“Did you mean what you said last night, Querida?” Miguel asked over breakfast. “Do you want to be totally mine?”

“Of course, darling. You can have me anytime, anywhere, any way!”

“That’s not what I meant,” he said with a strange look. “I’m asking if you want to move in here. I want you to be my mistress.”

I sat in his lap and slid my robe off my shoulders. I dipped a finger in some jam and applied it to my nipple. I suggestively licked my finger then drew his mouth to my nipple.

As he sucked I said, “As long as you want me, love, as long as you want me.”

“I want to return the favor,” he said, as I sat on the edge of the chair, legs spread wide. 

He covered my cock with the jam. He held his fingers up. I sucked them like I would a nice cock. He smiled and returned the favor. While he sucked my cock he dipped his fingers in the jam again and worked them in my ass. I was putty in his hands as he finger fucked me and sucked me. I didn’t last long. He turned me over and proceeded to eat the jam from my ass! He did this until I was clean.

After we cleaned up, he suggested a walk in the nearby park. I dressed in my jeans, a nice tee shirt, and my loafers. I pulled my hair back into a pony-tail. His smile showed his approval.

We talked about moving arrangements. He suggested I keep my old apartment. He would pay its rent, too. 

“When I am away, you can have other lovers, as long as you entertain at your place. I will call you a couple of days before I come back.”

I kissed him and said, “Thank you.”

He asked if I had enough clothes, or would I need more. When I told him I could use a few things, he told me to discuss them with Jackie and she would arrange things.

 We returned to the apartment for a light lunch. Miguel was very pleased I knew how to cook. I only made soup and a sandwich, but you’d think he was feasting like a king!

He had to leave for an appointment and would be gone a couple of hours. He suggested I settle in and look around.

I looked in the master bedroom closet and saw some of his wife’s clothes. I decided I wouldn’t feel right in that room, like I was taking his wife’s place. I moved to the spare room: it was nearly as nice.

While I was putting my clothes away, I noticed a long sleeve shirt tossed in the back. It was one of Miguel’s. I tried it on. Since I am slightly taller than him the shirt barely covered my bottom. I rolled the cuffs up a little to hide that the arms were short. I took a shower and decided to be wearing the shirt when he came home.

He was delayed a little longer than planned. I found a book of Renaissance art in the hall bookcase and curled up on the couch.

“Where did you get that shirt?” he asked, as he came in. The look he gave me was very strange.

I lay the book down. “I’m sorry. I found it in the back of the closet in my room. I thought you might like to see me in it. I’ll go change into something else,” wondering if I’d done something wrong.

“No, don’t. You look lovely in it. Silve (his wife) often wore this around the house. We thought it lost. I have very fond memories of her and that shirt.”

He had me sit in his lap and kissed me. He fondled me through the shirt. It was a very different, but nice, feeling. He picked the book up and we looked at it while I sat in his lap.

Soon, it was time to eat. He had made reservations at a very exclusive restaurant. I only had my work outfit and felt I it would be out of place. 

“Silve has some outfits in the closet that should fit. You and she are similar builds. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

I asked if he would like me to model some and let him decide. He declined saying if we did that we would miss supper. He said he looked forward to me modeling soon. I found a simple elegant dress that reached my knees. He lustful look told me he approved my choice. I had the feeling he would have approved a sweat suit had I chose to wear it


Supper was nice and we returned to the apartment. I removed and hung up the dress then returned naked to the main room. I sat on his lap as we drank a glass of wine. The clock struck 10 when I led him to the spare room. The look on his face was priceless! He had been fucking me in the master bedroom and thought something was amiss.

“That one is yours and Silve’s. This one is ours. I undressed him and lay face down on the bed, legs spread wide. He put his tongue to my asshole. He licked the rim and would drive his tongue deep inside me. This lasted for a very longtime. The CDs we put on earlier had all finished.

We shifted to a 69 position. He made sure I received as much pleasure as he. I came a couple of times when he lay me on my back again. I lifted his legs to allow him to enter me. Even though I was slowly getting used to his size, he still was gentle in his thrusts. As we kissed, I wrapped my arms and legs around him, drawing him in. His gentle thrusts filled me completely! On and on he would thrust, only taking his mouth from mine to kiss my neck and whisper sweet things in my ear. My nipples stiffened rubbing against his chest

The clock chimed 1 AM when he finally finished. He pulled out and snuggled against me. He was soon asleep. I hated to let go of him since I knew he had to leave the next day.


I felt his kiss on my cheek as he left. 

“Sleepwell, Querida.” Then he left for the airport and Silve.



Angie K


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