Darkness. Complete darkness. Somewhere in the distance there was a thrumming noise that seemed comfortingly familiar but it was being drowned out by a closer thudding sound which was syncronised with the pain in his head.

Slowly, painfully, Captain Malloy forced himself awake. The room, blurry and spinning at first, began to creep into view and settle into a solid, motionless form. It was a crew quarters. Judging by the shape and colour scheme, it was somewhere

on level eighteen where the cryo maintenance technicians resided. It was a single quarters indicating that the crew member that slept here was unpartnered. He was securely bound at his wrists and ankles to the bunk, lying face down.

He was also completely naked.

As his mind continued to focus its thoughts and make sense of his surroundings he realised that the thrumming noise was the ship's ion drive engines which propelled the Blue Yonder ever further from a planet he had never set foot on and ever closer to one which he and the entire crew hoped would one day become their new home. He now also realised that the thudding sound was his own heart beat which, now that he was awake, was beating faster as his anger at his situation took hold. He searched his memory for any clue as to how he came to be in this strange predicament. His most recent recollection was of a wonderfully horny liaison with his best friend, Marcus Devlin, who was now also his lover. He felt his cock begin to stiffen uncontrollably as he recalled how Marcus had so expertly taken him to the height of ecstasy by pinning him to the bed and emptying his balls of every last drop of cum by giving him the kind of blow job that no woman in his life had ever managed to equal.

He was abruptly shaken from this erotic reverie when a movement behind a cabinet on the far side of the room caught his eye.

'Who's there?' he demanded. 'Show yourself and release me immediately' he ordered, hoping that the capatain in him out weighed the anxious prisoner he had been forced to become.

The response was a mockingly gutteral laugh which sent a cold shiver down his spine. A moment later, a figure wearing a red jumpsuit stepped into the open and stood directly before Malloy. He wore a stocking over his head to disguise his

features. His head, cocked to one side, moved up and down as if appraising the naked form tied up before him. 'You have a beautiful body, Captain' he said. ' I must confess I have been more than a little tempted to take advantage of you while you've been unconcious,' he continued while massaging his crotch. 'but where would be the

fun in that when I can have you wide awake while I take my pleasure?'

'What the hell is this?' demanded Malloy. 'You must know that half the crew must be looking for me by now, it's only a matter of time before they find me and you have nowhere to run to, so I suggest you release me while you still can' he continued.

'Oh, have no fear Captain, believe it or not, I plan to release you very soon, but I have wanted you for so very long. Desired you from afar, but I can stand it no more and I must have you.'

'Fine, release me and I will give you what you want' growled Malloy.

'Do you think me a fool Captain? I know you would never even look at someone like me. You are obviously aware of the situation aboard ship. I discovered Solution 5 and its side effects quite by chance. For years I have endured the contempt of my so called shipmates because I am gay. Never having someone to love me, to feel so isolated and alone has been unbearable. But now that every adult male aboard is just like me, I can finally live as I choose and never have the scorn of others to deal with' As he spoke, he removed his jumpsuit and stood, naked, openly massaging his

rapidly stiffening cock.

Malloy noted that he was quite thin and did not look particularly strong. He inwardly berated himself for having been so easily subdued and wondered how the man had managed to carry him to these quarters without help. He watched in horror as the man tore a strip of metallic tape from a roll he took from the shelf and placed it firmly

over Malloy's mouth. He then produced a bottle of lubricant from the drawer by the bunk and applied it liberally to his rock hard erection. In one swift movement, he mounted the captain and forced his cock into Malloy's defenceless chute.

The aggression of the invasion caused Malloy to draw a sharp breath, had he not been gagged, he would have screamed in agony. The brutality of it made his eyes water uncontrollably. He could feel the attacker's erection deep inside him and

shuddered as the man withdrew to the tip and then forced his throbbing member back in as hard as he could. He began repeating the motion over and over. Each time he pushed his way in, Malloy could feel the tip push against his prostate.

He closed his eyes and thought only of Marcus. He imagined that it was he who was thrusting deep within him. He tugged on the bindings which secured his arms and feet to no avail. He was trapped. The sweat poured off his face and he could feel the perspiration of his assailant forming a sheen between their bodies.

As the onslaught continued, the pain subsided and to Gavin's suprise, he realised that his own cock was now fully erect. The rhythmic rocking motion made it rub against the bed and despite his anger, he could feel himself getting closer to climax with each stroke. Images of Marcus filled his thoughts. He knew he could seek solace from his lover when this was over and a strange sense of well being washed over him. His assailant grunted and breathed heavily as his thrusting grew

faster and even harder as he too approached the inevitable climactic end. 'You are my first, Captain' he rasped, 'This feels so fucking good! I never want to stop!' But even as the words left his lips, his body begn to shudder as his tightened balls emptied their load deep inside his captive's chute. Malloy realised that he too was about to cum. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt stream after stream of his own man juice covering the bunk. The man finally finished his assault and just laid across Gavin's muscular back, slowly regaining his breath.

After what seemed like an eternity to Malloy, his assailant at last withdrew his now spent cock and climbed from his prisoner's back. He dressed then reached down and tore the tape from Gavin's mouth. 'I know you would never have allowed me

to fuck you willingly Captain, but I thank you none the less. I am also aware that the doctor is attempting to find the 'reset' formula. I must warn you that if he does, I will see to it that this ship never reaches its destination. You should also know that I've made arrangements that will destroy the Blue Yonder if I am captured, so I strongly suggest that you do not attempt to find me.' As he left the cabin, he turned and said finally, 'I will inform security of your location in one hour.' And then he was gone.

An hour later, a security officer rushed into the room and released the captain from bondage, taking every opportunity to touch his naked body and gaze longingly at his gorgeous cock and balls in the process. Malloy went straight to the cabin's tiny shower unit and spent several minutes trying to wash away the memory of his ordeal. Anger clouded his thoughts, but he also

felt relieved that his attacker had not killed him, which he could so easily have done if he had chosen to. Malloy was convinced that this man was a deeply lonely and frustrated individual, but he was also very dangerous and had to be stopped before something catastophic happened.

He dried himself off and found his uniform, which had been neatly folded and placed on one of the shelves. He dressed quickly while the officer explained that he'd been missing for several hours and that an anonymous call giving his location had been received just moments ago.

'Who are these quarters assigned to?' Malloy asked the security officer who seemed lost in some fantasy world having watched him shower and dry off. Shaken from his thoughts, the officer finally stammered, 'That's just it sir, these are

unoccupied at the moment. The previous occupant went into cryo-sleep just two weeks ago, they are due to be allocated to Ensign Walsh who finishes training next month' Malloy was stunned when he heard the name. 'Sam Walsh?' he asked.

'Yes Sir' replied the officer, suprised that his captain even knew of the ensign.

Malloy made his way directly to the Bridge, still feeling groggy and very disturbed about recent events.

Cassie McCormack, Blue Yonder's First Officer leapt from the command chair and rushed to meet him. 'Captain, are you alright? I've had half the crew looking for you for two hours. When you didn't answer any hails, we grew concerned, but no one even considered you may have been taken hostage!'

'I'm fine Cass. A bit groggy, but fine' he assured her. 'We have a saboteur aboard who is the cause of our, shall we say, male bonding problem. He says he will destroy the ship if we try to stop him or catch him, but I cannot allow him to hold us to ransom. He must be stopped for all our sakes'

'Serious as that is Captain, it's not our only problem. Look around you. None of the

men have reported for their shift. They're all going at it with each other in various

parts of the ship. All the female crew are getting decidedly edgy and some are even

threatening to take over the ship if something isn't done to set things 'straight' - if you

will pardon the pun, Sir' said Cassie with a wry look on her pretty face.

'Mutiny?' he asked.

'Yes Sir, possibly.'

'What are your intentions, Cass? Do you intend to remove me from duty?'

'No Sir, I know you wouldn't do anything to compromise the mission, but I must tell you

I am seriously worried at this point. This isn't just occasional casual sex between men, this is compulsive and uncontrolled and if it isn't stopped soon, I doubt my loyalty to you will be enough to stop a mutiny by the women on board'

'Thanks Cass, I appreciate your honesty. Now, find Sam Walsh for me. He's likely to be in the education centre around now. Have him report to my ready room.'

Cassie looked puzzled but said 'Right away Sir' and headed for the Comms Officer to pass on the order.


It was always quiet in Systems Monitoring. The small room was dedicated purely to overseeing the various computerised systems aboard Blue Yonder. In the event of a system failure in any of the ship's miriad components, an alarm would sound in this room and the duty officer would act accordingly by activating one of the redundant

back-ups, shutting down the faulty system, informing the revelant section concerned or reporting directly to the Bridge. Faulty systems were commonplace within the generational ship. Although designed to last many years, mechanisms would wear out eventually and would need replacing. The room only required one crew member

to be present at any time, hence the quietness.

Yuri Petrov, named after his Russian great grandfather who had been involved in the

development and construction of Blue Yonder's massive ion drive engines, sat at the console reading a horror novel written a hundred years earlier by Stephen King. Many such novels were stored in the ship's database, but this was an actual paper copy that formed part of an extensive collection brought aboard by Yuri's namesake who had insisted on saving as much of Earth's literature as possible.

So engrossed was Yuri in the story, he never heard the hatch slide open, nor did he hear the footfall of the man entering the room and so yelped involuntarily when two strong hands slid over his shoulders and down his athletic chest and slim, tight stomach and continued toward his groin. He felt the warm breath of the intruder

against his neck and the soft caress of their lips as they began to kiss their way from behind his ear, making their way around to his cheek and continuing onward to his now waiting mouth. As their tongues duelled one another, the strong hands unbuttoned Yuri's shorts and deftly released his waiting, rapidly growing hard on.

One hand grasping the beautiful, uncut seven inch tool while the other cupped and massaged his perfectly formed, shaven ball sac.

Yuri groaned softly as the intruder slowly pumped his now throbbing, pre cum coated manhood and turned his chair to face him. Their mouths parted and the newcomer's head moved directly to Yuri's cock and deep throated it in one swift motion. Yuri threw his head back and closed his eyes. Placing his hands behind his lover's head, he began thrusting his hips back and forth, forcing his assailant to choke a little as Yuri's rock hard erection pushed at the back of his throat.

He continued to suck hungrily, simultaneously removing Yuri's shorts before reaching up to unbutton the shirt to gain direct contact with the taut, hairless chest beneath.

He backed away briefly to swiftly remove his own shorts before straddling Yuri's hips and kissing his hungrily awaiting mouth. Yuri reached down and guided his cock towards his lover's rosebud opening which yielded easily to its insertion. The new comer began to lower himself slowly but surely onto Yuri's rod and rocked back and forth with rhythmic motion as Yuri set about pulling his tee shirt off, exposing a dark skinned, muscular torso whose chest was coated with a dusting of short, jet black hair. A sheen of salty perspiration already covered the perfectly toned skin of the handsome African American's frame which Yuri wasted no time running his tongue over as soon as their mouths parted to allow them both to draw breath. Placing his

hands on the muscle bound shoulders of his gorgeous partner, he controlled the pace and depth of each thrust of his love tool into the tight but willing chute of the hunk who continued to ride him like a rodeo horse.

Taking his own massive tool in hand, the dark skinned adonis began pumping it in long, deliberate strokes, gradually increasing speed and grip as he grew ever closer to an unavoidable climax. Yuri could feel his own orgasm beginning to build as he pulled the full, round lips of

his lover to his own once more to kiss them with all the passion he could muster.

This proved to be the tipping point for them both as, simultaneously, their cocks fired shot after shot of hot, creamy cum. Yuri felt the heat of the love stream that spurted across his naked abdomen as he emptied a huge load of his own into his eager mount.

As their orgasms slowly subsided and breathing returned to normal, Yuri laid his head back and dropped his arms to his sides and lay there with his eyes closed, enjoying the after glow of the moment.

It was at that moment that the delicious man that still straddled him reached out to the presently unmonitored console and deftly tapped in a short series of commands which overrode the alarm that would alert the crew to a pressure build up in the engines idling thrusters - a system not used in deep space, so not currently manned.

He covered his actions by continuing to ride Yuri's gradually subsiding erection. Once the screen had confirmed his command, he quickly closed out the programme and turned his attention back to kissing Yuri tenderly on the lips, which parted willingly and allowed access to his tongue once more. They continued for several minutes until the interloper finally eased himself off Yuri's exhausted cock and stood up to put his clothes back on. Yuri also re-dressed having wiped the cum from his stomach with a handkerchief he pulled from his pocket.

'This is the third time in three days that you've come here and had your way with me

and I still don't even know your name!' Said Yuri.

'Nor I yours, my friend' replied the intruder 'I like the sense of mystery and the feel of your perfect cock up my ass makes this the perfect place for me to come for some fun' he continued. He smiled warmly, kissed Yuri once more and moved toward the hatch. 'I may be back for more soon' he said as he departed.

Yuri smiled broadly at the thought and hoped it would prove to be true. He checked the console for any fault warnings and, satisfied that he had a green board, picked up the book he had dropped when his mysterious lover had taken him by suprise

and immersed himself in its pages.


Captain Malloy had spent the last hour briefing his most trusted female security officers of the circumstances surrounding recent events aboard ship and had sent them to begin a covert search for the mysterious saboteur that had threatened to

destroy Blue Yonder if he were to be captured or prevented from carrying out his plans. He now sat in his ready room completing his log and trying to think of a way to reassure the female crew members that everything was being done to solve the situation aboard before they took matters into their own hands.

The door chime sounded, alerting him to the arrival of Sam Walsh who he had told his First Officer to locate. He pressed the door release and the door slid open to reveal a nervous looking young man who seemed even more pale than when he had collided with the Captain having rushed out of the medical centre earlier in the day.

'Come in, Sam' said Gavin, 'Have a seat and don't look so worried, you're not in any trouble. In fact, I need your help'

A look of relief crossed Sam's young face and he sat down as requested.

'How are your final exams going, Sam?' Gavin asked, trying to put the young man at ease. 'Very well, thank you Sir. I've been majoring in air purifying. It was how I found out about the contaminated air supply.'

'I was wondering about that. Can you tell me what you know?'

'Yes Sir. I was running routine tests on the ship's air supply using the college deck computers. They're separate from main systems to prevent accidental interference with ship systems. I discovered that the air had been contaminated with a gene altering pathogen. When I tried to cross reference it with Central Control, I drew a blank. The Main system said there was no problem. I analysed the pathogen and it corollated with a genetic disruptor which arose from the original cure for the disease

which set this project in motion. It was a side effect from the control drug - Solution 5 so I checked the side effects of that and discovered that all the information regarding previous research had been wiped from the central system, but since the college system was separate, the information is still there!'

'Why didn't you report your findings to anyone?' Asked Gavin, intrigued and very impressed with this young man's revelations.

'I'm sorry Sir, the truth is, I didn't know who I could trust because I didn't know where the pathogen had been released. I went to see Doctor Woodcock but found him......'

'Yes, I know about that' said Malloy with hint of amusement in his exression. 'But do you believe that the command structure of this ship would contemplate such a serious act of sabotage?'

'Sir, all I see is the men, including officers and commanders, acting out of character and I still don't know who I can trust, but I know you are the captain of this ship, so if I can't trust you then I don't know what to think!'

'Rest assured, Sam, I'm not responsible for what is happening aboard and I intend to get to the bottom of this. There is one more thing I need to ask you. You've been assigned new quarters for when you complete college. Can you shed any light as to why the saboteur chose to use them as a place to..... confront me?'

Sam looked astonished. 'Sir? No Sir!' Was all he could manage. Malloy was sufficiently convinced by Sam's reaction that he had no idea what he

meant by his question so he decided not to press him on the subject further.

'It was probably a coincidence,' Although he was convinced it wasn't. 'Don't worry about it Sam. Thanks for your help. I may need to ask for your

assistance again. Can I count on it?'

'Yes Sir! Absolutely.' came the instant reply. Malloy was impressed again and made a decision to ensure that Sam's future was going to be more than menial tasks. He was destined for more.

'O.k. Sam, thanks for your help. You/re dismissed Ensign.'

'Sir, Yes Sir'

He saluted and hurriedly left the room as though afraid of being asked anything more. Gavin waited for him to leave before calling up college records of Solution 5 and was astonished to find the 'Reset' formula included in the notes. He had the cure to the current problem, but having discovered the ability to cure the affliction,

he was tempted to delete them. The thought of losing the love he had found with his best friend, Marcus, was too much to bear. He resolved there and then that he would not take the cure himself. *****************

Deep in the darkest recesses of the ship, a dark figure moved in the shadows of the thruster engine bay. Carefully picking his way across the expansive area to avoid being spotted by the two beautiful hunks who were currently completely immersed in one another. The taller, blond and perfectly toned muscled of the two was busy

sucking noisily on the 9 inch cock of the ginger haired, paler skinned man, whose tight abdomen and highly chiseled chest heaved rhythmically with each thrust. His eyes were closed and sweat trickled down his handsome face as his partner ran his tongue up and down the shaft of his rock hard member. His knees, already slightly bent, began to buckle beneath him as the explosive orgasm that built in his loins grew ever closer to its inevitable climax. All the while, his blond haired lover was feverishly tugging at his own swolen tool, matching the rate at which he approached boiling point.

The dark skinned adonis finally reached his target, the circuit closers and pressure

regulators of the idling thruster engines. These were the massively powerful braking system for the ship. Designed to act as the means to quickly reduce speed in an emergency and also to aid in the landing of the ship on the planet to which it was headed. He deftly shut down the alert systems which would sound an alarm in the event of a

sudden pressure build and then began to close off the valves which regulated the flow of coolant which constantly coursed through the vein like pipework that wound around the engines, keeping them from over heating. These engines were always

powered up ready to act swiftly in an emergency situation and so were permanently cooled to avoid rupture of the plasma tanks which fueled them. The valve protested as he turned them, squeeking and grinding with each turn towards the closed

position as it had been many years since they had been closed for any reason other than maintenance which was rarely needed.

He glanced nervously at the two men who occupied a corner at the far end of the lengthy bay. The red head was furiously pounding his engorged cock deep into the throat of his willing friend, who pounded equally hard on his own fully erect rod.

Realising that they were at the point of no return, the intruder quickly finished his task

and melted away into the shadowy recesses once more.

The red headed stud now held his lovers shoulders as, with one final thrust, he released spurt after spurt of hot seed which the blond haired hunk hungrily swallowed while simultaneously releasing his own load onto the engine room floor.

Neither man noticed the intruder as he left the bay. As they both now stood, kissing tenderly as they regained their strength following their exertions, both failed to notice the rising heat levels or the rapidly increasing pressure within the plasma coolant tanks situated on the other end of the large bay.


Captain Malloy felt a sense of relief wash over him as the two security officers stood either side of the slightly built, but not unattractive man before him. He wore a red jumpsuit with the markings of the Cryogenics Hub on the left arm. His pale blue eyes seemed to bore into the captains own as one of the officers explained that they had caught the man trying to add a tank of what they believed to be Solution 5 into the

ventilation system on deck 14.

Malloy opened his mouth to form a question but was cut off by the prisoner who said simply, 'I warned you, Captain.'

Before Gavin could respond, his ready room seemed to suddenly lose all sense of gravity before the whole room seemed to pitch itself sideways, throwing everyone and every unsecured thing in it in all directions. The rumbling sound which seemed to bounce from every bulkhead grew louder and more terrifying by the second. He felt the entire ship lurch uncontrollably and heard what must have been a massive explosion somewhere deep in the bowels of Blue Yonder.

The last thing he saw as the the power failed and the lights went out was his captor slipping the grasp of his security officers and forcing his way past his First Officer who had appeared in the doorway at that precise moment. Malloy would have sworn he could hear the man laughing as he ran from the room.

End of Part Two.



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