After high school graduation, i wasn't sure what i wanted to do with my life.  I hung around with my closest bud during the summer and was caught off guard when he suggested that we join  the military.  We visited the different recuiters and eventually decided on the Marines, and went to basic training together, before being seperated to attend advanced training.  Clay went into communications while my tests showed that i was more suited for transportation.

I was trained to drive the big 18-wheelers transporting artillery to the front lines.  I foundthe job interesting and also dangerous when i delivered equipment to squadrons engaged in live action.

As my tour ended, i heard from  Clay and we met up in Washington, where he was stationed. Wheni called him to let him know i was in town, he gave me his address and said the door would be unlocked and to just come on in.  I looked forward to seeing Clay and downing a few beers. 

I arrived at his apartment and like he said, the door was unlocked.  Without knocking, I just walked in as he and i had done at each others house back in high school. However,what I saw  was totally unexpected.

There sat Clay on the sofa nude from the waist down,and another guy on his knees sucking  Clay's cock.  

"What the fuck!" i exclaimed.  "Are you gay?"

"Fuck no, buddy,"he replied, quickly adding, "I just let him blow me when my  girlfriend is out of town."

Clay climaxed about that time and as the attractive man stood up he smile dad asked, "Are you next?""

"Fuck no,"I replied.  "I  don't swing that way."

After the guy left, Clay explained that his girlfriend was a flight attendent for a major airline and when she as out of town he let the guy blow him instead of cheating with another woman."

I tried to explin that it was still  cheating, and not telling him that it did appear that he was totally enjoying it and  that i was curious as to how it felt.

We didn't see much of each other after that but i wondered if he was still getting his cock sucked.  From time to time, i pictured him getting sucked but never decided to try it.

I spent eight years in the Marines and decided i didn't want to push my luck any further and got out, returning home where i wasn't dodging bullets.

I didn't know what i wanted to do, but i knew that i didn't want to be shut upin an office all day.  I Knew how to do just one thing very well.... drive a truck.  I began cheking with the different trucking companies in town, filling out applications.

After about a week and a half, i got a call foran interview.  I went to  the interview and was told that they were interested in me because i was single.  The interviewer explained that i would seldom be home,and that the company would finance a custom made cab for my rig.  I would own the tractor and  have payments deducted from my pay.  i was also told that since i would beiving on the road, my pay would be higher that the regular pay.  I was asked if i was interested.  I immediately said yes.

I was taken out to their training lot and put in a rig and given a test which i passed with flying colors.  The next day i went down and took my CDL test and got my  license.  When i reported  for my  first day of employment, i had a mountain of papers to sign.  There were insurance forms, releases, and most importantly, since i would own the rig, it was made clear that if i had a passeger,other than another company employee,and there was an accident, I would personally be responsible for that persons medical bills.

It was explained to me that i would pick up a load hich might beging to different locations, and once delivered, i wasto call in and see where i was to go to, to pick up an other load. They said nearly all my loads would have split destinations.

When i made my first stop,i was asked if i had a lumper.  I asked what they were taking about and was told that it was a person to help me unload the deivery.  i said no and was told that they had guys hanging  around that  would help but i would have to pay them.  I chose to do  it myself. After that, i always hired a lumper.

Life on the road was usually lonesome and i met lots of other drivers on the CB, and at truck stops. And since i owned  my own rig, if i sawa hitchhiker that looked clean and trustworthy, i would give him a ride.

On a few occasions, the rider would make comments about how they wished they could thank me for the ride. i thought i knew what they meant and a few actually offered to suck my cock or let me fuck them in the ass.  As curious and tempted as i was,  i declined.

Then, as i neared Houston, I saw a young man walking across an overpass with a huge duffle bag on his shoulder.  I wondered if he might need a ride but there was no way i could stop and wait.  A short while later,it began to rain.  Looking like it might be getting rough, i pulled into a truck stop to wait it out.

I took a table by the  window and moments later, i saw a rig pullin  and  when he parked, i saw the same young man hop out of the passenger side and head indoors.  Then i  saw the driver do the same.

When the driver entered the restaurant, i signalled him to come over.  After introducing myself, I exlained that i had seen the kid on the overpass and wondered ifhe needed a ride.

The other driver said that he didn't usually pickup riders butwith the weather like it was,he had to stop.

"The kid has something bothering him,"he  said.  "He was awfully quiet.  When i  asked him where he was headed,he just said 'Anywhere'.   I deliver here so i had to stop and drop  him off."

We had coffee and wished each other a safe trip and as i headed toward the door,the kid was sitting on his bag watching the rain.  It was now a slow drizzleso i asked, "You needing a ride?"

"Yes, sir, i sure do."

"I'm headed west, is that okay with you?"

"Perfect,"he replied.

We got in the rig and as we  headed out,he said "Fuck, man, this thing is huge."

In the sleeper compartment was a queenbed, desk, chemical toilet, fridge, microwave, closet, and small sink along with a TV with satellite, with DVD player.

"Well,"I began, "since i live here in the truck,i want it comfortable.  I'm Mark Rivers."

"I'm Chad.  Chad Baker."

"Where are you headed?" i asked.

"Anywhere.  Nowhere." was his response.

"Well, Chad," I began,"that's not really an answer.  I just need to know if it is on my way."

"I'm sorry, Mark.  I've just got alot on my mind."

"How old are you, Chad?

"Eighteen," he replied

"So, just what could be so heavy on your young mind?"

"Well, i'm now homeless."

"May i ask why your are homeless?"

"My dad kicked me out.  Told me that he never wanted to see me again and that i was a disgrace."

"What?" Isaid,shocked.  "What would make him say that?"

"He found out that i'm gay," he replied.

TO BE CONTINUED......................



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