When we went to sleep, Drew had his head on my shoulder. However when we woke up, his arm was around me and my head was on his shoulder. When this change happened I have no idea.

I lay there with my hand on his chest. I began to feel the silky hairs when I heard him say, 'Good morning little brother.'

'Good morning to you,' I answered, adding 'Since you're a year older, I guess you're the big brother.'

'Yea, I guess,' he responded. 'I like the sound of that.'

We remained quiet for a few minutes when Drew finally said, 'Matt, what happened to us last night?'

'I swear, I don't know. We can't blame it on the beer because neither of us was drunk. When it started, it just seemed....uh, I don't know.....'

'So normal and natural?' he added.

'Yea. Exactly. It didn't seem dirty or sick. It just seemed to be the natural thing to do.'

'I know. I guess we have both had curiousities that just flowed out.'

'Probably,' I replied.

Drew paused for a second before saying, 'All I know is, is that I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.'

'So did I. I never dreamed that I would but I did.'

'Matt, I hope it wasn't just a one time encounter. I'm hoping that it happens again.'

'Brother, I feel the same way and I'm sure it will happen again. We have five more weeks of living together.'

He turned to me and we kissed gently, before getting up and heading for the shower. Nothing was said about who showered first. We both went in together again, just as if it was a normal and natural thing.

We dressed and went to get something to eat. It was already close to noon so we found a small cafe and had a plate lunch. When we left Drew asked, 'Well, any suggestions as to what we can do today?'

We stopped at the corner and I looked at him and said, 'Since we both enjoyed last night, are you wanting to see what else there is that men do together?'

'Sure, but how and where?'

'Leave that to me.' I spotted a cab and flagged him down. As he began to pull over, I said, 'Cab drivers know where the action is.'

We climbed into the back of the cab and the driver asked, 'Where to?'

'Honestly, we don't know. We're from out of town and wondered if you could take us to where the most gay action is?'

'Sure,' he answered as he glanced at us in his mirror.

After about a half hour drive, he pulled to the curb. He pointed out three gay bars and two adult video stores that catered to gays. We thanked him and tipped him generously. He smiled and as he handed us one of his cards, he said, 'If you need a ride back, just give me a call. That's my cell number and even if I've gone off duty, I'll come pick you up.' I noticed that his name was Tim and he appeared to be in his early to mid thirties.

After he drove off, I looked at Drew and said, 'He sure seemed anxious to come back and pick us up. I wonder if he thinks he might get in on some action?'

'Maybe, but it was probably just that big tip you gave him. Where to first?'

'It's too early for the bars so why don't we check out the video stores?'

'Lead the way,' Drew said.

We headed for the closest and as we got closer, we noticed a guy in sport shirt and slacks go in, soon followed by what looked like a construction worker in jeans and tee shirt.

When we walked in, we glanced around to get the layout of the place. There was an opening with a sign that said ARCADE and listed a price of five dollars. Above a door was a sign that read THEATER and a price of seven dollars. There was also a sign that gave the price of a 'combo' ticket as ten dollars. A combo ticket gave you the privilage of going back and forth between the arcade and the theater.

I looked at Drew and said, 'Let's each get a combo ticket and see what's happening.'

We did and first headed for the arcade. There were many booths and several guys were slowly walking around. Some doors were closed and as the guys would pass them they would try the knob to see if it was unlocked. We chose a booth and went in. We locked the door and began pressing the selection button which changed the movie on the screen. I had found a gay movie when Drew tapped me on the arm.

I looked at him and he pointed to a hole in the wall between our booth and the next. The hole was about three inches in diameter. I smiled and leaned down to peek through.

Sitting on the bench in the next booth was the guy we had seen go in wearing the jeans and tee shirt. His pants were down around his work boots and he had removed his tee shirt. I could see that he was watching a gay movie and was stroking his cock slowly. As he did so, his left hand was alternately twisting his nipples.

I stood back up to let Drew get a look. My cock was hard from watching him and when Drew stood back up I could see that he was hard also.

Suddenly, we noticed that the other guy had his mouth at the hole, flicking his tongue around. I smiled at Drew and unzipped my pants and took out my cock. Drew did the same and watched as I stepped to the hole and slipped my cock into the guys mouth. He eagerly began sucking my hard cock. After a few minutes, I pulled back and let Drew put his through the hole. When the guy began sucking Drew, I heard Drew whisper, 'Oh, fuck.'

After a couple of minutes Drew pulled back and within seconds, the guy had shoved his cock through the hole. Drew and I took turns sucking on the man's hard thick cock. Before he climaxed, the man pulled back and said to us, 'Follow me.'

We put our cocks back into our pants and stepped out of the booth. A moment later the other guy came out and walked down the hall and we followed. He stepped into a booth and left the door open. We followed him in and locked the door. He had already removed his shirt and was reaching for our cocks. He smiled and whispered, 'I never dreamed I'd get two cocks at the same time.'

We dropped our pants and the man squatted down and began alternating sucking our cocks. Drew leaned to me and we kissed then he whispered, 'He's wearing a wedding ring.'

We didn't want to shoot our loads yet so we stopped the guy and took turns sucking him. While one of us sucked him the other kissed him. Before he climaxed, we stopped and after we had a three way kiss, I asked him if he'd be available later. He said he could be but he'd have to make up an excuse to tell his wife.

We told him where we were staying and asked what time he could meet us there.

'I get off work at six. That's on my way home so I could probably be there by half past seven.'

'Great. One of us will meet you in the lobby.'

'I'll be there.' He grabbed both our cocks and said, 'Save those loads for me.'

'We will. You do the same.'

He nodded and pulled up his jeans and put his shirt back on. 'See you later,' he said as he left the booth. We followed and watched as he left the arcade.

'I wonder if he'll really show up tonight? I hope he does,' Drew said.

'Me too. Maybe he can teach us somethings we haven't tried. Let's check out the theater.'

We walked over to the theater and went in. It was obvious that we had interrupted some action. We took a seat on the back row and noticed a guy two seats further down return to stroking his cock. After another minute, the guy next to him leaned over and began sucking his cock. Then on the row in front of us, one guy stood up and we saw that his pants were down. He suddenly sat in the lap of the guy next to him and began bouncing up and down. We ralized that he was getting fucked in the ass. Drew and I were all eyes. After the guy had cum up his ass, the guy getting fucked returned to his seat and the guy doing the fucking left. We watched as the guy on our row shot his load into the other guys mouth. Numerous guys were jerking off.

We returned to the arcade and each sucked off two guys through what we later learned were called glory holes. Drew and I stayed together in the booths. I watched him suck off his two guys and he watched me suck off my two cocks.

By now, it was almost four so we decided to hit one of the bars and check it out. The cabbie had said that one was a leather bar, one was a western bar, and the other was considered a college bar. We chose the leather bar strictly out of curiosity. We went in and ordered a couple of beers. What we saw really surprised us.

We had expected dirty biker types but instead found mostly clean well groomed muscular guys in various forms of leather dress, ranging from leather pants and vest down to just leather jocks and chest harnesses.

When the bartender brought us our second beer he asked, 'You're not from around here are you?'

'No,' I answered, 'we're heer on business training and have the weekend off before another week of training.'

'How did you happen to come in here?'

'We asked a cab driver to bring us to where the main action was and here we are.'

'Let me guess. He told you about a leather bar, a western bar and a college bar, and I'll bet his name was Tim.'

'Yea, how did you know?'

'I'm the owner of all three bars and Tim is a regular customer as well as one of my best friends.' He said his name was Duke.

'Oh, I see.'

'You two looked shocked at what you saw when you came in. Are you new to the leather scene?'

'Duke, to be totally honest with you we just had our first male experience last night with each other. It just happened, but we enjoyed it and decided to see what else was out here.'

'Holy fuck! Two newbies. Well, if you really want to see some sights, go out on the patio. It gets pretty active out there. Just go through that door.' He pointed to a door at the end of the bar.

We took our beers and went out onto the patio. There we say skimpily clad masculine and muscled leather guys sucking each other off, fucking others in the ass, and even pissing on other guys and some even drinking the piss. We finished our beer and left, both with raging hard ons.

Back outside, we talked about fucking each other. Both of us wanted to see what getting fucked was like.

'Let's go back to the video store,' Drew said. 'In one of the cabinets, I saw several types of lube and something called 'Anal-eze. We might need those.'

We made our purchase and called Tim to pick us up. We didn't mention what Duke had told us, but we asked Tim what time he got off on Sunday evening.

'I'll probably shut this thing down about five or so. Being an independent driver, I drive when I want to.'

'Well, when you get off would you like to stop by and have a couple of beers with us?'

'Fuck yea. Would about four be better for you two?'

'That would be perfect,' I said and gave him our room mumber.

When we reached the hotel we paid him and said that we'd see him the next afternoon.

We went upstairs and checked out our purchases. one was just a normal lubricant for sexual pleasure. We read the lable on the AnalEze and found that it slightly numbs the anal opening thus helping in relieving the pain.

'Did you happen to get the name of the guy at the arcade?' Drew asked.

'No, I didn't. Who wants to go down and meet him?'

'I will. I'd like to see what he looks like in the light before we get started. If necessary, I can ditch him.'

'From what I saw, he was nice looking and extremely well built.'

Time arrived and Drew headed downstairs while I remained in the room naked and waiting. After a few minutes, I heard Drew's key in the door. HE and the man walked in.

'I'm sorry but we didn't exchange names. I'm Matt and he is Drew.'

'We introduced ourselves in the elevator. I'm Brad.'

We shook hands and I asked what type work he did for a living. He said he worked as a framer for a construction company. I then asked the main question. I told him that we had noticed his wedding band and asked what excuse he gave her for being late.

'We've had problems with the job we're working on right now, so when I told her that I had to stay and go over the blueprints and check for problems she accepted it. She said that if I needed her she'd be at her mothers.'

'How long do you have?' asked Drew.

'Until at least ten.'

'Well, get comfortable and let's have some fun.'

As he and Drew stripped we explained that we were new and that we had only sucked each other the night before. He smiled and said he was open for anything we wanted to try.

We started out kissing and sucking. After a while Brad asked if we'd both like to fuck him. We said yes,and after Drew retrieved the lube Brad lubed his ass and Drew's cock. Brad got on his back and raised his legs.

'My man pussy is all yours. Go for it.'

Drew got into position and eased his cock into Brad's ass. 'Oh fuck yea,' Brad said.

'Damn, this is fucking hot. Matt, you got to try this.'

Drew was in balls deep and began fucking Drew as if he was a whore off the street. Drew was going hard fast and deep and Brad was loving it. When Drew finished, I was already lubed up and I took over.

'Fuck, this is better than any pussy I ever had. To hell with women.' I too fucked Brad hard fast and deep. Brad kept saying how fucking great it felt. I soon shot my load up him to mix with Drew's.

We kissed and carressed each others bodies and I went down on Brad's cock and sucked him off. He said that he couldn't believe that I was new to sucking.

Later, as Brad sucked me off Drew sucked another load out of him. then Brad sucked Drew off. After Drew climaxed, he said he needed to piss and as he started to head to the bathroom, Brad told him to come back.

'Let me have it,' Brad said.

'You want to drink it?'

'Fuck yea. I want it from both of you.'

'Drew slipped his cock back into Brad's mouth and let the flow begin. I could see Brad eagerly and expertly swallowing the golden liquid. When Drew finished, I said, 'My turn.'

Slipping my cock into Brad's mouth I let the flow begin and as before Brad swallowed every drop.

'You really like that don't you?' I asked.

'Fuck yea. There are two guys on the job that know about me and during the day when they need to piss they come to me and feed it to me. One of them is the foreman.'

'You suck them off also?'

Oh yea, and they both fuck me. They don't suck or anything. They just use me for personal gratification, and I love it.'

'Does your wife have any idea?' Drew asked.

'Nope. It's my little secret.'

He asked how long we were going to be in town. We said that we had to fly out Saturday morning. He asked if he could come back on Wednesday night and we said by all means.

He kissed each of us goodby and as he left said that he'd see us Wednesday.

Drew and I went out for a late dinner and when we returned we immediately stripped and lay in bed kissing.

'We've sure got an education today. I really enjoyed the three-way with Brad.'

'So did I,' I said. Reaching for the Anal-Eze and lube I said, 'And there is more education to come.' Drew just smiled.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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