Four days had passed since the explosion which had all but destroyed the port idling thruster engine room and blasted a hole in the hull. Two crew members had been blown into the void of space, killing them instantly. The emergency bulkheads had prevented the whole ship from being destroyed and the number of injuries among the crew had been mercifully few, but Captain Malloy had been devastated by the news of the deaths and had not relished the duty of having to inform their families and carry out memorial services. He had been working flat out to get repairs under way and was close to exhaustion.

His First Officer, Cassie McCormack and his Chief Engineer, Marcus Devlin had been unswerving in their support for him. Both had worked as hard as he to effect repairs and Cassie had now insisted that he get some rest. He had reluctantly agreed. His reluctance disolved completely when Marcus had

arrived in his quarters armed with a bottle of massage oils and wasted no time getting him undressed and on the bed, quickly shedding his own clothes and applying a liberal amount of the

oils to his hands before joining his lover, kneeling at Gavin's side and beginning to run his hands up and down the torso of the man with whom he was now deeply in love.

'That feels fantastic, Marcus. You're a man of many skills.' Said Gavin as Marcus continued to knead and rub the oils into his shoulders, neck and back. His strong but gentle hands worked methodically in circular motions, covering every inch of Gavin's back, massaging the tension away with every passing minute. He applied more oil to Gavins arms and legs and then paid particular attention to Gavin's beautiful peach like butt. 'It feels pretty good to me too' Marcus replied, 'I'm getting horny just touching you. In fact, I think it's time you turned over so I can get to work on the rest of you'

Gavin laughed and rolled onto his back. He reached up and cupped a hand behind Marcus' head and pulled him into a long passionate kiss. Their tongues duelling one another, Gavin moaned softly as Marcus, still with oiled hands began to

massage his chest, making circular motions around his now erect nipples. Continuing the circular motions, he moved down to Gavin's chiselled, washboard stomach.

Gavin's fatigue melted away as his best friend and lover now clasped an oiled hand around his rock hard erection and began to slide it up and down the shaft in a slow, piston like motion

with his thumb and forefinger, his other three fingers taking a tour around Gavin's tight, hairless ball sac each time his hand reached the base of the nine inch rod. He continued this for

several minutes until he sensed that Gavin was getting close to the point of no return. He then released his cock and moved in one fluid motion to straddle Gavin's beautiful body, aligning

himself to allow Gavin to enter him by simply raising his hips from the bed, never once breaking away from their tender and

empassioned kiss.

Gavin slowly eased his cock into his lover's waiting rosebud, gently moving in and out an inch at a time so as not to cause discomfort. Once his cock was fully buried within Marcus's fully accepting chute, Marcus broke from their kiss and sat up. He drizzled some of the massage oils over Gavin's smooth, tightly toned and magnificent chest and began to massage it tenderly whilst simultaneously raising his hips up and down,

never allowing the cock buried within him to fully escape, but making sure that every inch was swallowed with each downward thrust.

As he gradually increased the speed of the rhythmic motion, Gavin took a hold of his precum coated erection and began to match the rate and rhythm of each cycle. Marcus now sat fully

upright with his arms behind him, affording Gavin a complete view of his perfectly sculpted torso and full access to his iron hard cock which Gavin now pumped with expertise, bringing him ever closer to the inevitable climactic release. Gavin too, was building up to his own climax as his cock slid effortlessly in and out of his deepest love.

Marcus could feeling the pulsation of his lover's cock as it fired shot after shot of cum deep inside him. He threw his head back and gasped in extacy as he too now unleashed a massive load

of hot, silky man juice across Gavin's stomach and chest, his entire body shuddered with the force of the explosive orgasm that flooded his senses. A light sheen of moisture coated his

skin which now shone as though he too were oiled up. His gorgeous chest heaved with the exertion.

Slowly the two men regained a steady breathing pattern and Marcus laid on top of Gavin for several more minutes as they kissed tenderly, exploring each others mouths in an affirmation

of the true love they had for one another.

Finally, they laid side by side in a warm embrace and drifted off into a deep and restful sleep, wrapped in each others arms.

Gavin awoke several hours later to find that Marcus had gone. Checking the time, he realised that he must have returned to duty. Climbing from his bunk, he noted that the stiffness in his

muscles had benefited greatly from the wonderful massage he had received the night before and after spending several minutes in his shower, he felt considerably refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. He dressed and headed for the Bridge.


Dr Sean Woodcock entered sickbay deep in thought. He had recently been busy treating crew that had sustained injuries as a result of the explosion. There had been a few broken bones and a concussion or two, but mostly little more than cuts and bruises had needed his attention. But he had spent most of his time researching the effects of the drug known only as Solution Five and the efforts by the scientists on Earth to formulate a counter agent to the problems that arose from its use.

He had analysed the pathogen that had been released into the ship's ventilation system and had even managed to produce a quantity of the 'Reset' formula described in the information

the Captain had sent him, but there was a problem - it didn't work. He knew this because he had tested it on himself two days ago. The information he had, indicated that the reset

effect should take just a few hours. If that were true then he would not have just spent the last hour in the ship's gymnasium getting fucked by a crewman that had been working out there at the same time as him! His analysis of the pathogen had

revealed that it was exactly the same as that which had caused the genetic mutation back on Earth, so why did the cure not work? The Captain was not going to be happy with the report he

had prepared for him, that much was certain.

So deep in thought was he, that he never noticed the dark figure who had ducked behind a bio-bed when he had entered Sick Bay.

As he sat at his console reading through his report again, hoping for some bright side to add to it, the intruder stealthily crept up behind him and jabbed a syringe into his neck, emptying the entire contents into his blood stream in one swift motion. He barely had time to register his suprise before he slumped onto his desk. He was unconscious in seconds.

His attacker, a tall, handsome African American, gently lifted him effortlessly from his seat and laid him on the bio-bed he had used to hide behind when the doctor had entered the room.

'Is he dead?' asked a second figure from the darkened next room.

'No' replied the intruder. 'I will not allow anyone else to die for you. Two men have already lost their lives because of you. This man is a

healer. I will not take his life and nor will you.'

The second man emerged from the shadows. He still wore the red jump suit which denoted his assignment to Cryo Section.

'If you ever want to see your wife again, let alone be able to satisfy her, I suggest that you do as I instruct. However, I see no need to kill

this man, just strap him down and help me with the data wipe. I want every trace of the 'reset' information deleted and all the doctor's

experiments destroyed.'

Even though the African American adonis could have crushed the smaller man with one hand, he seemed to shrink at the little man's threat and said sulkily, 'Why do you want to delete the data? You know it doesn't have the right information for the cure.'

'Because by doing so, they will think that they were on the right track and it will keep them looking in the wrong direction for as long as I need them to.'

They worked in silence from then on. The small man deleted any and all data pertaining to Solution 5 and the 'Reset' formula from the medical database, just as he had done from the ship's mainframe and the college computers over the past two days. The other man set about destroying any experiments and formulae that he found in the lab. Once finished, they exited the medical unit and went their separate ways.

As soon as they had left, Ensign Sam Walsh climbed out of the scanner unit that he had taken refuge in when they entered. Looking pale and

shaken, he set about reviving the stricken doctor. He removed the

straps which had been fastened around the doctor's wrists and ankles and then began looking for a stimulant to counter the effects of the

sedative that had knocked the doctor out. He found some smelling salts in one of the portable med-kits and held them under the doctor's nose.

The effect was almost immediate. The doctor coughed and knocked Sam's hand aside and then held his head as though it were in pain.

'What the hell happened?' he asked, 'Did you sedate me, Sam?'

'No Sir!' replied Sam, a little offended at the suggestion that he may have attacked a member of the Command Crew. He poured a glass of water from the dispenser and handedit to the groggy but gradually recovering doctor and began to explain what he had witnessed from his hiding place in the scanner unit. The doctor listened with a look of growing concern and then moved, unsteadily, to his computer console to confirm that his data had indeed been deleted.

'O.k., so the data I was working on has gone, but you say that the saboteurs knew that the information was useless anyway?'

'That's what they said, Sir, but I don't think that's entirely true. I had been studying the data until it was also deleted from the college files yesterday and I think there is only a small difference between the original 'reset' formula and the one which will be required to help the

crew. That's why I was in here, Sir. I had copied your files so I could continue my research and hid when I heard the men approaching. I didn't know who it was and, well, I've been afraid of just about everyone lately'

The doctor considered Sam's words and then said, 'I should put you on report for accessing a resricted database without permission, but I

believe you have acted in all our best interests, so i'll overlook it. But you and I must report to Captain Malloy immediately. He'll want to hear

about this.' Sam looked nervous but nodded and said 'Yes Sir.' and helped the doctor to his feet. Together, they left the med-unit and

headed for the Bridge.


Zack Jenson and Danny Keats had been close friends since their school days. Now, they worked together on the maintenance team that was busy

on the repairs to the port thruster engine room which had been extensively damaged by the sabotage which had caused the engines to explode.

Their present task had them crammed inside an External Maintenance Unit or EMU for short. The EMU was designed to carry panels to any repair site, then fit and weld them into place. Section by section, they were gradually closing the hole which had been ripped into the hull of the Blue Yonder. The small vessel was held by a system of cables and magnetised rails that ran across the entire ship gave it access to all external areas. A regular network of docking ports allowed it to re-oxygenate the cabin and collect new panels

and other equipment required to complete just about any task on the ship's exterior. Danny was guiding the craft from repair site to docking port and Zack was controlling the instalation of the panels. Each had 'down time' between their respective tasks. Now it was Danny's turn to guide the craft to and from a docking port which took around 20 minutes each way.

'I need something to do' Said Zack 'I get bored just sitting here between repairs.' Danny cast a sly look at his friend and laughed. 'You shouldn't

complain. This thing virtually drives itself, all I have to do is program its run and make sure it follows the correct path. You at least have to think about what you're doing!' He replied. 'Well since you've so little to think about,' Zack countered, 'you wont mind if I occupy my time with a piece of you!'

He manoeuvered himself around the narrow cabin until he could reach his friend's crotch and wasted no time in undoing Danny's fly zip and grasping an already stiffening cock. 'Hey man,' protested Danny, half heartedly,

'what makes you think I'm up for that?'

'Oh I can tell you're definitely up for it, my friend' replied Zack as he eased Danny's now fully stiff rod from the jumpsuit and immediately closed his lips around it, sliding his mouth down its length, all the way to the base.

'Oh, man that feels fantastic!' groaned Danny as he twisted around as much as he could to allow Zack maximum access to his now eager tool.

The confined space of the EMU made it difficult for the two men to move around much, so Danny simply laid back and allowed Zack to give his cock

his full attention. He unfastened the zip of his jumpsuit top to expose his dark hair coated, muscular chest and began running his fingers around his own stiffened nipples. Zack used his free hand to massage Danny's chest and stomach while continuing to suck hungrily on his friend's gorgeous eight inch hard-on.

Danny, wanting to give his friend some pleasure too, managed to reach inside Zack's trousers and release his rock solid rod from its confines.

He wasted no time in beginning to pump away at it, causing Zack to make muffled groaning sounds.

In their eagerness to pleasure one another, both men had forgotten about the closed circuit camera mounted above them and were blissfully unaware

of the show they were putting on for the man in the EMU monitoring room, who was now busily taking care of his own erection.

It didn't take any of them long to reach beyond the point of no return. Danny was first to cum, filling Zacks mouth with a huge load of hot, sticky love juice which Zack gratefully drank to the last drop. This quickly had him orgasming

too, his cock firing stream after stream of man juice over his jumpsuit.

The voyeur in the control room also reached climax, enjoying his own private euphoria as he emptied his balls over his exposed stomach and chest, arching his back and gasping with pleasure as he allowed his orgasm to flood his senses.

'Wow!' gasped Danny, 'That sure relieved the monotony for a while!' He slowly regained his composure and returned his attention to the task of guiding the EMU around the hull to its next task.

'It sure did!' laughed Zack. 'But that's just a small taste of what i'm going to do with you when we get off duty!'

'I can hardly wait!' replied Danny.

A voice over the intercom made both men jump. 'I wouldn't mind joining you both myself.' it said, 'That was quite a show, but I suggest you get on with the repairs now or your shift will run late.'

Danny and Zack both looked a little sheepish but laughed and said 'Yes Sir!' simultaneously. They got on with their duties, happily looking

forward to the threesome that was to come later on.


Captain Malloy sat listening to the doctor's report and to the revelations of the young Ensign Walsh who continued to impress him with his

resourcefulness. When they finished, he silently considered their words and began to formulate a plan of action.

'This could be the break we've been looking for' he said finally. 'Our erstwhile saboteur believes he has destroyed all the data we had, but our

intrepid young Ensign here has foiled that plan for him. I want you two to continue your efforts to crack the 'reset' formula, but you are not to discuss it with anyone else. I don't want to risk our nemesis finding out from any loose tongues aboard the ship. In the meantime, I intend to set a trap for him that should see his plans for us derailed once and for all.'

He dismissed the two men and, with a new sense of purpose, began calling in some of his most trusted crew members and setting them tasks which, if all went according to plan, would spell victory for the Blue Yonder crew.

As he did so, he reflected on his new found love for his friend, Marcus Devlin.

No matter what the outcome of the next few days, Gavin Malloy intended to thank the saboteur personally for making that possible.





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