Thomas lay on the Captain's bed with his arms stretched out to each corner of the headboard where they were tied off. He lay there sweating with the heat inside the Captain's apartment stifling. Thomas still didn't understand a word the Spanish Captain or any of his crew said but he knew the tone of the Captain's words when he got tied to the bed. Angry for what he had done. He knew he shouldn't have done it but he grew lonely staying in the Captain's quarters all day and night and he had grown to desire what the Captain had forced him to do their first day out to sea.

They were not out of sight of land, pulling away from England, Thomas' home country when the Captain came in and forced him down on the bed. He had gone from living on the streets to finding himself on this Spanish Carrack sailing off to places unknown. At first it embarrassed him thinking the looks he got from the crew were looks of judgment but after a few days he realized differently and suddenly he saw how it was, a crew of men on a sailing ship traveling for weeks, months even, before docking in some faraway country. They looked at him with a longing, a desire and Thomas fought the urge to tease them, to give them ideas.

At first the Captain had come to him often, sometimes merely pulling his cock free and pushing Thomas over on the bed on his stomach. The white shirt the Captain gave Thomas to wear was easily pushed up or removed. Other times they lay on the bed, both naked, the Captain's tanned muscular body able to cover Thomas's lean fair skinned frame completely, pressing him down in the soft mattress, spreading his legs and penetrating him. Thomas quickly learned to relax to the penetration, to the feel of the Captain's cock breaching his opening and penetrating him deeply. He came to be vocal with the Captain's fuck, to move beneath him, pushing upward begging for him to do it harder, to fuck him faster. He knew the Captain didn't know the words he spoke but the Captain knew the meaning of them as he would hold young Thomas down and drive cock into his hole faster and faster.

They had been at sea for days, how long Thomas didn't know, but he had grown restless and when the Captain was up a deck in his Cabin working Thomas slipped out of the apartment. He didn't know the ship so he eased along silently, working his way through the Reading Room through the next area where cannons sat along each side ready to use at a moment's notice till he came to the kitchen. He smelled the evening's meal in preparation and he eased inside the kitchen. The cook had his back turned to the door and Thomas bravely moved into the room looking at the preparations underway. The cook turned suddenly and caught Thomas at the end of the table. Thomas knew he looked ridiculous wearing the oversized shirt, the loose garment hanging on his lean frame making him acutely aware of his nakedness underneath the thin white fabric. The cook was about his height, older, somewhere in his late twenties with a scruffy beard trying to come in, the area along his jaw almost bare. The cook had dark hair, brown eyes and was muscular, his arms bulging with muscle.

No se supone que esta aqui!

Thomas had no idea what the cook said but he was sure it was about him being out of the Captain's apartment.

"I got bored" Thomas replied smiling at the cook. Thomas found him attractive and he absentmindedly ran a hand down the front of the loose shirt pressing it against his lean body till he came to his cock and he let the cook see how it bulged outward, thickly over his sac. The cook stood frozen in place watching his hand, every move of his fingers as he manipulated himself bringing his cock up to erection. It pushed outward obscenely.

Usted es una ramera!

The cook laughed as he spoke and Thomas wondered how to respond. He reached down and let his fingers push the soft worn fabric tight to his cock shaft as he moved them along its length. He looked up at the cook, smiling, wondering if the cook was willing to do to him what the Captain had been doing for days.

"You like?" Thomas asked as he lifted the sleeping shirt up and let it drape over his cock which stuck straight out hard, the loose skin pulled back till the red head was sticking out free, wet, slick with the leakage from it. The cook set down the spoon he was holding and moved around the small table. His eyes were glued to Thomas' cock. He roughly pushed Thomas against the wall as he went down on his knees. Thomas barely had time to register what was happening when he realized his cock was sunk deeply into the cook's mouth. Slick, hot, that mouth moved along his cock making him grow fully erect. It grew so hard it ached as the cook's mouth worked along its length.

"Damn" Thomas uttered, the profanity whispered through clinched teeth. The cook pulled back along his cock, bit down on his loose foreskin and pulled on it.

"OHhhh" Thomas cried out slapping his hand over his mouth to stifle his own cry.

Se derrame en mi boca?

The cook was looking up at him, his expression pleading, and Thomas knew what he wanted. Taking his cock in hand he rubbed the head over the cook's lips then pushed against them sliding his cock over the cook's tongue till he was pushing into the man's throat.

"Fuck" Thomas uttered as he held the cook's head and pumped his hips thrusting his cock inward and pulling back, faster and faster. The Captain hadn't allowed him any release in two days and he felt his load surge through his cock and suddenly the cook was choking, swallowing as fast as he could. Thomas kept pumping his hips, shoving inward with each ejaculation till the cook took him by the thighs shoving him back against the wall. The cook buried his face into the sparse hair fanned out over Thomas' cock and sucked so hard Thomas thought his cock was going to be pulled off as he felt each ejaculation, every wad as it spurt into the cook's mouth.

Spent Thomas leaned against the wall, eyes closed, as he felt the cook hold his cock licking it clean. The dim light of the kitchen shadowed out against his eye lids and suddenly he found the cook spinning him around, pushing him to the table where he fell onto his back. Soon his shirt was pushed up to his arm pits, his legs locked to the cook's chest with the cook's cock sinking into his hole. The cook fucked him with a furious pace. Hips slapping against his ass and Thomas knew he was afraid the Captain would catch him in his Cabin Boy's ass and so he fucked to come, fucked with all his energy trying to get off as quickly as possible. Thomas held the table's edge to keep from being pushed back across its top as he took every forward thrust. When the cook was jabbing inward in shorter thrusts Thomas recognized the rhythm of it and knew the man was close and he pushed back against him taking all of his cock. The cook took an ankle in each hand and spread them apart as he moved over Thomas folding him half, spreading him open. The cook fucked him harder, slamming hips against his ass and when he felt the cook suck on one nipple then nip it as cock was shoved inward hard he knew the cook was ejaculating inside him. He felt the cook grind his hips up against his ass working the spurting cock through its own load. Thomas held tightly to the table taking everything the cook would give him.

The cook let him up and quickly got himself put together looking over at Thomas guilty. Thomas stood up letting the shirt fall back into place. His spent cock was still inflated slightly and pushed wetly against the front leaving a wet spot that grew in diameter as Thomas stood there watching the cook turn away from him getting back to his preparation of the evening meal.

"Thanks" Thomas whispered and saw the cook nod his head without turning around. Thomas eased out and started to head back to the Captain's apartment. The undulating movement of the ship suddenly returned to him and he felt a moment's dizziness. When he started back he heard voices down below. Squatting at the opening in the floor where the ship's ladder was located he tried to see who was down on the next level. Easing down the steps of the ladder one at a time Thomas moved down facing outward where he heard the voices. He eased down till he was clear of the structure and could see down the narrow corridor where a door was held open and a dim light of a candle was shining through it. Thomas stepped down off the ladder when he saw the voices were coming from the room and no one was out in the corridor.

Easing down the narrow corridor Thomas came to the door and peered around the jamb where he saw two of the crew lying on their sides talking. They were stripped to their waists and their tanned muscular torsos were glistening in the dim light. Thomas didn't know what they were saying but one grabbed his crotch and said something in a humorous tone making the other laugh. Suddenly the ship rocked roughly with a wave and Thomas fell forward coming into view at the door.

The men looked up and saw him standing there, frozen in place, and they saw how the white shirt he wore hung down long, the front having a wet spot at his cock which was pushing outward once again. Thomas found fear made him erect as quickly as desire or lust and his cock rose up slowly, flexing up and down. The shirt had the buttons at the neck undone and his bare smooth upper chest below his neck was exposed. The men could see his long arms, the skin so smooth and fair, as well as his long lean legs which were just as bare. He looked much younger than his age which he thought was nineteen, or maybe it was eighteen. He wasn't sure any more having been on the streets so long before the Captain took him.

Thomas looked at the two crewmen, their muscular bodies, and he saw first one, then the other tug on their crotches. The one on the left had black hair and a beard coming in thickly along his jaw. The other had lighter hair, streaked by the sun and he had a beard that was kept cut close. After being with the cook Thomas knew how easy it would be to get what he wanted. How he wanted to feel their cocks penetrate his body, to move within him stroking his own desires. He lifted the shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. Naked, his cock rising upward, he stood in front of the two men.

Va a ser nuestra mujer?

The man on the right said laughing as he sat up, swinging his legs to the floor. He looked at the other man and nodded toward Thomas.

El capitan no es darle lo suficiente.

The man added as he stood up and moved to Thomas. He grabbed Thomas by the arm and pulled him into the small room forcing him between the beds. The other man stood at the head of the beds undoing his pants. Thomas was pushed toward the man, bent over till he had to put his hands on the man's bare hips. He saw the man's long uncut cock, watched how the man manipulated it getting it erect. The man's pants fell freely to his ankles and he grabbed Thomas by his hair and pulled his mouth to the growing erection in his face.

Pua te meten!

Thomas opened his mouth and took the cock in his face, let it slide over his tongue and push to the back of his throat. The man held him in place, kept the cock sunk in his mouth all the way making him wonder why he wouldn't let him move, let him do what he had learned to do so well while in the Captain's care. Then he felt it, the other man's cock pushing at his hole. The cock rubbed up and down, pushed against his hole and rubbed over the opening.

Wue el suelo esta mojado!

Thomas didn't know what the man behind him said but he was sure it was about his hole already being wet, the cook's cum leaking from it. The man tightened his grip on Thomas' hips and shoved forward sinking his cock all the way into Thomas. Moaning around the cock in his mouth Thomas held on to the thighs of the man in front of him as they began to fuck, one in his ass and the other in his mouth. They were slow at first, easing their cocks inward and pulling slowly back out talking animatedly amongst themselves as they kept it up using Thomas for their pleasure. The man in his ass had a long thin cock, longer than the Captain's, and Thomas felt the way it penetrated him deeply, sinking so deep he wondered how he took it. He sucked the cock in his mouth letting it move over his tongue slickly. A hand rested on his back then slid slickly up along his spin rubbing over his sweaty skin. They were grunting and moaning, all three of them, noisily, recklessly, as they fucked faster and faster, Thomas taking every inch of cock pushed into his mouth and ass; he felt every thrust. The man fucking his ass reached underneath him and took his hard cock and stroked it, faster and faster, keeping rhythm with their fuck.

Thomas felt the cock in his mouth flex, felt it swell up thicker filling his mouth then he felt the flood of cum fill his mouth. He swallowed as best he could but some still pumped out through his lips and trickled down his chin. The man cried out as he shot each wad into his mouth and the man fucking his ass slapped his right cheek laughing. Then the grip tightened on his hips and the man hammered his ass, hard fast thrusts till he felt the man pumping cum into his hole.

The man let go of his erection denying him the release he so desperately wanted. The man he sucked slipped down the wall and sat in front of him with his eyes closed while the man in his ass slowly pumped his spent cock working through his load till Thomas felt cum trickle down his thigh. The man was lying over his back and hot breath hit his skin with every exhale.

Suddenly a voice boomed out loud. The Captain's voice reverberated through the room.

Que chingados es eso? Que es lo que hacen!

Thomas didn't know what he was saying but he knew he was angry. He held up the shirt and shook it at Thomas as the two men climbed up on their bunks trying to get as far away as they could.

"I'm sorry...I was lonely" Thomas said with sadness in his voice as he looked up at the Captain more scared than he had been when he was dragged on board. The Captain looked at him, the anger making his features so hard, so indiscernible Thomas just stood in front of him waiting for whatever was coming.

The Captain took a deep breath and helped Thomas slip the shirt over his head. The Captain guided him out into the narrow corridor saying something back to the two men in the room before leading him back to the apartment. It was then the Captain stripped him and tied him to the bed leaving him alone in the room.

He laid there, his mind replaying the events that caused him to be tied up, his cock growing erect each time and he felt the ache of it, the lustful desire for someone, anyone to come and give him relief. He lay there watching it rise up, beads of clear liquid pool at the slit and drool down onto his stomach and eventually he would find a way to stop thinking of the sex, the way it felt, and he'd get his cock to grow flaccid.

It was dark when the door opened and the Captain came in carrying a candle. He set it down on the table near the door and moved to the foot of the bed. He didn't say anything as he looked down on Thomas, his whole body in silhouette, shadowed and unreadable by Thomas.

"I'm sorry, sir, but..." Thomas said letting his voice trail off knowing the futility of saying anything. The Captain began to pull his own clothes off and Thomas watched as he removed each garment. It took only a minute and the Captain stood naked at the foot of the bed, his cock rising up erect. Thomas lay still waiting. The Captain moved up on the bed and took each ankle lifting Thomas' legs up and spreading them out. He moved up closer pushing Thomas' legs over folding him in half, with his ass turned upward spread open. Thomas moaned as he felt the Captain's cock rub along his ass and when the Captain pushed his ankles down on the bed either side of his head he felt it touch his hole, pressing against it. The Captain pushed down, penetrating him in one push sinking his thick cock all the way inward till his hips rested on Thomas' ass.

Thomas cried out only to have his cry muffled by the Captain's mouth pressed to his own.

The Captain rose up holding Thomas' legs down and began to fuck. He fucked out of desire, out of anger for the betrayal, out of a sense of punishment, as he hammered his cock into Thomas, drove it all the way into his hole, pulled up and slammed back in, over and over, till the bed squeaked noisily and rocked back and forth banging into the wall. The Captain didn't seem to care this time if anyone could hear them as he threw his whole weight into this fuck, drove into Thomas over and over, uttering in Spanish through clinched teeth.

Thomas felt the heat of this fuck, the slick wetness where their bodies rubbed together and the drops of sweat that rained down on him from the Captain. Their exertion was exhausting, their breathing labored as the Captain fucked with a furious pace, his rhythm growing ragged, this thrusts inward shorter, with his hips jabbing away at Thomas's hole. Punishingly, the Captain kept up his fuck till he finally shoved inward all the way and collapsed on top of Thomas; his cock ejaculating wad after wad.

Then Thomas was alone once again, his cock still hard and his skin cooling with the evaporation of sweat from its surface. The sheets felt damp underneath him and the room hot, humid, the air filled with the stench of their fuck.

And he felt exhausted.

Thomas woke to the early morning light filtering in through the small windows of the apartment that lined the upper end of the stern. The ship seemed to be rocking slowly, like it did in a dead calm ocean and Thomas realized they were not moving very fast for there was no wind. He was still tied to the head board and his naked body lay on top of the bed. It was still hot even in this early morning hour.

The door opened and the Captain came in stripped to the waist, his body glistening with the sweat that covered it. Thomas watched him close the door and just stand there for a moment, a concerned look on his face.

Vamos no hay donde hasta el viento sopia hacia arriba. Nada que hacer, except esperar y...

The Captain stopped speaking and smiled. He moved to the bed and untied Thomas' arms from the head board, then bound them together only to retie him to the headboard in the middle. He flipped Thomas on to his stomach running a hand down along his back. Thomas felt the hand over his shoulder blades, fingers trace their shape, then the hand moved down along his spine following the gentle curve of his back till it moved up and over the curve of his ass. Thomas felt the Captain's fingers dig down between his cheeks and touch his hole, felt them move over it as the Captain let his fingers travel from the top of Thomas' ass down in between his legs till Thomas felt them move over his sac that was exposed between his legs.

Usted tiene la piel suave y cremosa.

The Captain spoke and it seemed more to himself than to Thomas who didn't understand him. Thomas turned his head so he could see the Captain standing by the bed and watched him undo his pants and strip out of the remainder of his clothes till he was naked again. Thomas knew being on his stomach was different, knew he couldn't watch the Captain take him and realized maybe this time he wasn't suppose to watch. He turned his head down into the pillow as he felt the Captain move up on the bed right at the foot. He felt the Captain take each ankle and pull him down till his arms were stretched tight, then the Captain pushed his legs apart and moved up between them. Thomas felt the Captain's cock, already hard again, as it nestled down between his ass cheeks and touched his hole. Thomas pushed up against it.

"Fuck me...fuck me...please" Thomas begged and he felt the Captain's cock sink into his hole.

Thomas felt the way the Captain fucked him slowly this time, gently sinking into his hole so that he felt every inch move into him. He pushed up to take more of it, undulated beneath the Captain's body like a snake, working his back and hips, sinking the Captain's cock all the way into his hole. He tugged against the rope that bound his hands together as he buried his face into the pillow to stifle his cries. In his mind he begged the Captain to fuck him, to fuck him harder, and he worked his ass to take all the cock working his hole.

The Captain came down on his back and bear hugged their bodies together, ground his hips into Thomas' ass every time he bottomed out. This fuck was slow, the Captain building up his pace with patience making Thomas want it more than ever before. Thomas felt his own cock pinned beneath him and pushing into the mattress with every thrust by the Captain into his hole. He worked his hips more, worked them to take the Captain's cock and to grind his own into the mattress.

They fucked a long time, their bodies growing hot, slick, glistening in the morning light coming into the room. The Captain eventually rose up and began to fuck faster, to build up a fast rhythm and Thomas worked his ass to meet every downward thrust. Thomas cried out, moaned and pleaded with the Captain to fuck him, to fuck him harder and he buried his face in the pillow and shoved upward when he felt the Captain push down hard filling his hole once again. The Captain fucked till he was spent falling on Thomas' back breathing hard.

The Captain eventually got up and rolled Thomas over where he saw the wet puddle of cum from Thomas' climax while being fucked.

Puta asquerosa!

Thomas sensed the Captain's displeasure with him ejaculating on the sheet and he watched the Captain untie him roughly, grab him by the hair and shove his face down into his own load. He knew what was expected of him and he pushed up till his face hovered over the sheet and let the Captain see him hold out his tongue just before he moved down and lapped up his own cum. The Captain let him go and watched how he ran his tongue over the wet spot lapping up the cum. He pressed his lips down on the sheet and sucked, drawing out the last remnants of cum and when he was satisfied he had gotten all of his load he moved to the edge of the bed, reached out to the Captain's hips and pulled the Captain's body to him. He took the Captain's flaccid cock and sucked it clean, drew his mouth along the flaccid shaft till it glistened wetly with his spit. When he was finished Thomas rolled over on his back and looked up at the Captain who stared down at him with a serious expression; just stared down at him for a long time. Slowly, the corners of the Captain's mouth turned upward and he began to laugh and he playfully swatted Thomas on the hip.

"I...fuck you often" the Captain said in broken English smiling down at Thomas.

Thomas watched him dress and head out of the room leaving him free this time. But he did hear the Captain lock the door from the other side. Thomas smiled wondering how long he'd have to wait. He laid there for a long time dozing from time to time. When he got up he didn't' bother to dress for it felt better to stay naked in the heat of the apartment. He tried the door to see if it was really locked and found it snugly secured. He looked at the windows and wondered. He moved to them and climbed up on a small box so he could lean out. It was too far up to reach the windows above. He looked down and saw the rudder and the surface of the ocean. He felt stymied as he moved back into the room. He looked over to the bed seeing rope. Stepping back on the box he leaned out the window looking up wondering if he could get the rope to hook something letting him pull himself up.

He knew the Captain wouldn't like him venturing around the ship, going down to where the crew slept or toward the bow where he knew on one level somewhere in that section of the ship that Sergeant's cabin was located, the one with the reddish brown hair and enticing bulges beneath his tight clothes.



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