When I got home, I hoped that Sasha wasn't there. She had spent the last three nights here with me and I was ready for her to go home. I walked into my bedroom and there was a note amiss the covers. I read it and fell down on my bed. I was relieved that she listened to me and went home for the night. As I looked at the ceiling I thought about David. I had seen other men that I might have wanted but there was something about him besides his looks that drew me to him. Was it that he was a contractor? How he put his hand on my shoulder? I sat up and laughed to myself thinking why was I acting like a schoolgirl gushing over her first crush? 'What the fuck is wrong with me?' I got up and decided to take a shower to cool off or maybe make myself hot and happy. I shook my head and walked over to my dresser to look for a clean towel. The moment I stepped into my bathroom, my ring tone told me Sasha was calling. 'Oh God Sasha, leave me alone tonight ok?' I ignored it and retreated to the bathroom to lather myself up in more ways than one.

When morning came I felt well rested. Once I got myself off thinking about David's body next to mine I got the best sleep I'd had in days. I trotted in to work ready to tackle anything and everything that came at me. Not to mention, I was excited to see if David would stop in. I walked over to the desk to find Jessie there looking at her email. 'Hello gorgeous, my do you look hot today.' I laughed and put my hand on her shoulder. 'Hi, lovely, has he been in here yet?' 'No he has not. He came in here after you left to pick up that quote. I asked him if he was single and he said yes.' 'Jessie, I hope you didn't ask him if he was gay.' She stood up and smirked at me. 'Well I was going to ask him but I decided to leave that up to you.' I put my hand on the back of my neck and smiled back at her. 'Oh so you think I'm just going to say, hey Dave I really like you are you gay?' She laughed and took my other hand into hers,' No, but I know you will figure a way to find out.'

I looked into her eyes and sighed. Why did everything need to be so difficult? Why did I have to be curious? I smiled at her and held both her hands. Damn, I loved Jessie so much. I swear if she wavered just a little bit I would be all over her and probably let go of my man crush. 'Don't stress...' Jessie looked over my shoulder and smiled. I turned around and there was David. He caught both of us watching him and smiled back. 'Hello Jessie, hi Adrian, how is everything?' I greeted him with a handshake. 'Good, David.' 'David, I hope the quote was to your liking.' He flashed that winning smile and uttered, 'It was thank you.' Jessie's radio was buzzing meaning someone needed her help. 'Excuse me gentlemen.' She walked away with the radio close to her ear.

Now, here I was alone with him. I wanted so bad to ask him that moment what his preference was. Instead, I decided to make small talk. 'So, David, how long have you been a contractor?' He smiled at me and leaned against the desk. I looked down just so I wouldn't stare that hard. 'A long time Adrian, I really enjoy working with my hands.' Once he said that I looked up at him again. I bit my lip and rubbed the back of my neck. *God I really wanted to know what else he liked.* How could I ask him this especially since we just met. 'Really? I know what you mean, it's great when you can do what you love and make money doing it.' I sighed and waited for him to respond. 'Yes it is.'

When Jessie walked back over to us, she put her hand on my shoulder which startled me a bit. David's eyes and mine were locked. Nervous, I broke the silence with more small talk. 'That's cool, so how many houses are you working on?' David smiled without breaking our stare. 'About twenty, there might be more if the realty company is able to sell them in a timely fashion. Right now they are about forty percent sold, he says he needs that to get to at least sixty before purchasing more land.' Our stare started getting uncomfortable in more ways than one so I looked down however, I didn't do it quickly. I let my eyes wander down his body paying special attention to the bulge in his pants.

Seemingly, Jessie felt the heat and tension in the air and added, 'Well, I hope that they find more houses to build, I mean that will determine how long you work close to our store won't it David?' I closed my eyes once Jessie spoke those words. *God this gal is something else.*

I looked back up at David to wait for his answer. He smiled lightly and crossed his arms, 'Yes it does but even if that doesn't happen, my office isn't that far from here and I work in this area a lot because the word has gotten out about the work I do.' Once again he flashed those pearly whites and licked them as he looked at me. *I think that was the signal. Damn David, I swear I could take you right now.* Again, Jessie broke the silence, 'That's wonderful David. I definitely want us to stay in touch so we can help each other. That's still the best way to run a business.' He unfolded his arms and nodded, 'It certainly is.' *God those eyes, this is an unlikely sexual moment here and I am loving it.* Just as I was letting my eyes caress his body again we heard a buzz. David reached in his pocket for his Blackberry. 'Excuse me Adrian and Jessie, I need to take this.' When David turned to walk away, Jessie got in front of me and pushed me back a little. I put my hands on top of her arms and laughed. 'Jessie, I swear you don't miss an opportunity don't you? Within a minute, you found out the man was in the area as well as let him know that you wanted to keep in touch in order to network. I love you girl, you are amazing.' The smile she flashed my way made me melt almost as much as Davids. 'I try to be, besides I asked those questions for your benefit as well. You and David were definitely making some eye contact there and I wanted to make sure he would still be close so you guys could get to know each other better.' Lightly, I caressed her cheek and rested my other hand on her shoulder. 'I love you Jessie, you always look out for me.' *Damn Jessie, I want you so bad right now...* 'I love you too 'Drian, you're my best friend, I will always have your back.' She cupped my chin in her hand and kissed it lightly.

We were causing such a scene right now but everyone in the store new Jessie liked women more than men however, I knew that wouldn't stop them from talking; we weren't concerned anyway. Jessie has always made it clear to everyone that she didn't care if they gossiped about her, she was here to work and take care of me not to be friends with anyone. I always thought that was a big reason as to why she wasn't promoted to store manager when the last one left. Kissing ass was not something Jessie liked and she sacrificed personal gain because of it.

As we continued making our more than friendly gestures toward each other, I saw David out the corner of my eye turn around and walk our way. The look in his eye told me he was bewildered at the sight of Jessie and eye making goo goo eyes at each other. He was probably thinking, 'wasn't I just flirting with this man and now he is flirting with the assistant store manager, what the fuck.' He didn't let that deter him from coming over though. I moved Jessie's' hand from my face and she turned around. David ogled both us and stood with his arms behind his back. 'I didn't mean to disturb you two, I was just letting you know I was leaving. I need to get back to the site because I have some more workers coming over. I'll see you both tomorrow, ok?' Again the smile and my crotch twitched just a bit. Jessie walked closer to David and extended her hand. 'You disturbed nothing my friend. We'll see you tomorrow.' He shook her hand and then mine. 'Great, have a good one.' Abruptly, he turned to walk away putting his Blackberry up to his ear.

'Oh 'Drian, I think we upset him. He left in quite a rush and his handshake was not as strong and firm as it usually is.' *Did we? If so, I couldn't tell by the handshake he gave me. Annoyed maybe, upset, no.* 'I don't think so Jessie, maybe he really had to leave.' Jessie turned back to me and pouted. I was so horny right now being with her and seeing David earlier I whispered, 'I want you so bad girl.' *I did want to fuck the shit outta her right now, maybe a quickie in the bathroom for old time's sake?* She laughed and pushed me away, 'Uh no love, you know I only like pussy.' She whispered with a grin. Her radio buzzed, and she ran away from me leaving me standing there with a frown, and a hard dick.

I ran my fingers through my hair and took it out the ponytail. I shook it out and walked back towards the desk. *I need a release, let me call Sasha!* Hesitant, I picked up my phone and dialed that number to let Sasha know to meet me at my place. I talked so dirty to her that she exclaimed she needed to get off the phone so she could masturbate. I laughed and pushed the hang up button. *Damn I don't want to see Sasha but I really need some now.* I sat down at the desk and picked up a stack of orders to pull. *I need to keep myself busy till six p.m. when I go home to my favorite piece of nani.



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