Drew and I walked to the bed carrying the lube and Anal-Eze. Each was about to have their first experience receiving another guys cock in ahtie virgin hole.

'Who's firs?' I asked.

Drew smiled and said, 'You fuck me first. I want to see what pleasure Brad seemed to be getting out of being fucked.'

Drew lay on the bed and pulled his legs up. I lubed my cock then applied Anal-Exe and lube to his pink hole. My cock was raging to get at it but I took it slow. We both knew that the first time we took a cock up our ass it was bound to hurt like hell.

I got into position and asked Drew if he was ready. 'Yea, do it,' he replied.

I slowly began trying to get in but Drew tightened up. 'Relax,' I told him.

'That's easier said than done but I'll try,'

He did and slowly I felt my cock begin to gain entry. When the head popped in Drew let out a loud scream. 'Holy fuck that hurts.'

I asked if he wanted me to stop but he said no and to just hold my position and let him get used to it. I did and shortly he said that the pain was easing up and to slowly go deeper.

I began a slow forward movement, pulled back a little then went deeper. I repeated this until I was completely buried in Drew's ass.

'It's all in,' I told him.

'It still hurts some but not near as bad. It feels strange but yet good. Start fucking me.'

I did slowly and after a couple of minutes Drew was moaning softly.

'Oh, yea. I see why he was liking it. The feeling is fantastic. Fuck me Matt. Fuck me fast. I want to feel you shoot up my ass.'

I picked up speed and as I did Drew softly said, 'Yea, fuck my ass. Damn that feels good.'

After a few minutes, he looked at me and pulled me down to him and we kissed. When we broke, he said, 'Matt, you're going to make me cum and I'm not even touching it.'

Suddenly, Drew's cock exploded cum out onto both our chest in huge volleys. When he did his ass tightened on my cock and instantly brought me to my climax, firing volley after volley of my hot cum up his ass.

'Oh, fuck yea. I can feel it shooting in me. Damn, it's hot. Give me every drop.'

I did and when it was done, I slowly pulled out. Looking at the cum on his chest, I bent forward and licked it all up. Once i was done he sat up and licked his cream off of my chest.

'Well?' I asked.

'Matt, at the start it hurts like hell but given a few minutes the pain is gradually replaced with pure pleasure. Man, seriously, it feels fantastic, especially when you feel hot cum spraying up into your guts.'

'Well, as soon as you reload, I want to find out.'

We lay in bed with his arm around me and as we did he said, 'Matt, this last week with you has been exceptional. I know it was nothing either of us expected. It just seemed to happen, but I haven't been this at ease with myself and life in a very long time.'

'Drew, I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way. It was strange but it all seemed natural and like it was supposed to be.'

'Yea, you're right.'

'Now, what about Pam?'

'Before I realized that I was gay, I enjoyed fucking her. Now, man there is no way that I could be happy having sex with her. With her, it would be very limited. With you or another guy it would be limitless.'

Drew had called himself gay for the first time. I looked at him and asked, 'Do you now consider yourself gay?'

'Oh, hell yes. I've looked at women this week but they didn't do anything for me. I'm not sure I could even get hard if they wanted to fuck. Do you consider yourself gay now?'

'Yea, I guess I do. Male sex is so much more satisfying to me.'

We kissed for a while as we cuddled. After a few minutes more he looked at me and asked, 'Are you ready?'

I looked down and his cock was stone hard. 'Yea, and it looks like you are too.'

I got into position as did Drew. As he began his insertion into my virgin hole, he leaned forward and kissed me. As he did he gave a slight shove and the head of his cock penetrated me. I screamed into his mouth. He paused and let me adjust to his size. After a moment he broke the kiss and looked at me and said, 'If they hear too much screaming from us someone might come to investigate.' I couldn't help but laugh.

A few minutes later he slowly did as I had done and began an in and out motion. Before long he was buried in my ass.

I looked up into his georgeous face and said softly, 'Fuck me.'

he began pumping and before long I was getting into his rythem and was shoving back to meet his forward thrust.

Oh, yea baby, I see what you mean. Fuck my ass deep.'

Soon, I was moaning in pleasure, wanting to feel him shoot in me but yet not wanting it to end. Before long, I was nearing my own spontanious climax and when I did, I shot cum onto both of us as he had done, and at the same time felt his cock exploding up my ass. It was a fantastic feeling, warm and soothing.

He slowly pulled out and again we licked each other clean before showering together. As we stood under the warm running water, I looked at Drew and said, 'Toward the end, I wanted to feel you shoot up my ass but yet I didn't want it to stop. Is that strange?'

'No,' he smiled back at me. I felt the exact same way.'

We finished our shower and after drying each other off we stepped back into the room just as Drew's cell phone rang. He looked at the number and said, 'Stat quiet. It's Pam. I'll put it on speaker.'

He answered and she immediately began ranting.

'Why haven't you called? It's been a week and I've been waiting to hear from you. What are you up to?'

'Calm down, damnit,' he snapped back.

'Why do yu have it on speaker? Where's Matt? Is he listening in?'

'No, he's gone out to get us something to eat. We've been busy studying. This training is very detailed and we have to keep focused.'

'Yea, I'll bet. You're probably out partying every night. Drew, you had better start calling me every night.'

'Pam, I'll call when I can. I am not going to endanger my job and skip studying just to call you. I'll talk to you later.' He pressed the disconnect button.

'You see what I go through. She's always like this.'

'I don't see how you've stayed with her this long. I'd have told her to fuck off a long time ago.'

'It's coming. Let's get some sleep.'

As we began trying to straighten the covers on the bed, I found a small brown bottle on the floor with no label. 'What's this?' i asked as I picked it up.

'That looks like what I saw Brad with when he was here. When either of us started to fuck him he would inhale some of it. I didn't think anything about it at the time.'

Drew took it and uncapped it and held it to his nose and inhaled. 'Whoa!' he exclaimed. 'This stuff is making my head spin. What the fuck is it?'

I took a sniff and drew back. 'Damn.'

We recapped it and Drew said, Brad is supposed to be back Wednesday and we'll ask him if it's his.'

We crawled into bed and cuddled together and were both soon fast asleep. We began the last week of this session with additional work. We'd suck and fuck at nightbefore bed but we didn't go out. We studied.

Wednesday arrived and as promissed, Brad showed up as scheduled. When he came in he smiled, kissed us both and said, 'Guys, I need my ass fucked.'

'Well, you came to the right place,' I answered.

Drew spoke up and as he held the brown bottle up he asked, 'Is this yours?'

'Yea, where did you find it?'

'On the floor under the edge of the bed. What is it?'

'It's commonly called poppers. It gives you a high and makes getting fucked easier. I was afraid I had lost it at home. If my wife had found it I'd have trouble explaining it.'

During the evening we both fucked Brad as he inhaled the poppers. When we asked him to fuck us he showed us how to use the poppers. He was right. It did mask the pain of insertion. He told us to keep the bottle as a momento of our meetings.

We finished the week and took our exams. As we packed Saturday morning to head to the airport for the flight to Ft. Lauderdale, the room phone rang.

I answered and it was our boss. 'Good morning,' he said.

I greeted him and he asked how the class went. I told him that we both felt good about the results.

'Well, I got a call last night about your scores.'

'Oh, you did? Is something wrong?'

'Not s far as I'm concerned. You two had the highest scores in the class. One of you had a 98 and the other a 97. I don't know which scored the highest. but they did say that the third place score was an 82. I'me very proud of you two, as knew I would be.'

'Thank you, sir.'

'When you arrive in Ft. Lauderdale, a van from the Luxury Auto Rental should be waiting. They will take you to the rental office for your car. Just sign the papers. The rental is all taken care of.'

'Thank you again, sir,' I said.

'Matt, I've checked. There has been only a few meal charges on the company card. I meant what I said. Use it for anything you want to use it far. If you want to get away for a weekend, pay your hotel bill with it. Use it for what ever you want, regardless of what it is. Understood?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Good. I'll check back with you in a week or so. Have fun guys.' He hung up.

I told Drew all that he had said, and we congratulated each other on our scores.

As we carried our bags to the lobby to await Tim and his cab, Drew smiled and said, 'If a company called 'Luxury Auto' is providing the car, I wonder what the hell it will be?'

'Good question,' I said.

Tim arrived and after loading our bags into the trunk, we headed out. 'What time is your flight?' Tim asked.

'Not for three hours,' I answered. I saw Tim smile in the rearview mirror. After a few blocks he made a turn and turned off the meter. Within seconds we were in a deserted warehouse area with no other cars around. He turned into an open warehouse door and stopped.

'What's going on?' Drew asked.

Tim got out and opened the back door and said, 'You're going to be early. We have time for me to get a nice load out of both of you before I drop you off.'

We smiled and got out of the cab and both dropped our pants. Tim dropped to his knees and sucked us both off before we continued to the airport.

We were booked in first class, and the service was wonderful. We arrived and retrived our bags, and as we stepped out toward the pick up area, we saw a young man next to a van holding a sigh with my name on it.

I walked up and identified myself. He quickly grabbed our bags and loaded them before opening the door for us. We soon arrived at their office and the papers were all ready. We went in and the young porter transfered our bags to the rental car.

As we both signed the papers, the clerk smiled and said, 'Your boss must really think highly of you. He called and insisted on this car.'

'What is it?'

'Look outside,' the clerk said.

We turned and saw a full size fully loaded silver BMW convertable. 'Holy shit,' Drew exclaimed.

We left with me driving and Drew giving me directions to the company condo. We arrived and was greeted by a doorman who said that he would take care of our luggage. We went in and retrieved the keys to the condo from the manager who showed us to it.

'IF there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, just let us know,' he said before retreating.

The condo was a two bedroom penthouse on the top floor overlooking the beach. Besides the two huge bedrooms with their private baths, there was a living room, dining room, kitchen, game room, and huge totally private balcony.

The porter arrived with our bags and asked which ones were to go in the master bedroom. Before I could answer and say to put them all in the master bedroom, Drew spoke up and said to put mine in the master and his in the second bedroom.

When the porter left, I looked at him questioningly.

'It's for appearance only. We'll still share the master bedroom.'

I smiled and said 'Good idea.'

We checked the bar and found it stocked with beer. We each grabbed one and went out onto the balcony. The wall was just above waist high so if we decided to go out nude, no one would be able to see us. We looked down the ten floors to the beach. After a moment, Drew said, 'Do you notice anything different about the beach?'

I looked the beach over closely before saying, 'No I don't. Why?'

Drew smiled and said, 'There are no women on the beach. It's all men.'

I looked back and said, 'Damn, man, you're right.

We decided to change and go down and check it out. When we got there we realized that it must be the gay beach. A few couples occasionally kissed while others walked and held hands.

We stayed a while then went back to the room. I pulled out my laptop and Googled 'gay activities in Ft. Lauderdale'.

I soon got a list of gay bars, motels, and events.

We checked through it and decided on what each offered and then on where we wanted to go. We decided on a nearby restaurant whose clientel was mainly gay and on a bar just a block away. We could walk to both so we hit the restaurant then the bar.

The bar was primarily a blue collar bar with what looked like construction workers, maybe truckers and bikers. There were a quite a few body builders thorwn in. Shortly after we arrived, the floor show began with male strippers. When the third one came out I nudged Drew and said, 'Do you recognize him?'

'Drew looked at him and said, 'Yea. That's the guy that met us at the airport.'

'It sure is.' When a scantily clad waiter came by I stopped him and said, 'When that young man finishes, tell him some friends would like him to join us for a few minutes.'

'Yes, sir,' he replied.

A short while later the young man approached our booth and was startled when he saw us.

'Have a seat,' Drew said.

'You're not going to tell my boss about this are you?' he said immediately.

'Fuck no, why should we?' I replied.

'Thanks. He's a real homophobe and would fire me in an instant if he knew I was gay.'

He finally sat down and said his real name was David. 'I thought you both were hot as hell when I picked you up, but assumed that you were straight. You both look it and act it.'

'You'd know better if you got us in bed.'

'That could prove interesting,' he said with a smile.

I told him where we were staying and what suite we were in and said, 'It's up to you but if you want to find out stop by after you get off.'

'I don't get off until two in the morning.'

'No problem. That's fine.'

He smiled and said, 'Well, I just might show up. I'll have to think about it.' He winked and said he had to get ready for another dance. We left the bar a while later and David was on stage. When he saw us leaving, he blew us a kiss which we returned.

After a casual walk on the beach, we returned to the condo. We stripped and sat out on the balcony enjoying the night air and wondering if David would show up.

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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