The Escapee
Chapter 3

I sat there, locked in that feeling again, being able to hear everything and nothing at the same time. I had to move, to get out, something was coming for me, trying to delay my mission, and I couldn't stand it. A branch snapped, a twig broke, and searing heat met my flesh. Almost going into shock I was met with another memory; I saw a beautiful woman, this woman has cream skin, dark brown eyes and lank brown hair, she has wide eyes, a broad nose and a pointed chin. But as soon as I was acclimating to her features, the memory was stripped away from me, leaving me bare and raw. As the fire traveled up my body I couldn't move, I was hopeless. The fire playfully licked at my face, and I noticed that it wasn't burning me now. I didn't know its' purpose why it was there, I didn't really want to understand it at all. The experience was taken from me as I was doused by something. I looked around, though I could only look up. I assumed it was a person and I was then apprehensive, could it be the man coming to find me and kill me?

"Hey!" a voice shouted, coming closer, "Are you okay sir?"

As the last word left his mouth I could finally move again, and I looked up at the boy who towered over me.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine," I said still freezing.

I looked up at the boy and his facial expression changed, it looked like he saw a ghost.

"Kimani?" The boy said cautiously

"Yes? Who are you?" It seemed like to me I was going to have to deal with this from now on.

The boy couldn't speak or move, he didn't know how he should feel.

"I am Amarion Osei, we used to be in the same classes..." he rambled on

"Yeah I get it, um, sorry to ask you this but could you take me home? I don't know which way to go and you seem very helpful" I asked Amarion

"Sure, Um you don't by any chance have an address do you?" Amarion seemed flustered

"I do, here" I said as he gave me another confused look as I handed him the phone I climbed into his car.


"Oh everyone will love that you're back Kimani, theres been non-stop talk about you in school, though many people think you were kidnapped and killed." Amarion said with remorse

"No thats fine, I don't know where I am anyway. Speaking of which, where are we?" I wondered

"Oh, we're up in Exeter, New Hampshire, you used to go to school here. Not like you would remember but anyway," He said in a more pressing tone "How exactly did you get an iPhone?"

"A man in a cottage not too far from where you found me gave me it, ironically he kicked me out later. Would you perhaps know him?"

"No sorry, I didn't think anyone would live in those woods."


"Nothing more than an old wives tale, but everyone here believes it."

"What is it?"

"A man, not long ago, set out to find his one true peace, except he wanted to burrow himself into a woman and have children. Having the worst luck in all the world he settled here in Exeter. The women were kind to him, because rumor has it that he was as rich as a gold-monger. This man no one knew his name, finally settled down with a woman, and nine months later had kids," Amarion looked at me again, "You're bored out of his mind of this story aren't you?"

"No, no I'm fine. Keep going" I pressed him

"Well anyways, six months after his kids were born, a vicious wolf came and slaughtered them all, leaving the man to himself. The man vowed to kill anyone who stepped foot in those woods, and no one's seen him ever since." Amarion left a morbid tone.

"Wow - That's - I have no words,"

The car came to a murderous stop, and I looked out the window to see a massive castle. I was left in awe. I felt as if there was more than meets the eye inside. I wondered what waited for me. I wondered if they'd accept me back. I couldn't deal with these emotions.

"Um - perhaps you can get us inside?" I asked wanting to jump out the car and go for myself if he would not.

"No sorry, but you should be able to, just remember my name okay?" He exclaimed

"Sure - I'll catch see you later?"Kimani asked questionably

"I'll make sure of it," Amarion agreed

As Amarion became microscopic in the sun, I looked back at the house wondering how he was supposed to get in.


I wandered around for some time, because now it was dark. I had tried every way possible that I could think of, I finally gave up sitting down because my hopes were futile. Out of the corner of my eye a car came up. It blinded me and I covered my face with my hand. I could feel the light switch off and the sound of a door closing. I stood up, but fainted, weak from having no food for some time.


You keep going further and further away! Come Back!

I fear I won't be able to hold them for so long.

My strength wanes.


I did not know the time when I woke up next. I was in a large bed, larger than the one from the man's house. I tried to move but couldn't, my body was so weak, my voice so raspy. No one could hear me. I laid there in suspended animation. My panic and anxiety soon rose, did they drug me? My answers would be soon heard as the door opened, and the woman that I saw from  the vision entered. She sat at the edge of my bed. A man entered next and sat at the other edge. It took me a while, but I saw him.

 The man has quite distinct features. Aside from his dark chocolate skin, he had weary, light colored eyes. His tall physique made up for his bald head. His nose is big, oddly shaped, and his chin is flat.

"Son... where have you been?" This man asked me in a low tone

I wondered wether to tell him the truth or not. I lied. "I don't know, I don't remember you, either of you, I don't remember this house, my life anything. It's all gone." I faltered, I didn't mean to say all of that.

They looked shocked, whom I assumed to be my parents. But they quickly adjusted their expressions and looked at me in a Mr. Rogers way. I didn't even know where I heard Mr. Rogers from.

"It's okay, we're here for you, the Academy will be so exited that you're back. The whole school has been missing their most famous player." He said again

"Who are you? Who am I?" I didn't know why I felt so calm with them. I just met them ten seconds ago.

"You, young man, are Kimani Taj Azikiwe," He paused for a second, "Me and your mother are Chad and Melissa, you have 2 sisters, Ife and Bemi, they both go by their middle names Catherine and Samantha. You go to Phillips Academy, which is popularly called Exeter Academy. Now our turn, how did you get here?"
"I woke up in something cold and white. A man found me and fed me until he kicked me out but gave me your address," I answered and looked on as my "parents" looked generally concerned for me, I wondered what was going on. "Something Wrong?"

"Did he touch you? In places you didn't want him to touch? You don't have to be scared you're protected now." My mother questioned me.

"What? No! Is something the matter?" I was acting foolhardy.

"No, never-mind," She gave me a calming tone. "Did someone help you get here?"

"Yeah a boy, he said he goes to my school." I answered.

"Did He give you a name?" My father chipped in.

"His said his name was Amarion Osei."

My parents took on the appearance of utter-shock again. I wondered what was wrong.

"I don't want you talking to that boy anymore." My father said

"Why?" I questioned them both

"He's a faggot." My father said furiously

"What is that?" I asked Unknowingly

"Something abnormal." Chad fumed

"Chad! Why would you ever use that Word?" She turned to me, "He's Gay, it's when a guy likes another guy."

"You should have a problem with it Melissa, aren't you a good Christian?" My dad retorted

Meanwhile, I didn't understand why he had such a problem with guys liking each other. I kept my mouth shut and just listened in on their argument.

"A good Christian doesn't hold such trivial beliefs. Rather, they love everyone." My mom answered feasibly

"Oh shut it you know it's true! Faggots should be extinct... Like the Jews under Hitler rule. He had one thing right." My dads facial expression showed no contempt for what he just said.

"How could you say such a thing? We have to stop this fighting. We have to focus on our son." Mother tried to ease the arguing

"I'm going out for a drink." My dad left the room

As he left I looked to my mom, not caring for what words were exchanged but because I was hungry.

"Sorry about that child, me and your dad don't really get into arguments like that." My mother lied though I didn't know it at the time.

"Alright, may I get something to eat?" I asked her.

Boy, I can't hold on any longer.

Boy, Come now.

Boy, Here I am.


The sun touched my palpable skin. It gave me affection and warmth. But I did not want to get out of bed, it was too comfortable for me. I stayed in there for a while until I became restless and anxious of what I was going to do this day. I wish I could remember my dreams. I had suffered a terrible nightmare and woke up in a cold sweat. Though I didn't remember what it was, I hope it wasn't that stalker-wolf again.

I felt something stand up straight, and hard, I looked down and saw my erect member peering at me with open eyes. The very thought of doing something like this disgusted me. Though, I was so aroused by whatever dream I had that my subconscious did this to me. I wanted to touch it, to feel it grow, and to feel it's hot seed come out from under.

I was flabbergasted, I didn't know where those ridiculous thoughts came from. Quickly rushing into the shower to cleanse myself off from this retched feeling gutted into my body. The shower was cold, but I stuck through it. Getting out of the shower I saw no change, I thought I would. Maybe it would be best to walk around for a while, or to will it down. or maybe. I thought of endless solutions that wouldn't help my cause. Even if I tried stiffing it down my pants the very length of it would penetrate through. Putting on my clothes and still seeing no change, I didn't care of my appearance then and walked downstairs. Suddenly putting into thought another action seemed to calm it down, and I was relieved.

Finally coming downstairs I prepared to make myself something to eat, but I didn't know how. I reached a door, but I did not know what it was for. Dare I open it? I dared, when I opened it I saw rows upon rows of food everything already prepared. I salivated. I did not know which one to choose, or which one tasted the best. I took out all of them, I said to myself I was only going to try them. I was wrong. After 30 minutes my stomach was bloated and I could not think for I was so full. I hated feeling like this, I wanted to stick my finger down my throat and make myself vomit. The sensation came over me so fast it made my stomach churn, my throat burned, and I was so disgusted with myself. I went to the bathroom and promptly emptied my stomach in the toilet. I sat there and cried when I stopped. I wanted to stop everything, cut it short, I didn't know how I would make this up. I found and unclipped a razor and brought it to my jugular. I was so scared. I didn't know what was coming for me on the other side. I slit my throat just as my mom walked in.




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