Everything was really going great between Todd and me, I was no longer sad, angry or upset.

I was finding life really great, totally satisfied, and Todd and I were both into each other very heavy.

I had just gone up to Todd's apartment and was standing at the door of the bathroom as I watched Todd drying off after takeing his morning shower. I was again taken by his awesome looks and that uncut beauty hanging between his legs. God he was beautiful, while he stood there drying his upper body and hair, looking as gorgeous as ever, I quickly knelt down between his legs and took his thickening cock into my wet, hot, waiting mouth and began to lick around that beautiful redish swollen head and heard his moan as I felt his hip thrust forward as I took it to the balls into my mouth. I wanted to give him something to remember me by while he was at work that day.

I think I was succeeding as I sucked his cock like this was the last time we would get to see each other.

I felt him throw his towel to the side and he grabbed the back of my head, moaned and said, 'Fuck yeah Aaron, man you can suck cock, damn, don't stop now, I'm almost there.'

I knew he had a short fuse in the morning and I was just going to take it to the max.

His body started jerking as he pulled my head to the pubic hair against his body and I tasted my favortie drink, straight from the fountain, his cock was spasming in my mouth and I felt it lightly jerk with each volly of cum as it shot into my throat, What a fantastic feeling it was to begin Todd's morning with his 'sex fix.'

Todd leaned back against the wall and I watched his red swollen cock slowly go down, lightly jerking with each of his heart's beat, it was awesome to watch.

'Damn Aaron, you almost drained me of all my energy.' he said.

'I Smiled and said, 'Baby I sure hope so, your really delicious tasting, you know that?'

Todd smiled as he grabbed me and kissed me passionately, 'Sorry man, wish I could hang around and finish this, but I'm gonna be late for work if I do. Thanks babydoll, I love you.'

He gave me a kiss on the nose and started getting dressed and left for work.

I went back downstairs, realizing that Todd was just about living downstairs with me most of the time anyway, but he always showered up in his apartment.

I loaded the dishwasher, put on my goof around clothes of a pullover shirt, shorts and sneakers.

I was in the middle of cleaning out a cabnet when the door bell rang.

I walked to the living room door, opened it up, and I was astonished to see this gorgeous young man, about twentythree or twenty four or five, but he looked like one of those guys that would play touch football out in the park of Sunday afternoons, wearing these loose fitting shorts, with the tops of his underwear exposed, no shirt on and a ball cap turned around backwkards, he had one of those tank top shirts that was chopped off just under the chest muscles, and a pair of white leather Rebok sneakers with low top socks on.

His face was awesome and he just plainly looked like he was out of a mens magazine or something, he had those looks that make you wilt.

I was almost speachless. 'Hi,' he said with an award winning smile. 'Is this the place where Todd Jenson Lives, I'm an old sports buddy of his and have been trying to find where he lives, he told me about it.'

He and I have been best buds for years, actually really close buddies since childhood.' he said.

I invited him in and told him to have a seat and fixed us both a soft drink.

'By the way I'm Aaron Styles, Todd's Landlord, and his friend too.' I said.

'Oh I'm sorry, I'm Lanny, Lanny Walker,'

I shook his hand and said, well I'm very glad to meet you, any friend of Todd's is a friend of mine, he's an awesome guy,' I said, 'Yeah, if you only knew just how awesome he really is,' Lanny said.

I really didn't know just what he meant by that, but I had an Idea, 'Humm, was this guy into Todd in a sexual way too.' that was my thought.

I started making small talk, telling him about Todd and I becoming friends, but not getting into just how close we really have been.

'Yeah Man, I know just how he can grow on you.'

His words were beginning to allude to something more between Todd and he, more than just a buddy aquaintance. Well we just sat and made small talke about an hour or so, I told him Todd would be home in a couple hours and he was welcome to wait, if he wanted to.

I was trying to make Lanny just as comfortable as I could and I was looking at that bulging crotch of his and as I stared at his bulge, I looked up and saw his face looking straight into my eyes, smiling.

'I notice a kind of funny grin, and he reached down and gently rubbed his swelling crotch, looked up at me and said,'Well has Todd ever mentioned anything about his sex likes or desires to you?'

That's when I got the message that Lanny was sending my way.

I stood up, my boner sticking straight out in my shorts, walked over to Lanny as he just leaned back on the counter while setting on a bar stool, and I looked straight into his eyes and said, 'He sure the hell has Lanny, and I have let him in on mine too.' As I was saying that, I let my hand reach over gently and placed my hand against his bulging crotch.

'UGMMMMM, Damn man, and how did he take it Aaron he said in almost a whisper?'

I smiled as I felt that awesome cock of Lanny's and said, 'He took it all, right into his mouth, and swallowed.'

Lanny smiled at me, and reached out and began to stroke my boner, god it was a hot afternoon.

It was about three in the afternoon when Lanny and I went to the living room, got naked and I was just as enthralled with Lanny's beautiful body as I was Todds, at first I felt like this was being unfaithful to Todd, but we were not in a committed realtions like the first Todd and I were.

I pushed Lanny's naked body back on the sofa, I crawled between his legs and began to work his big, hairy balls with my tongue as I stroked his hard beautifully cut cock.

I finished sucking on his big balls and dove head first onto his cock taking it to the balls as he let out a big gasp, 'Holy shit man.' he said.

I was having myself a blast and Lanny was enjoying the blowjob I was offering when I heard the front door open, Ho-ly shit man, there stood Todd, I was stunned, embarrassed, there I was on my knees in front of Lanny, with Lanny's hard, thick cock in my hand.

'Hey Todd, I studdered, what are you doing home so early?' I said in embarrassment.

'Im really sorry about this man,' I said.

'Todd just looked at me and then at Lanny, and then said, 'Good cocker ain't he Lanny, I told you?'

Then the shock of all shocks came he started undressing and getting naked himself.

I just said, 'Arn't you mad at me?' I said.

'Fuck no man, what for, Im going to get in on this myself,' and the next thing I knew he was in the middle kissing Lanny, and sucking my cock and then Lanny's, Damn, was Todd going wild with the two of us.

We got up and went into my bedroom and got up on the bed, Lanny wanted me to set on his face and he began to eat my ass hole like a post hole digger. I was about to fly away as I looked back and watched Todd sucking away and deepthroating Lanny.

Lanny pushed me off and then just looked up at Todd, he had me straddle his chest and took my cock into his mouth, I leaned back and felt his knees against my back as I saw Todd sliding his big cock in and out of Lanny's asshole like a pile driver, and Lanny was enjoying it all.

Well that little afternoon orgy between the three of us took almost two hours and we all got drained Lanny swallowed my load and kept on sucking as Todd Ramrodded his asshole with that big uncut cock of his untill I heard Todd let out that deep voiced groan and he rammed, with great force, his big cock to the pubic bone into Lanny's asshole and I looked down and watched Lanny began to spasm and shoot cum up on my shoulder. god he shot a load.

Todd just leaned over against my body and groaned as his body came down off his high,having just finished unloading a massive load into Lanny's intestines.

After we finished we got dressed and I fixed Supper for the three of us.

Lanny leaned over and put his head into his hands and said, 'Holy fuck, guys that was awesome, Damn Todd you got it made, having a landlord like that, and to think I just wanted to apply for one of the apartments you have for rent.

Well needless to say I rented to Lanny too, I think our sex lifes have been taken to a new plain of existance for all three of us, I do know, I am enjoying it very much.



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