It had taken nearly five years to ready just the ion drive of the Blue Yonder - the culmination of over 30 countries efforts to jointly produce what was widely believed to be the best hope for the future of the human race. Earth had been ravaged by a virulent and highly contagious disease that either killed the sufferer within hours or left them in a comatose state from which few recovered. No one had so far made a full recovery and efforts to find a cure had been hampered by the fact that most of Earth's doctors had been among the first to fall ill, since it was they who had been subjected to the virus most intensely.

Blue Yonder, nick named 'Blunder' by the crew because of the constant break downs and faulty systems, had been built in space to avoid the problems of getting such a large craft out of Earth's atmosphere. The crew and passengers had been picked from the planet's most talented and educated people. All had been quarantined since the very first day they had been picked. None had been exposed to the virus, but all had been required to submit for regular testing for any signs of the disease and had been regularly injected with the only drug, known only as Solution 5, that had thus far been shown to offer any resistance to it.

Years of research by astronomers had led to the decision to aim the ship towards a far distant and as yet, unnamed galaxy which most closely resembled the properties of our own, where it was believed that a solar system much like ours offered the best hope of finding an inhabitable planet on which to settle and begin anew.

Thousands of passengers would be kept in suspended animation for the entire journey and it was estimated that it would take seven generations of crew to reach the destination. Mating was a requirement of the crew's duties. Children would be raised and educated by those whose knowledge and expertise were vital to the mission so that they would carry on the work of their forebears. All their lessons would centre on the running of the ship. Only subjects vital to the survival of the ship and its passengers would be taught since the passengers in suspended animation would be the ones to teach new generations about everything else once they arrived at New Earth. Each generation would educate the next in all the important subjects, including procreation, to ensure the crew would be maintained at essential levels for the duration of the long journey.

Gavin Malloy was the Captain of the third generation of crew since the departure of Blue Yonder. Previous crews were placed in suspension once each replacement had reached the highest level of education in their assigned area. Gavin's natural ability to lead had led to his rise to Captaincy at the tender age of 22. He was physically perfect. Tall, muscular, dark haired and tan skinned resulting from the pairing of his Carribean father and English mother, who had been the Captain before him. She had now entered S.A. but his father continued to teach his replacement as Chief Engineer, Marcus Devlin. Gavin and Marcus had been close friends for many years, spending any free time they had together on the ship's recreation deck, the only part of the ship not dedicated to work and learning. Today, as Marcus celebrated his 21st birthday, Gavin had granted him a day off and had joined him on the rec deck for a game of low grav squash, a very hard game to learn. As they played, Marcus was telling Gavin about the latest lesson from Gavin's father. One which would be among the last required before Marcus took the reigns in engineering and Kennedy, Gavin's father would enter S.A.

'He's been leaning hard on me the past week' moaned Marcus, 'Almost as though he's in a hurry to enter stasis. His focus is incredible!'

'Always has been if you ask me' Gavin replied as he slammed the grav ball against the farthest wall and span a full 180 in mid air in readiness for his friend's return shot. His muscular torso glistened with sweat from the intense effort. 'Being his only child has meant I've had his entire focus for years. Mother used to have to order him to concentrate on his work so she could train me. They would fight alot over that. Now she's gone into S.A. he leans pretty hard on me too. Lucky I can order him to stand down, I guess.' As he spoke, he launched himself from the side wall and just reached Marcus's return volley in time. His momentum only halting when he slammed into the opposite wall at high speed, knocking the wind out of him and causing the end of his sentence to sound asthmatic. Marcus used the opportunity to slam the grav ball against the wall just above Gavin's head, leaving him no chance of reaching for another shot. 'You lose again Captain, Sir!' laughed Marcus as he ran up the opposite wall and thrust himself straight at his friend and pinned him to the wall, both arms above his head, their bodies colliding chest to chest. He planted a wet kiss on his friend's forehead before pushing off again, this time more gently so that he hovered a few feet away. 'Consider it a birthday gift' laughed Gavin. 'Let's hit the shower'

As they showered in the vapour units designed to keep water usage to absolute minimum (all water was recycled through a sophisticated filtration system. This was carefully rationed.), Gavin found himself wondering about the kiss his friend had planted. He'd never done that before. Were it an isolated incident, he would not have thought any more of it but recently he had been noticing a great many shows of affection between the male members of crew. There had been a marked decrease in the number of pregnancies on board too. It had been noted by the ship's computer that the number of births would fall below the mission requirements during this generation. It had recommended the commencement of an artificial insemination program to boost numbers. Gavin had considered this to be a bit drastic at one point, but he was beginning to worry. He found himself watching as his friend showered, noting that Marcus's lean, tight muscled body had almost no hair except around his balls. He was perfect. Gavin suddenly became aware that Marcus was staring at him intently. 'What's up?' he asked. 'Well, as a matter of fact Captain, you are! And damn that's a big cock you have, my friend!'

Only then did Gavin realise that in his musings he had become aroused and was feeling incredibly horny! 'Oh man, I'm sorry Marcus. I don't know what's come over me' he said as he turned away from his friend to hide his erection. 'What would you say if I said I'd like to?' Marcus asked. 'Now that would be a real birthday gift!' Without another word, Marcus walked straight up behind Gavin and reached around his buddy, taking hold of the still hard member and pressing his own rapidly growing cock against Gavin's tight, perfectly rounded butt. Gavin knew he should say something. Move away or at least stop what his friend was doing, but as his friend began to pump away at his eager root and press his now equally stiff cock against his Captain's back, Gavin found himself wanting to let him continue. Suddenly, Marcus used his free hand to draw some gel-soap from the dispenser on the shower wall. He used this to lubricate his now throbbing rod and in one smooth motion, entered Gavin's manhole. To Gavin's major suprise, he found himself pushing down on his friends cock, sending it deeper into his chute and causing him to gasp in extacy. 'Fuck that feels good' he said 'I can't believe were doing this!' Through his moans of pleasure, Marcus replied 'I've thought of nothing else for weeks now, I just haven't plucked up the courage to try it until I saw you watching me shower and getting worked up in the process.' He ran his free hand across Gavin's perfectly formed abs, moving up to carress his beautiful pecs and gently rubbing his nipples before continuing up to his friends face which he pulled around to allow him to bring their mouths together. His tongue immediately thrust into Gavin's unresisting mouth, kissing his friend deeply and passionately. All the while, his other hand continued to pump and squeeze Gavin's rock hard cock which was now dripping with pre-cum and getting ready to blow a hot load of man juice on the shower floor. Gavin felt his orgasm rising from his now tight balls, the powerful sensation moving up through his stomach into his chest and onward up through his neck to his head before exploding in blinding white light at the back of his eyes as his cock simultaneously erupted a huge load of cum against the shower wall. All the while, Marcus was thrusting harder and faster into Gavin's previously virginal hole. As the last of Gavin's spasms subsided, Marcus withdrew his tongue from his lovers mouth and released his now spent cock. Instead he gripped Gavin's hips and began pulling him back and forth repeatedly onto the now fully swollen cock which he plunged deeply into Gavin's chute. Marcus's tight, muscular frame now pressed firmly against his Captains back as he too now orgasmed in long, hot spurts of man juice deep inside the waiting passage. As the last of his juice drained away, he stepped back, turned Gavin to face him and kissed him once more, this time with a tenderness that made Gavin feel as though he were being shown true love for the first time in his previously entirely hetero sex life. He kissed his friend back, using his tongue to explore a mans mouth for the first time and finding it to be more pleasurable than he could ever have imagined.

When they finally parted, all he could say was 'That was incredible!' Marcus handed him a towel and said simply 'We should get back to work. Your father will be wondering where the hell I am and you have a ship to run Captain, Sir'

Gavin finished drying himself off and the two men dressed in silence and headed out of the shower room on their separate ways to their work stations. As they parted, Gavin said 'Happy birthday man!' and headed off to the Bridge feeling both confused and oddly contented.

Neither of the men noticed the third man who had been standing the whole time just outside the shower room, ducking out of sight as they exited. Once they had gone, he returned his own now spent cock to its normal place in his jump suit and left the room with a broad smile on his face.

Gavin Malloy, Captain of the spaceship Blue Yonder, found himself in a state of confusion. He was already aware that the level of 'male to male intimacy' as his First Officer had called it, was on the increase aboard ship. He had no strong feelings for or against people's sexual preferences; he was an open-minded man after all. His confusion lay in the fact that he himself had recently indulged in a very intimate liaison with his closest friend and Chief Engineer, Marcus Devlin. He had been incredibly aroused by it. More so than at any previous time with any of the females on board. There had been several over the last five years. It was ship policy to mate widely to maintain a large enough genome to continue the human species once it reached its new home - assuming they ever found one.

Until that moment in the shower room, Gavin had never even considered the possibility that he (or even Marcus for that matter) might be gay. Now though, he could think about little else.

He entered the Bridge at exactly 0600 and was greeted, as always, by his First Officer, Cassie McCormack's instant snap to attention and loud calling of 'Captain on the Bridge!'

As always, no one broke from his or her duties to salute (much to his relief).

'Morning Cassie. How's things?'

'Good Morning Captain. Nothing unusual to report out there sir.' Replied Cassie, nodding at the view screen. ' Ship's fuel, water and air reserves are at optimum levels. Food, medicine and general supplies are all in good order too.'

'Excellent. Now that we have the official report out of the way, any chance of a coffee?'

Cassie smiled; her pretty, pale skinned face always seemed to light up when she smiled. 'Of course Sir, coming right up.' She said as she headed for the Bridge Galley.

Captain Malloy sat in his chair and perused the various ship logs that had been uploaded to his console overnight. None really caught his eye until he reached the medical reports section filed by the ship's Chief Medical Officer, Sean Woodcock (affectionately known as 'Splints' a name which evolved from 'Splinter' owing to some smart ass suggesting that he would get splinters in his hand from masturbating his 'woodcock').

Splints normally submitted very short reports owing to the obscene good health of the crew, but on this occasion there were pages and pages of reports on male crewmembers that had asked for psychological evaluations. All had reported an increasing desire to have sex with their male crewmates.

'Coffee Sir' Gavin was startled out of his reverie by the cup that had been wafted under his nose.

'Thanks, Cass. Say, could you hold the fort for a while? I need to speak with Splints.'

'Sure thing Captain, everything ok?' asked Cassie, looking concerned.

'I just need to follow up on his report log,' replied Gavin as he headed off the Bridge, noting as he did so that the Junior Helmsman, Jay Garrett was watching him intently with an almost lecherous expression on his face. 'As you were Helmsman,' he snapped as he left, but found himself actually feeling pleased at the unexpected attention.

On his way to Sickbay, he passed by the Officers Gym and glanced in. He was totally unprepared for what he saw.

Two of his Bridge officers were on the weights bench, both naked and deeply involved in some serious lovemaking. Three more crew were equally naked and were writhing around each other on the exercise mats. All were men.

Gavin found himself becoming aroused as he watched the two men on the weights bench kissing with intense passion as one man ploughed his throbbing 9 inch cock into his partners waiting hole, the other groaning in ecstasy with each thrust. Sweat gleamed on their muscular torsos. Gavin was almost hypnotised by the rhythmic locomotion of the top's perfectly rounded butt cheeks as he pounded in and out of the willing bottom's love hole.

The three men on the mats were each hungrily sucking on the cock of the man to their right, forming a triangle of pure lust. One was fingering his partner slowly and deeply as he simultaneously licked their balls and drew his tongue up the shaft of their raging hard cock before twirling his tongue around the uncut tip and then sucking first the tip and then all the way down until almost choking as the pulsing rod touched the back of his throat before returning to the tip, licking and tongue flicking his way back to the other man's balls. After several minutes of this, the other man, with his gorgeous, lightly haired chest heaving with passion, broke off from sucking the third man's cock, groaned loudly, arched his powerful back and shot stream after stream of hot, sticky cum onto his stomach and chest. Some even spattering onto the man's handsome, dark skinned face. At this, the first man who was still being deep throated by the third man started to breath faster and more deeply before thrusting his hips forward and emptying his load into the hungry, waiting mouth of the third, who seemed determined not to miss a single drop. Meanwhile, the hunk that had been first to shoot his load was now furiously pumping the third man's ramrod straight 10-inch pole. Gavin watched in awe as the third man finally broke off from his conquest, threw his head back and made a guttural sound as his love juice shot a pearly chain of cum onto the handsome face of the dark skinned Adonis.

The two officers on the bench were now reaching a crescendo in their lovemaking too. The willing bottom had his legs resting on the top's shoulders and was jerking away at his rock hard cock and very quickly started emptying a huge geyser of man juice onto his equally rock hard abdomen. Almost simultaneously, the top man thrust his love muscle deeply into his lover's chute one last time and began making small circular motions with his hips as he emptied his balls into the other man before collapsing on top of his partner and kissing him with tenderness that portrayed sheer contentment.

Gavin knew he should be furious at what he had just witnessed. Not that it was man on man loving he had seen, but that it was taking place so openly in the gymnasium. Then he reflected upon his own rather public exploits with his best friend, Marcus Devlin. He had also just realised that he was now sporting a pretty impressive boner of his own and that he felt both confused and incredibly horny. He quickly turned and headed out of the gym and on towards sickbay.

Moments after the Captain's departure, a figure in a dark red jump suit (denoting their duty station as Cryo-freeze maintenance) exited the gym from a side door and strode off down the gangway, whistling a non descript tune as they went.

As Captain Malloy entered sickbay, a young male Ensign rushed by him. He kept his head low and looked intent on avoiding any contact with anyone. Gavin was sure that the young man hadn't even seen the person he was passing.

'Whoa there, Ensign Walsh, where's the ion leak?'

' Oh, sorry Captain, I'm a bit out of sorts at the moment. Would you excuse me, Sir?'

'Of course, Sam. Is there anything I can help you with?'

'Thank you Sir. I'm ok.' Replied Sam, looking anything but ok. He looked pale and scared. He was just 15 years old and barely out of training school. His wiry frame made him look even younger, but he was an intelligent lad, popular as well. Gavin knew that Sam was destined to work in the recycling centre, cryo-maintenance or food/fuel production, but so were many of the current 340 crewmembers and 47 children (14 years and under) aboard the Blue Yonder, but he couldn't help but wonder sometimes what the likes of Sam Walsh would be capable of given the opportunities of being part of a new colony. Hopefully, they would all get that chance one day, when they reached an inhabitable world on which they and the other 20,840 people currently in stasis could settle.

Gavin considered enquiring further but Sam looked so uncomfortable that he simply said, 'Carry on, Ensign.'

'Yes Sir!' Sam called over his shoulder as he dashed off down the gangway without looking back.

Gavin entered Sickbay and was immediately confronted with the bizarre image of his C.M.O. hurriedly pulling on his white and grey overalls.

'What's going on?' demanded Gavin, 'Sam Walsh damned near just ran me down outside and I walk in here to find you out of uniform - literally'

Doctor Woodcock looked distressed but managed to say, 'I assure you Captain, I didn't touch the lad, he came in just before you did and caught me off guard while I was, well, let's just say I was busy with my protégé,' He nodded toward the isolation room where a stunningly handsome Asian man was just pulling up the zip of his overalls and looking rather sheepish. 'He came in and saw us and just went nuts, he was yelling something about air contaminants and that all the men were affected except him and all the younger kids and that we were all in danger' continued the doctor.

Gavin paused to consider Splints' words, resolving to speak more with Ensign Walsh after all. 'Well, he was right about all the men being affected, it seems, but what could he have meant by air contaminants?'

The doctor surprised him by saying, 'I believe it's some kind of gene activator, something that has laid dormant in the genetics of our male crew for generations has been reactivated somehow.'

'Are you telling me you know something about what's going on around here and haven't brought your concerns to me?' asked Malloy, angrily. 'No Sir! I only became aware of the problem yesterday when men from all over Blue Yonder started coming in to report their unusual sexual desires. I filed several reports with you, I figure that's why you're here, Sir, but my initial research has already turned up an historical comparison.'

'Which is?' asked Malloy, now intrigued rather than angry.

'Well Sir, having had the same report from numerous male crewmembers, I ran a check for any event in the past that compared and discovered that the Anti-toxin given to the original crew and all those who went directly to stasis had a side effect which caused many of the men to become attracted to each other. The scientists at that time discovered the drug, known only as Solution 5, was altering them at a genetic level, but found a way to block the affected gene and reset the men's orientation.'

'So why is it happening now? No-one aboard has ever taken Solution 5 to my knowledge.' Gavin asked. 'Well, as I said, I think the air contaminants that Walsh was ranting about may be a gene activator. The idea came to me this morning but I haven't had chance to test the theory yet. Ensign Walsh just added some weight to my theory and that's when you walked in, Sir.'

'So you're saying we just need to use this gene blocker to reset our crew?' Gavin asked, hopeful of an easy solution for once.

'Perhaps, but here's the thing, when I tried to access that information, I discovered that the gene research and all the treatment information has been wiped from the ship's database within the past week.' Splints replied.

'Are you saying that we've been sabotaged?'

'Well, without more information, I can't be sure, but at this stage it looks possible' said Splints gravely.

'Ok Splints. Keep on it and keep me informed. I need to speak with Ensign Walsh.' Said Gavin as he exited Sickbay.

Gavin was very disturbed by what he had just learned. He decided to go and see his oldest friend, Marcus Devlin who had a way of seeing things more clearly than most people he knew, including himself at times. Marcus was off duty so Gavin headed straight for his quarters.

Marcus greeted his friend with his usual enthusiasm and ushered him into his quarters, closing the hatch behind them. 'You've made my day!' he exclaimed and without another word, pulled Gavin into an embrace and kissed him. Gavin knew he should have stopped him there and then, but was still feeling aroused from what he had witnessed in the gym. He found himself returning the kiss before he could react otherwise and was already pulling Marcus's shirt up over his tight abdomen and beautifully chiselled chest. They broke off from the kiss only long enough to fully remove each other's shirts, and then they sank onto the single bunk, side by side and kissed with a passion that betrayed their deeply felt feelings for one another.

Marcus slid a hand across Gavin's perfect chest, pausing over each nipple to swirl a finger around it and pinch it lightly before continuing down his tight, smooth stomach, his fingertips finding their way under the fabric of Gavin's trousers. Flipping his hand over, he expertly undid the fastener and pulled open the fly, giving him full access to the beautiful 9-inch cock and utterly hairless balls. Cupping Gavin's balls and massaging them, first gently, then more firmly, he continued to kiss his lover deeply and passionately, his tongue flicking back and forth over its counterpart and then probing deeper. Finally, his hand moved from those delicious, perfectly rounded balls up to the shaft of Gavin's rock hard cock. Gripping it firmly, he began to move his hand up and down, slowly at first and then more quickly. After a few moments of this, Gavin managed to break off from their kissing to say 'You're going to make me cum really soon if you keep that up!' he gasped. 'Well I don't want to waste a single drop' replied Marcus as he manoeuvred himself between his friend's legs, pulling the trousers all the way off as he did so and immediately went down on Gavin's eagerly waiting pole. Locking his lips firmly around the tip, he slid his mouth down the entire shaft, slowly at first, just barely managing to avoid choking as it pushed on the back of his throat. He continued to slide his mouth up and down the full length of Gavin's ramrod straight shaft whilst simultaneously fondling his balls and using his free hand to massage that gorgeous, smooth and muscular chest.

In what seemed like mere moments, Gavin's breathing became deeper and faster, his chest swelling as he took in great gulps of air. His stomach muscles tightened even more and his hips arched up as he could hold on no longer and emptied a huge stream of hot, salty-sweet cum into the back of his best friend's throat. Marcus felt every pulsating burst of Gavin's powerful orgasm and revelled in the taste and sensation of having cum in his mouth for the first time. Swallowing every drop hungrily, he then kissed his way back up his lover's body, pausing to lick and nibble at each nipple before returning to those waiting lips which parted to allow full access to Marcus's eager tongue. They continued kiss for several minutes and when they finally parted mouths, Gavin managed to gasp, 'Oh man, I must have really needed that. My God, Marcus, that was fantastic!' Marcus grinned widely, saluted and said 'Always happy to be of service Captain, Sir!' which resulted in his receiving a swift dig in the ribs from Gavin who then said, 'Well, I will have to return the favour later, my friend, right now there's a crew member I really need to speak to. I thought I was coming to see you for some advice, but I guess what I really needed was for you to take command for a while. You sure followed that order to the letter!'

Gavin spent a few minutes explaining the situation aboard ship to his friend and lover who sat and listened intently to every word. When Gavin finished, Marcus said, 'I'm not sure whether I want to lynch or thank this saboteur. I don't regret a moment of our times together and doubt I would even if you could 'reset' me'

Gavin smiled warmly at his friend and replied, 'I feel the same way, but I have to get to the bottom of all this. Our entire future could be in jeopardy. Mind you, it would be one hell of a way to go, although I doubt many of the women would agree!'

Leaving Marcus's quarters and heading for the Cryo-maintenance centre, Gavin's thoughts wandered between his latest encounter with his friend and the darker issue of the frightening possibility that someone would actually be trying to sabotage their vital mission.

It was while his thoughts distracted him that a figure emerged from the shadow of a viewing alcove and, moving swiftly behind him, reached around him and pressed a damp cloth to his nose and mouth.

As the light dimmed and he felt himself falling toward unconsciousness, he turned his head far enough to see the rapidly blurring image of a figure in a red jumpsuit grinning insanely at him. 'Don't worry Captain,' it said, 'I need you alive, for now.'

And then Captain Malloy's world turned dark as he fell into a deep chemically induced sleep.


The race is on to find the saboteur and Captain Malloy faces a mutiny by the women aboard the Blue Yonder.



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