Mid-afternoon, a courier delivered a box addressed to me from the local florist. Inside was a dozen roses from Miguel. 

The note read, “I had a most enjoyable time last night. You are wonderful company and I hope to enjoy more evenings with you, Querida.”

Nobody had ever given me flowers before. I was crying with joy as Jackie took the roses and put them in a vase. With the exception of Jackie, my previous encounters were only sexual in nature. Mostly, I was a toy for someone else's pleasure. Romance was an entirely new experience for me. I could hardly concentrate on my work, but Jackie was very understanding. I was constantly stopping to admire my flowers.

Around 5, Miguel walked in. “I hope you don’t mind. I couldn’t wait to see you again.”

I ran to him and kissed him deeply. When I released him, he held my hands and smiled warmly. He nodded to Jackie and the others, then looked back to me.

“I see you received the roses.”

“I love them: they are beautiful!”

“If you are available, would you like to go to dinner?”

Jackie whispered in my ear, “Go ahead, and don’t bother coming in tomorrow.” She lightly swatted my bottom and said, “Go on!”

I slipped my arm through Miguel’s as we walked out the door. There was a definite sway to my hips as I anticipated the night to come.

“I was thinking of a nice quiet restaurant and then doing whatever you wanted,” he suggested. “Maybe Italian?”

 “I was thinking of you taking me to my place and fucking me. We could order Chinese take-out and fuck again after supper!” I replied.

 He stopped and looked at me, “I was hoping you would say something like that. However, would you mind coming to my place? We could stop by your place and get whatever you need.”

 I quickly grabbed my weekender bag and rushed back to his car. He had a nice apartment downtown. We rode the elevator to his floor. We were the only ones on it. He raised my skirt and slipped his hand into my panties, cupping my bottom. We stood at the back. Other people got on and off at different floors, nobody noticing us. Had he ripped my skirt off, I wouldn’t have cared, so electrifying was his touch!

The elevator dropped us off at a hallway leading to his apartment, only one of two on the floor. We were greeted by a servant, who took my bag to the master bedroom. Another servant offered us drinks. 

As I was taking it all in, Miguel told me it was a 2 bedroom, 3 bath suite with living room, kitchen and dining. It also had a large balcony overlooking the city. The live-in servants had a separate suite off to one side. He explained he kept it for the occasions when either he or his wife were in town. He kept it staffed even though he didn’t live here. He lived in Miami. I knew he was wealthy, I didn’t have a clue how wealthy, though!

The drinks arrived and Miguel dismissed the servants. He handed them a thick envelope and told them to take the weekend off. They thanked him and quickly left.

He put some soft jazz on the stereo. I stood before him, smiling, and performed a slow strip tease to the music. Naked, I swayed to the music, turning to let him see all of me. His attention was riveted on me.

I walked to him, hips saucily swaying. I straddled him on the couch, rubbing my crotch against him. I fed him my breast, which he greedily sucked. His hands roamed my body, caressing my bottom. I leaned down to kiss him, removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. He stood so I could remove his pants. He sat down again, and I took his huge cock into my mouth. I could only get the head and 2or 3 inches in. I licked and kissed the head for several minutes before he guided me back to his lap. 

I grabbed some K-Y from my purse before I sat again. As we kissed, I used a couple of fingers to lube my ass hole. I then covered his cock with the lube. I guided him until the head was against my tight hole.  I slowly worked the head in, rising off and starting again working in a little more each time. He soon grabbed my hips and pulled me down on him until he painfully hit the end.

“Ooooh, yeeesssss!” I gasped. 

He growled with pleasure as I would slowly raise myself until only the head was in, then he would pull me back down hard. I yelped every time he bottomed out in me, but I kept kissing and rising.  We kept this up for at least 30 minutes before he pulled me down as far as I could take him, emptying his load deep inside me. He held me, kissing deeply till his orgasm finished. I kept him in me until I was sure he was drained. 

I knelt before him licking and sucking the sides of his cock, occasionally licking seeping cum from the head. I could feel the cum flowing down the back of my thighs. We went to the shower, kissing while washing each other clean. Miguel brought out two light robes for us.

We ordered food and spent the time talking. He told me of his wife, and their comfortable marriage, never saying anything against her. I told him about Dave being my first and how we still met occasionally for sex, but weren’t really close anymore. 

He talked about his love of the arts, especially jazz music. I talked about museums and music festivals. He told me of his travels across the world and I told him of my love of the outdoors.

After supper, I asked him to sit on the couch again with his legs spread. I told him I wanted to use my mouth and hands to make him come.

I spent the next hour taking as much of his cock in my mouth, sucking and using my hands to stroke him. I tickled his balls with my fingernails. He moaned and groaned in ecstasy. I caressed the head with my lips, running my tongue underneath.

When he came, I was stroking his cock and fondling his balls. My lips barely covered the head, my tongue ready to accept his load. His load filled my mouth and ran out over my lips. When he was through, I leaned back and used my fingers to gather the spilled cum. I slowly licked them clean, looking into his eyes.

“Take me to bed,” I purred.

He looked at me sheepishly and said, “I’m an old man. I don’t think I could get it up again tonight.”

I took his hand to lead him into the bedroom. We lay together kissing and touching each other. I guided his hand to my bottom and held it there until he got the picture. 

I lay on my stomach, legs spread wide, and said, “I want to feel your mouth on my bottom and back. I want you to use your fingers to fuck my ass.” 

I arched my bottom to accept his fingers. He fucked my ass while worshipping my bottom with his kisses. Miguel was really getting into this. He would vary the pace of his fingers. He would kiss and lightly bite my butt.  I gripped the bed tightly, moaning into the pillow. I rocked my bottom wanting his fingers deeper. He worked his fingers until his entire hand was inside me! Each of his gentle stokes had his fingers massaging my prostate. 

I moaned, “Ooohhhh, yeeesss!” as I came. 

He continued working my ass, biting my but a little harder. Within a few minutes I came again and collapsed on the bed. 

I felt him behind me, pushing his erect cock into my ass, pushing in deeply. He fucked me with long slow strokes. The feel of his hips against my bottom encourage me to thrust back against him. While this felt good, it wasn’t what I needed!

“Please, Miguel, fuck me harder!” I begged. “I can take it. I won’t break.”

He hesitated a moment then started thrusting faster and deeper. He held my arms down on the bed and pushed deeper. It hurt badly, but felt soooo good! Each thrust pushed me deeper in the bed. The hair around his cock scraped against my bottom. He bit my neck and shoulders. He rotated his hips, trying to go deeper. 

“Yeessss! Yessss! Ooooh, damn! Make me totally yours!

Finally Miguel drove in as deep as he could and emptied into me. His orgasm lasted at least 5 minutes! When the spasms were done. He started fucking me again! I gasped with pleasure with each stoke. I was helpless beneath him!

He fucked me like a demon for a few minutes and came one last time. Again, I asked him to stay in me. He whispered how wonderful my ass felt. He told me I made him feel like a bull again.

I got up a brought back some warm cloths to clean us up. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.


“Did you mean what you said last night, Querida?” Miguel asked over breakfast. “Do you want to be totally mine?”

“Of course, darling. You can have me anytime, anywhere, any way!”

“That’s not what I meant,” he said with a strange look. “I’m asking if you want to move in here. I want you to be my mistress.”

I sat in his lap and slid my robe off my shoulders. I dipped a finger in some jam and applied it to my nipple. I suggestively licked my finger then drew his mouth to my nipple.

As he sucked I said, “As long as you want me, love, as long as you want me.”

 To be continued……..


Angie K


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