Colton was at Owen's place every day, and some evenings he stayed overnight, giving himself to Owen, submitting to him. At times he begged for it, pushed Owen in ways Owen didn't understand, took things to new levels even for Owen. Colton would find Owen heading toward his barn and would sneak in, strip and wait on him, on his knees, ready to serve, to provide Owen the pleasures Colton thought he deserved, that he would want. Owen struggled with this new aspect, didn't know quite what to make of it, the way Colton threw himself at him. Colton would come to the field he was working in and as he walked along the row, out in the hot sun he would pull his clothes off till he was naked and he would come up to Owen, kiss him, grope his crotch, drop down on his knees in the dirt and work his dirty pants open, take out his cock and suck him till he was so hard, ready to cum, then he would drop down on his all fours or stand up and bend over, begging Owen to do it, to fuck him, to put his cock in his hole and stretch him open; pump his cum into him.

Owen knew this was different, so different than any previous experience with another man, he wasn't sure if he should feel the way he did about it, for he loved it, the way Colton was always available, always ready to serve his needs, wanting to serve his needs, and the last few days it was taking another turn, one he hadn't been sure of, but one he was beginning to enjoy as much as Colton seemed to enjoy it.

Colton was in the barn and when he had entered it Colton stood naked holding loops of rope. Owen tried to toss them aside, to ignore what Colton was suggesting, but he wouldn't be ignored and Owen gave in, tying him up, tossing the loose end of the rope over a cross beam and pulling it up till Colton's toes barely touched the floor. His lean body, stretched out, vulnerable, so smooth and fair, the way he so little hair under his arms, none on his stomach, barely any on his arms and legs and a small thin sweep of hair over his cock which grew quickly to full erection. Owen tore at his own clothes, was out of them as fast as he could to get naked, his cock rising up, thick and hard and he moved on Colton, kissed him roughly, stroked his cock till is was wet and slick with his pre-cum, and he reached around and ran his hand between Colton's ass cheeks, rub him along the smooth skin, the sweaty soft skin till he found his target and he rubbed it, pressed his finger against it till it breached the tight ring and sank into hot velvety tunnel. Owen finger fucked his ass, using one finger, then two and finally three, stretching his hole open, loosening him up until he couldn't wait any longer and he picked up Colton's legs getting him to wrap them around his waist as he lined his cock with Colton's hole and Colton tightened his legs pulling Owen into him, sinking his cock all the way in. Colton threw his head back and cried out, moaned at the pleasure and he leaned back up, looked Owen in the eyes, shuddering from the quick deep penetration.

"Fuck me, Owen, fuck me hard...I'm yours" Colton said, his voice sounding breathless, urgent, his need for Owen overpowering.

Owen fucked him the way he wanted, hard and fast and his first load made his cock slide in his hole so smoothly, felt so good, he had stayed hard and kept at him, kept pumping his cock in his hole till cum was leaking back out, and he kept fucking, his stamina after shooting once greatly increased and Colton took it, grunted and moaned with every deep throbbing stab into his guts. Colton came this time without being touched, just blew his load up his stomach and over his chest letting Owen feel his hole spasm around his cock. Owen, already hot from his labors had sweat pouring off of him, rivulets of sweat ran down his body, droplets flew from his hair and rained down on Colton, the scent of his body strong and masculine and Colton squeezed Owen with his legs, urged him own till Owen slammed into him with hard short stabs and pumped his second load deep in him.

When he let Colton down he could see the rope left some mark on his wrists and he saw the cum run down his thigh. Colton leaned up and kissed him, then headed toward the house.

"I'm going to clean up and start dinner. You'll be in by six or so, right?"

They had ate the meal Colton prepared now Colton washed the dishes letting Owen sit and watch TV until he was done. When Colton came in the living area Owen once again noticed how the ragged shorts, a pair of cut off sweat pants, hung on Colton's waist, clung to his body, and showed his cock flopping around underneath. Colton had stopped wearing underwear at Owen's, barely stayed dressed, and a lot of the time wasn't. Colton came and sat in Owen's lap and kissed him, asking him if the sex in the barn earlier had been as fun for him and it had been for himself. He ground his ass on Owen's crotch, rubbed Owen's chest and began to kiss and tongue around his neck and ears, working him up, getting him hard again. Owen ran his hand over Colton's bare chest, felt the smooth soft skin. He rubbed downward, over his lean tight stomach and on down over the growing erection within the ragged shorts. Owen pushed him up and down onto the floor, grabbing the shorts and ripped them, tugging them off in shreds, stripping him roughly, the way he knew Colton wanted it; only the waist band held together and Owen moved down on Colton, taking the waistband and sliding it down his legs where he used it to tie Colton's ankles together. He held the bound legs up against his body and rubbed his jeans' covered crotch over Colton's bare ass, letting him feel the soft worn denim move over his skin. Colton reached for his jeans, pulled the button loose and pulled the zipper down, knowing Owen would not have underwear on, thus freeing the cock within. Owen smiled at the aggressiveness of Colton, his constant desire to be fucked and he held Colton by the bound ankles and pushed them over folding Colton in half, turning his ass up, open, ready to be fucked and Owen didn't play with it this time. He put his cock to the hole and bore down on Colton penetrating him suddenly, all the way and Colton cried out, his body tense and shuddering at the sudden stretching of his hole. Owen moved on top of the folded over body, raised his hips till his cock almost came free and he plunged downward, shoved down with all this weight, slamming his hips down onto the upturned ass. He fucked Colton hard, long full strokes, and Colton threw his arms over his head and Owen leaned down, pinning Colton's legs against his body and he kissed Colton's armpit, nipped at the sparse hair as his hips kept up their assault, plunging his cock into the boy over and over and over, till he felt it, that milking of his cock, the way Colton's hole would spasm around his shaft when he was coming and he knew Colton was pumping out his load, spattering his wad over his stomach and chest and Owen pulled out, let his legs swing back over and he moved up over Colton, straddled his chest and he stroked his cock hard only a few times, the excitement of the fuck, the smell of Colton's cum and the way he held his mouth open, waiting, ready, wanting him to shoot it in his mouth caused Owen to cum quickly, to pump out his third load of the day and it shot into Colton's mouth then dribbled down the head of his cock and smeared along the shaft and he moved up further and let Colton have his cock, let him suck off the cum from the head, and when he pushed it into Colton's mouth he felt the boy suck it, vacuum up his cum and swallow it. He watched as Colton took the shaft and milked the last of the cum from his cock, let it bubble at the head before he licked it off. Colton lay back staring up at Owen, smiling, while he still held his cock, lightly stroking the sensitive shaft till Owen made him stop.

Owen couldn't believe this farm boy could be such a deviate, so aggressive in his submission to him, so willing to do anything. That night, lying in bed watched the slow even rise and fall of Colton's stomach as he breathed slowly in his sleep. He watched how his eyes moved underneath their eyelids and he looked as he always did at the boy's body, the smooth lean torso with its fair skin, so soft to the touch. Only his hands gave away his farm boy upbringing with their calluses. He remembered all the times he had caught Colton staring at him, looking at his body and he had known how Colton felt, knew his desires but back then the two years difference seemed like a lot; it was a lot to boys becoming men. But now, it was different, and when he had seen Colton at the bridge, the tall lean body still so young looking in many respects was still, in other ways, very much a man. He leaned over a lightly kissed Colton on the forehead causing him to stir slightly before settling back down in a deep peaceful sleep. The next morning he asked Colton when he had to go back to college for his second year and he saw the pained expression just before he put on a smile and turned to him.

"I have to leave around August the twenty-second. Will you miss me when I leave?" and Owen knew Colton was afraid this summer was just a fling for him, that after he left for college there would be other men, men to take his place, and Owen would move on without him.

Owen hesitated, not realizing how the thought of Colton leaving was making him feel, but he took a deep breath and looked up at Colton. "So...when will you make it home? I mean, you'll have some weekends you can come back, and there will be the holidays, right?"

Colton smiled and nodded his head yes; "yeah, there will be many times I can come back and if you haven't found someone else...maybe I can ... come over?"

Owen leaned back and looked at Colton and smiled. "That will be nice. It'll be awful lonely around here when you're gone."



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