The Introvert:

David left his history class and headed to the cafeteria. His mind was a its usual buzz of information, of what he had to expect in his next class, of worrying about his grades, making the grades he needed to stay in Architecture, and his mind, no matter how hard he tired, kept admiring them. The one sitting on the bench going through their notes, the one that rode by on a bicycle, the one that sat in front of him in history and now the one walking in front of him, and he watched the way the jeans fit snug over their ass, the way each cheek moved with each slow graceful movement of their legs and he looked at the way their hair shined in the low sun, the bright clear sky, bitterly cold, struck each surface brilliantly, and their hair shone brightly. He watched their fingers glide through it, pulling the long bangs from their eyes.

He tried not to, desperately he tried, going so far as to try to not even acknowledge their sex, but he couldn't hold on to the illusion, the notion that he was just looking at them casually, without intent, but it was a fucking lie and as he went up the steps to the cafeteria passing one more he couldn't keep his eyes off he finally let his mind roam to the conclusion it always did every time he came on campus, every time he went out somewhere; he was attracted to other guys. He knew it had always been such.

In the sixth grade he had found himself looking at the other boys in ways that made them uncomfortable and he quickly learned to do it on the sly, to glance for just a minute, to find an excuse to talk to them when he really wanted to see them up close. By the eighth grade he was a frustrated mess, but he kept his eyes down as much as possible, tried not to look Jason in the eyes, those hazel eyes that every girl in their class commented on, tried not to look at Len who's face showed he was already shaving, the line of stubble subtly outlining his jaw and mouth, and he tried to avoid the dressing room in PE, the complete nakedness of some of his classmates, the way their bodies were suddenly on display, all the different shapes, skin tones, various levels of maturity. By his senior year he was so desperate to graduate and get away he struggled to maintain focus on his class work. He didn't go to his prom, avoided the school dances, and as the year progressed pulled further and further away from what few friends he had in the small school located in a small town in a rural county far from any sense of civilization as David saw it. For someone who was different, someone like David, who didn't know how to deal with his feelings, it was hell.

The Artist:

Jacob had only ten minutes to get the paper he needed and get to class. Luckily the book store supporting the students was across the road from campus and the Art Department was right there on the corner, its main studio's facing the street, their high windows allowing those passing by to see the students at work. Jacob went into the art section of the store and quickly located the sketch pads and grabbed the size he wanted. He had to wait in line for two others to check out and while he waited he looked at the guy ringing every one out. Tall, thin, slightly geeky, his thick black frame glasses dominated his narrow face. His hair was short, and he was pale, appearing never to have been in sunlight. But Jacob thought he was intriguing, someone who could be interesting. When it was Jacob's turn to check out he saw the name tag: Gregory.

"Is this all?" Gregory asked, letting his eyes scan up and down Jacob as he pulled out his debit card. Gregory's tone suggested there should be more.

Jacob swiped his card and saw the hungry expression on his face, the smile, cocky, far too cocky, and suddenly he lost interest. It happened all the time and he didn't know why. As soon as he made eye contact with someone who returned it, who was a little aggressive, assured, Jacob backed off. He had only been with three other guys. Two in high school and one since arriving on campus last fall and he had not been interested in pursuing that one any further.

He raced across the street and into the art building, running up the stairs, hitting every other step easily with his long legs, and then down the corridor to the studio of his next class. He took his usual place, the one that let him sit across the room from two guys that he had been studying all semester, trying to determine if they were gay or straight, trying to read some nuance about their actions that would answer the question. But he also knew it was a game really, one he just kept playing with himself, not really interested in either of them. Something just didn't click with them. Or was it something about himself he should be wondering about?

Crossed Paths: The Introductions:

There was a gallery exhibit over in the art department and some of David's studio classmates were going and talked him into tagging along. The gallery space was one long rectangular space, high ceilinged with works on the perimeter walls and on freestanding partitions positioned in the room. David broke off from the others, preferring to look at each work on his own, forming his own opinions, and he eased his way around the room. He rounded one of the partitions and moved a few feet back from the painting on display. Vivid, strong bold brush strokes showing an urban street and sitting on a bench one lone figure, leaned back, shirtless. David was focused on the lone figure and didn't notice someone come up beside him.

"What do you think?" A voice broke David's concentration.

"UH? Ohh..." and David froze, having to look up slightly to look at the guy standing beside him. Tall, broad shouldered, strong jaw under high cheeks, with long light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, revealing the ear rings in each ear; two hoops in each. David eyes quickly scanned down, unable to help himself, and he saw how the thin v-neck sweater, stretched tight over the guy's shoulders hung loose around his narrow waist, hanging over the black trousers, some sort of pocketed military or safari pants with their legs tucked into black boots. When he looked back up he saw the blue eyes looking at him as the guy smiled.

" you like what you see?"

David blushed and quickly looked back at the painting.

"Yeah, I do. There is something about the guy, alone on the bench. Do you know the artist?"

"Yeah, its mine."

"Oh, is..."

"Relax, you don't have to gush over it. I'm Jacob."

"David. You have any other work on exhibit?"

"No, just the one; they let us each put up one piece."

David's classmates came over and told him they were heading back to the studio and David, against his better judgment, told Jacob he had to go as he backed away and then turned to follow his classmates.

Crossed Paths: Near Miss:

David thought about Jacob over the next couple of days, thought about his tall lean body, the way he dressed, the way he had smiled at him and those blue eyes. He thought about how it had made him feel, to look at another guy and have these feelings and he thought about the missed opportunity, the lack of courage on his part, and the realization he probably would not see Jacob again.

But he did.

There were many places for students to hang out, restaurants, bars, clubs, and the coffee houses. Most students preferred the chain locations, those with a uniform look, uniform feel, and uniform customer, but there was another coffee house near campus, an independent operation nestled in an old storefront downtown. The interior looked like a flea market, with old furniture scattered about the space, the walls covered in old mass produced prints, movie posters of obscure movies and so many other artifacts of the last thirty or forty years no one could take it all in.

David had arrived around six, having been in studio, sketching the same damn idea over and over; unable to get past it to something new, an idea that made more sense, so he decided he had to get away from it for a while. He had been sitting for over an hour, reading the next couple chapters of his Architectural History and Theory class, when an idea hit him. He pulled out notebook and quickly sketched the idea down and realized it might work. He gathered up his stuff, shoving it in his backpack, and headed out. As he came out the door, there he was, securing his bike, a messenger bag slung over his shoulder. David hesitated, staring at him while he stood back up straight.

"Hey, David right? You were at the gallery exhibit?"

"Yeah...and you're...Jacob" he studdered, feeling his heart race.

"You leaving already?"

"Yes. I had been stuck on working out something on my project in Architecture and an idea just hit me, and I was..." David hesitated, suddenly torn between going back to studio or...

"Well you better get back there for you don't want the idea to get away from you. Sometimes it takes me days to get something worked out, and if I don't get it down quickly, well, it just leaves me. But maybe I'll see ya around?"

"Yeah" and David knew he was blushing as he made his way back to campus.

Crossed Paths: Enough of this silliness:

Off and on Jacob thought about that David. Tall, skinny, dirty blonde with a light line of freckles over his nose and under his eyes, Jacoby had found him enticing, something about the way he was so reserved, shy, the way he had blushed at the gallery opening and then when he had seen him at the coffee shop, the way he stuttered. Damn it was cute.

It had been a couple days since the coffee shop encounter and he had been working out how to actually meet David again. He knew he was in Architecture and going by the studios one evening seemed the best bet. In fact he considered going tonight since he was going to be on campus anyway. It was the first Tuesday of the month and the campus gay awareness group met on campus. He had started going back in the fall, thinking it would be a way to meet other guys, either for dating or just friends, guys who had similar interest, and desires. It hadn't worked out as he hoped and he knew it was his own fault but none of the guys there really interested him. He had dated a couple of them and hung out with several others when time permitted, but overall it hadn't worked out as he had hoped.

The classroom was on the upper floor of the English Department, a location that made sure anyone who came to it was there on purpose. Jacob showed up just after seven, a little late, and saw the room had a lot of the usual faces, but as he made his way to his favorite spot, about two thirds of the way back he saw him. Sitting there away from everyone else and when Jacob had spotted him he had looked down, afraid of being caught staring, which was funny since everyone else was giving Jacob the eye, smiling, friendly or flirty, or both. Jacob shifted his path and moved down the aisle to a seat directly beside David and slid down into the chair. It took a moment for David to look over and Jacob gave him his most innocent smile.

"Fancy running into you here. This has to be your first time since I've not seen you here before" Jacob stated as he watched David's response, watched how his eyes darted to someplace safe, the dark brown eyes nervous, shy.

David looked up at him, smiled and nodded yes.

"Why now after several months on campus?"

"I don't know. I just...well...I have been having trouble meeting people."

"Meeting guys you mean, and I think your trouble is that shyness."

David blushed and looked down, then slowly back up. "So what do you do at these meetings?"

"Not much really. In fact, have you had dinner yet?"

", why?"

"Come on, you can attend a meeting later, come have dinner with me."

Jacob led David out and down to his car in the parking lot and was soon driving up to a restaurant that was one of the nicer near campus, one that had sections that were private, quiet, the lighting low, and Jacob drove into the parking lot across the street and suddenly stopped in the drive aisle, just sitting in place.

"Aren't you going to park?" David asked, wondering what Jacob was up to and why he wasn't pulling into a parking space.

"I think we should do something else for dinner."

Jacob drove around the parking lot and headed back to the street. He glanced over at David, a look of confusion on his face. Jacob pulled out into the street and drove back the way they had came.

"Where are you going?" David asked.

"My place; we can eat dinner there. I can prepare something simple and we can..." Jacob looked over a David and smiled, "get to know each other better." He drove through the town back to the old house he rented. David turned and looked out the windshield, smiling.

"Okay" David said, more to himself than to Jacob.

Jacob's Place:

A knife, a spoon, a large boiler and a box of pasta sat on the counter. A bottle of wine left open sat on the table with two glasses containing only remnants of wine. Going from the small kitchen down the short hall were two shirts, three shoes, and a sock, discarded randomly along the way. The last room on the right, the door slightly ajar, with only the light of the hall illuminated the room David and Jacob were on the bed. Naked, their warm bodies pressed together as Jacob lie on top, the two of them kissing, hands roaming over exposed flesh. Jacob pressed his hips down, grinding his hard cock along the side of David's, each feeling the other's desire, hard, the heads slick with pre-cum as they rubbed against each other.

Jacob held David's arms down as he kissed him, as he ran his mouth down along his jaw, over his neck and to one ear, running his tongue over it, nipping the earlobe with his teeth. He moved down David's body, dragging his tongue over the smooth skin, over the indention at the base of his throat, down over his upper chest and around one then the other nipple. Jacob ran his tongue over them, feeling the soft surround of the hard erect nub in the center. Back and forth he ran his tongue then he put his mouth over one, firmly against the skin and he sucked against it, felt it pull upward against his suction and David rose up slightly. Jacob felt the erect center and took it between his teeth and bit down on it and David threw his arms over his head and pushed up, pushing his chest up, pressing his body against Jacob. David spread his legs and let Jacob slide down his body between his legs feeling the warm firm body, long and lean, moving over him, flesh rubbing flesh, hot, smooth. Jacob moved down further and ran his tongue over David's lean skinny stomach, feeling its concave contour, the rise and fall of his hard breathing and the occasional shaking of his run away lust. Jacob ran his tongue over David's bellybutton, probed it, felt its shape with his tongue as he ran his hand up and down David's sides.

David couldn't believe it felt it like this, so intense, intimate, with Jacob moving over his body, the way his warm body moved over him, the way he let his mouth touch him, feel his body, the smooth warmth, the taste of his skin. When Jacob moved over his stomach it tickled the way his hands moved down his sides and the way his tongue touched him. His cock ached, felt so hard, so needful and he wanted Jacob to touch it, to put his mouth on it, to let him feel Jacob's tongue move over it.

Only their heavy breathing and the soft sounds of the mattress shifting underneath them broke the silence as David suddenly felt it, the warm breath on his cock and he laid back, eyes closed; waiting. Jacob tentatively licked the shaft of David's cock, ran it lightly along its hard length till he felt the soft spongy head and tasted it, the sweet pre-cum covering the head and he took it in his mouth and sucked the head with his lips locked tightly around it. David gasped and pushed up with his hips, shoving more of his cock into Jacob's mouth. Jacob's hands came to rest on David's hips; firmly they held him as Jacob drove his mouth downward sinking more and more of David's cock into his mouth. David ran his hands through Jacob's long hair, felt the soft hair slide between his fingers as his cock sank further and further into Jacob's mouth. Jacoby slid his arms under David's thighs and pulled his legs up and spread them out, opening David up, completely exposed. Jacob moved off David's cock and ran his tongue over each nut, sucked each one into his mouth as he felt David shudder underneath him. He moved down further, trailing his wet tongue over the soft skin, following the line than ran down to David's opening, and he tongued it, probed it with the tip, felt it resist him, but he pushed harder, more determined, feeling the tightness slowly give and when David cried out he felt the tongue breach his opening and David open up to Jacob.

Jacob worked David slowly, his tongue pushing into his opening, teasingly, as he made David wet and hot, craving more. He moved back to David's cock, held it up and saw the head was wet, pre-cum drooling down over the head and he licked it off before taking it in his mouth, letting the shaft slid over his tongue and into the depths of his mouth. He buried his nose in David's crotch, smelled the masculine scent, his sex, and he moved up and down on David's cock.

David had never felt so alive, couldn't believe he was here, naked in bed with another guy, with Jacob, letting him do those things he was doing, to go so far, to probe him so, and he found his hips pumping upward as Jacob pushed his mouth downward. Over and over and over, Jacob worked his mouth up and down David's cock till David felt his cock ache with need and he pushed Jacob off his cock. David suddenly took charge, pushed Jacob over, shifted him onto his back and he climbed on top. David moved firmly over Jacob, pressed his lips to Jacob's as he held Jacob's arms down over his head. David ran his mouth over the rough stubble of Jacob's jaw, moved over to his ear and bit it, pulled slightly as he felt Jacob move under him. David moved on top of Jacob, wanting him, and he shifted his legs, bringing them together and pushing Jacob's legs apart. David moved down, pushing his cock over Jacob's cock, pushing it over Jacob's nuts and then probing down below, pushing along his ass till he had the head at Jacob's opening. David ran his hands down and took Jacob's thighs and lifted them up on either side of his body, turning Jacob's hips upward, turning his ass up in alignment with the cock David was pressing against him. David felt it, knew he was pressed up against it and he shifted his hips, shoving his cock into Jacob breaching his opening, penetrating him. Jacob cried out as he gripped handfuls of sheet, wadding it up in his fist as he felt David push more and more of his cock into him.

Jacob had thought he would have been the one to fuck David, but when David had suddenly gotten aggressive, suddenly pushed him over on his back, he was surprised and excited. He had never had a guy move on him like this, to take control, to move on top and take him. David had done that and now had his cock buried all the way inside of Jacob.

"Fuck..." David grunted in Jacob's ear as he ground his cock in Jacob's hole.

"Fuck me...fuck me hard" Jacob whispered into David's ear. David shift up on his hands, raised his body up and pulled his cock back, almost all the way and he sank it back in. Again David pulled back and sank back in, over and over, getting faster and faster, his body hovering over Jacob, his hips pile driving his cock downward, slamming down into Jacob till his hips were slapping against Jacob's ass. The bed squeaked and shook as David's pace became furious, all his thoughts focused on his cock plunging into Jacob. Jacob put his hand on David's hips and felt the tense lean body pounding down on him; he felt the heat of David's skin, the smooth slickness of it as sweat broke out over his body. David was grunting as he hammered away at Jacob, thrusting his cock into him as hard as he could.

David felt himself get close, too close, too quick, and he slowed, pulled all the way out of Jacob's hole, hovering over him, his cock bobbing up and down, wet, slick, hard. Then he slammed it back down, busting through Jacob's opening, shoving downward till his hips slapped against Jacob's upturned ass. David pulled back and out and after a moment's hesitation, he slammed back down again. He did it again and again and again until Jacob cried out, begged him to fuck him, to pump his cock into him, and David slammed down and began to fuck, his hips swinging hard and fast causing Jacob to grunt on every downward thrust as if David's cock was pushing the air out of him. David didn't last long as he found renewed strength, his need to unload pushing him along, and he moved down on top of Jacob, let Jacob feel his hot sweaty body moving on top of him, feel his hips swinging back and forth, feel his stomach rub over his sensitive cock as David drove his own in shorter and shorter thrust until he felt it, that swelling of his cock, that aching hardness as his cock flared up thicker, harder and he came, shoving his ejaculating cock inward pushing each wad of cum deep into Jacob coating his insides, slicking up his fucked out hole, letting David feel a soft slickness as he pumped out his load.

Jacob couldn't hold back, couldn't take they way David had pumped his hole so hard, especially when he came down on top of him all hot and sweaty, the contact of flesh on flesh, so tight, so sensitive, so hot and he worked his hips as best he could, rubbing his cock over David's skin, felt the wet slick head slid between them and when David had came, his hips pounding down on him, hard, his pace furious, Jacob had come, pumping out his load between them, feeling it smear between their rubbing bodies.

It was several minutes before either one of them spoke, before their breathing settled back down as David had just lain on top of Jacob, his body exhausted, spent, his cock still buried in Jacob. David felt the cooling load Jacob had ejaculated as it smeared between them. He ran a hand through Jacob's hair, pushing it out of his face and leaned down and kissed him, gently, on the lips and he rolled over on his back.

"That was..." and David stammered, not sure what to say.

"...great. That was great" Jacob finished the sentence for him.




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