I watched Jackie greet an older gentleman fondly, one afternoon. I'd seen him here several times over the past year. He always dressed nicely. Jackie usually took care of him. Sometimes, he would kiss the back of her hand upon leaving. Those were the only times I ever saw her blush. She was in better moods after seeing him.

I was hanging new garments and noticed him and Jackie talking and looking my way. He and Jackie came over to me. She informed me that I was to handle his account, from now on.

"Angie, this is Miguel V........" she introduced. "He's been a good customer since I opened my first shop."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Angela. Jackie has told me much about you. I know I will be in good hands."

Miguel was a short man: about 5-4, with a medium build going slightly to fat. His hair was longer than on most our customers, almost totally grey. He had piercing gray eyes that twinkled with humor. All in all, he was a very sexy man, as far as I was concerned.

He took my hand and kissed it. Jackie then walked him to the door and leaned over to lightly kiss him. She stayed at the door for several minutes after he left.

"Miguel owned the first shop I ever worked," Jackie explained. "For 3 years, he taught me everything I know about the business. One day, he came in and handed me the keys and a paper. "This shop is now yours," he said and left.

"A year later, I became his mistress. He was a sweet man and great lover. We stayed together about 5 years".

A couple of weeks later, Miguel returned and wanted to purchase a gown for his wife. I modeled a white floor length Grecian style with a low front and a low back. I also modeled it other colors. He asked if we had one in black.

I started to leave again to change when asked, "Would you mind changing here?" I smiled as Jackie left to find the right color.

"Would you like to help?" I asked.

He stepped closer to me and spread the bodice from my breasts and let the top fall around my arms. He gently cupped and caressed my breasts. He leaned over and sucked on a nipple before standing up. He then slid the gown over my hips and let it drop to the floor. I stepped out and stood facing him wearing only my stockings and high heels.

He walked around me, looking me over with approval. He stopped behind me, kissing my neck and running a hand across my bottom. His touch was electrifying!

Jackie returned with the black gown and I started to put it on when he said, "The blue will do nicely. I will send someone to pick it up later."

Jackie walked him out. When she returned she told me how pleased he was with my assistance.

The next week, Miguel returned and had me model a cream-colored silk gown. It covered me totally, but was so shear, I felt naked before him. My hard nipples were showing through the fabric. It clung to my bottom.

"Angela, may I see how it feels against your skin," he said. He had decided that Angela suited me better than "Angie". He never called me anything else.

He stood close to me and I leaned down slightly to kiss him. He ran his hands down my back, across my bottom. He then stood behind me and kissed my neck while fondling my breasts. I would have fucked him right there had he asked. I wanted him badly!

"'ll send someone to pick it up later," he said.

Over the next several months, this was how he conducted himself. I was nearly ready to beg him to fuck me. Jackie looked at me, knowingly.

One afternoon, he came in to look at a formal gown Jackie suggested. It was a red floor length that covered the entire body from neck to heels. The front had a panel that started narrow at the collar, widening enough to cover the breasts down to the floor. The back did the same, covering much of the bottom and back of the legs. The long sleeves and sides were open lace that exposed the sides of the breasts and the hips. Elegant and sexy at the same time. A bold woman wouldn't wear anything underneath.

I tried on the gown and Jackie put my hair up. As I entered the modeling room, Miguel let out a low whistle. From the look in his eyes, I could tell he desired me. This time, though he didn't touch me. He arranged for Jackie to have the package delivered.

A couple of weeks later, Jackie called me into her office. She handed me a large box, with a card on it. It was from Miguel.

"I would be honored if you would join me for the opera and a late dinner next Thursday night. Please accept these gifts, with my warmest wishes, Miguel."

Inside the box was the gown I had modeled, but in blue! (My favorite color!) Also included was a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings! I was flabbergasted! Jackie commented on how happy I looked, and said she would see to the reply.

That Thursday, Jackie helped me to get ready. She fixed my hair so that it was up, exposing my long neck. Michelle and Tracy helped me into the dress. Michelle applied a red lip gloss that complimented the blue in the dress. Jackie lent me a clutch for my essentials.

Miguel was to pick me up at 6:30 and take me for drinks before the opera. When he walked in the shop, he stopped suddenly and did a double take. He started speaking in Spanish, telling me how beautiful I was, and how unworthy he was to be seen with me.

As he was helping me into the cab, I felt his hand brush my bottom. He kept speaking in Spanish. The cabby said he was paying me just about every compliment a beautiful woman deserved. My head was swimming!

Throughout drinks, the opera, and dinner Miguel proudly displayed me on his arm and at his side. I was never as pleased as that night that Jackie had all us learn to carry ourselves properly, and as ladies. Everyone thought I was a gorgeous woman, not knowing I'm really transsexual. I basked in the lustful gazes of men and women alike. I was amused by the hatred in some women's eyes as their husbands openly stared at me.

When the evening was over, Miguel walked me to my apartment door, kissed me and started to leave.

"Would you like to come in for a moment?" I asked.

He smiled as I turned to unlock the door. He placed his hand on my bottom and lightly stroked. I fumbled with the lock to keep him stroking me. I was purring softly. We entered my place and I kicked off my heels. With my heels on I stood 6 inches taller than him. Without them I was only a couple of inches taller.

I tilted my head and kissed him passionately. He pulled me close and cupped my ass cheeks and squeezed.

After a couple of moments, I backed away and asked, "What would you like? Coffee, tea, or.....me!" His lustful gaze was all the answer I needed.

He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply, running his hands down my sides. I had my arms around his neck. He reached around and cupped my bottom, pulling me in close.

He unzipped the gown and spread the back enough to l his hand down my bare back until he cupped my bottom. He continued to hold me close and kiss me. At this point, I was ready for him to throw me down and fuck me hard!

Instead, he turned me around and kissed my neck. His hands slid the gown off my shoulders part way down my arms. He spent several minutes kissing my shoulders and my back. As he moved lower, he slid the gown lower freeing my arms and exposing to top of my cheeks.

His kissed lower and spent several minutes kissing the small of my back and the tops of my cheeks. He finally pushed the gown over my hips and dropped it to the floor. Soon, my bottom was getting his full attention. I had never had someone kiss and play with my bottom like he did. He would work his way down the back of my thighs and move back to my bottom. I was fully erect, at the point. I was determined to ride him all night!

He turned me around and looked at my cock for a moment. He started licking my balls, swirling his tongue over them! He slowly licked his way up my shaft until the tip of his tongue was at the rim of the head, then started all over at the balls. He did this several times before kissing the head. I was struggling not to come, but I could barely stand it!

With a quick movement, he swallowed my cock and moved up till he was only kissing the head. The third time he reached my balls I exploded in his mouth! He kept licking my balls with my cock deep in his mouth and didn't stop till I was finally empty!

He was kissing the hollows of my hips and worked his way to my navel. I'm ticklish there, but he held me and nibbled awhile before moving up to my breasts. He stood before me, kissing me deeply and holding my naked body close. Being naked in front of him fully clothed was a highly erotic feeling.

He removed his coat and sat on the couch. I straddled him facing him. I held his face to mine as his hands continued to explore my quivering body. I moved his head down to my breasts and held it close as he sucked and nibbled each one.

I leaned back slightly and removed his tie. I unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his chest. I kissed and nibbled his nipples and he moaned in pleasure, but his hand was soon guiding me downward.

He stood to allow me to remove his pants. I unbuckled the belt and unfastened the snap. I used my teeth to pull down the zipper. As I slid his pants and shorts down, his cock sprang loose and nearly hit me in the face.

His cock was the biggest one I had ever seen up close! Jackie is a little over 7" and close to 2" thick. She fills me completely when she fucks me. Miguel's was at least 9, and possibly 10" long, and thicker than Jackie's. I have long fingers, but I couldn't completely close them around his shaft. And he wasn't erect yet!

I tried taking him in my mouth, but couldn't get much of it in. it had my mouth stretched wider than it had ever been!

Miguel stopped me. "Very few can do this. My wife doesn't even try anymore."

He smiled at me and pulled me up to kiss again. I led him to my bedroom and we crawled into it holding each other. We kissed and explored each other's body for what seemed like ages before I turned onto my stomach and asked him to prepare me.

He squeezes some K-Y onto my asshole and teased the rim awhile before sticking a finger in. He was kissing my lower back while working his finger. Soon he had 2, then 3 fingers in me loosening me, getting me ready to take his throbbing cock.

Miguel rolled me onto my back and I lifted my hips slightly. His cock head felt like he was pushing a baseball bat up my ass. I flinched in pain and he pulled out, a genuine look of concern on his face.

"Please. Don't stop!" I cried. "I want to feel as much of you as possible in me! I've wanted you to fuck me for weeks."

He slowly worked it in till he hit the back of my ass. Even then he wasn't all the way in! He rested a while to allow the pain to subside. When he could tell I was relaxing, he took me with long, slow strokes. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close to kiss him. I soon wrapped my legs around him, arching my hips up, trying to take him all the way in. (It was several weeks before I could finally take him balls deep!)

He fucked me gently, whispering how beautiful I was in my ear. His hot breath on my neck was driving me crazy! Each thrust would reach the end without hurting me. Each thrust was getting me used to his size. I had never felt this full!

My cock was hard against his stomach. Each thrust acted like a caress to my cock. I started coming, covering both our bellies.

Miguel stopped for a moment and looked into my face.

"Please, don't stop", I said. "I love the feel of you in me. I want you to fuck me harder. I want to feel you empty into me. I want you to fuck me all night!"

He put his mouth on mine and resumed kissing. He fucked faster and harder. I felt more pain as he hit the end harder. I didn't care. He had pleased me first. It was now time to take his pleasure of me. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him into me.

I don't know how long he fucked me like this, but I was hard again, and soon came again. A few minutes later, he started grunting as he thrust harder and emptied his load in me. I could feel his cock twitch with each squirt of come. He was in me so deep and tight, none could leak out!

He was going to pull out but I held him tightly. I squirmed under him trying to milk every last drop.

"I want you to stay in me," I said as he laid his head on my chest. "I feel sooo good, right now!"

"Me, too, Querida, he said, then flicked his tongue across my nipple.

We caressed each other while he gently sucked my breast. We lay there for a time when I noticed he wasn't sucking, just resting with my nipple in his mouth. His breathing had changed. He had fallen asleep!

I stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head. I basked in the warm afterglow. I was content to lay here like this. He was still deep in me when I finally drifted off to sleep.

Sometime during the early morning hours I woke to find he had rolled off me and was snuggled against my back. His cock was against my crack, hand cupping my breast. His breath was warm against my neck. I smiled and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I rose before Miguel and cleaned myself. I put on coffee and then returned to bed to wake him with my kisses. He opened his eyes and smiled brightly when he saw my face, I returned the smile.

"Good morning, Querida. Was last night real or only a dream?" he asked sleepily.

"Better than any dream!"

I rose from the bed, letting him see my naked body. He went to take a shower and shave. He returned and found me in the kitchen wearing a light robe. I had laid his clothes out, smoothing as many wrinkles as I could. He told me not to worry, he kept extra clothes at his office.

"Maybe you can keep some things here!" I purred suggestively. He actually blushed at that! How sweet!

He was pleasantly surprised when I poured the coffee and set an omelet before him. I watched him eat. As he left, he thanked me for the wonderful night and would see me soon. I knew he would, I just didn't realize how soon.

I made it into the shop around 11. It was obvious my ass was really sore. Jackie and the others made me tell everything over coffee. Michelle and Tracy were happy for me and ribbed me frequently. The day moved along and Jackie commented on my dreamy expressions.

Mid-afternoon, a courier delivered a box addressed to me from the local florist. Inside was a dozen roses from Miguel.

The note read, "I had a most enjoyable time last night. You are great company and I hope to enjoy more evenings with you, Querida!"

With the exception of a weekend with Jackie, my previous sexual encounters had been about getting fucked and being used roughly. Romance was a new experience for me!

No one had ever given me flowers, before. I was crying with joy as Jackie took the roses and put them in a vase. I could hardly concentrate on my work, but Jackie was very understanding. I was constantly stopping to admire them.

Around 5, Miguel walked in. "I hope you don't mind. I couldn't wait to see you again."

I ran to him and kissed him deeply. When I released him, he held my hands and smiled warmly. He nodded to Jackie and the others, then looked back to me.

"I see you received the roses."

"I love them: They are beautiful!"

"If you are available, would you like to go to dinner?"

Jackie whispered in my ear, "Go ahead, and don't bother coming in tomorrow." She lightly swatted my bottom and said, "Go on!"

I slipped my arm through Miguel's as we walked out the door. There was a definite sway to my hips as I anticipated the night to come.

To be continued....


Angie K


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