's not you." She said in a smartass tone. "Why don't you tell me about last night?"

"Last night? What happened last night?" I was lost, I mean I knew what happened last night with Vinnie and Cory, but she wasn't around...and then again, as if I had been slapped, the light bulb went on, Cory. Tricia and Cory were tight, tight like she and I were, but it must be Cory, no wonder the 'oh fuck' look this morning.

"Did you let him fuck you?" She asked, quietly, which was good as the guys were coming up to us.

"No!" I said.

"Hey, way to go with that head bump!" Brett said, as he slapped my shoulder. "I thought they only did that in soccer." He laughed.

"Maybe we should try that move in the pool at our next game." Todd said, as he walked by me.

"Ha Ha! Yeah, thanks guys, appreciate it!" I said, as they walked away, leaving Tricia still standing in front of me. Her nostrils were flaring like a bull, and I thought she was going to pop a blood vessel.

"FOCUS!" Jimmie said, as he walked by me, tossing the ball in the air and catching it.

"What did he tell you?" I asked her.

"He texted me, telling me that you two got all hot and heavy last night, and then he woke up naked this morning...alone." Her eyes went wide at the last word.

"It's true, not gonna lie, BUT, I didn't let him fuck me." Her eyes went wider hearing me.

"You fucked him?!"

"God, no!" I said with a look of shock, then I thought about it. "You know that would have been hot." I smiled briefly, looking at her face, and my smile dropped. "I would never do that, you should me better than that."

"Right, this coming from the original, Mr. Slut." She huffed, and rolled her eyes. "You'd better fix this somehow, he's a fucking mess."


"Yes, dipshit, he is." She sighed heavy. "Well? What are you waiting for? Go!" She said, and pointed.

"Alright." I trotted off to the locker room and grabbed my bag, I would shower and change in our room. I was walking quickly, not paying attention to what was going on, as I heard my phone going off in my bag. I struggled with it, trying to reach it, and finally stopped. I got to the phone looking at it, and it was Vinnie, he was asking what was up with Cory, that he was a wreck, and was acting weird. I texted back that I would check on him when I got there. Vinnie texted me; 'ok, luv u'. My eyes went wide seeing it. Vinnie had never texted anything like that before, said it, mouthed it, nothing...ever. I must have been turned around when I was messing with my bag and the phone, cause I was facing the wrong direction when I looked up. I turned around and went to step, and went headlong into him, not knowing he was there. He grunted from the impact and so did I.

"Oh, sorry..." I said. He was right in front of me, Mr. Hottie. All I could do was gulp.

"Sorry, bud. You okay?" His voice was smooth and he smiled a smile that was soft and even, and his eyes sparkled in the sunlight, and then they narrowed a little. He was waiting, waiting for an answer. "Are you okay?"

"Uh huh!" Was all I could get out. He backed up a step, and held out his hand. I looked down at it, and then back up into those brilliant hazel pools.

"I'm Seth."

"I...I...I'mmm Devin." I stammered as I took his hand. The grip was firm but yet soft all at the same time. I couldn't let him go, it felt so good in my hand, his skin, his warmth, I felt like I was going to faint. I gulped again.

"Can I have my hand back?" He chuckled softly. I snapped out of it, blinking hard a couple of times. I felt my fingers let him go and pull away, but the touch still remained, just barely, and I knew at that moment, he was the one. "I'm new here, just transferred in."

"Ah." Great, I was really talking intelligibly, he thinks I am the village idiot or something for sure. Come on...come on...say something. I nodded my head like we were having a conversation or something, and we were, only in my mind, him naked, letting me take him...

"So, do you know any good places to hang out around here?" That voice again, OMG! I was so glad I was still wearing my jock!

"Ah, yeah." I was still nodding, and nodding....

"Great, would you like to get a coffee or something?" He almost whispered, his eyes scanning mine. CHRIST! He's asking me out! I'm going to go off in my jock!


"Okay." He said, looking a little concerned now. "Looks like you're kind of busy right now, though. Maybe we can hook up later or...something?" "HOOK UP? DAMN RIGHT WE ARE!" My mind was screaming!

"Yeah, I have to go and take care of a little....uh...little...." I just realized this was the most words that I had said, and I was stuttering! Great! Fucking moron!

"Problem?" He asked for me, clearly concerned that I had brain damage or something.

"Yeah." I said, nodding my head furiously.

"Okay." He had a part sad look now, his eyes lost that sparkle. "I guess I'll see you around then."

"Yeah." I said, and then I walked around him, leaving him standing there. Fucking idiot! What the fuck are you doing?! My mind was screaming at me. I don't know how far I walked, just staring down at the ground, when, whack! I had walked right into a sign post! FUCK! That hurt! Stars! I shook my head, and then looked around to see if anyone saw me. But it was just what I needed! What the fuck just happened? You're acting like a 'sniffer'. You're always in control, you're always on top of the game. What's happening? My eyes were scanning around at the ground like I had dropped something. I looked up in the direction that I had come from, and I saw him, walking away from me, his hands were obviously tucked into his front pockets and his shoulders seem to be slumped. It was killing me. I put both straps of my bag on my shoulders and went on a dead run after him. I was running so fast, my heart was pounding in my chest and into my ears. I was gaining on him, getting closer and closer, and I was so out of breath, sweat was pouring from me, remember I'm a WATER polo player, we don't run or sweat, we're already wet, duh! I was out of breath when I reached him. I know he heard me coming as he turned to see what the noise was behind him. He had that smile, as I was heaving in my tight tee, he was so fucking gorgeous, his eyes were flashing and sparkling again.

"Seth..." I was so out of breath, and he was so sweet, putting a hand on my shoulder as my hands were on my knees. "Hey, sorry..." I said between deep breaths, "I need your...number." I managed and slung my pack off, getting my phone. He took it from me, and opened it, as I stood, his eyes would look up at me now and then as he entered his number and labeled it even, my God, his fingers were even gorgeous! He handed me back my phone, with that even smile of his, as my breathing was getting under control. "Thanks, I gotta...go..."

"Yeah, that little problem, I know." and wiggled his eyebrows just a little, with a wider smile now. I went to turn away, then remembered the talk that I had just had with myself. I stopped and leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, his dimples kicked in as he smiled wider and blushed, JEEZ, can this guy get any better looking? I was so going to bone up right now...I turned and started running away. Cory...had to get to Cory.

It didn't take long to get to our rooms, especially with me on a dead run, not sprinting, just running. Whew! I was whipped when I hit the door, I looked in the room, seeing Cory sitting on the little love seat futon piece of shit thing we had, just for playing games on, well sometimes sex, depending up on, who...anyway... Cory was wide eyed when I hit the door, he knew that Tricia had said something to me, I mean, can't outrun a cell phone, right? I caught my breath and dropped my bag near the door. I took a couple of steps forward toward him, even though he was on the other side of the room, he looked scared. Okay, let's think about this for just a second...I weigh about 160, Cory's got me by at least 50 maybe 60, don't want to be insulting, and his arms are bigger than my legs, and after what I saw last night, him picking me up and setting me on the floor like that, and he looks scared, dude, look in a mirror! You could deflect the path of a bullet with just your pecs!

"Are you okay?" I asked. He had that 'oh fuck' look still. I lifted my eyebrows, waiting...hello?...anyone there?...waiting...."Cory!" I yelled and he jumped. "Are you okay?"

"I..." He started to say something, then pursed his lips, and looked down at the floor.

"Cory, talk to me." I said, taking another step, and he lifted his head and glared at me, now he was getting mad. Great, I just pissed off Bruce Banner! Where the hell was Vinnie when I needed him? "You need to tell me." I sounded firm. Yeah, take control, make him talk, get him mad and it'll happen, as long as he doesn't turn green...

"What do you want me to tell you?" Cory said, anger in his voice. Good sign, kind of...

"Tell me what you're thinking, what you're feeling."

"Oh, don't do this girlie psychobabble bullshit thing with me." He had such a deep heavy tone, as he stood up off the little piece of shit futon. He came toward me, and I was determined to hold my ground. But if he hit me, I knew he would crush bone.

"No, no psychobabble. Just you and me, buds, like we've always been."

"You fucked with me last night." He growled as he came close to me. "I'm not gay!"

"Dude, I know that." I said, then folded my arms across my chest, and just glared back. Thank God I pay attention in my psyche class! "I'm the gay guy here, I know it, you know it. So, tell me, what the fuck do you think happened last night, I mean besides the really hot make out session, which by the way, are a really incredible kisser." He blushed and then he screamed at me, going really close to my face, with this really loud roar, you know the one, like true jocks do? I almost wet myself.

"We fucked!" Cory screamed. I went wide eyed.

"Dude, don't you remember last night?" I asked in a calm voice. It caught him off guard. He gave me the stupidest look. "Do you remember anything?"

"I have the evidence to prove it."

"What evidence? Hidden camera in your room, taping everything? Cause I gotta say, that's kinda borderline..."

"There was cum all over the sheet this morning!"

"Oh, that...yeah, I can explain that...and I will in just a minute, but let me tell you, cause I was there, we did NOT fuck!" His eyes went wide and then embarrassment set in, and that was worse, more dangerous, if he lost it, he could snap me in half. "Dude, it's alright, I'm telling you, we didn't do anything, well, other than the heavy kissing and groping thing, which was very HOT! Your reputation is secure! You didn't fuck the gay guy. Okay?"

"Well, what about my underwear? I was naked this morning." Cory was calming...a little.

"Yeah, because you blew a load in them, I couldn't just let you sleep in them like that." I said, he looked embarrassed again.

"What about the cum tracks on my sheets?" His eyes were almost pleading now.

"Yeah, that was me,...I lost it after I got you into bed and you passed out."

"You beat off over me?" His eyes flashed, and widened.

"Well, actually over your feet, actually, well, yeah, sorry...kinda lost control there, but,...dude, look, nothing happened last night, I swear, and it wasn't for lack of trying, believe me."

"So, let me get this straight," Cory said, trying to get A to B to C, I could see the wheels turning, albeit slowly, they were turning, I was actually waiting for the smoke now, "we had a heavy make out session," I nodded, "we were out here," I nodded again, "I blew a load," I nodded slowly with wide eyes, there was so much wet dream material happening right now, "I passed out," I rocked my hand side to side, "in my room," I nodded big, "you got me into bed," I nodded, "and we didn't fuck?" I shook my head, looking sad. He was ecstatic over my sadness, and wrapped his big arms around me, pinning my arms to my sides, then picked me up like I do my backpack, and swung me around the room. I couldn't breathe, I was turning red, I could tell, and he kept squeezing, and then buried his cheek against my chest. I was turning blue now, I knew it.

"Cory...air." I squeaked out. He set me down and let me go. I inhaled a deep breath. I felt the color coming back. I sat down in a chair. "Okay, are we good?"

"Hell yes, we're good!" Cory beamed and came over to me putting his hands on my shoulders. "We didn't fuck!" He laughed. "We did not fuck!" Now I was feeling insulted, and I was getting pissed, because I know I'm a good fuck, and right at this second I wanted to so prove it to him.

"Hey!" I yelled, Cory snapped out of his joy drunk, looking at me with wide eyes. "Dude, you're killin me here! I'll have you know that I'm a great fuck, and if you and I had done it, you would have been converted so fast, and you'd be begging me for it constantly." The look was priceless, I had those cogs turning in his head so fast right now. "Now look, I tried to warn you last night, I tried to stop you last night, but you were like a freakin octopus. Do you remember any of it? The experiment?" He was thinking about fucking still, I could tell. "Stay with me here, bud, hello?"

"I remember...Vinnie and...what you two did,...and then I remember..." And then it hit him, like a brick wall at 60, he remembered, and I saw it on his face. "Oh, fuck." He whispered, wide eyed. He had been so obsessed apparently over the possibility of us fucking that he totally bypassed everything else.

"Sit down, Cory." I said, and then got out of the chair, we went over to the futon piece of shit thing, and sat down side by side. "Now, what do you remember?" I started the soft sexy again, relaxing myself. "Deep breath through your nose." I said soft and sexy. He did it, and the 'magic' started as his face began to calm and his shoulders eased and dropped a little, oh I was good at reading the signs, and had had so much practice with it, I just wanted him to be calm, that's all. I went to get to my feet to get away from him, to not let him get too much, when he grabbed me, pulling me to him, and it was like déjà vu all over again with last night.

Cory had his hands were everywhere on me, he was so powerful, I couldn't fight him off, on top of the 'magic' there was lust and his thoughts of the fuck that he wanted deep down but just couldn't bring himself to do it, and as he was squeezing me, groping me, he was getting more and more forceful. He was being way more than just rough, he was like an animal. Every grab he did hurt me, and he was moving so fast, I couldn't fight back fast enough. He got me straddled over his lap, I felt him go so hard under me. I had only the tee and my running shorts on, with the jock, of course, and I was trying my best to push him away, and with his hands clutching me, digging his fingers into me, tearing the material of my shirt, he pushed his face against mine hard. I tried to back away from him, but couldn't. He was squeezing my chest so hard to his, I was losing my breath. I opened my mouth as it was trapped against his to get air, he stuck his tongue in my mouth and was deeping me with his tongue, almost making me gag. I was getting scared because I didn't want this, not now, and I knew that this was going to go into some kind of rape scenario real quick. I couldn't pull my face back from his as his hand was on the back of my head, and now I felt it, his teeth were cutting my lip, and I tasted blood in my mouth. That's it! I fought and I fought hard against him, and then I got my face free. I took a deep breath and yelled at him, it got his attention, but it drove him on, making him mad as well. I had a real Jekyll and Hyde on my hands all of a sudden, and I was getting really scared, his fingers digging into me were making me bruise, I was sure, he was ripping my shirt to shreds. I mustered everything I had, and put both hands against his throat pushing away on his adam's apple, and I saw the anger flash and teeth grit and he pulled tighter, and I was losing my ground. I was red in the face from the push. That's when I heard the door open and then the steps, and then I was on the floor, gasping for breath, then looking back up seeing Vinnie over Cory, pummeling him. I got up and jumped on Vinnie to stop him. I talked into his ear telling him to stop, that we could handle him together, and Vinnie stopped, but the crazed look was still on Cory's face. I told Vinnie to help me get him to the bathroom and we did, but with a huge fight on our hands, I turned on the shower and Vinnie dumped Cory into the tub, we let the cold water run over Cory, and slowly it was enough and he started to come out of it.

While Cory calmed down, Vinnie looked at me with those soft brownies of his, and he was falling apart, seeing me all bleeding and bruised up, my shirt was shredded and just hanging on me, my shorts were still intact, but there were so many bruises and welts on me, Vinnie got me a wet rag, and started to compress the worse ones on my neck and back, my chest was in pretty good shape. We kept an eye on Cory, and he was slowly getting back to normal, but was drained sitting in the tub, letting the water pound him in his clothes.

"Hey, can I get out now?" Cory asked.

"No!" We both shouted back. Vinnie turned back to me and lifted my shirt slowly pulling what was left off and dropping it to the floor.

"You have such a nice body, Devin, you know that?"

"Vinnie, you okay, man?" I asked. He gave the softest look anyone had ever given me before. It almost brought tears to my eyes. He nodded at me. "Do you want to talk about anything?"

"Yes." He looked away from me, and tended my wounds with the cloth.

"Anytime you want, okay? I'll be right here."

"Okay." He said softly.

"I think we need to get Cory out before he drowns. Would you go get him something to wear?" Vinnie nodded and gave Cory a death look as he walked by the tub, Cory had fear in his eyes seeing Vinnie mad. I got close to the tub and shut the water off, and grabbed a towel, handing it to Cory. He dried his face as he sat there in the tub. He pulled the towel away and looked at his clothes all wet and then up at me, all red marked on my shoulders and neck and the look of horror crept over his face and he fell apart knowing, remembering. I dropped to my knees and held him, as he sobbed as Vinnie came in with some clothes. He set them down and looked at me with sad mournful eyes. I reached out and put a hand on his shoulder, as I still held Cory with the other.

We sat in the living space, Vinnie and Cory sat on the piece of shit futon staring at me as I sat on one the chairs in front of them, not too close, as I explained everything to them in great detail, telling them how I was experimenting with some to try and figure it out how I do it, and answering their questions at the same time, which is what led us to this point anyway. I told them of the doctor and his efforts to research this and how to treat it if possible, but everything that was tried had failed. They didn't know what to say about it. And Cory was beside himself in hurting me, as I was bruising badly now on my arms, neck, and back. My bottom lip was swollen from him biting it so hard. I felt it with my tongue, but didn't think it could be treated with stitches or anything. Tears kept dropping from Cory's eyes every time he looked at me. I finally got up and put on a long sleeve tee I had for fall to hide it all from sight.

"What are we going to do?" Vinnie asked.

"Do? Fuck, I have no idea. It's not like I have a manual on this thing." I sighed. "I would say we keep doing what we've always done. I'll be careful around you guys, like I always have been, keeping my distance, and here you thought it was because you had bad BO," I looked at Cory and wiggled my eyebrows, "and there will be no more experiments."

"What does this do" Cory asked.

"What do you mean? Us,...being friends?" Cory nodded, looking ashamed. "Bud, we're still friends, that won't change. I still love you guys. You have to understand something Cory, it wasn't you, that person, that...animal wasn't you. I know that, it's what was deep down inside of you." I sighed and sat back. "Ask yourself, have you ever been like that with anyone before?" Cory shook his head. "Ever thought of being like that?" Cory shook his head again. "You proved my point, it wasn't you." I paused trying to choose my words carefully, "The doctor explained that pheromones are very powerful anyway, it's what drives attraction, mating, testosterone, estrogen in women, all these things and more get all rolled up into a big ball and drives the senses. If there is too much pheromone, like in my case, it can bring out the deepest carnal drives in some people, you just happen to be deeply driven that's all." Wow, I just had a flash of brilliance, I should write this shit down or something and produce a term paper, hmmm... Cory thought about what I said, and looked at me, with those sad eyes that were red from him crying and being so upset. He struggled for words, but finally found them.

"I am so sorry that I hurt you. I...just couldn't control it. I just wanted it so bad, and...ugh...I still do, I don't know why." He paused for a long moment, and then looked at me, "Does that make me gay?"

"Seriously, dude, you didn't just ask that."

"I'm so confused." His eyes pleaded with me.

"Okay, let's look at it this way. I'm going to be blunt, so bear with me." Cory nodded. "You like girls right?" He nodded quickly. "You like girls because they're...soft and sensual," He nodded again, "You like to...fuck girls because...," I was ready to gag, but I had to help him, "they're wet and hot to you when you,..." I was using my hands to try and bring it out, going in circular motions with them, "they trip your trigger, and you desire being with them, big boobs, shapely hips, whatever...," he nodded again, "Okay, I get it, it's not for all of us, and because you want that, it makes you 'straight', right?" He nodded again. I noticed that Vinnie was staring and listening to every word, barely breathing. "Okay now, gay, means that you love, want, desire, only the male form, and I mean all of it, then it goes off into different ways and blah, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line,... guys,...who...want....guys, no girls, basically, that's being gay. Now, you understand that?" Cory nodded, "Good. Do you lust after guys?" Cory slowly shook his head, "Okay, that's cool. You know what you want, you believe it, right?" Cory nodded his head. "Cool. Now, you...and me. There is something there, and I believe it is two things, and two things only, that lead to a third, follow me?" Corry narrowed his eyes and nodded, and so did Vinnie. I wanted to bust up, as they were in unison. "Okay, first,'s the 'magic', the pheromone thing that gets you worked up so, so much. Second, it's the familiarity and trust between us, that drives that lust. You're comfortable with me, right?" Cory nodded, "Good, and because of that, now hang on, you care for me," Cory nodded quickly, "and because you care for me, and because of the familiarity, being together so long, it's only natural that...lust...was aimed in my direction, plus the pheromones pumping and taking control, and yada, yada," I sighed a deep one, "Does this make sense?" Cory grasped it, and nodded his head in answer, "Okay, feel better?" Cory nodded, and looked like he needed a hug. I did not want to chance it, so I just smiled, holding my hands out. "Now, can I make a suggestion?" Cory tilted his head slightly. "Call Tricia, or text her, but calling would be better," I held up a finger, "let her know that you're okay. Tell her that we talked and worked it out. She's worried about you, bud. She cares about you very much. Do it now." Cory looked down at the floor, then looked back at me. He got up and went to his room, leaving the door open a bit. I knew he was texting her as I could hear him pushing the buttons. I looked at Vinnie, Mr. Marriage Material. I so lusted after him, his sweetness, and his puppy eyes were melting me.

"You okay, bud?" I asked in the soft sexy. He nodded as he wrung his hands together. He needed a hug really bad. I got out of my chair and went to him, holding out my arms, he did the same and I went to my knees wrapping my arms around his huge shoulders, holding him tight, and he did the same going around my waist and chest. We stayed like that for the longest time. And then he pulled back.

"Thanks, bud." He said.

"Hey, I'm here, if you need to talk or anything."

"I know, we'll talk sometime soon, for sure. I just need to figure a few things out for myself."

"Hey, I understand." I smiled into his squared face, and those soft puppy eyes. Again, love, lust, love, lust, with him...ugh, what the fuck? I looked over at my backpack near the door, as it was ringing. The phone was still in the pocket. I got up from Vinnie and walked across the room, and got to it just before it stopped ringing, I opened the phone with a swipe and saw it was Seth. I put the phone to my ear.


"Hi, it's Seth, we met this afternoon?"

"Yes,...yes, hi."

"Hi. I was wondering, did your problem get fixed?" He said in a soft voice, and I envisioned his face in my mind, it was killing me, and making me melt.

"Yeah, I think so, it may take some time to make sure."

"Oh, I'm sorry if I disturbed you."

"No, you're not, not at all."

"Good, I wouldn't want any trouble." His voice, his tone, I felt major confidence all of a sudden because, I was on the phone, and didn't have to fall apart looking at him, getting lost in his pure beauty. I chuckled into the phone. I kept my back to Vinnie, not wanting to see those puppy eyes of his.

"I doubt that you could be trouble."

"You have no idea." He said in that soft tone as he breathed into the phone.

"I don't, yet."

"Hmm, sounds like a challenge." He said. "Tell you what, I'm just sitting around, and I was just thinking, you know, about you..." Oh fuck, he was so smooth! He was flipping switches already! "and I remembered how you said that you knew some places around here," I had him, and I had an evil thought, I was going to tease him a little, see where this might go.

"And you want me to show you, or do you want me to just tell you?"

"Well, maybe...both?"

"Hmm. I guess I could show you, I'll have to check and see if I'm available,...there's a lot going on around here right now..."

"I'm sorry, do you need to go? I could...we could do it some other..." You kidding me? Do it? Some other time? had to happen right now! I wanted it right now!...control, control...

"I think it's alright if you wanted to..."

"Yes, I do!" Eager, I like that! I wiggled my eyebrows at the phone.

"Okay, so what are you...up for?" I asked, now there was a lead in, if there ever was one. Come on dude, jump at it, come on!

"Well, how about coffee?"Seth said. Okay, Mr. Smooth, you blew right past that're good, very good. So, try this one...

"You know, I really only like coffee in the morning, afterwards." I said, in the soft sexy. I heard a loud thump, and I knew he had dropped his phone.

"You still there?" He asked.

"Yes, are you okay?" I said, in my best suave voice.

"Yeah...yeah, I am, sorry dropped the phone. So, are you hungry?"

"I am actually. I know this great bistro right off the commons, they're open till ten. Want to try it? It's got a great atmosphere, very French."

"Sounds great, do you want to meet or..."

"Where are you?"

"Litchen's Hall. Second floor."

"Dude, you're in the next building." I said, realizing he was so close, I was going to bone again.

"What? Really?"

"Yeah, let me get cleaned up and changed, I'll be there in a few. What room?"

"I'll meet you outside." Now, he was trying to keep secrets, probably to appear not to be too overeager, but he wanted it, and wanted it bad, I could tell.

"That sounds fine. Give me about twenty minutes. I'll be out by the lamp post." I said.

"Can't wait, thanks."He said, in that soft voice of his.

"You,...are more than welcome." I hung up on him, letting him know that I was in control. I turned around and put the phone to my lips, and then I saw Vinnie sitting there still, he had that look, and I melted. It was like I had just chopped out his heart with a dull axe.

"Got a date, huh?"

"Yes, I do." Control, control, he's straight, remember? He's got a string of girls, just waiting, panting..."Look, bud, why don't you call Margo, or Tamara, and see what they're doing? Maybe, you just need to get out and do something. I've got to go get ready. You okay?"

"I am." He said, and I hurried off to my room, 'closet' and got things for the shower.

Once in the bathroom, I peeled off the long sleeve tee, and saw all the bruises, as they were starting to change color now. FUCK! I look like I've been in a bar fight or was a victim of domestic violence, or both. FUCK! My lip was swollen from the deep bite, and it did hurt a bit. Oh, fuck, not tonight, the night of all nights! Fucking jocks, they were going to be the death of me. I started to get ready, hoping it would lead to the total fuck, I prepared my ass, and then saw all of the bruises again. I wanted to cry, I couldn't get naked with Seth looking like this, unless the room was total pitch black, and where the fuck is the fun in that? Just clean your ass, and deal with the other later.

I walked out across the grass from my building, going toward his, seeing it glow from the various lights on the building, from its windows, and a couple of lamp posts next to the sidewalks. I drew near and decided to kick it up another notch, as I didn't see him outside yet. There was a tall Laurel tree with one of those lamp posts near it, where I told him I would be on the phone. I went to the post and leaned against it, doing one of those sexy leaning stances, yeah, I know what you're know you do it too, cut me some slack. I pulled out my phone and texted him, telling him I was outside, and put the phone in my back pocket. It vibrated my ass with his answer. I smiled, hoping he would 'vibrate' it more later himself. Such a slut.

He came out of the front doors and saw me, and walked toward me, in that smooth gliding, panther like style he had, moving toward his prey, OMG, he is so fucking hot! Where has he been all my life? I could see his eyes taking me in with the lamp post light, and I was really checking him out as well. He was dressed so fine, it was criminal, his tight jeans, showing his bulge, his tight nylon tee, that was dazzling in color, almost a teal blue, and I could see that he was ripped as it clung to him as he moved. Yeah, he knew he was hot as well, very, very hot, and he slowed as he reached me. I pulled off the lamp post and faced him, taking a step toward him.

"You look nice, when you're dressed." He said, having only seen me in my shorts and tee after the match earlier. God, he was smooth. Control, control.

"Thanks. I love that color." I said, touching the short sleeve with just fingertips near his defined bicep. Fuck, he's hot!

"Thanks, it was a gift."

"Well, whoever it was, they have good taste." Okay, I was going to be even smoother, oh yeah, game on buddy. "So, you're...hungry?" You mean, lusting? my mind screamed.

"Yeah, I haven't eaten really since yesterday. You suggested a bistro?"

"Yeah, it's right over there, that way," I pointed in the general direction, "about a ten minute walk."

"Gives us a little time." He smiled that even smile of his, slight dimples...fuckin hot!

"Little time?"

"To get to know one another." He said, slightly turning like he wanted to get going, damn he was smooth...okay, step it up....

"Yeah." I stepped up next to him, and we started on our way together.




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