It was a very foggy night driving late one evening about 40 miles west of the London were John just fall asleep at the wheel and crash his car into the ditch. He was pass out as woke up in a huge bedroom in someone house scared to death on were he was. His eyes open up as he saw this beautiful dark hair man at the side of the bed cleaning up the scrapes and cuts that were all over his arm. " Hello there my name is Doctor Ken and you are here at my mansion from your car accident last night" I am wondering if you remember what happen  ? Sorry Doc all that I remember was going off the road as I went around the curve.

Doctor Ken explain to him that the car rental company came with the tow truck to take back to one of their garages. John was in England on a holiday from his work for the next 4 months or more. He had just turn 30 and was a corporate Lawyer in New York over the last 3 years. Doctor Ken left his side so he can rest some more from the crash last night. 

It took a good 36 hours until John was up walking in the upstairs of the house as the Maids and the Butler keep a good eye on him while Doctor Ken was working at the Hospital. The time was around  7 pm that Doctor Ken came home from the hospital and found John sitting in the library reading a book on vampires and other Gothic novels. " Hey Doc thank you some much for all of your hospitality over the last 5 days "  Doctor Ken began to give a huge smile before he told him that he can stay there until he fully recovers from the accident.

Over the next few days the both of them became close to one another as they open up about to one another on just about on everything you can think of. John and Doctor ken just finished supper before John was still not feeling so will and went back up to his room for the night. The Old Grandfather clock rang 11 times as John wakes up on a massaged table in the dungeon of the mansion. The room was like 400 square feet with flame lanterns burning  on the dark black concrete walls.

John was a little shock and scare that he only had a light bed sheet covering his 5'9 body as a strong order came into the room. John was very well in shape he weigh just over 140 with nice biceps and a washboard apps to die for. The only issue he has that he was a bit of a Pretty Boy.

" Hi Doc" As Ken began slowly walking over to him wearing some form of a dark black, gothic robe. He began to push a small button underneath the table that made John naked body into some form of a sexual position for fucking. He slowly began taking his robe off has he stood right in front of John motionless body. Ken had a firemen body has he stood well over 6 feet weigh a solid 190 with a nice bristle trim moustache along with a very dark hairy chest. He properly  looks very much like the 70's actor Burt Renyolds. 

John was so amazed by it all that he order Doctor Ken to fuck him. Ken had a darkish blue wolf eyes to die for as he began to roll his foreskin back on his cock. It only took a few seconds that Ken took a huge riff of poppers as his hard cock started to enter John hole. " John scream with some pain before ken pass the bottle to him.

Ken hard cock was sliding in and out of John's tight hole easy as the gothic music that was playing got much louder after every hard stroke coming from his cock. The room got much dark as both of them were into some kind of a sexual trace before Doctor Ken withdrew his dick quickly from John ass.

 Now there were around 5 other men in the room now take turns at fucking John ass while Ken just stood there jerking and sucking off everyone around him. John was so confuse by it all he thought that he was in some kind of Horror movie that was on TV.  Then a very tall man came over in front of John cum filled ass. He was well over 6 "5 and build like a Flanker in Rugby his cock was a good 10 inches long. 

" Fuck me Sir "

" Fuck me Sir "

You can  here the scream now coming from John as this man dick was going inside his ass.

" Oh Fuck it feels good "

" Fuck me like a man Sir'

He started to get more aggressive as he began to pound the shit out of John hole. This went on for a good ten minutes until he shot his load of cum all up John's ass. He did not have any reaction at all while he was orgasming in John ass.

Now it was Doctor Ken turn once again to do some more fucking. This time he pour some kind of heated massaged oil over both of their sweaty bodies now. He guided his cock much faster  into John ass this time and began to fuck him once again.

" Give it to me Sir "

" Give it to me Sir '

" Yea John "

" You like my dick "

" Yes Sir Love your Cock "

" Make me cum now "

" Fuck my cock "

" Make me cum now "

" Yes sir I will make you shoot "

" Fuck my dick Fuck my dick "

" I will Sir "

" I will Sir "

This kept going on for well over 20 minutes as both of their bodies were completely exhausted from ken hard deep strokes. 

" I am getting close now "

" I am getting fucking close now '

" Give me you load  Sir "

Ken eyes turn dark red as he began to howl life a wolf seeing a full moon has he was about to shoot his load off.

" Fuck here it is "

" Fuck here it comes '

" OH fuuuuucckk "

Ken sweaty body flung back and forth, Back and forth while his cock was dumping his load into John's hole. " Fuck Sir "  Ken was so wore out by the fuck he quickly pull out of John ass and began to Howl some more.  You can see the blood coming from Ken mouth and eyes as he was now turning into a Wear Wolf. John quickly got up from the table and ran back up stair to where his room was and made dam sure that the door was lock very tight.

The next morning Ken greeted John at the door before he left the mansion. John got into the Taxi and smile and wave good bye at Ken who was standing on the steps wearing his dark robe.The time was around 2 pm when John made back to his Flat were he was staying at. He had wild sex dreams about Doctor ken over the next few months.

The next morning John read in his local papers that the police had to kill a lone wolf on the country side after it attack two people. John thought 100% sure that it was Doctor Ken who he never heard from him at all after they meet.  It was very close time for John to catch his plane back to New York when he thought he saw Doctor Ken outside of his bedroom window late one night during a Full moon.




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