Colton drove along the old narrow dirt road cutting through the stand of pine that one paper mill or another controlled as he headed toward Owen's place. He rode with the windows down letting the hot humid air circulate in the cab making it tolerable for the old truck, one his daddy had gave him when he turned sixteen, a twenty-one year Chevy that had rust in the rear fenders and part of the bed, one that the old motor used oil nearly as fast as it used gasoline but still ran strong, stubbornly, as it bounced over the washboard surface of the road.

Colton was anxious, skittish as his daddy would call it, for he couldn't believe Owen had invited him over, even if it was just to fish in the pond at the back of his property. Colton fantasized that this would be more than just a fishing trip, maybe Owen would finally notice him, and would defy the attitudes of the community, but he just knew he was being foolish. But still he couldn't wait to get there for he knew he could still be around Owen, be in his presence, to look upon him and daydream about what could happen.

He had noticed Owen McCullough from the first time he saw him, at the age of fourteen, when the older boy had gotten on the bus heading to school. Owen was two years older, but his family having just moved to the area had not been able to get Owen a truck or a car right away, so he had had to ride the bus. Colton had never felt the way he did when he looked at Owen and it confused him, this feeling he got whenever he was around Owen, and he saw Owen a lot over the next few years since his daddy was with the soil conservation group in the county, which had Owen's daddy surveying one field or another, seeing which were having problems with erosion, low wetlands within the fields and when the problems were severe coming up with plans for assistance to get the works in place to deal with the problem. Colton's granddaddy and daddy farmed over a thousand acres in the low lands of South Alabama and a couple of their fields were candidates for conservation measures. So for three years Owen and his daddy were coming over to the farm to see the progress and make any adjustments that may be needed.

For Colton he did his best to always be there when they arrived, got up earlier than usual, worked so hard he was nearly sick with heat exhaustion as he made sure to have his chores done and at the field Owen and his daddy were going to be visiting. At fourteen Colton felt like he was still just a skinny kid and to see Owen, two years older, usually wearing a t-shirt with the sides completely ripped out, or a shirt with the sleeves ripped off, or some tank top that showed his developing broad shoulders made Colton feel like he was going to hyperventilate as he felt his heart race in his chest and his pulse quicken. He watched Owen closely, too closely at times for he got caught staring time after time. Once Owen had on a football practice jersey, all mess fabric and cut off at mid torso leaving his stomach completely exposed. Colton had looked at the developing chest, the way his dirty blonde hair was darker, more brown than blonde under his arms, along his arms and legs and, tantalizingly so, the thin trail of hair that led from his navel down, disappearing into the low waisted jeans he had on, jeans that seemed to defy gravity they hung so low on his hips. Colton remembered how he had stared at Owen's greater maturity, more muscular body, and the form of his lower stomach, the way it narrowed as he eyes followed its form down to the waistband of the jeans, so low he swore he could see pubic hair. It was then he realized Owen had stopped moving, was just standing still and when he looked up he saw Owen was looking at him in a questioning manner. He had been so embarrassed at being caught he had turned and walked off. But he couldn't help it and as he moved away he turned and looked back and saw Owen watching him, just staring at him as he walked across the field toward his daddy's truck.

From that moment onward he had tried to watch how he looked at Owen, but Owen made it difficult, the way he dressed revealing his muscular arms, a glimpse of nipple, or a line of flesh around the short hem of a shirt, or he'd stretch, twist his body, raise his arms giving Colton a full view of arm, armpit, the tension of muscle underneath his tanned skin. In the old general store at the cross roads, whenever they stopped for a mid-afternoon soda and snack, many of the local farmers would be there and Colton saw many of the other boys from school who worked on their family's farm. Many of the other boys were attractive, although rougher, the way they talked, the way they carried themselves and for Colton they just did not capture his imagination, not like Owen who also came into the old store many a time with his daddy. As usual he was dressed in a manner that revealed his upper body, and the jeans he wore, hung low and showing a large bulge, or worn and bleached out, the fabric thinned till Colton could make out Owen's dick beneath the fabric. One Saturday morning when he had stopped with his father to get drinks for their cooler to take to the field, Owen had come in wearing shorts and a tank top. The tank top was cut low, the straps thin and his nipples were visible whenever he bent over, or reached into the drink cooler or, while waiting to pay, standing behind Colton's daddy, he had stretched his arms out and twisted his torso, raising the tank top up revealing his stomach and Colton had stared and when Owen brought his arms down he was smiling at Colton.

Owen had gotten a Jeep the following summer after they had moved to the area, an old CJ7, and now Owen only saw him when they visited the farm or when they crossed paths at school, at the general store, at the tractor dealership or in the nearby town at one of the two small restaurants. The next year Colton got the old truck and he too stopped riding the bus and he spent the last few months of tenth grade trying to figure out how to arrive at the school at the same time as Owen, knowing he was graduating that spring and probably moving away. Colton couldn't see anything holding him to the area and it made him feel like something was slipping away forever.

For the next couple of years he heard the rumors, casual talk among the farmers how the McCullough's boy had gone to college, then quit and moved back, and finally how he had gotten his daddy to help him buy the old Graham place out on Highway 167, just the other side of Pine Barren Creek from one of their properties. He was going to farm. Colton was a senior, only a month from graduation and he had ran into Owen at the tractor dealership over in Greenview and he couldn't believe how Owen had matured, his tall lean body muscular and still on display as he wore a sleeveless shirt and tight jeans. He had been friendly to Colton, friendlier than usual, asking how his family was doing and if he was going to college the next fall, which Colton told him he was and where he was headed, majoring in agriculture in one of its curriculums that would help him start his own farm.

"So you're coming back here to farm?" Owen asked, smiling in a friendly manner.

"Yeah. Dad said I could take our old place down near Pine Barren Creek."

"Hey my place is on Pine Barren."

"I know" and Colton blushed slightly, then he glanced down to stop himself from staring into Owen's brown eyes. "Our place is on this side of the creek, opposite of you" he finally replied.

Now it was nearly dark and he found himself driving by Owen's place, slowly, just letting the old truck idle along as he looked up the long narrow drive leading through the old oak and pecan trees. Colton knew the old house place was near the back of the property, so far back you couldn't see any lights from the road. He had so wanted to turn into that drive and go down there, to just show up, and...what he wasn't sure.

By the time graduation arrived Colton was resolved to the fact he wasn't going to see Owen much anymore, in fact, the rumor mill said Owen was dating the Stinson's oldest daughter. It was a rumor that seemed to deliver the final blow to his crush and any hopes of anything ever happening between them.

Colton went to college, made friends, went to football games, partied too hard, and did all the things college students did, except for one thing; he didn't date anyone, always having one excuse or another. By the time summer break came he was ready to come home for the summer, to get some time away from everyone at college, to not feel that pressure to hook up with girls.

He'd been home only three days when he decided to ride out to the old place by Pine Barren Creek and as he came out of the house and walked through the garage he decided to grab a couple of fishing poles and rod and reel, thinking he would kill some time fishing in the old creek. He drove over in his old truck and saw how his dad was still farming the main field but the two smaller ones by the old house place were allowed to grow up. He would come back one day and bush hog the two fields so it at least looked better. He drove around the property and after a few minutes he drove back out to the highway and pulled down to the bridge, pulling his truck to the shoulder to park. There had been a swimming hole at the bridge years ago but with the creek becoming fouled with fertilizers and other farm chemicals everyone stopped swimming there and over time the vegetation grew back up along the banks. There was a small trail through the brush some people kept knocked down so they could make their way in to fish or just check out the creek but no one Colton knew kept anything they caught, being afraid to eat it. Colton laid his gear down and used the rod and reel first, casting his lure up the creek as far as he dared and worked the lure back down toward him. He had been casting for a few minutes when he heard a tractor approach, its distinct whine echoing down the hill.

Suddenly an old John Deere, an ancient 4020, drove over the bridge. Colton was standing where he could only see the lower part of the tractor as it drove over but he heard it slow down and stop. Then it reversed, and he heard the high pitch whine of the transmission as the tractor came back onto the bridge, stopped and idled down.

"Hey Colton, is that you?" a voice cried out. It was Owen. Colton didn't even get his line reeled in before he tossed the rod on the bank and ran back along the narrow trail, up the embankment to the shoulder of the road and stood looking at Owen on the tractor. He was looking down toward the creek and the bank trying to see Colton down there and had not realized Colton was standing in the edge of the road looking at him.

"Owen, I'm over here" he yelled out.

Owen looked around to where he stood and smiled. Colton couldn't help but notice how he was in his usual attire, a sleeveless shirt and jeans with a ball cap pulled low over his eyes. His dirty blonde hair stuck out long around the sides, the longest Colton had ever seen it. Owen pulled forward till he was beside Colton and he stopped and shut down the tractor, knowing the chances of a car coming on the old two lane road was slim.

"I thought that was your old truck. You home from college?" He was friendly like he had been last summer and Colton felt pleased that it wasn't like the past where Owen treated him as a kid, too young for him, someone to ignore.

"Yeah, I'm home for the summer."

"I see..." and there was a moment of quiet, neither knowing what to say, Colton so nervous to be around Owen he was tongue tied.

"You're not going to eat anything you catch in that filthy water are ya?"

"Oh, hell no. I was just fishing to kill time. Daddy was going to put in a pond on our property years ago, but he never got around to it. It would have been nice" and his let his voice trail off.

"If you like to fish why don't ya come over some time. I cleaned out that old pond behind the barn and got it looking pretty good. The fishing isn't the best yet, but at least the water's clean and you can eat what ya catch."

"Really...I mean yeah, I'd like that. Just let me know when it is good for you."

"Hell, Colton, anytime is fine. Why don't you come over in a couple of hours and we can see if we can catch dinner."

Colton hesitated for a moment, his mouth hanging open and he realized Owen was smiling at the way he had to look. He swallowed and finally found his voice.

"Yeah, Owen I'd love to come over."

Owen started up the tractor and looked down at Colton. "Well, I'll see you shortly." He revved the engine up and pulled away. Colton ran down and grabbed up his gear and headed home. He was going to clean up and change clothes and then wait impatiently for time to head over to Owen's.

Colton took the short cut over to Highway 167, taking the old dirt road. Soon he was heading down 167, past his family's place, over the bridge and up the steep slope to the next plateau where Owen's place was located. He eased off the road and down the tree lined lane, shadowed and cool under the oak and pecan trees. The lane went straight back till it got to a field and it turned sharply to the left and ran along the edge of the field till he came to the house and barn. He pulled around to the rear and pulled up to the carport where the old CJ7 sat next to a fairly new pickup. As he got out he saw Owen step out of the screen porch rod and reel in hand, wearing a tank top and shorts. This time Colton had matched him, even though his body was not as developed, not nearly as muscular. He was lean, almost skinny, and his body still had very little hair, making him still look younger but even so, he had put on a tank top and pair of cargo shorts that he had owned for years, worn till they were frayed and ripped. One hole by his rear pocket revealing his boxers, and another at his crotch he knew would open up when he sat. If there was any chance of getting Owen's attention, of letting him know he was available, willing, ready to do anything, he felt this was his chance.

"Throw your gear in the Jeep. We can take it down to the pond."

Colton laid his gear in the back and climbed in realizing the Jeep sat higher now, had larger tires. Owen climbed in and Colton couldn't help but look at his legs with their fine dusting of hair, the skin so naturally dark, he noticed the same about his arms, the way the fine hair covered his forearms and he forced himself to look away.

"Your Jeep: you've changed the suspension" Colton finally stated as Owen drove from the house around the barn and toward the pond.

"Yeah, I did it last winter."

They cut down the lane and as they progressed it got a little rougher, a few places were washed out and Owen slowed and eased the Jeep through it. The lane began to drop down, going down toward the creek where it wound behind Owen's place and Colton soon saw the pond, a long narrow body of water sitting parallel to the hillside. Owen pulled down close and they hoped out and got their poles and rod and reels ready. Colton noticed Owen also had a fly rod and was checking the fly.

"There are some bass in the pond but it is mostly sun fish and the other side near that tree is the best location, but sometimes I can pick up one or two by fishing along the edge as I move around."

"Okay" Colton replied and they each moved to the bank and began to work around the pond, Colton going right and Owen going left. Colton kept looking back at Owen watching him sail the fly out over the water a few feet from the bank. He watched the muscular arm rise up, and with a flick of the wrist send the fly forward. After a few minutes he heard the splashing sound of a bass fighting against the line of Owen's rod and watched Owen wade into the edge of the pond to retrieve his catch.

They eventually made it to the shade of the tree and were standing fairly close as they cast a few more times back in the direction from whence they came.

"Is it hard casting that fly rod?" Colton asked Owen.

"No, not once you get the rhythm of the throw down. Haven't you fished with a fly rod before?"

"No, just rod and reels and cane poles."

"Here try it" and Owen came over and handed his fly rod to Colton. Owen told him how to bring the rod back and then how to cast the fly forward and Colton tried to do it but got the fly caught in the grass on the bank. Owen came up behind Colton, so close Colton could smell the scent of him.

"Here, let me help" and Owen came up close to his back, reached around and held Colton's hand where he was gripping the rod and proceeded to move him through the movement of casting the rod. Colton felt Owen touch his back and the contact made him loose focus, to mess up again.

"I think you're too distracted" Owen whispered in his ear, the warm breath lightly blowing over his skin and Owen leaned to the side taking the rod from Colton and laid it on the ground.

"I think we should wait till it cools down to fish, don't you?" Owen whispered in Colton's ear when he stood back up behind him.

"Yeah" Colton replied, his voice hoarse and soft.

Owen wrapped his bare arms around Colton's stomach and pulled him tight to his body and the warm contact made his cock flex in his shorts, made him short of breath and he leaned back against Owen resting his head on the bare shoulder. Owen began to kiss his neck, ran his lips over the warm sweating skin till he was mouthing and tonguing his ear, tugging on the lobe with his lips while he ran his hands up and down Colton's stomach and over his chest.

"You like this, don't ya?" Owen whispered.

"Yes" Colton replied, the urgency of his desires breaking his voice.

"You've always wanted this, didn't you?"


"I'm going to strip you out here, I'm going to suck your dick and you're going to suck mine and then I'm going to fuck your ass."


"I'm going to pump your hole full of cum and then make you clean my dick off."


Owen pulled back and grabbed the tank top Colton was wearing and pulled it up and over his head tossing it on the ground. He ran his hands over Colton's back, feeling the sweaty skin, slick and hot and he turned Colton around and ran his hands over his chest, over the hardening nub of his nipples, tweaking them, giving them a little twist making Colton cry out and move to him, pulling their bodies together, kissing him on the mouth. Owen took Colton's wrist and pulled his arms up and over his head, stretching him back, his upper body completely exposed and Owen leaned down and ran his tongue over Colton's nipples, tasting the salty hot flesh, feeling the smooth skin with his tongue. He bit one nipple, tugged on it, making Colton push forward, and shove his body against his face. Owen let his wrist go and ran his hands over Colton's ass, felt the firm cheeks, squeezed them, pulled them part as he pushed his hand against the fabric of the shorts trying to force his hand down between his cheeks. Colton pressed his crotch against Owen's, letting him feel the hard cock confined in his shorts. Owen bent over further, trailing his tongue down the smooth lean stomach, around his navel, into it, nipping at the flesh, lightly biting it as he undid the button of Colton's short, pulled down the zipper and opened them up revealing the white boxers beneath, tented out with hard cock, the head beginning to ooze pre-cum and wet the fabric. Owen moved to the wet spot, licked it, and he opened his mouth wide and sucked the cock head into his mouth. He mouthed the cock through the fabric till it was wet with his spit and the cock was clearly visible, the flared head pressing tightly to the fabric, wanting to be free. Owen dropped to his knees taking Colton's shorts down with him. He reached up and took the waist band of the boxers, pulled them out from his body at the front and eased them down, letting the hard cock bob free in his face. Colton's hands rested on Owen's shoulders as Owen held his hard cock, stroked it a couple of times, squeezed the shaft, watched a bubble of pre-cum form at the slit in the head, and then he leaned over and licked the head cleaned, sucked on it drawing out more, then slid his mouth down the shaft. Colton cried out as he felt the warm slick mouth suck the head of his cock and he sucked in his breath when Owen slid his mouth down the shaft, swallowing his cock all the way down.

Owen leaned back, releasing Colton's cock, sat on his heels and reached down to get Colton's shorts and boxers from around his ankles. Colton raised one foot then the other, letting Owen stripe him naked, exposed to the hot sun, the feel of the natural breeze as it moved over his sweat slick body. Owen held his cock by the base and went to licking, sucking and mouthing the head and part of the shaft till Colton thought he would come, his nuts drawing up in their sac and the muscles of his body so tensed up tight, but Owen pulled off just in time, left him wanting to cum, needing to cum. Owen stood up in front of the naked boy, took his head in his hands and brought their mouths together kissing him roughly, passionately.

"You hot motherfucker, take my clothes off" Owen commanded and Colton moved back to Owen and kissed him on the lips softly, gently and when he pulled back he was smiling.

"Yes, sir" he replied and he took the tank top by the waist and pulled upward till it was off, tossing it to the ground. Owen's upper body, more defined, more muscular, was glistening in the hot sun and Colton leaned forward and mouthed one nipple, tongued it and when he sucked on it Owen grabbed his head and held him tight. Colton's hands held onto Owen's narrow waist and when Owen let him go he moved downward dragging his tongue over the hot hard body, tasting the saltiness of it. Owen pushed down on his shoulders and he knew what was expected of him, knew it was what he wanted to do, had wanted for so long, and he dropped to his knees and buried his face in the crotch of the shorts, feeling the hard cock beneath press against his mouth and over his cheek. He mouthed the hard cock, ran his mouth along its length as he ran his hands up and down Owen's legs, feeling the hair tickling his palms and sliding through his fingers.

Colton pulled back and quickly, impatiently, the urgency of his desires pushing him, he pulled open Owen's shorts, spread them open to see he didn't have on underwear and the hard shaft of his cock lay to the side, the head still trapped within the shorts and Colton lean in, breathed in the scent of this man as he put his lips to that hard smooth shaft, ran his tongue along its exposed length, and he worked his mouth into the confines of the shorts, working frantically to get to the head, to feel its soft spongy flesh in his mouth, and he pushed harder and finally, using his hands he tugged the shorts down freeing the hard cock, letting it bob in the open and he stared at it, the gaping hole in the head as it oozed pre-cum, a long drool of it trailing toward the ground and Colton leaned down and captured it on his tongue. He moved upward letting the pre-cum pool on his tongue till he reached the head and he sucked it in his mouth, savored the sweet flavor of Owen as he polished his cock till it was clean, finally sucking the shaft deep into his mouth.

"That's it, take my cock, boy, suck it" Owen said, his voice firm, commanding, in charge.

And Colton sucked, sucked hard, for he wanted it, had wanted it for years, when Owen thought him just a kid, too young, but not now, for now he was a man, ready to be shown what Owen wanted, what he desired, and he was ready, ready to do what Owen wanted. He sucked the cock down till he gagged on it, cutting off his air, and he kept at it, sucking along the shaft, working his mouth up and down the shaft till Owen held his head between his hands, firmly, aligned on his cock, and he began to swing his hips back and forth, to push his cock into Colton's mouth hole, to use it, to fuck it, and Colton held on to Owen's legs, let Owen use him, fuck his mouth, push cock into it till he couldn't breathe, pull back and do it again and again and again. Colton felt how his own cock was still hard, bobbing up and down to his shaking back and forth from Owen's face fuck and he pushed it against Owen's leg, felt the head of it slide over the hairy calf as he left a slime trail of pre-cum over the skin.

"Fuck boy, I'm close already...shit" Owen cried out as he hammered his cock into Colton, slammed his hips forward till he slapped up against his face and he pumped his load deep into Colton's mouth, wad after wad of hot white cum he pumped down Colton's throat until he was just dribbling out cum and he pulled back and let Colton taste the last of it, suck it out of his cock, savor it on his tongue while the spurting cock slid back and forth through it.

"Fuck" Owen whispered as he finally pulled his spent cock out of Colton's mouth. Colton looked at him, eyes glazed over, lost in his lust for Owen. Owen looked down at the boy, a small drop of cum running from the corner of his mouth, his body all hot and wet, his cock so hard it was bobbing up and down, the head wet and slick, and Owen grabbed a handful of Colton's wet hair and pulled his head back and leaned down and kissed him, tongues dueling, as he pressed his lips down tight to Colton's.

Owen's cock was still hard, his needs not yet satisfied, the want for more urgent and he stood back up and stroked his cock, watching how Colton's eyes followed his hand, its every move and he eased down on his knees in front of Colton, came down almost eye to eye and he leaned over and kissed him again as he felt Colton's cock rub along his own and he took both of them in his hand, stroked them together, felt the slick shafts rub together as they kissed, their hot wet bodies, with rivulets of sweat pouring down their torsos bumping against each other. Owen pulled back, let go of Colton's cock and looked him in the eye. Colton waited, his mouth hung open, his eyes unfocused, his body ready for what Owen wanted next.

"Turn and get on your hands and knees" and Colton did as he was asked, turned and bent over till he was in position, his ass open to Owen, ready, waiting, wanting, willing to take its first penetration, its first cock and he held his head down, looked down into the grass, felt the sting of it on his arms and legs, felt the hot sun beating down on his nakedness as he waited in anxious anticipation. Owen moved between the boy's legs, pushed them apart as he got up close and he rubbed Colton's ass, ran his hands over each cheek and slid them up his wet slick back, the lean torso hot to the touch and as he did he let his cock nestle in between the cheeks of Colton's ass, press into him and he felt Colton push back. He smiled knowingly, remembering his first time, the way he had wanted it so bad and now here was Colton pressing his ass back against his hard cock letting it snuggle down between his cheeks, and Owen lay over his body, let his body rest on Colton, feel the weight on it on him and he reached around his chest and ran his hands up grabbing Colton's shoulders, holding him place as he humped his body against him, felt the hot wet slick skin rub against his own building up his want of the boy, his desire, his need and he worked his cock between the ass cheeks till they were wet and slick and Colton was beginning to moan, to move with him and Owen realized Colton was whispering something, over and over and he leaned down close till he could hear him.

"Fuck me...fuck me...put it in me, please" Colton was whispering which made Owen smile and he turned and lightly bit Colton at the base of his neck making him rise up and cry out. "Fuck."

Owen rose up on his knees and rubbed his cock between Colton's ass cheeks as he pushed down on his back till he dropped to his elbows turning his ass upward a little more, a little more open and Owen rubbed his cock over Colton's hole, smeared pre-cum over it making it wet and slick and he pressed against it feeling its tightness, the way it tried to deny him but he shifted over Colton, pressed his cock against the tight hole and bore down on it breaching the opening penetrating Colton, and he worked his cock into the virginal tunnel, slowly, inch by inch, watching Colton shudder with the penetration, his head thrown back as he cried out, but Owen knew he wanted it, wanted it bad for as he pushed forward, slipping more of his cock into Colton, Colton was pushing back taking it, easing his body back, opening himself up.

Colton felt Owen press his body up to his ass and he knew he had all of it, all of Owen's cock in his hole and he held still as he felt how his body felt filled, his hole stuffed, and he felt the way Owen felt hot against his skin, the sensation of the touch so great he no longer felt the sting of the grass or the heat of the sun. Owen shifted up and held Colton by the hips and he pulled back till his cock head was at Colton's opening and he eased back in, slowly, and he did it again, and again, and again till Colton took his cock easily, the tight ring of his hole loosened, taking his cock with ease and he began to fuck, to drive his cock into him with powerful thrusts, his hips slamming against Colton's ass as he drove his cock into the boy each time. Owen shifted on his knees and pulled his cock completely out, watched it bob in the open, wet and slick, and he slammed it back in, shoved all the way in making Colton cry out and grunt when he bottomed out in his hole. Owen did it again, and slammed his cock back into the boy, and he did it again, and again and again till he couldn't stop himself and he slammed into the boy's ass and held his hips and began to drive his body harder, to fuck as hard as he could, wanting to cum, needing to cum. He drove into the boy hard and leaned onto his back again, and this time he reached under Colton and took his hard leaking cock and began to stroke it in rhythm to his own thrusts, slamming his cock into Colton's hole and slamming his fist down the shaft at the same time, over and over and over, till he heard Colton grunting harder, felt him tense up underneath him, pushing back and forth with his hips hard, in short jerky movements and he knew Colton was coming, pumping his load out and soon he felt the last of his load dribble down on his stroking hand and he kept stroking the sensitive cock, slicking it up with the cum. Owen couldn't hold back, didn't want to, and as he felt Colton's hole spasm around his cock and soon his hand slick with his load, Owen pumped faster, worked his cock in the boy till he felt his need to cum take him, make his body tight and muscles tensed up, and he felt his cock swell up in the tight hot ass and he came, pumping his second load deep into the boy till he felt the slick cum coat his cock making it glide through the boy's tunnel with ease.

Owen fell over on Colton, their heaving bodies trapping the sweat and heat between them and as Colton felt Owen's cock slide from his hole he felt a moment's disappointment for he wished it could stay in him forever.

"Let's go for a swim and cool off and then I'll be ready to fuck that ass of yours again" Owen whispered in his ear just before he jumped up and ran into the cool clear water of the pond.



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