Every thing had taken a turn for the better as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months.

I had finally rented all four of the Apartments out, I was making enough profits on the Apartments that I could have lived nicely on just the profits from the Apartments.

Things were beginning to look alot better around the house, outside and in.

I had a ten foot tall privacey fence built around the yard, which locked from the inside to keep out intruders. That cost a pretty penny being that I have this very large back yard ,but it was worth it for the privacy, no one could see in and I had a lovers Gazebo put in the yard which gave it and touch of class an almost an aristocratic look, I loved the back yard.

I also had this overhanging patio cover and then to top off my dream house and yard, I had a huge hot tub installed.

Many nights there were awesome parties taking place in that hot tub, I felt like I was living in Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion, everything began to be like it was out of a fantastic dream.

Lanny, Todd, and I had this sort of agreement, unspoken and much appreciated, so many nights I would be just laying back in the hot water of the tub with the bubble blasting whirlpool on, enjoying myself in the dark, and Lanny, or Todd, or both, would come out in just a pair of light shorts, strip them off and climb into the tub naked, and then the fun began, and would always end up in a sexual blast, Todd and Lanny became more like brothers with benefits, if you take my meaning.

We, would go places together on weekends, Shopping, ballgames, big todo's at the local arena, we even took a cruise later that fall, it was cooler weather and we decided to fly to Florida and then take a Cruise, which turned out to be one fantastic time.

I would guess my most memorable night of that cruise was the second night out to sea, Todd and I had taken in a show, in one of the little clubs aboard the ship, afterward we went back to the cabin to change, We had booked a double cabin and having two large beds, the three of us shared one big suite aboard ship.

Todd and I were almost naked both down to our underwear feeling rather horney and friskey and I had just reached over and began to rubbing on Todd's now swelling cock, 'Is that a flashlight in your pocket or do you just really like me.' I ask with a big smile.'

'So I take it that You really do like me,' He said with a giggle, I started to chid with Todd. 'Well not really but your the only one here,so I guess you will just have to do,' I said with a smile, I looked into his eyes and began to stroke his now rock hard boner. 'Then I guess this means this is just a one night stand?' Todd said with a big smile on his face.

I finally reached down and slid my hand inside his boxerbriefs and heard his light moan, as my fingers went around the thick shaft and I gently

twisted my hand as I slid his foreskin back, I took my other hand, licked and wet my fingers and took that beautiful cockhead of Todd's and began to slip and slide my fingers and thumb around and over the tip of that swollen head of his hard uncut cock.

'Awe, Fuck Aaron, that feels so fantastic, what else do you have up your sleeve?' Todd said.

I knelt down slid his boxerbriefs down to the floor, and engulfed his cock almost to the balls, down into my waiting throat, I was to the point of needing a mouthful of cum and I knew Todd was the one to take care of my addiction,and fill my need.

I had gotten him to the bed, had him lay down on his back and was working his cock over and we were both totally into what we were doing, and then the surprise, the door to the cabin flew open and There stood this young cabin boy, an employee of the cruise line, standing there in front of Lanny.

His face looked like you had dumped cold water on his head and then his eyes lit up and he smiled, turned around and spoke something to Lanny, Lanny smiled and said.'Fuck guys you started with out us, what kind of friends are you?'

Lanny started laughing because they caught me with Todd's cock balls deep in my mouth, and Todd's hands pulling my head deeper just as they walked in.

Well Lanny just smiled and spoke to Pepi, the young guys name, in spanish, turned out he was Puertorican, and he wsa off duty now and free to indulge in anything he liked, they just both started stipping, I kept my hand around the shaft of Todd's throbbing cock and stroked lightly while Todd raised up on his elbow and we watched as Lanny and Pepi got totally naked and joined us on the bed.

I was astonished at Pepi. he was a small guy, slightly built,quite handsome,with a golden complexion and nicely tanned from working out at sea all this time.

His cock was amazing, it was uncut, dark brown in color and hung half way down to his knees, when Lanny finally got Pepi' hard it was almost ten inches long, and just shy of six inches around. it was huge, I had thought Todd was big, but Holy shit, him being so small, made it lookd enormous.

Well Needless to say we all took turns trying our skills at deep throating Pepi, which he loved.

Damn his huge cock was awesome tasting, and Pepi was enjoying the attention.

Finally it erupted into a foursome orgy, with arms legs, balls, cocks and asses, and the whole nine yards of just plain out wild unbridled gay sex, I watched Pepi's mouth as he sucked Todd's big cock and as he shot his load, Pepi's mouth bulged out from the sheer size of Todd's cum shot, but Pepi was able to take it all, but the real killer was when I was able to take Pepi's cock all the way to the hilt up my ass,While he fucked me for almost an hour before he came, God did I ever feel full of cock, it was the biggest cock I had ever felt and when this kid, shot his load,Damn,Shit man, I didn't think I would ever shit out all the cum from my intestines.

Believe me it was an awesome night that we had and It was a night thatnone of us will ever forget, actually before the cruise was over, we repeated the action when about eleven o'clock on the last night out to sea, Pepi knocked on the door of our cabin and came back for a repeat performance.

I must say that the cruise was a total success in every way and the three of us came back to our home totally relaxed, drained and ready for life, having all had a wonderful time.

Things couldn't have been better for the three of us. I had also rented the other two apartment to a couple other guys, that were nice enough but they stayed to themselves, I had my ideas as to why one day when I went up to Todd,s apartment and saw one of the two guys, Ted, coming out of the other ones apartment door, with just a pair of white briefs on and his briefs were about to split, tented really nicely too, he just turned red and said, 'Sorry,' covered his boner and dashed into his own apartment door, I got a laugh out of it, and I suspected certain things about the two of them after that. But it does seem strange that they both showed up to rent an apartment on the same day, and moved in on the same day, and are always leaving and coming at the same time. I have my suspecions but I don't care what they do. That is why 'Only Single Males'

need apply, was a stipulation of my renting.

About two weeks after we got back from our cruise, I was setting in the kitchen eating a bit of lunch when I heard the front door open and then footsteps going up the stairs, which is rather unusual, because all four of my renters worked the day shift at their jobs.

I was wondering if something was wrong, maybe one of them got hurt or something, so in my concern I walked out the side door, into the hall next to the stairway leading upstairs.

I heard someone knocking on a door, I waited to see who it was, I noticed a young man about twenty seven or twenty eight, a very nice looking business looking sort of guy, he wsa dressed in khakie colored slacks, light blue longsleeved dress shirt, and dark blue tie, coming down the stairs.

'Hey man, what's going on,' I said.

'sorry didn't mean to arouse you,' he said.

'Oh no problem, Im the landlord and I was just curious to see if one of the renters got hurt at work or something thats all,' I responded.

'Well I'm looking for Lanny, but he's not home.

My thought was 'Holy shit man, wonder where Lanny found this guy. and I wonder if he needs some special attention.'

I told him Lanny was at work but maybe I could help him out, I asked him to follow me into the kitchen, he did, and I shut the door.

I turned around and just almost knocked this handsome, hot looking, gorgeous well dressed man, over as I grabbed his necktie,and just caught this guy by total surprise, he was acting like he was in total shock as I undid his shirt and began to play with his chest muscles and hair, damn he was awesome looking, all I could think was 'That Fucking Lanny is so damned lucky to be able to find these gorgeous hunks.'

This guy was looking at me in a bewildered way, I guess he was getting a pleasant surprise. I heard him saying, parts of sentences< Like 'Oh Shit man, Wha!.....Oh Fuck, he didn't seem to be able to get his words together, tho he tried.

I was undoing his belt and undoing his trousers and he just quit trying to say anything and went with my flow.

I undid his trousers, let them fall to the floor as I kissed his stomach muscles licking and kissing on his navel.

I got his trousers to the floor and his boxers were just slightly tented, I could see a thick enough cockhead, I could tell this dude was cut, I grabbed his boxers on each side and I slid them quickly to the floor, and there before my eyes was a beautiful slowly swelling cock ready to feast on.

And Feast on it, I did.

I engulfed his cock as he leaned back against the counter top, and gasped for air and moaned.

'Oh Shit, Oh Shit, I've alwas-wan---d, Holy fuck man, thats ome awesome shit.'

By this time I was in heaven, or at least my zone, theres nothing I like better than draining a guys balls and feasting on his man nectar, it gives me energy, sustanance, and total pleasure, I'm a obsessive addict.

I heard his grunting and moaning as I sucked his awesome cut cock for all I was worth, he had a nice sized thick, dark skinned cock, not as long as mine or Todd's but it was very nice, I could feel it flex out tight in my mouth as his climax was building up, I felt his body shuddering as he got closer, I had sucked his cock for almost ten minutes when I heard his voice, 'Oh Fuck, man, I'm getting close, Im gonna cum, OH shit man, Im gonna cum, his hands were white knuckling it on the coutnter edge and he started almost convulsing as he grabbed my head and pushed his hips forward and just growled a loud growl and filled my mouth with his cum, 'OH Shit man, and I drank from the fountain of his youth and kept drinking untill the fountain run dry, I just kept licking that gorgeous red swollen head untill his body stopped Jerking, god he was fantastic.

I stood up in front of him, and he had this slight silly looking grin on his face and was still looking bewildered.

I kissed his lips, and he let me stick my cum tasting tongue into his mouth, then he just sorta leaned back away from me.

I smiled at him and said, 'Did you enjoy that?'

He smiled and looked at me as he pulled his trousers up and buttoned his shirt.

'Well I must say that was a total surprise, actually it was a shock, but to answer your question, it was fucking fantastic.'

'Was it as good a Lanny would do?' I asked.

'What are you talking about?' he said with a smile. 'Does Lanny do that sort of thing?'

'Well yeah, isn't that why you came by, to see Lanny?' I asked.

'Well not exactly, but you are one hell of a lot better at sucking my cock than my wife,' he said.

'Your Wife, your fucking Married?' I asked.

'I take it your not one of Lanny's Intimate Friends then.'

'Well I consider Lanny a friend, but not that kind, I just came by to deliver a copy of an Insurance Policy to Lanny that he had bought a couple weeks back.'

'OH SHIT MAN!!!!, I'm so sorry, I didn't Mea...'

He put his fingers to my lips and said, Please! don't be sorry, It's the first time in my life that I got sucked off until I cum and it was fucking fantastic, really I want to thank you, it was a shock untill I began to feeling how good it felt, then I fucking loved it, actually I wouldn't mind coming back for another one every now and then, since my wife don't suck my cock, or at least not that good.

After all that, all I could think to say was 'Sure any time.'

As he turned to leave, he stopped at the door, came back over and just held out his hand, smiled and said, 'by the way, My name is Jarrol Carpenter,' and you are?' as he handed me his buisness card, 'If you are in need of any insurance plese give me a call,' he said with a wink.

Oh sorry, 'I'm Aaron Styles,' I said, and as he shook my hand, he just smiled and said, 'Damn Aaron, you have no Idea what a pleasure it has been meeting you this afternoon.' He smiled a big wide smile and said, 'I will see you again Aaron, and you can put that in the bank.'

I watched him as he got into his car and drove away.

All I could think was 'What the Fuck just happened.' I looked at Jarrod's business card and thought, should I dare tell Lanny that I just took advantage and seduced his Insurance man. I just started laughing at this situation and thought, But I sure the fuck did enjoy it.



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