The Escapee

Installment 1


It's so lonely


It's so lonely.

Can someone come here soon? Where are they? I'm not going to die, I'm not going to die, I won't.

A loud clang resonates throughout the metallic coffin. It can be heard 10 more times seemingly coming closer and closer. Black short hair slightly covers a fresh hard face. Lightning Blue eyes, set a-symmetrically within their sockets, watch slowly over the boy he's been trying to keep asleep for so long. There's something bizarre about him, perhaps it's his bravery or perhaps it's simply a feeling of sadness. But nonetheless, his charge is one that can never be forgotten.

"Get up," the man says in a very gruff tone, not wanting to wait any longer he thrusts the boy up by his hair and drags him to the area.

The area is a very dimly lit room, not much goes on there, except for the fact that there are incubators that can fit humans in them. Inside each of the incubators is a man and a woman that seem to be in the fetal position, they have no umbilical cord. Clanks and whirs resonate loudly as the man starts to open up his tank for him, his female counterpart already inside. The boy appears to be struggling against the mans sheer brute force, in the midst of the struggle he sees himself in the reflection of the glass.  He had a rectangular face with a defined, slightly pointed chin and a sturdy jaw line. His dark blue eyes were small and spaced evenly apart, sitting below trim eyebrows that seemed to curve as a natural extension of his broad, rounded nose. He kept his mouth closed in a thin, straight line, and his hair-naturally black in color-was curly and worn back to reveal a wide forehead. The raggedy cloth that went down to his ankles hid his vibrant chocolate skin from being shown. He paused for a moment and looked around. The only thing he saw was a small white sign that showed - what he thought his name was - Kimani.

He looked around the room for anything, anything, that could be used against this man. He struggled to hold on as the man became stronger with every push. Finally he found what he could use. In the reflection of a mirror it appeared to be the crook and flail of osiris, something that was lost long ago he perceived. He lost consciousness as the man shoved him into the glass, almost breaking it.

The man picked up Kimani and placed him into the tank. Pressing the sequence into the pad, all he could think about was what would happen now. He's had a few defects in the past year, all of them different, all of them the same. He'd just have to wait and see.

Where am I?


It's white all around. I can't see anything.

Someone come here, soon. Please. I can't take this any longer.

Kimani forgets who he is, where he is, it seems like he was placed in a tank that he can't see out of but people can see in. He sees his reflection in every corner of this reflective border. He is very tall, with auburn hair that slightly covers his forehead, his eyebrows seemed like they were kept plucked and cared for, for however long he was in this hell. His eyes, are a striking black and blue combination, his disposition makes him seem very docile and placid. His arms raised above his head not covering anything, makes him very angry. But almost immediately, that feeling is gone, only to be replaced by an overwhelming calmness. He goes to sleep.

"The box is holding nicely for our guest.... send him." The man tells to some migrant workers in the building at the time.

It's quiet for a while, until the machine starts to make all this noise and clanks and its gears are grinding. A bright light fills the room. No sound can be heard. As the smoke and fog clears, Kimani isn't there anymore. He's in some dimension between his dimension and the next. Wondering where he'd go. He blissfully closes his eyes.


Well that was my first chapter of, The Escapee. I'd like some comments about it, if you liked it, if I need to work on anything, if you'd like to see something. Anyways. Thanks and Chapter 2 to come shortly!






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