As we waited to see if David would show up, i called down to the doorman and told him that a guest might be showing up and for him to give him access to our floor. 'Once he's on the elevator, give me a quick call.'

'Will do, sir.'

At two-thirty the phone rang. When I answered, the doorman said, 'Your guest is on the elevator.'

I hung up and told Drew that David was on his way up. Moments later there was a knock on the door. We let David in and when he saw us nude, he immediately began stripping, keeping his gaze locked on our cocks.

Once naked he came straight out and asked, 'What are you guys into?'

'A little of everything,' I replied.


'What are you into?' Drew asked.

'I'm a total bottonm. All I really like is just to get fucked as much and as often as possible. I'm really a whore. My ass is available to anyone that wants it.'

'How often do you get fucked?' I asked.

'At least three to four times a day minimum. Usually it's over ten.'

'Okay, Drew said, but when we fuck we insist on condoms.'

'I prefer it bareback. I like feeling the cum shoot up my ass but if yu insist, okay. Who's going to be first?'

Drew pulled two comdoms out of his jeans, tossing one to me. 'I will.' Drew said. We both slipped on the condoms and David worked us to full blone boners with his hands. When we were both hard, He lay on the bed and raised his legs. 'Go for it, stud,' he said.

Drew entered him and fucked like a mad man. I could tell that Drew just wanted to get it over with. When he climaxed, he pulled out and I took over, doing just as Drew had. After I climaxed, David looked at us and said, 'That was hot. Can you two go a second round?'

'No, that's it for us for tonight. Besides we really need to get to bed. We have a lot of studying to do tomorrow.'

'Well, okay then. If you want this ass again, here is my cell number. Give me a call.' He dressed and quickly left.

Drew and I were still wearing our cum filled condoms. 'I don't know about you, but I'm going to use some tissue to remove this thing.'

'So am I. if he gets fucked that much bareback, no telling what he's got. It will be a cold day in hell before I call him back.'

'Agreed,' Drew said.

With the tissue in hand we carefully removed the comdoms and flushed them down the toilet. We climbed into bed and cuddled in each others arms as we drifted off to sleep.

Sunday was spent on the beach and doing some sightseeing. Sunday evening we went to a gay restaurant that had been recommended.

During the week we were in class and at night we enjoyed each others bodies, sucking and fucking.

The following Friday evening we drove to Key west, and after checking into a gay clothing optional motel, we hit a couple of the gay bars.

Several guys hit on us but we told them that we would be around the following night.

We returned to the motel and joined several guy guys around the pool. It was past midnight, and at that hour one regular said that anything was allowed as long as it wasn't in the pool itself. Drew and I both sucked a couple of guys off as others sucked us off.

The weekend was filled with sex both at the motel and at a couple of the bars where sex went on out on their private patios. We returned to the condo Sunday evening totally worn out.

Drew had had several conversations with Pam, who still continued to bitch about everything, issueing him orders about what he needed to do and not do.

Before we know it. it was time to return to the office, however we changed our flight to late Sunday night. We flew home, again first class, and returned to work on Monday. The boss called us in and congratulated us again, saying that we had once again placed first and second in the class.

'I have plans for you two. As soon as they are finalized, I'll let you know.'

'Can you give us a hint?' Drew said jokingly.

'You'll find out in due time,' came the reply with a smile.

We returned to our work and as we left the office ,Drew looked at me and said, 'Now to go face Pam.'

'Hey man, if at any time you need a shoulder, I'll be home. Just come on by.'

'Thanks, I just might. I'm planning on telling her to go fuck herself, but maybe not in those exact words.'

'Let me know the outcome.'

'I will,' he answered as he got into his car.

I drove to my place and unpacked my bags. Later I called and had Chineese delivered. While I ate, I watched an old movie on the television but my thoughts were with Drew.

I missed him terribly. We had grown so close and experienced so many new things together. My heart felt empty and I realized that I had fallen in love with a man. Not just any man, but a special caring loving man.

About eight, there was a knock at the door. when I answered, there stood Drew.

'May I come in?' he asked.

'By all means. I was just thinking about you. How'd it go?'

'she started in as usual, telling me that I needed to tell the boss I was taking a month off to help plan our wedding, and that I needed to do this and I needed to do that and so on. When she finall shut up for a minute I just looked at her and said that the wedding was off. She went beserk cursing me and carrying on.'

I handed him a beer and he continued. 'She wanted to know if it was another woman. I told her no, it wasn't. She wanted to know why I was breaking the engagement. I told her that for one thing I was tired of her giving all the orders and trying to tell me how to live my life. She asked if that was all.' He then paused.

After a couple of seconds, I asked, 'What did you tell her?'

Looking a me straight in the eyes, he said, 'I told her that I had fallen in love with another man and he made my life complete. She asked if it was you and I said yes. She ranted on that she couldn't believe that I had turned gay. I told her that ir was deeply hidden in both of us and that we discovered our sexuallity together.'

'You told her that?'

'Yes, I did. Matt, I realized on the flight back that I loved you more than anything. We are so perfect together. Living with you the last six weeks was the best six weeks of my life.'

'Drew, when you arrived, I was sitting here missing you and admitting to myself that I was in love woth you. Like you said, we're perfect together. We comliment each other. Drew, I so love you.'

I stepped closer and we kissed passionaltely. After a moment he broke the kiss and said. 'Matt, I love you with all my heart, but there is something we need to talk about.'


'Let's sit down.' We walked to the sofa. 'When she asked me if the man I loved was you, I shold have said no and not involved you in it.'

'Involved me in what?' I asked.

'She said she was going to call Mr. Kane and tell him that he had gay lovers working for him and give him our names. We both might be out of a job. I should have left you out of it.'

'It's okay. What ever happens, happens. We have each other. Go get some things and come back here tonight.' I told him.

Smiling, he said, I already have. They're in the car.'

He retrived his things and returned and we immediately showered together and climbed into bed. There wasn't any sex, just cuddling together, holding the one we loved.

For the next few days, we worked nervously, waiting for that call from Mr. Kane's office.

On Friday, it came. We were just getting ready to walk out. We reported and as we entered his office he told us to sit down. We did.

'Gentlemen, I've got a situation that I'm not sure how to handle. I should have a decision by tomorrow afternoon. Can bot of you be at my house at three tomorrow?'

'Yes, sir,' we both answered. He gave us the address and dismissed us. We got in my car and drove home. Drew had about half of his things at my apartment since it was larger.

As we drove, he asked, 'What do you make of it?'

'I'm not sure. It only seems logical that if he was going to fire us, he would have done it right there in his office.'

'That's true, but what the fuck could he be up to?'

'I guess we'll find out tomorrow,' I answered.

Saturday at five to three we pulled up at Mr. Kane's large opulent home. After ringing the doorbell, we waited. Seconds later the door opened and Mr. Kane greeted us personally.

'Please come in gentlemen. I've taken the liberty of giving my staff this afternoon off so we're alone and can talk freely.'

He led us to the enclosed deck next to the indoor swimming pool. 'Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.'

On the table was an assortment of chips and dip and a large stack of ham sandwichs. in a nearby refirdgerator was a variety of cold beer and soda's.

'Please feel free to help yourself to anything yu care to eat or drink. Just make yourself at home.'

Drew couldn't stand it any longer and asked, 'Mr. Kane, exactly why are we here?'

'First of all, when we're alone, please call me Jim. Second, if you remember I said that I had plans for you two.'

'Yes, you did. What are they?' I asked.

'First things first,' he said. 'But I'm not sure where to begin. I guess it should be at the beginning.'

He took a sip of his beer and began. 'Guys, I'm fifty-one years old and I've been gay since I was eighteen. I kept it secret and married strictly for appearances. After my wife died, I was able to experience my other side more freely. When i met you two I saw something in both of you that turned me on.'

I guess he noticed the shocked look in both our faces.

'Yes, I'm as gay as they come and yes, you both turn me on unbeliveably. Anyway, deep inside me I felt that both of you had gay tendencies deep inside you that just hadn't come out. Since both or your work was exceptional, I chose you two to attend the classes together. I had a feeling that things would develop.'

He sipped his beer again and continued. 'When you got to the condo in Ft. Lauderdale, I knew that I was right.' He picked up the remote for the TV and after turning it on pressed play on the recorder.

'No one but myself has ever seen this video, nor will anyone ever see it.'

We watched the screen and to our astonishment, we saw ourselves in bed having sex. He had video recorded our actions in the condo.

'Then, Tuesday morning I got a call from some nut case woman saying that she had been engaged to you, Drew, and that you broke it off and professed to her your love for Matt. Is that right?'

'Yes, it is,' Drew said.

'Matt, do you love Drew?'

'Yes, I do.'

'Great. Now, I know she was pissed and trying to get you both fired. Well, fuck her. Her plan failed. I am opening a new branch and I want you two to head it up. It's in Ft. Lauderdale.' He was smiling broadly.

'What?' Drew asked.

'Yes. You both will receive promotions and can live in the condo for up to a year until you can find a place of your own.'

'What about the cameras?'

He laughed and said, 'They have already been removed. I promise. Do yu two accept my offer?'

Drew and I looked at each other and smiled. Together we said, 'Yes, Jim, we do.'

'One other thing. Other than who you let know, the only ones that know about you are the doormen and the manager at the condo. They are all gay also and will keep your secret, but if you need anything, they will be glad to furnish it, from condoms and lube to even getting you hot men to share.'

We all laughed and Drew and I finally relaxed. Jim saw this and suggested that we go for a swim. SAying that we didn't have swim wear, he laughed and said that swimwear wasn't allowed in his pool. He stood and dropped his shorts and dove into the pool. Drew and i noticed his build and the long slim cock between his legs. After looking at each other, we stood, stripped and joined Jim in the pool.

After a while, Jim moved closer and said, 'I have to ask something.'

'What's that?' Drew replied.

'Could I have the honor of sucking you both off?'

'Sure,' we answered.

Sitting on the edge of the pool with Jim still in the water, he began giving both of us great head. Before long we both fed him his reward. When he stepped out of the pool, his cock was rock hard and just over nine inches long. When he sat down, we both sat at his feet and took turns sucking his beautiful cock. when he climaxed, Drew and I kissed and shared it.

Two weeks later We were settled in at the condo. The company had paid off our leases on our apartments for us and our salaries had both almost doubled.

Jim called after we were settled in and asked how things were. We told him that we had become lovers by pledging our love to each other for eternity. We asked when he was going to visit.

'I'll be down nect week to see about the location of the new office. Once we find the right spot, it's then up to you two to set it up the way you want.'

Jim came and stayed at the condo with us for three days. We all had great sex together, sucking and fucking. Drew and I both had to laugh at the thought of fucking the boss. Jim also found it funny.

Drew and I have been together here in Ft. Lauderdale for six years and our office it the top producer in the company. Jim visits every few months and we always look forward to seeing him. He calls us his adoptive sons.

He finally revealed to us that he was the sole owner of the company and since he had no living relatives, he had listed us as the sole beneficaries of his will.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I would have sex with a man much less fall in love with one. But it happens when people release their inner self and live their life the way that they want.

The End..........



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