The Escapee

Installment 2

I'm lost....

I'm lost in damnation,

When will you come?

When will you be here?

Please save me

A wolf peers at my naked body, I am unable to move, but I feel the snow under my lower back. The soft wet snow, seeps into my body as something foreign. I try to move my legs so that I may be able to get up and walk, but that proved to be futile. I'm locked in my own mind, looking in at memories that happened when I was a child. I'm pulled back to reality when I hear a sound, the soft crunch of the snow under a mans boot, I then hear a grunt and a very gruff voice telling me to get up. If there were anyway to respond I would, but my efforts seemed futile. The man picks me up in his arms and I instantly feel warm. Locked in his embrace and unable to do anything else I fall asleep content.

The wolf finds me in my dreams again, this time chasing after me, haunting me. It seems like I can't get away from the wolf. Wherever I go he follows. In fear of being eaten I try to get out of his hold by kicking snow in his eyes. He stops for a while, and I take that as my chance to run. I hear a loud growl of anger behind me and I can hear him catching up to me it seems like he's almost 5 paces behind me. I turn around, ready to face the wolf, but there's nothing there for miles, except for trees, snow and other lifeless vegetation. For a second I'm scared thinking that he's just hiding under the bushes, or that he'll run towards me at any second, but he doesn't, and I suddenly awaken only to find myself sitting up in my bed, eyes pointing forward.

"Hell of a night you had there," The man says, while licking his chops off of what smelled like a good meal.

"Really?" I asked not really paying attention to the man and letting the smells of the room waft over him like an ocean's wave, "Mmmm what is that scent? I'm so hungry," I grumbled in a childlike manner.

"It's soup for you, I didn't know when you would wake up or not so I started to prepare it," The man peers at Kimani and gives him a half-smile.

"Oh thanks." I say happily, though I'm cautious as I become aware of the stranger that I've been talking to.

"I got some clothes for you, I didn't know your size so they may or may not fit," The man replied.

"How thoughtful," Kimani answered in a dry tone still trying to figure out the man's intentions, as he put on the clothes that were given to him and walked over to get a bowl of soup.

"What were you doing out there in the cold by yourself? With no clothes even?" The man asked quizzically.

"I don't know myself even, I think I was running from something, though I don't know what" I answered him.

The man mumbled in a agreeable tone. "That happens a lot around here Kimani, you're not the first."

"H-How do you know my name?" I asked startled

"Everyone in the state knows your name Kimani," The man searches for a second and then finds an article that he was looking for and begins to read , "Kimani Taj Azikiwe, famous Division One AAU, Amateur Athletics Union, Striker & Shooting guard, class president, and volunteer for the ASPCA who goes to Phillip's Academy in Exeter, was found missing after a state championship soccer game. Pleas go out to anyone who finds this young man, and brings him home safely."

I am at a loss of words at the moment,  I feel like I was forcibly brought back into a life that necessarily wasn't mine. "No... NO that couldn't have been me, you're talking about someone else mister." I say stupefied

"Oh Really?" He asks, knowing that this was him. He showed me a picture that looks surprisingly like him. "This was you, a year ago."

"A year ago? It only felt like 10 days" Still stupefied, "I can't remember anything, I want to go home. Maybe that will jog my memory." I say matter-of-factly, "What is your name?" He asked

"Arnold Schwarzenegger," He chortled

"No Really.. I haven't lost all my memory." I chided

"Fine, fine calm down willya?" He stood up taller and proclaimed, "The names Dejuan Lioux, I've lived many places in all my adventurous life, maybe you'll lead me into another one."

I finally got a good look at Dejuan he had red, frizzy hair that was pulled back to reveal a chiseled, wild face. Bright auburn eyes, set appealingly within their sockets, his seemingly soft skin gracefully compliments his eyes and mouth. He's tall, I wonder how he fits in this small cabin. There's something enticing about him, perhaps it's a feeling of comfort or perhaps his disposition tells people something more. To me he looked almost 'god-like'  even though I've never seen a 'god' before in my life. He gave me the impression that he knew me from somewhere else, I did not know and now was not the time to ask him as he may not take me back home.

"So what about going home?" I asked him, wanting to know more about him.

"Oh No I can't do that, being a pariah in the town hasn't really given people my trust and they'd think I k- never mind about that, Anyway here's the address I can provide you with but other than that, no help from me," He said cautiously.

I had a multifarious amount of emotions going on inside of me at the moment, first I felt betrayed by this man who took me into his home only to kick me out with no help, I did not know how to survive in this new world as people might call it, and I was apprehensive of coming to this home I did not know who would be there or who I would remember.

"Going there will be an arduous journey, just watch out for the cars, and stay out to the side of the road and you'll be safe. Oh and here," He fumbled around for a small device of which I did not know what it did, "This is a Galaxy phone if you go to Maps and  type in the address it'll tell you where to go."

I stared at this contraption in my hand, it was foreign to my sense of touch. I looked up at the man in bewilderment. I was frightened about where to go. Dejuan seemed to not care about my feelings.

"Leave! Before I  kick you out!" He fumed.

Fearing what he might do to me if I stayed I ran, albeit I wondered about his past and what led up to the events of us meeting each other.

I skidded to a stop as I started to hear foreign noises and sounds coming from something nearby. I followed the sounds apprehensively not wanting to be caught by anybody like the man I just encountered. Coming out from the trees I noticed something smooth and black, about to walk on it I noticed something coming into my line of view and I staggered back hitting a rock. Hitting a rock as I went down into darkness.


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