It was another Full Moon when Ken is on the hunt for another man to fuck. He drove down to where the street hustler love to hang out. His number one target is someone who is much younger then him and has the Bear Cub look to him. He finally saw what he was looking for and approach him before he came him $200 bucks to go back with him. 

They arrived back act the Mansion shortly after 11 pm and went into the Library for a few cocktail. Ken pour a few glasses of his home maid Italian Wine that he makes as John began to feel sluggish a bit. It was shortly after that they were both in Ken sex dungeon that he build while John was spread out laying on his back facing the door. The lights were dim as the music began to play as Ken walk into the room wearing his Gothic Robe and his tight White Jockey Briefs.

 They both took a huge snort of poppers before Ken pull his nice 7 inch cock through the hole in front of his briefs. John legs were flung over Ken hairy shoulder as he started to guide his dick into John hole. It took another shot of the poppers when the real fuck started to happen.

Ken dick was fucking the juicy hole like a rockets going off as John was screaming and enjoying it sliding in and out, in and out of him. Once again Ken eyes began to turn red as he started to howl real loud as his sweat started to pour out all over his dark hairy chest. John started to have some fear a bit before Ken put him further into a sexual trance of some kind.

His cock was now rubbing  real hard up against John man G spot. The Gothic music in the room became much louder as Ken was still fucking him good and hard . The time was well over a good hour as Ken was still pounding the shit out of John ass in many different position were it got to a point when John was begging him to cum.

" Please Sir " Cum in my hole now as Ken face began to get red as he got more aggressive with John by now. " Make me cum, Make me cum " Ken shouted as he thrust him once more ! I t was not to long after that Ken was about to shoot off. " Fuck I am close , Fuck I am close " As he was telling him and screaming at John. " Holy shiiiiiit  here it comes " Ken pull out of him real fast has his load flung all over John hairy chest and beard as some of it hit the wall that was behind the massaged table.

Ken finally drop done onto his knees with totally exhausted from the orgasm that just happen. As for John he is on the table moaning with excitement on what just happen to him. It was mid afternoon when Ken drove John back to the city as he gave him another $100 dollars.

Ken got back home and went down into the dungeon for another orgy that was going to happen with around 10 hooded men chatting some Gothic songs. Each one took turns for Ken to fuck them as they began to howl along with Ken. The orgy lasted well over 2 hours before someone put a tit clamp on Ken nibbles as he was fucking another Bear cub hole. He dick grew another inch from all the blood that was rushing through to his shaft. Once again he shot his load off all over another  Bear Cub chest and face.  This time the cub shot back at him and hit him in the  chest with his own Cub juice. 




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