From Part 2.................................

When we stopped fof the evening, we again showered and ate before returning to the truck.  He took the lead and closed and secured the privacy curtain.  After undressing,i turned on the TV and we began watching an episode of NCIS.  As i did, i would steal glances at his cock which appeared  larger than normal for his age.  I could feel my own cock very slightly stir and  i asked,  "Chad, when younger, did you  ever jerk off with some of your buds?"

"Like jerking off, what male hasn't?" he said.

"My buds and  i did it often,telling each  other lies about what we had done with our girlfriends." i replied. 

A moment later i slid my had down and began to slowly stroke my cock to attention.  An instant later he began stroking  his as he contilually watched me stroke mine.  Seeing his hard cock this close, i began to wonder what it would feel like to stroke another male,and have him stroke me.  I was desperately wanting to reach over and grasped his cock. 'Should I?,' I wondered.


Part 3..................

I managed to restrain myself and we continued stroking our own cocks.  Before long, he looked at me and said, "I'm  getting  close.  Are you?"

I said that i was also to which he replied, "Let's shoot together."

An instant later he let out a loud sigh as volley after huge volley of thick white cream shot out onto his chest and stomach.  Seeing him begin his climax tookme over the edge and  my own cock exploded and sent my own huge built up load out onto my own chest and stomach.

"That was fucking  awesome," he said.  "It was so hot watching you bust a nut and what a big fucking load."

"Yours wasn't small," I told him.  "Let me  get something to clean up with."

I grabbed the washcloths we had used to shower with and tossed him one as i used the other to wipe my load off of myself.  I stood next to the bed as he wipedhimself clean, wondering how a man could eat what we had just produced.  

He handed me his rag and as i turned to  oss them with the other dirty linens, a dime size drop of hs load oozed out onto my hand.  Since i was facing away from him and curious as hell, i quicky brought my hand to my mouth and licked the cum into my mouth.  To my total surprise, i found the taste tangy yet sweet.  I liked it, and wondered what the entire load would taste like.

I returned to the bed and soon turned out the light, now more curious as ever.  I knew i had to see what it was like to suck and be sucked.  I had seen guys kiss before when i had delivered to San Francisco, and wondered if  it was as good  as kissing a woman.  I thought that kissing him might be a way to let him know that i wanted to experiment.

During the night, I awoke to find myself spooned in behind him  and my arm around his chest, holding him close.  i loved the feeling of completenessit  gave me.

Just at daybreak, I felt him stir and i turned over to face him.  He was on his back and smiled at me saying, "Good morning."

Without any hesitation, i quickly sat up on my elbow, leanedover and pressed my lips to his for a moment  before replying back, "Good morning to you too."

He had a shocked look on his face for a moment before leaning toward me and pressing his lips  to mine.  I didn't resist and soon felt his tongue trying to slip between my ips.  Parting my lips,he quickly slipped his tongue intomy mouth.   I accepted it and offered mine.  We kissed  passionately, andi had to admit that it was more passionate and satisfying than any kiss i had encountered with a woman.

As we parted, i took his hand and  placed it in my crotch and said softly,  "Suck me and show me what it's like."

"Mark, are you serious?" he asked.

"Yes, i am.  Suck me."

Without hesitation,he switched positions and we were in the well known sixty-nine position.  Instantly, he swallowed my cock and it immediately began stiffening. The feeling of his warm mouth  on my cock was  beyond any pleasure i had known.  I soon  began moaning  softly in shear pleasure, and knew  that i would never  again refuse a blow job.

I opened my eyes and there,just a couple of inches away was his hard cock beginning to ooze precum. I took a deep breath and swallowed as much of his hard cock as i could, Imitating his actions.  I heard him moan and amoment fter he did, i reached my climax nd began filling his mouth with my hot thick load.  i could feel him swallowing every drop  as he moaned softly.  

Then, he began moaning again and soon warned me tht he was close. I figured that if he could eat my load i could eat his, and remembering what i had tasted, i wanted the entire load.  His cock began to spasm and hid thick creamy load began to  fill my mouth.  I immediately realized that it tasted even better than the samplei had tasted the night before.

After i hadswallowed itall and pulled off, we sat up and he leaned toward me, hesitantly,  for a kiss.   I quickly put my hand behind his head and pulled him to me, my mouth open  and my tongue out.

Aftera hot  passionate kiss, we parted and he asked, "Man, what the hell  brought that  on?"

"I have always considered a gay man as very feminine and swishy.  But before you told me that you were gay, i saw you as a masculine young man.  If you hadn't told me that you were gay,  i would have  never known.  it made me wonder how many other men that  i know  are gay.  Then, my curiosity took over and got stronger and stronger."

"What finally took you to the point of trying it?"

"Last night, after we jerked off and i was putting the wash cloths in with the dirty clothes, some of your load got on my hand, and without  you knowing, i ate it to  seewhat it was like. I liked it and decided that i wanted  to see what it was like to  suckand get sucked."

"Well?" he asked.

"I liked both, including the kissing.  No woman has ever kissed me with the passion  that you have. "

"Most men that kiss are like  that," he replied.

"Well, here is the deal.  We can kiss any time you want, as long as it is in private, at least for now.  Okay?"


"And the rest of it is that you can suck me  anytime you want but there is a condition."

"What is the condition?"

"I get to suck you anytime i want."

"Fuck yea!  I'll agree to that."

"There is one more thing.  You have to agree to show me everything else that guys do together.  I totally enjoyed my first experience with a man and amfairly sure that i will switch to a total gay lifestyle, with your help."

"Well, i'll show you as much as i can while  i'm with you."

"As of this moment, you are my employee.  Your pay will consist of a small cash payment, plus meals  and lodging."

"And your cock when i want it," he added.

"Yes, that too," I replied.

We kissed again and dressed before going in for breakfast. 

After eating, i headed for the restroom needing to pee,and decided to check the stalls for a glory hole.   There was a man in the center stall and i went into the one nextto the wall. Asi shut the door, i saw it.........a glory hole  about three inches in diameter.  

I dropped my pants and sat down, glancing through the hole.  He was very casually stroking a nice long hard cock, and i wondered what it would be like to suck a total stranger.  I knew my new found desies were stronger that i expected.  

I motioned him to put  his cock through the hole and he did,  Immediately, i swallowed it and began sucking,  Since it was uncut, thete was a salty slightly bitter taste to it, yet  tasty. I began sucking it and soon was  having first load from a total  stranger.  

I quickly left the restroom  and when i found Chad near the store area, he smiled  and asked softly, "Did you feed or get fed?"

"Got fed, and how did you know?"

"You were in there longer than necessary to piss and the guilty look  on your face when you saw me."

"Was i thas obvious?"

"Yep, but look  i don't mind.  Shall we agree that we are both free to play with others?"

"Agreed," I said.

Then Chad glanced toward  the restroom and asked, "Is that him?"

Looking over, i saw an extremely muscular man with tattooed arms,  about  six-four, near two hundred pounds, wearing tight jeans, biker style black boots and what is called a 'wife beater' underhirt, which revealed tattoos on a hairy chest, moustache and goatee.

"I didn't see much of him through the hole but yea, that's him. "

"Fuck man, I'd have fought you for him.  Did he blow you?"

"No, why?"

"Look on his goatee.  You see the bob of cum?  He sucked somebody."

I realized even more that you can't spot a bi or gay man by just looking at them, especially after i saw the gold wedding band on his left hand.

After that morning, Chad and i sucked and kissed every morning upon awakening and before going to sleep.  And during the day when we stopped we sometimes  both sucked other truckers through glory holes.

Chad introduced me to nipple play, tongue bathing the other guy and rimming.  I loved it all,both giving and receiving.  Then on the third day, he asked me to fuck him.  within moments, he had me lubed  and he was on his back, legs pulled up, and i was entering his hole.  It was better than any pussy i had ever fucked.  After filling him withmy load, I asked for the same.

At first, i had never felt such pain, but he took it slow and soon the pain had turned to pleasure and i was loving being fucked.  As we had done while i was fucking him, we kissed passionately.

On a few ocassions while Chad would be sucking me while i drove, another driver would passand see what was going on. They would smile and raise their CB mic and  holdup a few fingers signifying a channel.  I would switch channels and they would offer a three way which we usually accepted.

Months passed and i knew that i was gay to the core, and i loved myself for the first time.  I was comfortable with who i was.  And i realized one other thing.  I loved chad with  almy heart. I finaly got the nerve to tellhim  and with a big smile he said, "I have loved  you since shortly after we  met, mainly because you didn't condemn me ."

That night we pledged our lives to each other.  It was agreed that Chad would  learn to drive the rig and we would become tandem drivers when he became old enough to get his CDL license.

Several months later, we had a delivery to my old home town.  We parked the rigata truckstop and i called a cab and told him where to take us,  noticing the look on his face when i gave him the name of the local gay bar.   Wigh Chad being under twenty-one, he was required to wear a wrist band showing he was under age to drink alcohol.  I ordered us something to drink and as we  began to circulate, i noticed guys eyeing Chad  like vultures.  Very casually, i pulled him to me and kissed him in front of the others,hoping to let them know he was taken.

Moments later, I noticed a guy across the bar that i recognized.  Aswe neared him,  iwatched as he tongue kissed another guy while rubbing the mound  in the guys pants.  

"Hello, Clay," I said to my old friend and Marine buddy.

"Mark? Man i thought you once told me that you were not into men."

"I wasn't then,"I replied, until i met Chad. Clay, this is my partner, Chad."

As they shook hands, Clay smiled and told me i had picked  a hot one.

"Tell me  something i don't know,"I said,then asked "How long have you been into men?"

Buddy, since high school.  While you were practicing football, i wasin the gym having sex with Coach Cooper.  Man i have wanted to suck you as long as i have known you."

"Do you still want to?"

"Fuck yes, both of you."

"How about a three way?" I asked.

"Definitely, but since Mom passed, I live at home with dad."

"We have a place if you have the car."

"Just show me  the way."

I directed  him to the truckstop and after parking in the front lot, we led him to our rig.

"A fucking hot trucker!" he exclaimed.  "I sometimes driveout  to  the rest area and suck trucker cock in their seeper."

We unlocked  the rig and climbed in and after closing the privacy curtains, i grabbed Clay and gave him the hottest wettest tongue kiss i could manage.  After we seperated, i said, "I bet you never dreamed you would ever see me do that."

"Nope," he said,before Chad kissed him  then me. 

Withn moments we were all naked and fondling each other.  As Clay began sucking me, Chadsmiled and nodded  or me  to suck Clay.  Moments later, Clay andi were eating each others loads.  Then Clay began devouring Chad's cock soon getting his hot load.

After some hot kissing, rimming, and making out, Clay askedif he could fuck Chad. We both said yes ad soon Clay had his beautiul long hard cock buried in Chad's hot hole.  Once he was in balls deep i gotbehind himad slid  my  cock into my buddy's ass.  I fucked Clay as he fucked my lover.

Once we both had climaxed, Chad spun around and began sucking my load out of Clay's ass.  Chad and snowballed frequently, and i began sucking Cays load our of Chad's ass.

We talked more and let Clay suck us both off again before he left.    We had traded cell numbers and e-mail addresses and pledged to keep in touch.  Wedid manage  to meet every three to four months for at least one night of hot sex.

Chad eventualy got his CDL license,and the owner of the company i contracted to had already figured out our relationship.  After letting us know that he knew that we were lovers, he admitted to gettihg his own cock sucked from time to time, and on the rare ocassions  that we were at the main office, Chad and i both got to suck him. 

We still drive our rig  and whoeveris not behind the wheel sucks the driver daily as we roll down the highway.  We have been together as lovers for four years and wererecently tracked down letting Chad know that his dad  had passed away and no will. Since Chad is the only living relative, he inherited everything and after everything was sold, he had a nice retrement fund. 

He knows how much i love him and i know how much he loves me.  One  the things  that we both love is sitting back  watching the other have sex with a man neitherof us knows.




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