'Brad, are you sure you want to get fucked?' Mark asked.

'Yes, Mark, I am. You have warned me what to expect. Besides, I said I wanted to experience everything and I meant it. Fuck me, damn it!'

'Okay, but if at any time you want me to stop, just say so and I will,' he said.

I just nodded as he lubed my ass and his cock. With the lube still on his fingers, he began loosening me up.

As he slid several fingers in and out of my ass, I moaned softly in pleasure.

'I like that,' I said.

'Maybe so, but a cock in there is much different.'

'Show me. Take your fingers out and show me.'

Mark removed his fingers and gt into position. As I felt his cock head gently press against my hole, I grabbed a pillow to muffle any possible screams.

Mark pressed forward, literally. I felt my hole opening and the head began to slide in. Then it happened. The head popped in and as it did, I screamed into the pillow.


'Just relax,' he said. I'm going to hold still for a minute and let you get used to it. Then, as I start to go in deeper, push out gently.'

I nodded that I understood. Moments later, he gently began slowly pistoning in and out a little at the time. I did as he had said and the pain subsided to where it was more of a discomfort than pain.

After a short while, he looked down into my eyes and asked, 'How you holding up?'

'Fine,' I said. 'Keep going. It's feeling pretty good.'

'I can't keep going,' he said.

'Why not?'

'Brad, I'm all the way in. You've got it all.'

'Holy shit! That whole thing is up my ass?'

'Yep. Now to do some fucking. I'll start slow and easy, but I can't promise how it will turn out as I get close to my climax.'

'I don't care. Just fuck me. I want to feel your load shooting in me.'

Mark began pistoning in and out and as he did I began to moan with pleasure.

'Fuck, that's feeling awesome. Man, I'm loving this.'

After a while, Mark began to speed up and I knew he was beginning to reach his climax.

'Yea, that's it. Fuck me. Shoot that load.'

He got faster and harder.

'Yea! Fuck me, Mark.'

Suddenly, he said, 'Oh shit! I'm almost there. Man, your ass is so damn hot and tight. I love it. Get ready. I'm about to shoot.'

'Do it,' I said. 'Give me that big load.'

'Oh fuck! NOW!!!' he cried, shoving his cock in all the way as it began firing huge volleys of his cum deep into my ass. The feeling of his cock throbbing, combined with the feel of his hot cum shooting up in me was fantastic.

I was close to shooting myself and began to quickly jerk myself to a climax. He tried to pull out and take my cock into his mouth to receive my load but as his mouth was almost there, my cock exploded, sending my huge load all over his face. He held his position and let me empty my load in his face.

When I was finished, I looked into his cum covered face, saying 'Man, I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it back.'

'Hey, no problem. To be honest, I love cum facials,' he said as he began scraping my cum into his mouth with his fingers.

For some unknown reason to me, I leaned forward ad began licking my own cum off his face, collecting it in my mouth. When I had his face clean, I kissed him and shared my load with him.

After the kiss, he looked at me and said, 'Where did you learn that? I didn't teach it to you.'

'I don't know. It just seemed to be the thing to do,' I replied.

'It was and you did great.' We kissed again, after which he suggested that we shower.

After the shower, we cuddled in bed. As we gently and lovingly caressed each others body, I said, 'I want you to fuck me regularly. I loved it.'

'Well, with us in the conference all day, between sucking and fucking, it looks like our evenings will be quite busy.'

'Well, with us both taking next week off, we'll have all day and night for whatever we want.'

'Very true,' he replied. 'I can't wait.'

We managed to complete the conference and each checked out of our respective hotels, getting a room at a nice, but less expensive, motel.

The evening of our first day at the new motel, we went to dinner and saw an adult video a couple of bocks away. As we ate dinner, Mark asked if I had ever been to one. I said yes and that I had several guys trying to get into my booth.

'Man, they were wanting to suck you.'

'I know what they wanted, but I was still unsure and scared. I just couldn't do it. Have you ever done anything in one of those places?'

'Yea, I have. There is one I have been to a few times that has several glory holes between the booths. Sometimes it's kind of hot to suck the cock of a guy and never see his face. They are usually the married guys that just want to get sucked then get the hell out of there. I've done it a time or two, but I prefer to share a booth with a guy and see who I'm having sex with.'

'Damn!' I replied.

'By seeing who you're with, and if you feel comfortable with him, you can invite him home for more fun.'

'Have you?'

'A few,' Mark replied.

We returned to our room and had hot passionate sex for several hours, not worrying about what time we had to get up.

That afternoon, I decided to ask Mark a question I had wondered about.

As we sat on the small sofa cuddling nude, I asked, 'Mark, have you ever had sex with more than one guy at a time?'

'Yes, I have. Why?'

'I was just wondering,' I said. 'What was it like?'

'It's awesome. You can be doing something with one guy while the other does something to you. On one occasion, I was fucking one guy while sucking another. That was along time ago, though.'

'Would you like to do it again?'

'With you and another guy?'


'You're wanting to try it aren't you?'

'Yes, I am.'

'Sure, if you want to, but I have to be honest. I think a lot of you and might get jealous when he starts sucking you.'

'I think a lot of you also, but just remember this. You get me all you want for the rest of the week but he only gets me once. Besides, I'm not sure how I'll feel when he sucks or fucks you.'

'He's not going to fuck me. Only you get that privilege.'

'Well, I'll save mine for only you.'

'Let's get dressed then and go see what we can find,' he said.

We did, and as we walked to the adult arcade, he suggested, 'Let's check the guys out separately and then get together and see which one we agree on.'

'Sounds good.'

We got to the arcade ad went to the video room, separating. There were numerous guys walking around and following each of us. After several minutes, we decided on a guy about our age wearing slacks and a sport shirt. He was well built and nice looking. Mark said he would see if he could get him in a booth and if he could, he'd make the offer of a three way.

After making eye contact with him, the man followed Mark to a booth. A couple minutes later, Mark came out smiling and whispered, 'Let's go. He's going to meet us there.'

As we walked back, Mark said, 'He thought we were vice cops. it was hard convincing him. I had to tell him about our meeting at a conference and that you're just coming out and wanted to have your first three way. He agreed and will be at the room in a few minutes.'

We got to the room and stripped and waited. No more than five minutes later passed before there was a knock at the door. When mark opened the door to let him in and he saw us both nude and semi boned he smiled and said, 'Hot damn, nice.'

'I'm Mark and this is Brad. Why don't you get comfortable.'

As he undressed, he smiled and said, 'I'm Jim. nice to meet you. What all you two into?'

'Well, to be honest, we're both tops and love oral.'

'Love oral here myself,' he said after removing his shirt and dropping his pants. 'I also love to bottom. You can both have my ass.'

'How long can you stay?' Mark asked.

Glancing at his watch,he said, 'I need to be going before five. That will give us about three hours.'

I noticed a gold wedding band and asked, 'You married?'

'Yea, that a problem?'

'Not for us,' Mark said.

'Well she has no idea I love sex with men, and I hope to keep it that way. When you made the suggestion to meet, having seen you two together, I was afraid you were vice cops. The last thing I need is to get arrested.'

'You don't have to worry about that with us. We just want sex,' I told him.

'Perfect,' he said, now totally nude. He was extremely muscular and built and we commented on it.

'I manage one of my father-in-laws gyms here in town. That's why I have to be discreet. If it gets out, I loose not only my job and my wife, but the gyms also. He's leaving them to my wife and I when he croaks.'

'Nice and be assured that our lips are sealed. Well, sealed except for opening them to suck your cock.'

He smiled and said, 'First, I want a sample of yours.'

He knelt before us and first started sucking Mark, then after a couple of moments he began sucking me.

Soon, as he sucked Mark, I had my cock up his ass pounding away.

Before he left, he had sucked us both off, swallowing our loads, we had each sucked him off and swallowed his huge loads, and we had both fucked his ass, plus done a lot of kissing and rimming.

He dressed and as he left he said, 'Thanks guys. This has been the best afternoon I've had in ages.'

'Our pleasure,' Mark said.

After Jim left, Mark looked at me and asked, 'Well, how did you like it?'

'It was great. It was hot siting back and watching you fuck him and him suck you. It was my first time seeing two guys have sex.'

'Well, when you're reloaded I want you up my ass.'

'Same here,' I replied kissing him.

All too soon the week was over and we had to say our good byes.

'Brad, I'm going to miss you terribly. I've never gotten this close to anyone before in this short amount of time.'

'I'm going to miss you also. I've never been this close to a guy before.'

We exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses, promising to keep in touch, and we did. We talked by phone on weekends and e-mailed almost daily, although I did find other guys to have sex with.

When I returned o work, everyone, even my boss, commented how much happier I seemed to be. I couldn't tell them why although I wanted to.

Then I took a long weekend and flew to see Mark and spend the weekend with him. It was awesome.

I told Mark that I had heard that one of the guys was thinking of retiring in the next few months and asked if he would like me to mention him to my boss. He said definitely.

'You do realize that we can get back to regular sex with each other,' I said.

'That's what I was hoping. You haven't found a steady guy have you?'

'Well, I haven't been celibate, but no one can compare to you,' I said.

'Same here. I think of you daily.'

Three months later I called Mark telling him that my boss wanted to interview him. Mark flew in and I met him at the airport.

'The boss wanted to put you up at a hotel but I suggested he could save the money if you stayed with me. That put a feather in my cap as they say.'

'I was hoping I would be staying with you,' he said.

We got to my place and immediately stripped and had hot passionate sex. I took him out to dinner that night before more sex.

Mark had his interview the next morning and was offered the job. He returned home and gave notice and three weeks later he was living with me.

Mark had been with me two months when one Saturday afternoon as we sat by my pool, he looked at me and said casually, 'Brad, I've fallen in love.'

'What?' I asked. 'Fallen in love with who?'

I wasn't prepared for what I heard next.

'Brad, I've fallen in love with you. When we were at the conference and the following week, I knew I cared for you deeply. Then we were apart I was miserable. The weekend you spent with me made me realize how much I loved you. I'd be honored to have you as my lover.'

'Mark, I wasn't expecting this. I admit you are special to me but I need some time to think this over.'

'I understand. Take your time.'

All that day, Mark's comments was all I could think about. When we went to bed, he suggested we refrain from sex because he didn't want to influence my decision. I lay awake thinking and remembering how lonely I was when he wasn't around. I never dreamed I be asked to be another man's partner in life.

I finally dozed off and began dreaming. In the dream, for some reason Mark drifted out of my life and I was miserable. I woke up suddenly, checking to make sure he was still next to me. He was.

I reached over and gently shook him. 'Baby, wake up. Wake up, baby.'

'Huh? Is something wrong?' he asked sitting up.

'No baby. Everything is perfect.'

'Then why did you wake me up?'

'Baby, let's consummate our union. I love you.'

'You mean you'll be my partner?'

'Oh yes. Your partner for life but mainly your lover.'

We lovingly consummated our union as one, never to be two again.




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