A week and a half passed after I fucked the shit outta Sasha to get over that craving. She was satisfied and I was as well; so much so I haven't bothered calling her since. Can't say the same about her though; she's been blowing up my phone leaving voicemails and dirty texts. When I do call her back, I tell her I'm too tired from work. I keep assuring her that we shall have another night together once things calm down. Truthfully, I want to get her out of my system so I can talk with David.

He's been in everyday like usual; his affect on me nor his attitude towards us had changed. Jessie and I have been real careful not to be so lovey around him and none of us have mentioned that day a week or so ago. Today though, I would be the one to talk. My fantasies about David needed to be a reality.

I got up earlier than usual to primp a little for my desired man. I shaved the beard that Sasha loved so much and traded it for a mustache and well trimmed goatee. I rubbed a little more lotion on my caramel skin and wore the tightest black tee and comfy blue jeans to put together the sexiest work outfit I could muster. *I hope he's there when I arrive.* I reached for my ponytail holder to pull my hair back then I thought better of it and stuck it in my pocket. I'd been letting my hair grow because it made me feel closer to my Native American side plus it attracted so many looks; I hope it will catch David's eye too.

Again, I checked myself in the mirror; my green eyes looked brighter than usual. I closed them and thought of David for a moment. I licked my lips and picked up my sunglasses. Today was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer, for me I hoped it would be the hottest day of the year.

I drove up to the store and hopped out my car. Two of my female coworkers whistled as I walked by. I smiled at them and continued to walk towards the entrance. Once I got to the doorway, I saw a rather tan, tattooed, and muscular man loading a pickup truck. He turned around and I saw it was David. Wanting to see it with my own eyes, I took off the sunglasses, and rubbed the beads of sweat off my brow. That body was incredible, more so than I had dreamt. His jeans were ripped at the knees, work boots totally filthy; it didn't ruin his look though. *Damn, baby.* I felt my jeans stretch a little the more I looked at him. I was so excited to see him shirtless, I couldn't move to go to him, and see if he needed help.

He jumped off the truck and closed the door to the pickup then hit it to drive off. He took his shirt out his pocket to wipe the sweat off his face and neck. I licked my lips wishing I could do that for him or at least be that shirt. Our eyes met and he smiled wide as he made his way over to me.

I put my sunglasses atop my head and a hand in my pocket. He extended his hand as usual and I put mine in his. 'Hello, Adrian how are you today?' My first thought was to say hot and horny but I refrained and settled for the right thing. 'I'm good and you?' I noticed he tucked his shirt back in his pocket and didn't bother putting it back on. 'I'm better now.' As soon as the pearly whites made an appearance again, I had raging hard on. *Did he just say he was better now?* I smiled back and nodded.

'So Adrian, I have some news for you. The guy who works with me who I told you might be leaving is doing just that in about three months. Since you have a degree in architecture and are looking for an apprenticeship I thought maybe we could work something out. Did you bring your portfolio so I could see it?' I closed my eyes and shook my head. 'Damn. I'm sorry David. I left out and didn't grab it.' 'Don't worry about it, why don't we meet this evening and you can show it to me then.' I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. 'I'm sorry?' He put his hand on my shoulder. 'I would like to meet with you this evening for drinks so we can chat.' I smiled at him and folded my arms. 'Sure that would be great. You caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting that.' He smiled and leaned his head a little to the right.. 'I'm sure you weren't. Hey, I feel a lot of eyes on us, why don't we take a quick ride in my truck?' I nodded and unfolded my arms. 'Ok, let's do that then.'

We walked to his truck and we drove out of McDade's lot to a vacant one just 2 blocks away. He stopped the truck and looked at me again. 'I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable Adrian; I really would like to see your drawings and...' I bit my lip and waiting for his next sentence. 'Pardon me for being so forward Adrian, I need to ask you a personal question, if I may.' I think I knew what his question was. 'You may.' He took his hands off the steering wheel and put them on his legs. 'What's your preference?' I was relieved when he asked the question I wanted to ask him. I let it show on my face that I didn't mind at all. 'I'm a heterosexual but curious, have been for awhile. Ever since I saw you almost two weeks ago I wondered if you were gay or straight.' His smile got wider as he put his hand on my knee. 'I thought about it last night and I figured I could either be right or horribly wrong. At first, I thought that you and Jessie were dating but when she mentioned her girlfriend sometime last week that at least told me I was wrong on that part of the assumption.' I put my hand on top of his and moved closer to him. 'I know that we just met but I needed to know this so I wouldn't rack my brain about you.' As I sighed in relief, 'I'm glad you decided to ask me. Jessie really wanted me to find out, I was kinda wishin' she would do it for me but today I made up my mind it would be now or never. You just made it a helluva a lot easier though' He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder. 'I'm glad I took the stress off you then. Can I pick you up around seven thirty?' My heart was still beating fast even though the hardest part was over. 'That would be fine, I'll make sure I get my portfolio.' 'Truthfully, there is no rush Adrian. I would hire you even if I didn't see any of your work.' Again, that little schoolgirl feeling came over me. I wanted to kiss him but I felt I would save that for later. 'Well thanks, David. I think I should get back to work.' 'Yeah I guess you should.'

I moved back towards the door and he dropped me back at the store. I gave him my address and phone number on the back of one of his business cards. He gave me another card to keep with his Blackberry number on it. I saw him off and walked inside. Jessie was waiting there with a devilish look on her face. 'So?' she said after winking at me. 'Well, I have a date for tonight!' I said with a grin. 'Of course you do you sexy mutha fucka, damn you look mighty hot today!' she pulled me close for a hug. I grabbed her and pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear, 'Why thank you luv. I feel hot today!' She laughed and ran her hand through my hair. 'Can you work today knowing what's happening tonight?' 'I'll have to won't I? Besides, better that I work and distract myself than not work and think about him all day!' I took her hand and we went inside giggling like kids. I was looking forward to tonight, finally fulfilling the need I'd had since high school with a man I'd only known for two weeks but already I'm crazy for him.



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