I am Brad Davis, a twenty-eight year old computer technician that, for several years, has wondered about my sexual orientation. I enjoy women, but more and more, I find myself looking at men in ways that I never have before, wondering what they would look like nude and what it would be like to have sex with another guy. I joined a gym, not only to work out but to see other guys nude and especially to check out their cock sizes.

A national computer conference was scheduled in Dallas and my boss asked me to attend and see what was new and report back to the board with he results.

I flew to New Orleans and registered at the French Quarter hotel where the conference was being held. I was a day early, so I took the day to relax and clear my head of work. I changed into my swimwear and grabbed the complementary robe and headed for the rooftop pool.

I found a chair and stretched out. Seconds later a waiter approached and I ordered a beer. As i sipped my beer, I began to check out he guys around the pool. Most were in tight small Speedos, revealing medium to large bulges in front. I soon realized that the front of my old style boxer swim trunks was beginning to tent up. I quickly sat up to hide my problem. A while later I slipped on my robe to hide my erection and headed back to my room.

That evening after an overpriced dinner in the hotel restaurant, I went out for a short walk, stopping at a small bar a few blocks away. The music was good and the crowd wasn't overbearing. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer.

As I looked around and as I did, the guy next to me nodded and smiled, saying 'Hello.'

I acknowledged his greeting and we began chatting.

'I'm Mark White,' he said. 'You in town for business or pleasure?'

'I'm Brad Davis,' I replied,'and it's for business.'

'Same here, but I scheduled a few days vacation afterward to do some sightseeing.'

'Damn, I wish I had though about that,' I said. 'Where are you from?'

'Atlanta. How about you?'

'Denver,' I answered.

In conversation, we found that we were both single and Mark was only a year older than me. We found that we had a lot in common, liking a lot of the same things. I also found myself wondering what Mark would look like nude. He was handsome, had a beautiful smile, was well built, filling out his shirt nicely, and I enjoyed just talking with him.

For some reason, I wanted to see him again.

'Where are you staying?' I asked.

'At the Riverview Hotel, just down the street.'

'Do you have any plans for dinner tomorrow night?' I asked.

'No, none at all. Why?'

'Have dinner with me. I hear there are some great restaurants here in the French Quarter.'

'That sounds great. Here's my business card. It has my cell number on it. Just give me a call.'

'Will do. I need to run, but I'll call you tomorrow afternoon.'

'Great,' he replied as we shook hands. I noticed that the handshake lasted longer than normal.

I returned to my hotel and when in my room I stripped and got comfortable. As I thought about my conversation with Mark, my cock began to stiffen. What the hell is going on?, I wondered.

I jerked off to relieve the tension and went to bed.

At the conference the next day there must have been close to three hundred in attendance in the huge meeting hall. We all had name badges with our name, company and city on them.

When we took our noon break, I decided to call Mark about dinner. I was out in the lobby and as I called him, I suddenly heard another cell ringing a few feet away. As I turned toward the ringing, I heard a man say, 'Excuse me. I need to take this call.'

He turned and answered 'Hello?'

I looked at him and smiled. 'Hello yourself. Look slightly to your right.'

He turned and saw me and burst out laughing, and began walking toward me.

'The one thing we didn't discuss was what we were here for,' he said.

'Right. We still on for dinner?'

'Oh, hell yes,' he replied eagerly. 'Where are you staying?'

'Right here. I'm in 1210.'

'Here? Damn, you must have a good boss. the asshole I work for is a cheapskate. That's why I'm staying in that rat-hole they call a hotel.

'Look, they said we should be out of the meeting by four. Why don't you go change then meet me here.'

'Sure, what time?'

'Anytime you want,'I replied. We can decide where to go eat when you get here.'

'Sounds good to me. See you later,' he said as we headed back into the meeting.

The meeting ended right at four and I returned to my room. At a quarter to five there was a knock at my door. In just my briefs, I went to the door, asking, 'Who is it?'

'Mark. You ready for dinner?'

For some reason, without getting my pants, I opened the door for him and said, 'Sure am, if I can go like this.'

He burst out in roaring laughter. 'I don't think any restaurants will let you in dressed like that,' he said as he passed by me into the room.

As I shut the door, he turned and faced me, looking my over and said, 'Damn, Brad, your built really well. Do you work out?'

'Yea,' I replied. 'I go to the gym two to three times a week.'

'Man, it's obvious. You look great.'

As I looked at him, I felt sure I saw his cock twitch in his slacks.

As I dressed, he looked around my room.

'Man, this place is nice. I wouldn't even take a dog into that dump I'm staying in.'

'Is your boss that cheap?'

'Yea, but he also waited until the last minute to make my reservation and that was all he could find within waking distance.'

As I finished dressing I said, 'I've got a great boss. He really cares about his employees. His thoughts are that if the employees are treated right, they treat the customers right.'

'Fuck, I'd quit my job and move across the country in an instant for a boss like that.'

We took a cab to dinner and afterward I asked if he'd like to come up to my room for a drink. he quickly accepted.

Once in the room, I grabbed two beers out of he mini-bar fridge and we went out onto the balcony overlooking the brightly lit French Quarter. After a few minutes we went back in and sat on the sofa, mainly talking business. After about an hour, our conversation turned more personal.

'Brad, you got a steady girl back home,' he asked.

'Nah. I date occasionally but not on a steady basis. How about you?'

'Nope. I tend to be a loner.'

'I guess that fits me also. I guess the right person just hasn't come along.'

'Yea, same with me. I guess I'll know when i happens. Until then, I guess I'll just have to keep dating Madame thumb and her four sisters.' With that he held up his right hand.

'I see we're dating the same people,' I replied.

We both started laughing, looking into each others face. Then, like a flash of lightening, our eyes fixated on the others face.

Ever so slowly, Mark began leaning toward me and I felt myself leaning toward him. I knew what was coming and my heart began racing ninety miles an hour.

A second later, our lips touched and held there for a moment. We pulled back slightly then leaned in again. This time his lips parted and I felt his tongue press against my mine. I parted mine and offered my tongue to him. Our tongues slowly explored each other mouth and gradually the kiss became more passionate, our hands going to the back of each others head.

After a moment, we parted and he looked into my eyes and asked, 'That was your first time with another guy, wasn't it?'

'Yes, it was.'

'Brad, have you ever done anything, even jerked off, with another male?'

'No, nothing.'

'Then why did you respond so to that kiss?'

'Mark, for the past several years, I've become more and more curious about sex with another guy. I've wondered what it would be like.'

'Was I that obvious that I found you hot and sexy?'

'No, not at all. The night we met, for some reason I was drawn to you. I had no idea tha you were gay, and I assume you are,'

He nodded, saying, 'I am.'

'When I invited you to dinner, it was only because I liked you and just wanted to have your company. The fact that we kissed makes it even better.'

'Well, that was certainly the best kiss I've ever had from a beginner and even better than some from more experienced guys.'

'Mark, if you want to go further, I'm willing to try anything and let you be my teacher. I want to see what it's like.'

'Are you sure about that?'

'I've never been more sure. I've always known that I'd know who I wanted my first experience o be with. I know withouT a doubt that person is you.'

'Brad, that makes me feel so special. You're special.'

We kissed again and as we did, he began unbuttoning my shirt. I followed his lead and soon we were both shirtless.

Our lips then parted and as he did he said, 'Let's get more comfortable.'

We stood and removed the rest of our clothing. As we lowered our underwear, our hard cocks sprang upward and outward.

He looked over my nude body and said very softly, 'Nice. Very nice.'

'You too,' I replied, stepping up to him.

We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed again, our hard cocks pressed between our bodies.

After the kiss, he gently led me to the bed and lay me down. Laying beside me he began kissing my neck. then he moved to my chest and gently licked and sucked both nipples. As he did, I moaned softly. Then he began going lower to my navel. Then lower still. I knew what was coming and the anticipation was driving me wild wondering what it would be like.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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