After I'd left work at five thirty, I went home and looked in my closet for the perfect outfit to wear. I really wanted to wear my jeans and a long sleeve shirt. However, I wondered how David would be dressed. *Would he wear a suit or dressed down like I wanted to be?* 'Oh my god, I'm acting like a senior on her date to the homecoming dance, I may be a gay man but I'm still a man.' I got my dark blue jeans and my white shirt out and lay them on the chair. Just as I was about to get in the shower, my phone sang the Sasha song: 'She Wants To Move' by the Neptunes. 'Uh uh Sasha. I will chat with you later.' I walked into my bathroom and closed the door.

Seven fifteen came and I brushed my hair into the perfect style. I put my black suit jacket on and dabbed a little cologne on my chest and neck. My phone rang with my new ringtone for my hot friend, 'Anytime, Anyplace' by Janet Jackson meaning I would do him anytime, anyplace. 'Hello David.' I said in my sexiest radio voice. 'Yes, I'm ready to go. Ok, I'll be down in a moment.' I pushed the hang up button and checked myself in the mirror once more. 'David, I know we've only known each other for two weeks but damn I want you.' I was so horny right now and I couldn't wait to jump him; even though he is the expert. I ran downstairs to meet the 'hottest one' in his truck.

Once I closed the door to my apartment building, there he was leaning on his truck. 'Hello sexy! I hope you don't mind a private dinner at my place.' He wore a black shirt with black jeans and cowboy boots. His devilish smile completed the outfit perfectly. I walked up to him and extended my hand. He pulled me close and grabbed me by the waist. 'I don't mind at all David.' *I really don't mind even though I was nervous as hell.* He rubbed the back of my neck and then my shoulder. *God, I want him so bad right now, it's obvious that he wants me too.* 'Let's go then, shall we?' he said as he touched my cheek. He moved from the truck and opened the door for me to get in. As soon as he pulled off, he put his hand on my knee again. 'Don't be nervous Adrian. I won't bite, unless you want me to.' I peered into those gorgeous eyes and settled in my seat.

Within about twenty minutes we were at his place. We made small talk during the drive to break the ice. Once we got out his truck we chatted about a more important subject.

'So Adrian, you mentioned how you were curious in high school right?' he said as he looked into my eyes intently. 'Yes I did, when I talked to my counselor about it he just told me it was something I'd probably get over once I graduated; of course I never did.'

We continued walking up the stairwell to his condo unit passing a couple of cute girls in the hallway. They both smiled as us and kept walking. Once at his door he pulled the key out of his pocket and put it in the lock. As he turned it, and opened the door, I started to feel more comfortable about what was happening. I put my hand on his shoulder and followed him inside.

When he flicked on the lights, I took a look around. The condo was gorgeous and a lot like myself, he liked modern contemporary d├ęcor. The walls were simple, not loud; the colors were browns, grays, and black. The furniture looked as if it were straight out of the IKEA catalogue. 'Make yourself comfortable, I need to put dinner back in the oven to warm. I hope you like Italian food; I thought lasagna would be a perfect first date dinner.' *Wow he can cook too? Awesome!* 'I love Italian food and I really like lasagna.' He pulled me close by my waist and looked into my eyes again. 'Adrian, I'm so glad that you're here tonight. I know we've only known each other a couple of weeks but wow...I have not stopped thinking of you since the first day I saw you.' Now the nervousness was completely gone and all I wanted to do now was kiss him. 'I feel the same way David. Never have I been attracted to a man like I am to you.'

I put my arms around him and leaned in to him. He kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly. I felt my cock rising beneath my jeans and it got harder when he blew into my ear. While still in each others' arms, we studied each other for a moment then I decided I would be the one to do something. Again, I moved right in front of his face and lightly kissed his lips. Only seconds later and we were involved in a passionate embrace. Our tongues thrashing together, our lips enveloping one another, and before we knew it we went over to his couch to continue more comfortably.

We sat down with him sitting first and I above him exploring all parts of his mouth. His arms were still around my waist, mine on his shoulders. He pulled me down and I sat on his lap. I felt his cock tapping mine through his jeans. Quickly he unbuttoned my shirt and I flung it off. Once we broke the kiss, he looked at my chest and nodded with a smile. Again we engulfed each others lips and after a couple of minutes he had traced his tongue down to one of my nipples. Lightly, he bit it and rubbed the other between his fingers.

'Mmm...' escaped my lips as he continued to work his magic on me. I gripped his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair. *Damn, this feels so good!* I kissed his head and got up so I could take off my jeans. He put his hands on my fly and unbuttoned it. 'Let me do this Adrian.' Once finished, he pulled down my pants. 'Boxer briefs are sexy but...' He grabbed the waistband and tugged it downward. 'Adrian, damn...' *I guess he's pleased by what he's unveiled.* 'Can I?' he said looking up at me.

Gently, I touched his cheek. 'Of course David; please do.' He got off the couch and knelt down in front of my dick. Right now it was rock solid. Softly, he fondled my balls and licked the tip. 'Mmm David, Jesus I want you so bad right now.' I arched my head back and closed my eyes. I felt him swallow me whole with his teeth grazing my length. Instinctively, I put my hand on the back of his head to move back and forth. 'David, shit. Ahh...' I opened my eyes and looked down at him. *I need his lips on top of mine.*



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