The days turned into weeks and weeks into months as the crew kept the ship heading on their course, one Thomas had no knowledge of their destination. He was beginning to learn some Spanish but the Captain keeping him isolated from the others made it slow going. They had made port a few times in places so foreign to Thomas he obeyed the Captain and stayed close and didn't try to venture off alone. He had figured out they had one more stop at some port on the China coast but what city he wasn't sure. The only thing he knew for sure was he was restless.

The long days on the oceans trapped in the Captain's apartment seemed to drag on forever. There were days the ship felt as if it was barely moving with the wind just strong enough to keep the sails full. The worst was the storms, with their rough seas tossing the ship around. The storm they ran through for three days as they rounded Africa nearly sank them. Two sails were damaged and one man was tossed overboard.

Thomas found himself seasick all over again during the entire episode, clinging to the bed or lying on the floor praying for the ship to just stopping tossing up and down and rocking side to side. When they finally turned north and came out of the storm the Captain had the ship brought in to a safe alcove along the eastern African coast where they set anchor. The waters were clear and everyone enjoyed the break from fighting the old ship, swimming, fishing and relaxing on deck.

Thomas found himself under the Captain time and time again, their bodies moving in unison, hot, slick against each other as the Captain fucked him, over and over till both were exhausted and spent. He had not tried to sneak out anymore since that first time, although there were times he thought about it. He just didn't feel any desire with most of the crew like he had before so he spent his time alone, learning Spanish, gazing out the windows in the stern watching where they had been pass him by, wave by wave, the sun arcing high overhead.

The next day they were back on the seas sailing eastward and after so many days Thomas lost track they turned north. Soon he saw land along the western horizon.

They came into the harbor of the Chinese port during a slow drizzling rain and a weak wind, so the ship crept into the harbor slowly. It seemed to take forever for everyone on board as they worked on deck preparing for slipping up to the dock. After what seemed a very long time the ship was finally secured to the dock and the loading of the hold underway. The dock was crowded and Thomas sat on the side of the ship near the stern out of the way watching as the local dock workers helped load up the ship. The Captain oversaw everything sending the Sergeant out errands into the city.

It was dark when the ship was finally loaded and secured and most of the crew went out into the city to eat, get drunk, and fuck around. The Captain had Thomas clean himself up and put on some clean clothes. Once he was dressed the Captain led him into the city, down the narrow crowded streets. Thomas noticed right away he was as tall or taller than most of the citizens, a strange feeling since he was one of the shortest on the ship. The Captain seemed to know the city cutting along one street then another till they came to an inn, one with an Spanish name, an odd sight among all the local establishments.

Inside the small lobby area the Captain spoke to the man behind the desk and soon handed over several coins. They were quickly led to a room in back, a small dining room where a few other men, all of the sea, sat at the two long tables in the middle of the room. The Captain led Thomas to one end of the second table and motioned for him to sit. Soon plates of food sat before them along with some sort of ale.

Thomas hadn't realized how hungry he had been till he started to eat and soon he had cleared his plate. Looking up he saw the Captain smile at him, nodding his head. Instead of lingering after eating, joining in the conversations of the others the Captain led Thomas back to the lobby and up a narrow stair that wound up behind the front desk. They climbed up to the third floor and went down the narrow dark corridor to one of the doors which the Captain pulled out the key for and opened it up.

Thomas found himself standing in a small room with a bed that took up most of the floor. The Captain led him to the bed and began to remove his clothes. One article of clothing at a time, slowly, fingers working buttons free till Thomas stood naked before him. The Captain sat on the bed with Thomas in front of him. He ran his hands over Thomas' chest, down his stomach feeling the smooth skin of his lean torso. The Captain didn't touch his cock instead he turned Thomas around and rubbed an hand over his ass, slowly, fingers sliding down in the cleft between the cheeks. A finger rubbed over Thomas' hole, pressed against it till it breached its tight opening sliding inward as far as it could till Thomas let a moan escape from deep within.

The Captain guided him to the bed then took off his own clothes. Naked, Thomas saw the Captain was already hard, his cock up and leaking. He moved up to the middle of the bed letting the Captain climb up between his legs. Soon he was folded over, ass turned up taking the Captain's fuck, every deep thrust inward. The old bed squeaked noisily beneath them and was so loose it rocked frighteningly back and forth. The Captain was grunting and moaning as he pumped his hips up and down driving his cock into Thomas. Thomas felt the Captain's hairy chest and stomach against the back of his legs, undulating with their fuck and he lay back and grabbed the wooden head board as he struggled to take each penetrating thrust into his hole.

The Captain didn't last long, so wound up ready to fuck he soon filled Thomas with his load, shoving inward with every ejaculation and finally slowing to a slow fuck, pumping his spent cock through his load within Thomas' hole. The Captain collapsed on top of him and fell asleep pinning him beneath his body. Thomas laid there, his cock erect, leaking and so frustrated by not being able to get off. He finally fell asleep although he didn't sleep well with the weight of the Captain on top of him not allowing him to move around.

Sometime in the early morning hours the Captain stirred and Thomas found himself being flipped on his stomach with the Captain moving over him. The Captain entered him roughly, slamming his cock into him all the way and proceeded to fuck, aggressively, holding him down driving into his hole till their bodies slapped together. It pushed Thomas down into the bed and once again, like so many times before he worked his hips, pushing upward and then grind them downward till he found the relief he so desperately craved. Pumping wad after wad out onto the bed he moaned and cried out as the Captain rose up over his body and hammered his hole faster. The bed squeaked and rocked, banging into the wall as they fucked.

Finally the Captain cried out and Thomas felt him shove inward all the way and hold still, and he knew the Captain was pumping out another load into his hole. Spent and exhausted the Captain fell onto his back, then much to Thomas' relief, rolled over to the side of the bed asleep.

The sun light moved across the walls, down over the floor and over the bed bringing the Captain then Thomas to open their eyes. They lay still for a few minutes just enjoying the comfort of a bed not rocking with the ocean but eventually the Captain got up and motioned for Thomas to do the same. Dressed they made their way downstairs and started for the small dining room when two men approached them.

"Do you speak English?" the older of the two asked, a middle aged man of about forty, dressed very nicely indicating a certain wealth. Behind stood a younger man, his features similar to the older man, but a little more angular, and his hair darker, more curl to it. Obviously the man's son, but evidently more like his mother in appearance. Thomas tried not to stare but he found the young man enticing but also frightening. He was well dressed like his father in the finest of clothes while Thomas stood in clothes that didn't even fit properly.

"No" the Captain replied in his strong Spanish accent.

"A continuacion, supongo que debe ser espanol?"


Thomas listened, even though he understood very little of what was being said as the Captain and this stranger conversed. He tried to stop looking over to the man's son but he couldn't' stop. Over and over he would let his eyes roam over to the younger man, someone who looked about his own age, maybe older. It gave him an odd feeling inside, one he didn't understand and he felt even more flustered by the way he kept getting caught. The young man had gotten to where he was staring back, smiling and once, when Thomas felt embolden to stare back the young man winked at him.

When the older man produced a bag of coins and motioned to his son Thomas watched him go over to the wall and pick up two duffle bags and sling one over his should and come back to them carrying the other. The Captain pushed Thomas toward him.

"El otro bolso para el hombre."

Thomas looked back at the Captain questioningly as he moved toward the young man not sure what he meant.

"Your Captain asked you to take Winston's other bag for him" the older man said to Thomas when he saw the confusion on his face. "You're English?"

"Yes sir" Thomas replied bowing his head slightly.

"How did you end up on..." the older man began to ask and he suddenly seemed to think better of it.

Thomas looked at the older man suddenly embarrassed, knowing what he had to be thinking and he quickly turned to the man's son and reached out for the other bag. It was heavy and he struggled to get it over his shoulder. He felt the strap loosen and move up on his shoulder. Turning he saw Winston helping him get the bag in place.

"There...that should do it" Winston replied then he moved up next to Thomas. "What is your name?"

"Thomas" he replied looking down at the floor avoiding Winston's stare.

"Son, you stay in the accommodations provided you and for heaven's sake stay out of trouble. You understand me?" the older man said, his tone curious with his last question.

"Yes sir, I shall not fraternize with the sailors" Winston replied and the response made his father jerk back slightly, give Winston a stern look and finally walk away without another word.

Winston laughed as he watched the door close behind his father.

"Vamos a ir?" Winston said to the Captain.

"Vamos y no causan problemas" the Captain replied as he headed toward the door. Winston followed him with Thomas bringing up the rear. As they moved through the door Winston looked back Thomas.

"Your Captain told me not to cause any problems" Winston whispered stifling a laugh.

The old Spanish Carrack sailed out of the harbor and quickly caught the wind with full sail. The ship turned south heading back the way they had come. Thomas was locked in the Captain's apartment as he had been for most of their travels, and he knew the Captain seemed more concerned now that Winston was on board. Winston was on the level above in the apartment they used for the best paying guest should they have any for a trip. Thomas could hear him above, the occasional impact of something on the floor or the scraping of some piece of furniture across it. When it finally grew quiet Thomas, lying on the bed stared at the ceiling as if he could eventually see through it to what Winston was now doing. He looked up over his head at the row of windows along the stern of the ship wondered if Winston had his windows opened.

Easing up he moved to the windows and carefully leaned out turning his head to look upward.

"Checking up on me?" Winston asked surprising Thomas. Winston was leaning on the sill looking out at the coastline as it receded from view when he saw Thomas stick his head out. Now he looked down upon him amused. He found Thomas intriguing, an English lad of little education; that much was obvious, on a Spanish Carrack traveling around Africa, to India and China. He himself had traveled the known world with his father and had come to know the exotic nature of many lands, especially those of southeast Orient. Thinking of it made him smile and also knew his father finding out how exotic Winston liked it was the reason he was being sent home where his strict mother could gain a hold over him. He'd been able to use his father's influence to gain access to areas forbidden to most and knew many temptations because of it. But down below, this guy who looked so young, so soft and lean, nothing like the others on board, all tan, muscular and so rough looking, made him more exotic to Winston than all the men he had met over the last two years.

"You want to come up?" Winston asked Thomas who seemed to be at a loss for words.

"I...I can't" Thomas replied.

"Why not? Does the Captain have you tied up down there?" Winston replied, laughing.

"He keeps the door locked" Thomas admitted embarrassed by the insinuation.

"I see. Does that mean he's afraid you'll do something...bad, or have you already done so?" Winston asked smiling mischievously.

Thomas tries not to smile as he starts to reply but he hears the door being unlocked. He quickly steps back giving Winston a quick wave of his hand and sits on the bed getting his body to relax into a normal posture. The door opens and the Captain comes in, his shirt open over half way down, sweating profusely with an agitated look. Thomas says nothing as he watches the Captain come in and look around, then he goes to a side table and picks up some documents lying there. As he begins to leave the Captain stops and looks at Thomas, his expression questioning. His eyes scan the room looking for something and Thomas is sure it is whether or not he has been up to something. The Captain's eyes lock on the open windows along the stern and he moves to them. Thomas watches with a look of disinterest as the Captain goes to the window and looks at the sill, the open windows, then he leans out and looks up.

Thomas can tell without seeing for himself Winston was not at the windows or the Captain would have reacted and he lays back on the bed pretending not to have any interest in the Captain's movements. He watches out of the corner of his eyes as the Captain leaves the room and he listens as the lock is secured. He knows not to go back to the windows, knows the Captain will go up on deck and sooner or later look down, still not satisfied Thomas wasn't up to something.

For several days Thomas endured his isolation, pulled further and further away from the Captain, the sex with him mechanical and he fought the urge to push back for he wanted to say no. He saw Winston at the evening meals and having had to sit next to the Captain he was unable to converse with him. But they made eye contact and Thomas knew Winston understood the situation he was in for they had been able to talk some at the windows. Thomas had kept their conversations short for fear the Captain would catch them and also for he felt tormented by them in a way, unable to actually sit in the same room with Winston, to be in his presence. Every time he looked at Winston, the way his dark hair covered his head in waves and curls, his fair skin and at times the way his beard tried to come in along his jaw with such a defined line he found his heart racing in his chest. And when Winston looked at him with his vivid blue eyes he had to look away.

One morning he awoke to find the Captain had already left. The light was dim coming in through the window and he saw the sky was cloudy. He knew this could be good or bad. Good was the winds usually picked up to let them make better speed. Bad was if it foretold of an approaching storm. He found his usual morning breakfast sitting on the table and once he finished he moved to the window. Winston's arms were visible on the sill above and Thomas whispered up to him.

Winston leaned out looking down at him.

"Good morning" Winston said.

"Have you seen the Captain this morning?"

"No but I can hear the commotion up on deck; I guess this wind has them busy?"

The wind had indeed been picking up and Thomas could tell by the ship's wake their pace had increased dramatically. This was the opportunity Thomas had been seeking for he knew the wind was strong enough to require the Captain to keep a watch out for sudden changes in weather as they used all the sail they could without damaging any of them.

"I'm coming up" Thomas said to Winston who gave him a surprised look in return before smiling down at Thomas.

"How are you going to do that? Did the good Captain leave your door unlocked this morning?"

"No...just stay there. Okay?" Thomas replied before disappearing back inside. Winston waited wondering what he was doing inside. Thomas came back to the window and he leaned out till his upper torso was clear of the frame and he was holding a rope.

"You're not...are you?" Winston asked.

"Shhhh" Thomas hushed him as he began to swing the end of the rope, a small handled cup tied to the end of it for weight. "Catch it" Thomas whispered up to Winston as he flipped the cup upward. Winston leaned out and caught the cup on the first try and pulled the rope in enough to tie it around the framing between two windows. Satisfied his knot was secure he leaned out the window and nodded to Thomas.

Thomas took a deep breath and eased up on the sill. He wore only the over sized shirt the Captain provided him, one that was easily raised up or pulled off and it made him feel even more venerable to what he was about to attempt. Back in London he had had to make many a getaway by climbing up to roofs or jumping down from roof to roof but that had been months ago and he knew laying around had done nothing for his strength.

Holding the rope he pulled himself up on his feet and tested the knot making sure it was secure. Nodding at Winston he began to climb. It was only a few feet up but out on the stern of the ship with the wind blowing and the waves washing down each side of the ship making it rock up and down he knew he had to be very careful. He worked his way up to the head of the window working his feet along the jamb trim. He was nearly to Winston's outstretched hand when the ship rolled to one side and Thomas lost his footing. He clung to the rope as his body slammed into the side of the ship, rocking back and forth, and he struggled to get his feet bacl on the side of the ship. Winston watched nervously, terrified he was about to watch Thomas fall into the ocean.

Thomas finally got his footing and pulled himself up the stern of the ship till Winston could grab him by the wrist and help him on up. He worked his feet against the side of the ship as Winston pulled his arms till he fell through the window on top of Winston.

"Well, that was a bit of a struggle" Winston said looking up at Thomas their faces only inches apart. Thomas didn't say anything as he just stared at Winston a moment, then he leaned down and kissed him on the lips, gently, lightly pressing them together. When he rose up he looked nervously at Winston, wondering if he'd gone too far.

Winston smiled at him then leaned up and kissed him back.

The bed squeaked softly as Winston fucked Thomas, slowly, driving inward all the way each time feeling the way Thomas' hole milked his cock. After kissing they had rolled around the floor groping each other, Thomas tearing at Winston's clothes till he was partially undressed with legs and arms tangled up in them. Winston got up and pulled them off then helped Thomas to stand where he lifted the loose shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor with his own clothes. They had fallen on top of the bed and where the frantic nature of earlier was suddenly gone. Winston had combed his fingers through Thomas' hair then caressed his face.

"How did you end up this ship?" Winston asked in a whisper as he pressed his lips to Thomas' not waiting for an answer.

Thomas' lean body lay beneath Winston with his legs spread apart and his arms hugging Winston's neck, clinging to him as if his life depended on it. He pushed upward with his ass to meet every downward thrust, feeling the way Winston's cock slowly pushed into his body. Winston moved gracefully, slowly, allowing Thomas to feel each move, every touch, as their bodies undulated against each other, touching, rubbing flesh against flesh, provocatively, sensually, till his cock ached for release.

"Thomas" Winston whispered as he rose up and began to thrust faster, to drive his cock deeply into Thomas over and over and over. Thomas cried out and grabbed the head board as he worked his hips taking every inch of Winston's cock.

Winston and Thomas were so fanatical in their attention to each other, careful with every touch, every move, they didn't hear the door open nor noticed the Captain standing just inside the room watching them. The Captain stood there watching, at first so furious words failed him. This rage gave him time to watch, to notice the way Thomas moved with Winston, the way he gave himself, pushed up against Winston, desperately clinging to him. It was so different from the way Thomas was with him.

He watched Winston slip his arms underneath Thomas and hug their bodies together as he rolled over putting himself on his back, Thomas now on top. Thomas rose up, his lean body sitting on Winston and the Captain knew Winston's cock was buried in his ass. Thomas began to move his body up and down, to fuck his hole on Winston's cock and the Captain watched the way that thick shaft would become visible then disappear as Thomas moved back down. Thomas' skin glistened wetly with his exertions and his moans echoed in the small room. Winston's hands gently held him by the waist as they fucked.

"Oh fuck...Winston" Thomas cried out as he began to ride him roughly, to work his ass up and down faster rocking the bed and the Captain was embarrassed for it aroused him, made his cock stir, grow erect. He wanted to stop what he was seeing, to lay claim to Thomas, but he knew, in the end the futility of it, knew in the end he couldn't control Thomas enough to keep him and he backed out of the door easing it closed.

Neither Winston nor Thomas heard the click of the latch as they fucked. Winston felt his cock grow so hard it ached and he pulled Thomas down to him and thrust upward with his hips driving his cock into Thomas faster and faster.

"Put it in me" Thomas whispered as he felt Winston piston cock faster and faster inside his hole till Winston cried out, guttural, his whole body shaking beneath him. Short jabbing thrusts upward, each one shoving inward all the way with every ejaculation till he was spent and Winston fell still, sweating, breathing hard as Thomas ran a finger over his forehead pushing hair out of his eyes.

Winston looked up at Thomas.

"Do me...okay?"

Thomas was surprised for he had never been with anyone who wanted him to fuck them and he looked down at Winston unsure what to say. Winston smiled, knowing the situation and he rolled Thomas off of him as he moved onto his stomach. Looking over his shoulder, eyes pleading, he asked again.


Thomas nodded his head and moved over Winston's prone body, slowly, each move measured. His cock was hard, the head leaking till it was wet, and he pushed it down between the cheeks of Winston's ass, slickly moving it up and down pushing inward till he was rubbing it over Winston's hole. Winston pushed upward and Thomas felt the head of his cock breach the tight opening. He pushed downward.

Winston rose up moaning as Thomas sank his cock deeper and deeper. When his hips rested firmly against Winston's ass, cock buried all the way inward he laid on Winston's back bear hugging their bodies together. Their contact was slick and hot as they moved together, as Thomas undulated over Winston's body, hips moving up and down driving his cock with urgency.

"This is better than I imagined" Winston uttered as Thomas rose up and began to fuck harder, his pace faster. Winston moved his ass in rhythm with Thomas' fuck, moved to take every thrust till the bed rocked beneath them.

"Oh...oh...Winston...I'm going to..." and he shoved inward till his hips slapped against Winston's ass ejaculating wad after wad deep into him. Thomas kept fucking driving his spurting cock through each wad till he was spent and he pumped his hips a few more times, slowly, gently, savoring the feel of his cock sliding slickly in Winston's hole.

Hours later, they still lay in bed having had sex all day till neither could get an erection. The light of the sun had moved across the room till it was on the other side. Thomas suddenly sat up realizing how long he had been gone.

"Winston...I have to go."

"NO...stay here...with me."

"I can't...I..." Thomas stammered as he jumped up, grabbed up his shirt and pulled it over his head. Moving quickly, he went to the window and leaned out seeing the rope was still in place as he left it. Winston moved up behind him taking him by the arm.

"You can't go down that way; it's dangerous."

The door suddenly swung open and the Captain stepped inside. Thomas was stunned to see him at the door and he froze in place. Winston turned to the Captain preparing himself for what would happen next.

Thomas didn't know what was being said but he saw Winston's body relax and the look on the Captain's face wasn't angry. The Captain looked over at Thomas, nodded his head and backed out of the room closing the door.

Winston turned to Thomas smiling.

"It seems the Captain discovered us earlier in the day,'re free to stay here, with me, if you desire."

Thomas wasn't sure he heard correctly but when Winston moved up to him, so close they were nearly touching.


Two Years Later:  South England along the coast.

The small cottage sat overlooking the ocean. A small garden surrounded the house with a mixture of flowers, herbs and vegetables. Between the garden and the coastline was an open meadow, wildflowers in full bloom.

Winston was walking through the meadow heading toward the cottage. He heard a horse whinny and looked up to see Thomas coming down the narrow lane. Thomas had left early that morning heading into the nearby town for provisions. The elder couple who lived down the lane were invited over that night. They were the only neighbors who didn't seem to care about the obvious relationship between Thomas and himself. They had been here since shortly after returning to England. The property had been in Winston's family for years and his grandmother had given it to him. Thomas struggled with the simple routines of normal life and for Winston it had been an adventure, teaching Thomas to read properly, to develop his skills at the things he loved doing, such as woodworking, gardening, such simple things but initially alien to someone who grew up on the streets in London then spent so long at sea.

Winston knew Thomas didn't fully understand the unusual nature of their life together, how they had to be careful, but in this remote region, this ancient land, they could live as they please.




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