From Part 1..................................

"May i ask why your are homeless?"

"My dad kicked me out.  Told me that he never wanted to see me again and that i was a disgrace."

"What?" Isaid,shocked.  "What would make him say that?"

"He found out that i'm gay," he replied.

Part 2....................

"Fuck, man, that's heavy.  How did he find out?"

"He travels a lot for work and he was gone and not due back until today, but he happened to come back yesterday afternoon.  I had gone to a park and met two guys that wanted sex so thinking we would be alone, i invited them home.  When my dad waked in, he found us all naked on the living room floor with me on my hands and knees, and one guy with his cock up my ass and the other with his cock down my throat."

"Oh, shit," I commente d.  "Wht did he do?"

"Told them toget out before he could get his gun and kill them.  They jumped up and just put on their pants and shirts and ran out.  As soon as they were gone, he started calling me all kinds of names and told me to pack up  and get out and that he never wanted to see me again.  I packed what i could in the duffle and left the house."

"Where  did you sleep last night?"

"I left the house and after it got dark, i sneaked back into our tool shed and slept there and got out before he woke up.  You know the rest from there."

"Have you given any thought as to what you are going to do?"

"Not really," he replied. "I guess i'll try to find some work somewhere.  If it comes down to it,I guess i'll prove my dad right and become the 'slut fag' he called me."

"You mean a male prostitute?"

"Yea, but it is referred to as a 'hustler'."

"Not if i can help it,"  i replied.

He lookedat me questioningly. 

"Look Chad, I don't care what your dad called you, but to me you are still a normal human being that just happens to prefer a different lifestyle," I said.

He looked at me as tears formed in his eyes. 

"I'll make you a deal.  You can ride with me for a few days and we will try to decide what path yu can take.  Is  it a deal?"

"You got a deal, man, and if i didn't think you would hit me or wreck, I'd give you a kiss."

"Well, i'm not into that, but when we stop for the night, I might let  you give me a hug,"I said with a smile.

"Deal," he replied.

Moments later,the rain started again and according to reports, it was only going to get worse off and on and last for several days.  I changed the conversation to talking about what jobs he had held and what he might be able to do.

He asked about my past and i filled him in on my time in the Marines and thatsince i had been trained to drive big rigs, that is the career i decided on,since i loved the freedom it offered and the scenery. 

As night approached and i neared the limit of the time i could  drive, i pulled into a large truck stop.  The rain had stopped temporally and i told Chad to grab a change of clothes.  As he did he asked why. 

"Buddy, if your going to ride with me, I'm not going to have you stinking,"i said with a laugh.

We went in and before we ate, i put my name on the list for a shower room. The manat the counter looked us over and i quickly said, "He's my younger brother.  He's  riding with me for a few days."

He smiled and gave me a number tolisten for when my shower was available.

We headed into the restaurant and figuring that Chad hadn't  much to eat,i suggested that we get the 'all you can eat' buffet.  He ate like it had been days since his last meal.  We finished our meal and went to the TV room to wait for our shower time.  

After a while, our number was called and we headed for the shower.  I took the key and led Chad to our shower room.  It was large and private with two seperate shower heads  for team drivers.  It shocked Chad thati was willing for both of us to be nude at  the same time and shower together.

"Hey, man," I began,  "in the military,you loose all modisty.  The shower is just one big room with numerous shower heads around the wall and no  dividers between them."

We began undressing and soon we were both totally nude. I noticed him looking me over when he spoke up and said, "Damn, Mark, your built like the proverbial brick shit house, and i don't mean just between your legs."

"It's from my time in the Marines and the manual labor i do on  the job. Your built pretty well yourself," I replied.

"From football in high school."

"Well, you will be getting more work outs while your with me ,because i'm going to have you helping me  unload the trailer."

"Thrill," he replied sarastically with a smile.

We finished our showers and as we dried off, he stepped up to me and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me and gave me a quick kiss on my neck.  I wasshocked and as he pulled back, he said, "That  is the hug you promissed me."

I just smiled as i thought about how hot and erotic it felt to feel his naked body against my own. I then realized that i was more curious that i had imagined.

We returned to the truck and within seconds,  the rains started again with more intensity. I suggested we get ready for bed  and closed and secured the privacy curtain.  As i stripped off my clothes down  to my boxers, i remembered that in the showers he had not put on any underwear.  

Looking at him i said, "You usually sleep nude don't you?"

"Yes, i do.  I've done it for years and now i can't sleep if i have anything on."

"Well, i have a confession to make.  I'm the same way, and only wear underwear about half the time when i drive.   I assume,  then, that we are both going to sleep nude."

"Do you have some blankets?"he asked.

"What for?"

"To make a pallet here on the floor."

"Hey buddy,this  bed is big enough for the both of us.  Just because you're gay doen't mean i have to treat you like you have a disease."

I had him slip in first, in case i had to get up for some reason.

Once we were both in bed, and covered,i wished him a good night and turned out the light.  Then,at some point during the night, i awoke facing out and found that Chad was spooned in behind me andthat he had his right arm overmeand his had gently resting on my stiffening cock .  I decided to ignore it and managed to get back to sleep,but not before i realized how erotic it felt to have another persns hand on my cock.

The next morning i was up early and as i slipped on my jeans commando,i looked at Chad's  nude sleeping body.  Would curiosity overwhelm me and allowed my growing desires take over?

As i completed dressing, Chad woke up.  He dressed and we went in for breakfast before heading out onto the road.  Shortly after noon,we arrived at my first stop.  He found out what real work was when i started him helping me unload boxes.  i don't think he realized that he spent a lot of time chatting with a shirtless muscular young man on the dock. I frequetly saw him looking at the mans  crotch where his 'package' was cearly visable.

Once we pulled out and was back on the freeway, I looked over at him and said, "I don't mean to embarass you, but i noticed you payng a lot of attention to that guy on the dock.  I do the same with some ofthe females i meet.  To  relieve the tension, as soon as i can after leaving the stop,i pull over and getin the back and put my hand to work.  Every male does it and if he says he doesn't he's a fucking liar. Anytime  you need to take care of things,get in the back and go for it , and i'll do the same.  Deal?"

"Bro, you got a deal,"he said, then added, "It's hard for me to picture you jerking off."

"Well, little  brother,  i do and i will admit that it is almost daily.  I'm only human."

We both laughed and about forty-five minutes or so later,he got up and went into the back, not closing the privacy curtain.  Moments  later i could hear him rapidly satisfying himself as he moaned.  Little did he realize that i could watch him in the interior mirror.  Watching him had my own  cock rock hard and i wondered if i was that curious.

"Feel better?" i asked when he returned to his seat.

"Fuck yea!" he replied.

When we stopped fof the evening, we again showered and ate before returning to the truck.  He took the lead and closed and secured the privacy curtain.  After undressing,i turned on the TV and we began watching an episode of NCIS.  As i did,i would steal glances at his cock which appeared  larger than normal for his age.  I could feel my own cock very slightly stir and  i asked,  "Chad, when younger, did you  ever jerk off with some of your buds?"

"Like jerking off, what male hasn't?" he said.

"My buds and  i did it often,telling each  other lies about what we had done with our girlfriends." i replied. 

A moment later i slid my had down and began to slowly stroke my cock to attention.  an instant later he began stroking  his as he contilually watched me stroke mine.  Seeing his hard cock thisclose, i began to wonder what it would feellike to stroke another male,and have him stroke me.  I was desperately wanting to reach over and grasped his cock. 'Should I?,' I wondered.

TO BE CONTINUED.........................



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