Mark paused at my navel for a moment tne licked lower. As he did, my head was spinning from the pleasure and excitement. He moved lower and I was breathing heavily with the anticipation of feeling mouth on my cock for the first time.

He moved lower slowly and I could see my clear pre-cum oozing from my slit. He paused momentarily ad licked it off. I gasped waiting for him to take my cock in his mouth.

Instead, he changed positions and got beween my legs. Instead, he began licking the inside of my upper thighs then when he gently licked and sucked one of my balls into his mouth, I moaned loudly. After sucking it gently for a few seconds he moved to the other. I moaned again.

Then, he gently lifted my legs and I wondered what was next. I looked down my body at him and as he smiled slightly, his face disappeared and I felt his hot wet tongue begin caressing my virgin hole.

'Oh fuck!' I exclaimed as he probed and prodded my hole with his tongue. I was floating in a sea of bliss.

He gently lowered my legs and after sucking my balls a little more, he gently lifted my cock off of my stomach. He began working his way up the under side of my cocl, licking slowly.

When he reached the crown, he opened his muth and swallowed my hard raging cock balls deep.

'Oh, Mother Fuck, yea!' I bellowed out. 'Holy shit!'

Mark began sucking me slowly and lovingly and soon I began to feel my balls drawing up and my cock swelling. I was nearing my first climax ith another man. I told Mark that I was close and he began sucking me faster and deeper.

Seconds later, I said loudly, 'Oh fuck yea! I'm cummmmmmmming. NOW!'

My load shot forth and I could tell it was the biggest that I'd ever shot. Volley after volley fired off into Marks mouth and I watched as he swallowed every drop.

He slowly pulled off and asked, 'Well, how was your first blow job?'

Trying to catch my breath, I managed to say, 'Awesome. Fucking awesome. I've never in my life had a climax like that with a woman.'

'That's because men know how to satisfy another man,'he replied as he lay next to me.

We kissed and I could taste the intoxicating remnants of my own cum in his mouth, and I loved it.

'Brad, what you decide to do or try is strictly up to you. But during this conference, if you ever want another blow job, all you have to do is tell me. I loved sucking your cock.'

'Man, you can do it anyting you fucking want,' I replied.

We lay and kissed and cuddled a few minutes, when I began kissing his neck as he had done mine. I had to do to him what he had done to me. I had to see what it was like.

I repeated his process, sucking his nipples and licking my way down his magnificant body. When I neared his cock there was a fair size puddle of pre-cum on his stomach. I licked it up and loved the sweet taste.

I went got beween his legs and began licking his balls, gently sucking one then the other into my mouth. As I slowly lifted his legs he said, 'You don't have to do that if you don't want to. It's usually done between more experienced guys.'

I heard him but continued on my journey. I soon had my tongue burried in his hole, tongue fucking him like there was no tomorrow. Me moaned softly and said, 'oh fuck, yea.'

I then moved to the base of his cock and lifted it and began licking my way to the head. Once there, I again licked the pre-cum of the slit and took as much as i could in my mouth. I began sucking him and gradually took more into my throat. I began to become used to it and relaxed and evenually I had my nose buried in his thick bush. The aroma was euphoric.

I continued sucking his cock and before long I could tell he was getting close. He warned me so that if I wanted to stop I could, but I had begun this journey of my own choice and was going to see it through to the end.

Moments later his cock exploded as he said 'Fuck, baby, there it is. Take it all.'

As his cock poured out an unbelieveable amount of thick creamy cum, I began swallowing. To my amazement, I truly loved the sweet-salty taste. I wanted every drop he could give me.

Oncw he was drained, I pulled off an lay up beside him and we kissed again. When we seperated he asked, 'Well?'

'Mark, I loved it. I want to suck you as much as I can while we're here.'

'I take it then, you enjoyed sucking your first cock?'

'Oh, fuck yea. I know without a doubt that I'll be sucking cock as much as I can.'

'Well, I'll say this. For your first time it was fantastic. I don't see how you can get any better at it.'

'Thanks,' I said with a smile. 'I appreciate that compliment.'

'I meant it. You didn't suck like a beginner.'

We kissed again then got a beer from the fridge. As we drank, I said, 'Mark, while we're here, I want to experience everything that you can show me.'

'Brad, it will be my pleasure. This is going to be the best conference I've ever attended.'

'Me, too.'

After we finished our beers, he said, 'What we did is great, but to me it's even better and hotter when we do each other at the same time. You ready for another round?'

'Hell, yea!'

We went to the bed and after some hot kissing and fondling, he flipped around into a sixty-nine and we began sucking each other. He was right, this was much hotter.

We slowly sucked each others cocks and balls and before long we were both close to a climax. we sucked more eagerly and within seconds of each other we both climaxed, each hungrily devouring the others hot creamy load.

After the sixty-nine, we kissed again, and afterward he said, 'I didn't realize how late it was. I need to be going so we both can be alert for tomorrows meetings.'

'Man, all I'm going to be thinking about is getting you back in my bed tomorrow night,' I said.

'Yea, me too,' he replied as he dressed.

I kissed him goodbye before he left and returned to my bed. I lay there going over the nights events. 'Brad, ole boy,' I said to myself softly, 'you finally can stop wondering. You're gay all the way.'

The next day, everytime I saw Mark I'd start getting a boner. I whispered that fact to him during one of our morning breaks and he said the same was happening to him.

'Brad,' he whispered,' I've never had a guy turn me on like you do.'

I just smiled at him.

During lunch, we considered running up to my room and quickly sucking each other off but figured me might get too involved and miss the afternoon sessions. We vetoed that idea.

But after we adjurned for the day, I said to him, 'When you get to your room, pack your bags and bring them with you. Stay with me for the rest of the conference.'

My boss will wonder about my bill if I check out early.'

'Don't check out until the last day. Just pack your things and stay with me.'

'I'd like that,' he said.

Just over an hour later he returned to my room with his bag. We immediately kissed and while stripping each other. After a hot sixty-nine we showered together then went out to dinner.

As we walked bact to the hotel I said, 'Tomorrow at lunch, I'm calling my office and telling them that I received a call and need to take a weeks vacation to take care of some business as soon as the conferece is over. How long are you taking off?'

'I'm staying until the following Friday. I'll fly back home for the weekend to get my notes ready to present on that Monday?'

'I'll do the same. We can both check out of our rooms and get one together at a nice but cheaper hotel.'

'Perfect,' he said.

We returned to the room and had a hot make out session , after which he sucked me and ate my ass. Afterward, I did the same to him.

'snce we'll have almost two weeks together, why don't we get to bed early tonight and get some sleep,' he suggested.

'Good idea. I've never slept with a guy before so this wil be a new experience for me,' I told him.

'You'll enjoy it, I promise.'

We cuddled together in bed and later I heard him sleeping soundly. Sometime during the night, I woke up to fine myself on my side cuddled up behind him, both of us facing the same direction. My arm was over him and holding him. But what caught me off guard was the fact my cock was hard and pressed up against his ass cheeks.

We had asked for a wakeup call earlier than normal so as to have time to have a sixty-nine before going down for breakfast. After the sixty-nine and a shower, he said, 'You got excited during the night, didn't you?'

'What do you mean?' I asked innocently.

'I roused up at one point and felt your hard cock up against my ass. I loved it.'

'Oh, you did, huh?'

'Yea, and I was wondering if I might have the pleasure of feeling it up inside my ass tonight.'

'You like cock up ur ass?'

'Oh yea. I love getting fucked.'

'well then, in that case, tonight you'll get fucked. It will be another new experience for me. Fucking another guy in the ass sounds like fun.'

'We'll both enjoy it,' he replied.

After our meeting ended for the day we returned to the room but instead of having sex, we showered.

Mark had said to me, 'Let's shower and go to dinner first. I want to make sure I get a nice full load up me later.'

I had smiled and said, 'Sure.'

After a nice dinner ad a couple of drinks we returned to the hotel. As we went up in the elevator he reached over and felt my hard cock.

'Babe, you're as hard and turned on as I am. Let's not waste to much time.'

We entered the room and stripped. He retrieved a bottle of lube from his bag as well as a condom.

When I looked at it he said, 'I'm clean and would love to feel your load shooting up in me but if you'd prefer to saddle up, I'll understand.'

'Well, I think they call it bareback, and if that's what you prefr then that's what it will be.'

Smiling he said, 'Thanks.'

We kissed and made out a few minutes when he said, 'Eat my ass and get me ready.'

He was on his back and quickly pulled his knees up and hed his legs back. I got into position and began licking and tongue fucking his hot hole. after a few minutes he stopped me and began lubbing his hole and my cock.

Once he was finished he said, 'It's all yours. You can go in hard fast and deep or slow and easy, whichever you want. I love it both ways.'

I nodded and eased the head of my rock hard cock up against his hole and began pushing. As the head slipped in he said, 'oh fuck yea. Man, I need his so bad. Fuck me, baby.'

I went deeper then pulled back and began to piston in and out like I had dome on pussy years before. Soon I was in balls deep and when he reached back and found that he had it all he said, 'Oh fuck yea. Push it in as far as you can and hold it there a while. I love your cock up my ass.'

I did as he wanted and then began to piston in and out. However, each time that my climax began to draw near, I'd stop for a while before starting up again.

'Oh fuck yea. Your edging in my ass. That wil make your load bigger.'

'Is that what it's called? I do it when I jerk off. I found that it makes my climax's more intense.'

'That's wha edging does. Do it in my ass all you want. The bigger the load the happier I'll be.'

I edged in his ass for almost an hour before I couldn't hold back any longer. When I finally did climax up him, we both had to muffle our screams of pleasure. It was the most intense climax I had ever experienced other than his blow jobs.

I slowly pulled out and lay next to him and we kissed passionately. after the kiss he looked into my eyes and said, 'Baby, you are awesome. tha felt wonderful. You don't know how bad I needed that. It's been months since I was fucked last.'

I smiled and ask, 'What's it like getting fucked?'

'I'll be honest with you. The first couple of times, the insertion hurts like nothing you've ever experienced before. But if the guy is gentle, by the time he climaxes, the feeling is wonderful and enjoyable. The more often you get fucked the less pain there is. after a while there is just a very slight discomfort. if any, when he cock enters your ass.'

'Mark, fuck me and show me what it's like,' I said, looking into his eyes.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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