(Author's note: If you're looking for a story that gets to the erotica quickly, then skip this one.  I went a little long with this one.  Grant)

The Introvert

The trail through the woods was nothing more than a deer trail, narrow, rough, limbs hanging low over it and scrub brush growing along sections so tight as to make the trail nearly impossible to see. Otis held tight to the handle bars of his bike, an old mountain bike he bought in used parts until he had a complete bike, one that body components didn't match, the tires different on each wheel but it was his, not stolen like his brothers Jason and Caleb. He adjusted his line quickly, barely missing the trees he raced by as he worked his way down the steep slope, the drop from the natural plateau down to the creek that had cut its way through the landscape as it snaked lazily down through the countryside till it merged with the larger Conecuh River. Otis was riding to a spot on the river he had discovered four years ago when he was fourteen, a day he had taken off and just ran, as fast as he could till he was coming down this deer trail and he had worked his way to the creek, all the while crying, furious with himself for doing so, wiping his face with his bare arm. It had happened again and he had stormed out of the old mobile home his family rented back up on Hillcrest Road, one of the last dirt roads in the county, deemed unworthy of paving for they said no one lived on it. 'No one of value' Otis had thought when he heard his old man in one of his tirades going on about how it was wrong to not pave it when they paved Al Henderson's drive to his farm, how life wasn't fair, just before he grabbed up the bottle of cheap bourbon and went out the door.

The narrow trail began to level off and the ground grew soft and Otis cut over to a spring and dropped into its sandy bottom, the sand packed tight enough to ride on and he pedaled furiously, the bike rocking back and forth as he made his way across the flat land along the creek till he could see its waters in front of him visible through the trees that grew along its backs.

Otis was the fourth of seven children, seven too many for his folks he had thought time and time again as they rarely had a decent meal and their clothes were ill fitting items his mother gathered at some charity in the nearby town or items one of the churches sent over, packed in brown bags or taped up in a box and left on their door step. Otis knew they were poor; 'dirt poor' as he mother reminded them over and over. His older brothers had gotten jobs with their old man working in the pine stands logging the trees and loading them on the old pulp wood trucks, ancient, worn out, leaning awkwardly to one side or another, with every body panel dented in or literally ripped open. Otis feared it would be his destination, trapped here in this land, barely able to make a living but what he feared the most was his older brothers and old man, their brutal ways, finding out, discovering he wasn't one of them. Then what he didn't know, couldn't fathom what would happen, but the best he could hope for was to be simply tossed out and told to leave.

The Extrovert

It was bright yellow, the Jeep with the top down and doors removed, that pulled down Fourteenth Avenue and down to Main Street. Secured in the bike rack protruding from the hitch was a mountain bike. Although it was less than a year old the bike was scuffed up, the paint scratched, and it had its second chain and third front tire on it for Julian rode it regularly and rode it hard. He pulled out on Main heading out of town, alone this time, for none of his buddies were able or willing to ride with him today.

He flipped through the music he was playing till he came to what he wanted to hear, waiting on the traffic signal to change. He knew he shouldn't ride alone but he also felt relieved for most of his friends couldn't keep up. All their macho talk, the bravado, but once they got on some the trails Julian liked to ride they turned cautious, too cautious at times and it was them, not he, that would invariably get hurt or mess up their bike.

Julian was a senior, only four weeks away from graduating and he couldn't wait to finish and leave. He had no real regrets, nothing that he hated or disliked about the area or the people, but he also knew he wasn't really himself living here for the small town didn't let him be the person he knew he was inside. Ever since he was thirteen he knew he felt different from the other boys, and he quickly worked out why. But he kept it to himself, remembering how one other boy, two years older, had been treated in school, had been bullied till he dropped out. Instead Julian allowed his natural tendency to make friends easily work in his favor, to stay right in front of everyone, be their buddies, their best friend, or the nicest date a girl could want to a school function, but through it all he kept a part of himself hidden from them, walled off from their prying eyes. It helped that he played baseball and the girls in town chased after him, always giving him cover by confusing everyone by who he may or may not be dating.

He drove out of town and instead of heading west or north to the usual places he rode he went south, down into the region where the paper mills controlled most of the land, planting it in pines. He had talked to one of the guys that worked in his dad's tractor dealership as a mechanic who had told Julian of the fire lanes cut through the pine, the mounds of dirt they used to keep cars out that made biking them interesting, and if he went down on one of the creeks there were gullies and washed out places that would provide him some challenge.

Julian drove along casually, letting the wind whip through the Jeep as he drove the main highway through the county till the road he was looking for appeared in front of him. It was a narrow, unmarked, and he drove slowly watching for the fire lane. It wasn't far to the bridge over a creek and just before he got to the bridge he found the fire lane, a narrow overgrown cut through the pines. He drove on up the road till he came to the Primitive Baptist Church, an old wood sided structure that had never been painted, the wood aged to a deep gray color, and he parked. It only took a few minutes to get his bike off the rack, helmet and gloves on and he was riding back down the road to the fire break.

He worked his way along the fire break as it ran parallel to the creek until he came to a gully with steep eroded sides down to the red clay soil and for thirty minutes Julian cut down and back up, jumping the top edge or racing down the bottom and charging back out till he was exhausted. He returned to the fire break and rode casually onward, the sun now high in the sky, hot against his skin, the air heavy with its humidity. He had been riding for nearly an hour when he stopped again for water. He stood silent for a minute thinking he heard something, then he heard it again, splashing in the creek down below him. It was too loud for fish hitting the surface while feeding and he leaned his bike against a tree and made his way down the steep slope to the creek.

The Introvert

Otis laid his bike on the bank of the river and slipped his backpack off, a canvas bag he had made himself, the straps seatbelts from an old car. He tossed it on the ground and began to strip off his clothes, the old t-shirt that was too large and stretched out of shape, his pants, an old pair of khakis with holes in the knees and the legs frayed at the hem, and his briefs, a hole in the seat and the waistband so stretched out they barely stayed up and he pushed them down only a short way and they fell to the ground. He stepped into the creek along a sand bar, the water only inches deep until he came to the dark waters in the bend, too deep for the sunlight to penetrate and he dove in. The cold water was a shock at first but Otis quickly adjusted to it and swam slowly back and forth enjoying the feel of the water over this body. He floated on his back feeling his cock rise up through the surface and it aroused him, the way he felt his nakedness, out here in the open. He tugged on his cock, felt it thicken with each pull till it was half hard and, even alone, he felt a certain embarrassment, the way his cock had never been touched by anyone but himself, how he had fantasized about something happening, something queer as one of his older brothers often accused him. Otis wondered if he talked in his sleep or had done something to make Caleb say that to him, for he had said it a lot in the last year or so.

Otis jerked around and looked toward the opposite bank, his eyes scanning the trees, the dark open places within them for he thought he heard a snap of a limb, the kind of sound made by someone stepping on it. It was quiet with no sound other the birds chirping in the trees. He moved to the sand bar and eased up out the deep waters, made his way to his backpack and retrieved the bar of soap he had stashed in it. He went over to the edge of the deep and sat on the sand bar, his legs dropped over the edge and began to lather up his skin, the rub his hands over his body, over his head, soaping up his hair, working his fingers into and around his ears. He raised one leg then the other and soaping each one up. He got up on his knees and soaped up his crotch, each ass cheek and down between them and he brought his hands back to his cock, slick with soap and he stroked it, felt it get fully erect, the head slip free of its foreskin and he soap it thoroughly, stroked it from base to head, over and over, he ran his slick hand down his cock shaft. He felt his need to cum rise up quickly, his cock swell up in his fist and he pumped his hips in short thrusts, pumping his cock through his fist and he stifled the need to cry out as he pumped out his cum, thick wads shooting out in front of him landing in the water till his cock was dribbling the last of his load from the slit and his hand was smearing it with the soap along the shaft.

Otis tossed the soap up by his backpack and dove into the water, the soap floating on the surface where he dove in and he dove deep, went to the bottom and slowly, his lungs beginning to burn for air, rose to the surface, his face bursting through to the air letting him breath in.

The Extrovert

Julian couldn't believe someone would be this far from any road access and he clumsily made his way through the trees thinking it had to be a deer or some other animal until he glimpsed someone through the trees floating in the creek and he didn't know why he did it, but he ducked down behind a tree. He was too far back to see clearly and when he saw the glimpses of the person moving upstream to a place Julian could see the bottom he knew they were about to climb out. Julian stayed low and moved closer and as he eased down behind some bushes he stepped a limb making it snap in two. He froze and stayed low until he heard them moving in the water and he eased over to watch.

Julian was surprised to see it was a boy, about his age, maybe younger, and he quickly found himself staring at the boy's cock, the way it was uncut, the foreskin covering the head and hanging loose. He studied the boy, with his lean body and light skin, the way he was so dirty, his entire body still showing dirt or grime on it, some spots much worse than others. He watched the boy retrieve something from a bag on the opposite bank and when he went back into the creek and began to lather up Julian wondered if the boy was living in the woods, if he camped out somewhere nearby. He lived in town and didn't know everyone in the surrounding rural areas and this boy was definitely a stranger to him but he stayed low and watched him intently, soap up his body, run the soap through his hair, and when the boy was on his knees stroking his cock Julian felt his own ache within the tight shorts he was wearing, strain to stretch out and he tugged on it, worked to shift it over giving it room to expand as he watched the boy in the creek stroke his cock, the cock stretched out long and lean, the head pushed clear of the foreskin. Julian watched how the boy trembled, his head tossed back eyes closed and suddenly he was pumping his hips in short thrusts forward till cum was shooting out of his cock, thick wads splashing in the water. Julian felt his own erection, painfully confined in his shorts and he struggled with his desire to take it out, to stroke it. He watched the boy toss the soap back toward his bag and then dive into the deep water. Soap formed a circular area where he dove in then slowly broke apart as it floated downstream. The boy stayed under a long time, too long Julian thought and he was about to rush to the creek to dive in for him when suddenly the boy surfaced and Julain could hear him inhale deeply as he paddled in place, only his head visible.

Julian watched the boy swim around a few minutes, and when the boy climbed out of the deep and up on the sand bar Julian saw the brownish spots and one fresh purple one and realized what he thought had been some sort of grime was bruises. The boy went up on the opposite bank and put on his clothes and Julian watched, saw the condition of the boy's clothes, old, dirty, frayed and torn and he felt something inside him break, to wonder about this boy, who he was and why he came to this secluded spot to bathe.

The Introvert

Otis woke on Sunday morning and pushed his younger brother and sister over enough on the narrow bed to let him ease up. He went to the bathroom, then the kitchen and rummaged around for something to eat. His father was asleep in his chair and everyone else was in one of the two bedrooms. It was still early, the sun just breaking above the horizon, and he eased out the door, unlocked his bike, the only way to keep one of his brothers from taking it to sell, and took off. He rode down the dirt road till he came to his secret place where the fire break came out to the road and he dug up the plastic bottle and opened it up. He shook out a dollar bill and loose change. He knew it was three dollars and eighty-five cents, money he had been able to save up or find in town on the ground in loose change. He climbed back on his bike and headed toward town. It was twelve miles and he knew he would be there in less than an hour if he rode hard, but he took his time, for he had nothing else to do and the longer it took the longer he was away from home.

He rode to the shopping center and for a few minutes he rode over the parking lot looking for loose change people had dropped. He found two nickels and six pennies and added it to the money in his pocket. He pulled up to the grocery store, knowing he could get more for his money there rather than at some convenience store or fast food place and secured his bike. He walked the aisles and searched for what he could buy that would give him the most for the little money he had on him. He found a sales display of items that were ready to expire, their prices cut in half or more and he went through the items and picked out what he could afford. The woman at the register recognized his face. She didn't know his name but had seen him on weekends buying a few items each time with small change or dollar bills. He always smiled at her, said hello but there was something about him that saddened her and she asked him if he needed something, if he was hungry or if he needed some help. He smiled at her and said he was fine as he took his purchase and left.

Otis slipped the items into his backpack and secured it to his back, got on his bike and headed out of town. He rode to the fire break on his side of the creek and turned off heading to his place, the area on the creek with the deep water pool, a place he could try to forget. He knew the trail by heart and when he got to the narrow path that ran down to the creek he cut on it with ease, with balance and agility he rode down the path, fast, the limbs slapping him as he burst through one thick section after then next until he slipped down into the bed of the spring and he felt the cool water splash his legs as he pedaled harder, racing to the creek, smiling at the feel of the wind and the way he could power his bike through the woods. He kicked up on the bank and cut over to his private place, eager to get there for he felt his hunger even more knowing he had food. He charged down a steep cut and jumped up on the opposite side and raced down the narrow trail cutting out the last minute into the small clearing at the place he considered his own and skidded to a stop staring in shock as a guy sitting in the creek on the sand bar looked up and waved.

The Extrovert

Last night Julian had sat in front of the television trying to maintain his concentration on the football game but time and time again his mind circled back to the creek, to that boy who bathed in its waters, who had masturbated while he had secretly watched, watched the way his hand worked the shaft, the way the head of his cock slipped free then a minute or so later the cum shooting out. It had torn at him, watching another boy, aroused by it but he also felt something else. The boy was obviously poor, his clothes were so ill fitting and in bad shape and Julian wondered where he lived, if he had a family and what it was like, this boy's life. That night he laid in bed and all over again relived the image of the boy masturbating, the way his hand had moved over his cock, the way it elongated till the head slipped free of the foreskin. Julian wondered what it was like, having a cock with its skin intact and he thought of the boy, the way his body looked so much younger than his own, so lean, so smooth, but each time he considered the boy had to be younger than his eighteen he reconsidered when he thought of the boy's cock, how long it was, longer than his own and he found his hand back on his cock, stroking it, feeling it grow erect, hard, thick in his fist as he relived the way the boy had stroked his cock till he came, and as Julian thought of the way cum flew out of that boy's cock, thick wads of cum and how it fell like big drops of rain into the creek Julian felt his own cum surge through his cock and spatter over his chest and stomach.

He had woke early and decided to drive back out to the fire break and ride his bike back to that spot on the creek hoping the boy would be there. He packed sandwiches, several bananas and energy bars, far more than he would need, a sense the boy would be grateful if he was at the creek. The sun was again hot in the sky, not a cloud in sight, and he rode quickly back to the place he needed to cut down to the creek. It was only ten in the morning when he arrived and the place was quiet, no one around, and he stood a moment looking at the slow moving waters as if he expected the boy to surface any second.

Julian crossed the creek and tossed down his backpack and helmet. He kicked off his shoes and slipped his shirt over his head, pulled his shorts and boxers off and stood up naked. The warm air and the sun against his skin felt good and he tugged on his cock feeling his arousal. He eased into the creek and the cold water felt good swirling around his feet. He made his way to the dark waters of the deep pool and dove in.

He swam around, floated on his back, enjoying the cool waters till he saw his fingers wrinkled from being in the water too long and he eased up on the sand bar and sat on the soft sand letting the water move around his lower body. He leaned back on his hands, his body stretched out letting the sun hit him in the face, on the chest and stomach and on his cock. He felt the sun's warmth and how it made his cock began to grow erect.

Suddenly he heard the unmistakable sound of a bike coming through the woods, the grunting of its rider as he pushed hard, pedaling closer and closer and Julian wondered if it was the boy, partially afraid it might be someone else, but confident it had to be him. When the bike broke through the shrubs along the bank and skidded to a stop in the small clearing, the boy on it, breathing hard, a look of shock on his face, Julian didn't know what to say and he just waved, knowing how stupid he must look.

The Introvert

Otis was froze on his bike looking at this guy in the creek, just sitting there waving and after a long awkward moment, Otis realizing the guy was naked, his cock lying over his thigh, the shaft so thick looking and he felt his stomach knot up.

"Hey...I'm Julian. Come on in, the water's great."

"You..." Otis stammered, climbing off his bike letting it drop to the ground, "rode in here on your bike?"

"Yeah, it's over there" Julian replied pointing to the opposite bank.

"You been here before?" Otis asked and Julian knew what he really was asking. This boy was asking if he had seen him at the creek, seen him naked, maybe jacking off.

"No, I just found this great spot this morning. You come here often?" Julian lied.

Otis just shook his head yes as he stood on the bank and let his eyes quickly scan Julian, the dark skin of his upper body and legs, lighter around his waist, and his blonde hair, short on the sides but long enough to hand into his face on top and Otis couldn't help but admire the muscular body, the way his arms bulged with muscle when he shifted his weight, the way his stomach looked so tight and the way his legs were so muscular, manly, with the hair that covered his lower legs and up to mid-thigh.

"I'm not trespassing am I" Julian asked, knowing it was actually paper mill land and both of them were technically trespassing, but he could see how this boy was staring at him, like he was invading his personal space and in some ways Julian knew he was doing just that.

"No" Otis replied softly as he fidgeted on the bank thinking he should get on his bike and ride somewhere else, but he didn't, he stood his ground and looked down at Julian. "I'm Otis" he finally said.

"Otis; nice to meet you. Hey, listen, come on in. Don't let me stop you."

Otis looked at Julian's body again, couldn't barely keep his eyes off of it and was afraid to take his clothes off in front of him, afraid to let him see how he was so skinny, and worse, let him see the marks. Julian sensed Otis' hesitation and thought of the bruises he had seen yesterday and realized it was something Otis probably didn't want to reveal.

"Otis, I'm just going to swim around. You go ahead and get out of ya clothes and dive on in. I know some guys don't like to be watched and it's okay; I won't watch ya" Julian promised and he eased up and rolled off into the deep waters and swam underneath the surface a long way down stream till he came to the end of the pool and had to come up. He didn't look back at Otis, instead he dove back in. Otis watched Julian swim down and move slowly under the water as he lifted his shirt over his head, quickly dropped his shorts and briefs, kicking them over to his bike not wanting Julian to see them and he quickly ran to the edge of the deep pool and dove in as Julian was surfacing nearby.

Julian could see the skinny body moving just under the surface, his arms and legs moving smoothly, in rhythm, propelling him quickly across the pool. Julian sat on the edge of the sand bar and watched Otis swim back toward him, at times stopping and treading water until eventually he came back to where Julian was sitting and he moved up close but stayed in the deeper water.

"You come here often?" Julian asked and Otis just nodded his head.

"You live nearby?" Julian asked and Otis hesitated. Julian waited patiently.

"Yeah, just down the road a piece" Otis finally replied and he looked down as he was thinking of something, then he looked at Julian.

"You're not from around here. Where you from?"

"I live in town" Julian replied, then he looked at his watch, expensive and waterproof, and it caught Otis' eye. "Damn, it's after noon already. I'm starving. You want something to eat? I brought a lot of stuff...a friend was suppose to come with me but backed out" Julian lied. Otis shrugged his shoulders but he could feel his stomach growl with hunger.

Otis watched Julian stand up, his nakedness so close, the muscular body, his skin so smooth looking, his hair so neatly cut and his cock clipped with a fat shaft and he found himself staring at Julian's body as he moved to the bank, spread his shorts on the ground and sat down on them.

"Well...come on, I got plenty" Julian said to Otis as casual and friendly as he could sound. Otis hesitated, torn between his hunger and letting Julian see his body, but there was something about Julian's casual nature, the way he wasn't badgering him, his tone so friendly, and Otis finally moved up on the sand bar and came over to Julian. Julian glanced out of the corner of his eye to see Otis up close, the way his long uncut cock hung over his sac, his lean, skinny body that showed more muscle definition than Julian originally thought. And there were the bruises on his back and ass and Julian tried not to stare, kept himself busy getting the food out of his backpack. Otis tossed his shorts on the ground and sat down on them facing Julian. As Julian pulled several sandwiches out, the bananas, the energy bars, and finally a couple of drinks Otis' eyes widen at the amount of food stuffed in the backpack.

Julian ate slowly, not as hungry as he let on, as he stole glances at Otis, watching him eat, one sandwich after the next. Julian told Otis of his family, how his father owned the tractor dealership in town, and how he was to graduate high school in the spring.

"Me too" Otis interjected.

"You finish high school in the spring too?" Julian asked relieved that Otis was the same age as he as he watched Otis nod his head and take a bite of sandwich.

"What about your family? You got any brothers and sisters?" Julian asked and he saw Otis stiffen, his demeanor change slightly.

"I have brothers and sisters..." and he hesitated, looking down at the ground, then he looked at Julian, met his eyes, defiantly; "they don't like me...none of them do."

Julian caught the sharpness of Otis' statement and knew to let it alone for now. Otis dropped his arms down into his lap as if he suddenly had no energy as he looked at Julian, then he rose up on his knees and turned around showing Julian his back and ass, showing him the bruises. Up close they looked worse, so large on Otis' body and Julian winced as he looked at them.

"See...they don't like me" Otis said in such a flat tone, so matter of fact, it tore at Julian, made breathing hard and when Otis sat back down and slowly ate the final sandwich Julian sat quietly for a long time watching him finish.

"You want to ride bikes for a while?" Julian asked when Otis had ate nearly everything he had brought. Otis just nodded his head yes as he got up and put his clothes back on.

"This side is better" Otis stated unsure of Julian's skill, how tough of a trial he liked to ride but Julian had said okay as he got dressed. Julian assumed following Otis would be easy, that he obviously was stronger, more muscular than Otis and would have to hold back to allow him to keep up. He was wrong.

Otis kept pace with him, rode by him when the fire break was wide enough, and sometimes led the way and when he turned and told Julian to follow him he had dove off the fire break into the woods at a place Julian couldn't fathom as a trail. It was just a slightly beat down area cutting through the woods, low lying limbs slapping against them and at times Otis cut through the undergrowth standing on the pedals building up speed and Julian almost closed his eyes afraid of what was on the other side. They soon came to a gully, deeply cut through the hillside, a fractured undulating gash in the ground and Otis rode hard to the edge and dropped out of sight. Julian stopped at the edge, breathing hard as he watched Otis race up the other side and jump over a narrow spit of land, no more than five feet wide where Otis came up and Julian watched Otis shift on the pedals and land front wheel down on the other side disappearing then reappearing down below in the main cut of the gully. Julian looked down and saw it was thirty feet or more to the bottom, nearly straight down and he suddenly realized bike tracks littered the side, cut in several directions at the bottom. Otis had been riding in the gully for a while. He aligned his bike, inhaled deeply and pushed off. It was truly frightening, but as he rushed to the bottom and zipped out into the gully bottom he felt the adrenalin race through his body, the pure rush of it, and he cut up the opposite side and jumped back onto the level ground yelling at the top of his lungs. He looked over and saw Otis down the gully up on the opposite side smiling at him.

All during the week Julian couldn't get Otis out of his mind. Over and over, in his mind he saw the lean boy, his bad haircut, the dirty ill-fitting clothes and his smile which showed two teeth out of alignment of the others, slightly askew and through it all he still felt some longing for him, some feeling he tried hard to ignore, but the image of the boy naked played over and over in his mind, especially his cock, the way it was different from his own, the uncut foreskin and the way it was so long compared to his own. For Julian the week dragged at a snail's pace, for he didn't think the weekend would ever arrive, since he had gotten Otis to agree to go riding with him at a private property cut through with bike trails north of town. Otis had refused at first, especially when Julian said they could grab breakfast in town on the way up and a late lunch on the way back. It took Julian a minute to figure it out, the way Otis said he couldn't go, the look on his face and he knew Otis couldn't afford to eat out and when Julian told him since he was doing the inviting he should pay for their meals but Otis continued to say no and finally admitted he didn't like going into town, not the way people looked at him.

It created a moment of silence between them, Julian unable to grasp just how different their lives were, the way they were perceived, and he finally looked over at Otis and saw how he kept looking down at the ground, his eyes diverted. Julian had slipped closer to him.

"Otis, I don't know what it is like for you, but it ain't right. Look, I'll bring some old clothes of mine for you. It's my invite and I want you to come ride with me. Most of the guys I know can't ride half as well as you and I have to wait on them constantly. Hell, you leave me in the dust. Come on, what else do you have to do on a Saturday?"

Otis had looked up and listened and a small smile spread over his face. He really wanted to go, and Julian seemed so sincere. He nodded yes.

Saturday morning arrived and Julian woke early, got dressed in shorts and tank top, grabbed up his gear and the small gym bag with some old clothes of his that were destined for a charity, some that fit Julian when he was fifteen and sixteen, not as big as he was now, thinking they would fit Otis. He arrived at the end of the dirt drive where Otis said he'd meet him and Otis was already there sitting under a nearby tree, his bike lying on the ground. Julian pulled into the drive and as Otis walked toward him he tossed out the gym bag.

"Put these on and let's go. I'm starving for something to eat and dying to hit the trails."

Julian busied himself putting Otis' bike on the rack and as he secured it he glanced over at Otis changing clothes, watched him look in the gym bag at the new briefs on top and the clothes underneath, shorts, jeans, shirts, even socks.

"They're some of my old clothes I can't wear any longer that mom was going to donate and I figured you could use them" Julian said keeping his tone casual and he watched Otis holding the gym bag, some of the clothing lying on the seat in the Jeep and a pair of jeans in his hand and he stood frozen in place for a moment, head down. Julian jerked on one the straps making the Jeep rock as he tested it and Otis suddenly began to move, to pull his old clothes off, the shirt, shorts and finally his briefs, everything tossed in the footwell and Otis standing by the Jeep naked, out in the open and Julian looked at him, looked at his lean body, and he had for the briefest moments the idea of Otis staying naked.

"Well, hurry up and get dressed before someone comes along and sees ya naked ass" Julian joked and Otis smiled at him, probably the first time.

"Oh hell, Julian, no one ever comes down this road."

Once dressed Otis climbed into the Jeep and Julian started to back out of the drive but had to wait as an old pickup came along. He looked at Otis and his surprised expression and they both laughed.

They grabbed breakfast in town, rode up to the trails Julian knew about and spent the rest of the morning riding them, pushing each other, daring each other through the toughest sections and by the time it was nearly one o'clock they were exhausted and once again starving. Julian drove them back into town to a small diner in downtown and he saw Otis stiffen, show fear on his face.

"Relax Otis...okay?" Julian said and Otis looked over at him and nodded his head.

They took a table in the middle of the crowded diner and Julian noticed how Otis would cut his eyes to look around them, just quick glances and to Julian's shame he saw what Otis saw, the way some of the other customers looked at Otis disapprovingly. Julian sat up and began to talk, about school, his plans for the summer, about their riding and how he wanted to spend the summer just riding his bike, anything he could think of to keep Otis' attention on him and not the people around them.

As soon as they finished Julian paid the check and they were soon on the road traveling through the countryside heading back to Otis' home. They rode in silence for a long way, Julian not knowing what to say and Otis embarrassed by the way people had stared at him, harsh, judgmental.

"Julian..." Otis said then hesitated, turning to look forward instead of Julian, "you know my brothers steal things and everyone knows this...and they call us white trash...and other things" his voice trailed off so low Julian barely heard the last comment.

"You don't steal, do you?"

"NO" Otis replied, his voice rising high.

"Then...fuck them" Julian said and he glanced over at Otis and smiled. "Why don't we stop at the fire break and ride our bikes down to the creek and go for a swim?"

Otis looked over and nodded his head then looked back at the road and Julian saw the faintest of smiles on his face and thought everything would be alright. When they arrived at the fire break access Julian parked, secured the Jeep and they took off on their bikes heading down the trail to the cut off for the pool. The sun was still high in the sky, cutting through the trees and reflecting off the slow moving waters of the creek. Julian and Otis were sweating again from their exertions and they propped their bikes against a tree and moved down to the bank of the creek. Julian started undressing as soon as he got to the bank but Otis hesitated, found himself watching Julian, his strong muscular body being revealed, first his tank top, then his shorts and Otis watched as he pushed down his briefs. His cock fell over his sac, thick, partially elongated and Otis found a beauty to Julian's form, the erotic nature of his masculine body.

"Well, come on, get out of ya clothes" Julian said as he picked up his own clothes. Otis pulled his t-shirt over his head, dropped his shorts and briefs as he watched Julian lay his clothes on dry ground.

"Toss me your things" Julian said as he turned to Otis. Otis picked up his clothes and tossed them over to Julian who laid them with his own clothes. Otis turned and looked out over the creek, let his eyes scan its surface, smooth, reflective of its surroundings, and so quiet, only the sound of birds in the trees breaking the silence.

When Julian stood up he saw how Otis was looking over the water and wondered what he was thinking. He let his eyes scan over Otis' body, lean, taut, his arms and legs thin but strong, and he looked at how his smooth skin was marred with the bloom of bruising, most fading to a light brownish red, but a couple still purple. He moved up behind Otis, so close Otis felt his presence and he stiffened, waiting for Julian to do or say something. Julian reached out and lightly ran a finger over the bruise on Otis' shoulder causing him to flinch.

"Does it hurt?" Julian whispered.

"No...not really" Otis replied without turning around.

Julian ran his fingers lightly over Otis' back and shoulders, ran them at the edge of his hair along his neck, caressing the skin. He moved closer till their bodies were barely touching, lightly brushing each other and Julian leaned toward Otis and let his nose comb through Otis' hair, his lips graze the skin of his neck. Otis felt every touch, every caress and he reached back till his hands rested on the front of Julian's thighs, the feel of his skin was warm and soft. Julian kissed his neck and let his arms slip around Otis' waist and he hugged their bodies together.

Otis pulled away slightly and turned to Julian, facing him.

"Please don't tell me to stop" Julian pleaded and Otis moved to him and lightly kissed him on the lips.

Hands roamed over flesh, touching, caressing, as lips touched, moved over necks and ears, the contact warm and soft and it aroused both of them, the way their bodies fit together, the way they touched each other, Julian more assured and Otis timid, unbelieving this was happening. They felt the other's aroused state pressing against each other.

Julian kissed Otis roughly, passionately and stepped back smiling as he let the back of his hand slide down Otis' chest and as his hand moved downward Julian eased down on his knees feeling them sink into the sand. His hand slipped around Otis' cock and pulled it down to his mouth. He kissed the head, ran his tongue up the shaft exposed above his hand and then he moved his lips over the head and let it slip into his mouth, inch after inch till it hit the back of his throat. Otis grabbed Julian's shoulders to brace himself, for he felt like he was going to fall over. Julian worked his mouth on the hard cock stroking Otis' desires.

Julian let the cock slip from his mouth and it bobbed up and down in front of him. He watched the way a clear drop formed at the slit and drooled down toward the ground and he lifted his fingers to it capturing it. He brought them to his mouth and licked it off as Otis just watched him, frozen in place, unsure what to do, some of his old anxieties rising up. Julian took his hand and got him to ease down on his knees, and Julian continued to guide him down till he was on his back lying on the soft sand. Julian caressed Otis' chest, ran one finger over each nipple feeling the hard nub of the center and Otis inhaled sharply.

"I want to try something...okay?" Julian asked.

"Okay" Otis said in a low voice.

Julian moved up over Otis, straddled his hips and as he rocked his hips back and forth, rubbing his ass over Otis' cock, stroking their desires, this need for companionship, masculine, a mirror of themselves, he leaned over and held Otis' head kissing him. Julian sat up and reached behind him taking Otis' cock, it fully erect, elongated fully and he rose up and moved over it, let his ass rub over the head feeling the slickness of it, the way it touched him down there, and he moved it to his opening. He felt his own tightness, but he also felt his need to be penetrated, to feel Otis inside him and when Otis' hands gently touched his thighs he held his breath and let his body drop down. The initial penetration stretched him open painfully and he sucked in a deep breath and held still.

Otis watched Julian move on his cock, felt the way he pressed against it and suddenly he saw his cock begin to disappear into Julian, felt the ring of Julian's opening milking his cock, squeezing it as it slid through. Julian held still and he looked down on Otis who had a surprised look on his face.

"Give me just a minute, okay?" Julian asked and Otis nodded his head. Julian leaned forward and ran his hands over Otis' chest and stomach feeling the taut muscle underneath, the lean body so much stronger than it looked. He felt the smooth skin, soft to the touch.

"You looked so skinny the first time I saw you...but you're not really...so strong" Julian was muttering more to himself than to Otis and he began to move his body down, inch by inch, letting Otis sink into him. Otis watched Julian take him, slowly, his cock slipping into the tight hole and he pushed up slightly, ever so slowly feeling every move of his cock and the warmth of Julian's hole as it engulfed his cock. Julian suddenly felt his body relax to Otis' penetration, felt his hole loosen to it and he moved down easily taking the last of Otis deep inside himself. He moved back up, rose up several inches and slid back down, over and over, he worked his body, riding Otis, fucking his hole on the long thin cock, feeling it sink deep into him and then slide back out. He rode Otis till his body felt hot, his muscles taut, straining with his exertions, and he leaned back and pumped his hips up and down faster feeling the way Otis' cock hit his insides differently, touched him in a new way and he rode his ass hard on Otis, up and down his hips pumped, over and over. Otis leaned up on his elbows and watched Julian move on his cock, stroking it, making it ache for release. He watched Julian's body break out in sweat, the skin glisten in the hot sunlight.

Julian began to feel his exertion, needed to change positions and he leaned back over Otis kissing him as he wrapped his hands under Otis' arms and around his back. Julian held Otis to his body as he rolled them over bringing Otis on top with his cock still buried all the way inside his own hole.

"Fuck me...fuck me Otis" Julian pleaded and Otis rose up over him and began to move his hips, to pull upward and then push back in, over and over, feeling the way his cock bore into Julian, punched deep within him. Otis' pace quickened, an urgency developed within him, this need to feel his cock pump faster and faster, to feel it sink deep into Julian. He couldn't hold back long, not like this, his first time, feeling his cock working inside Julian, someone who wanted him even with the marks and the roughness of absolute poverty and he pushed inward hard, felt his cock swell up thicker, harder, the head so sensitive and he pumped his hips in short jabbing thrusts as he cried out, his voice echoing over the slow moving waters and through the trees, as he pumped his load into Julian, each thrust a new ejaculation, his whole body tensed up tight, rigid with his climax. As his cock spurt out the last of his cum he fell down on Julian's body and felt the heat of his own as they touched, the slickness of his own skin as it rubbed over Julian and he pumped his hips a few more times, slowly moving his cock through Julian feeling his load slick and cool to his cock. Otis eased up and hovered over Julian a moment looking down on him and Julian saw something different about him, this look on his face and Otis moved to him and kissed him, gently, lips barely touching at first. Otis slipped up and over on his side next to Julian and reached out taking Julian in his hand, feeling the hard thick shaft slip through his fingers and as he worked them over the head he felt the slickness of it and Julian gasped shoving upward with his hips.

"Julian...do me...put it in me" Otis said, his voice barely a whisper and Julian rose up on his elbows, his eyes watching Otis' hand manipulate him, stroke his cock, his desire and he looked over at Otis nodding his head. He reached over putting his hand on Otis' shoulder and guided him onto his back as he moved over him, slipped down between his legs and he put his hands behind each knee and spread them apart more, pulled them upward spreading Otis open, angling his ass up, preparing him. Otis felt Julian's cock touch him, rub over him and he grabbed handfuls of sand and tried to push his ass up to it, wanting to feel it touch him more, to press against him, to penetrate him. Julian pressed his cock to Otis' hole, felt the tightness and he eased down till the head of his cock breached through the tight ring of Otis' opening and Otis slapped his hands down on Julian's thighs getting him to stop.

"Relax...push yourself to me" Julian whispered, his voice soothing, and Otis relaxed to the penetration, felt his hole loosen and he eased the pressure of his hands on Julian's thighs. Julian pushed forward, slowly, sinking his cock into Otis. Otis felt his body in a way he had never sensed before, the heat of it, the sensitivity of every touch, and the sense of being as Julian lay over him, nestled up between his legs working cock into his hole. Julian fucked slowly for a long time, his body undulating on Otis, rubbing against each other, hot and slick, and Otis ran his hands up Julian's side and over his back.

"Fuck me" Otis whispered to Julian.

Julian rose up on his hands with Otis' legs wrapped around his waist and his thick shaft penetrating through Otis' tight hole and he began to fuck, to drive his cock in and out of Otis, slowly at first, but his need was urgent, and he soon was thrusting into Otis faster and faster. Otis moaned softly as he felt Julian driving into him, pull back and drive into him again, over and over, till Julian's hips smacked against his ass.

"OOhhh..." Otis moaned as Julian's pace increased again, as Julian felt his cock harden more, grow even more sensitive and he pushed into Otis, all the way and came. Julian held his cock buried all the way inside of Otis as he shot his load till he was spent.

They swam for a long time afterwards, horsing around, splashing each other and at times they treaded water in the middle of the deep pool their bodies close, bumping each other as they kissed. When they finally moved back up on the bank they lay flat on their backs and let the sun dry their bodies as they dosed, eyes closed, resting. It was late in the day, the sun just above the trees when they began to stir, and Julian sat up and moved to Otis kissing him making him smile without opening his eyes.

"You want to throw on some clothes and go get something to eat back in town? We could hang out this evening...maybe go to a movie?" Julian asked not wanting the day to end.

Otis opened his eyes and wondered what he was getting into with this boy. How long could this last, thinking this would only be for the summer and once Julian left for college it'd be over but he wanted it to last as long as it could, to get what he could from it.

"Yeah, let's go eat something and we can do whatever you want" Otis said.

Seven Months Later

Julian pedaled up to his apartment, a small one bedroom just off campus and pulled up to the bike rack out front. He slipped his bike into the rack and secured it, the new mountain bike still shiny, not a scratch on it, not yet Julian had thought each time he looked at the new bike. He climbed up the stair, unlocked his door and went inside opening his backpack to pull out the mail he had retrieved on the way home. It was the usual junk mail, a telephone bill and a letter. He recognized the writing, the roughness of it and he laid it on the dining room table. He went into the kitchen and pulled out something to prepare for dinner later, knowing he needed to start at seven. Back at the dining room table, he glanced at the letter again as he pulled his textbooks out and spread them out in the order he was going to work through the assignments. He was just about to sit when he heard someone outside at the bike rack and he walked to the window. He saw his old mountain bike slide into place, so familiar at times he thought he should have kept it for himself. He tapped on the window.

Otis looked up, smiled and waved. Julian watched him lock the bike wondering why he was home early. He was supposed to be at an afternoon class after working his shift at the grocery store in town. Otis came up the stair and Julian opened the door for him.

"No class?" Julian asked.

"Canceled" Otis replied as he came up to Julian and kissed him before coming into the apartment.

"Your sister wrote again. The letter is on the table" Julian told Otis and he saw him stiffen slightly then move to the table. Otis had always thought all of his family had not cared about him but when he left, just packed up his few belongings he wanted to keep and walked out the door his younger sister had tracked him down, found out he was with Julian, working days and taking a few classes in the evening and she wrote to tell him how she missed him. She wrote often and he wrote her back, not sure at first if she would get the letters, but she obviously beat everyone else to the mailbox retrieving each reply.

Julian knew it made Otis melancholy and he left him alone while he read the letter and then wrote her back. He decided they would have an early dinner and started the preparations. Otis set the table as Julian put the dishes he prepared on the table. At first they ate in silence but Otis finally turned to Julian and took a deep breath.

"You still going home weekend after next?" Otis asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"I think I will go with you instead of staying here."

"Want to see your sister?"

"Yeah" Otis replied as he lifted his fork for another bite meaning the conversation was over and he didn't want to talk about.

After they ate and cleaned up the kitchen, they moved into the living room where Julian sat on one end of the sofa reading an assignment and Otis at the other end watching him. Otis could sit for a long time just watching Julian but this evening he ran his foot along Julian's leg, rubbing his thigh till his foot came to Julian's crotch and he pressed his foot to it wiggling his toes. Julian looked up from his book as he squirmed to move back.

"Hey, don't..." Julian cried out but he began to laugh and he grabbed Otis' foot and started to tickle him knowing he couldn't stand it. Otis twisted on the sofa laughing uncontrollably.

"Stop...stop...stop...okay, I give...I'll stop..." Otis pleaded and Julian stopped tickling his foot but he held on to it and found himself massaging it, rubbing the ankle, then he let his hand slide up the leg of Otis' jeans rubbing the smooth skin of his calf. Julian pulled back and sat up.

"Come here" Julian whispered to Otis and he watched Otis stand up and move in front of him, up between his legs and Julian moved to him, unfastened his jeans, pulled the zipper down and opened them till he could see the white boxers underneath. Julian pressed his face into the boxers smelling the masculine scent of Otis, familiar, something that aroused him and he put his mouth over the cock within the boxers and worked it to a state of arousal, felt it grow hard against his lips. Otis pulled his shirt over his head and ran his fingers through Julian's hair feeling its softness as his fingers combed through it. Julian pulled his jeans and boxers down and helped him step out of them stripping him naked. Julian was quickly sucking him, taking him in his mouth making his cock wet, slick, and fully aroused. He was soon pumping his hips in short thrusts, working his cock in Julian's mouth till he felt his need rise up quickly and he pulled back letting his cock bob freely in front of Julian's face.

Otis backed up and let Julian stand where he pulled his shirt off, undid his jeans and worked them off along with his briefs until he was naked, his muscular body exposed to Otis, available to him and Julian got on the sofa on his knees resting his chest on the back. Neither said anything, both knowing what the other wanted and Otis moved to Julian and rubbed his cock over him, up and down till Julian was slick with Otis' lube and he began to push back, pressing himself against Otis, wanting him to take him. Otis pressed against Julian and penetrated, pushing inward slowly till he was all the way inside of Julian. Otis began to fuck, slowly, leaning over on Julian's back feeling the heat of his body against his own. He ground his cock deep within Julian, felt the soft tunnel wrap his cock and the tight ring of his opening squeeze his shaft as he moved it back and forth. He fucked Julian slowly, gently, till he felt the heat of his own body rise up, the tension of muscle, the increase in his heart rate and Otis wrapped his arms around Julian hugging him tightly as he fucked faster, drove into Julian with a building urgency. Julian was moaning as he pushed back taking Otis' fuck, every stroke fueling his own desires. His cock flopped back and forth underneath him and he reached down and stroked it, felt the wet slick head as his hand slipped over it. Otis began to fuck in short jabbing thrusts and Julian knew he was coming, felt the way Otis' cock piston within his hole pumping its load within him.

Otis pulled out and flipped Julian around getting him to sit as he moved up and over him. Otis soon had Julian in him as he seated himself on Julian's lap. He moved his body up and down, stroking his hole over Julian's cock, the thick shaft stretching him open. Otis rode Julian with an urgency, a need within to feel Julian fill him, to move inside him, their bodies locked together and Julian held Otis by the waist and began to push upward with his hips. Julian cried out as he began to pump his load into Otis, and Otis eased down all the way letting Julian empty himself into his body.

Later that night, Otis asleep in bed Julian sat next to him reading for one of his assignments. Julian had been reading for an hour or longer when he set the book down on his lap and looked over at the sleeping form, the way his hair fell over his face and his breathing was so slow and rhythmic and he let his eyes move over Otis' exposed back, the way it was concave along his spine, the shoulder blades so prominent and the way his skin was so smooth, soft to touch and after months with him the skin unblemished.



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