Julian enjoyed the attention the rich boys gave him and knew he might end up having one or more of them, but they weren't what he was after. They were the connection to the real prizes; their fathers and uncles and, hell, even their grandfathers. He sucked his soft drink up through a straw and noticed the eyes looking at his lips. No, he wouldn't be sleeping with any of them today. Better keep them interested and coming back for more.


Luke locked himself into his apartment and threw the phone down on the sofa. He didn't know why he felt slighted. After all their little session two weeks ago had been just that. A session, a job, but...The way it ended, he had been waiting for Drake to stand on his doormat the very same night. Silly really, since he didn't know where he lived.  As it was now, the sound of his voice had almost made him come; a state that naturally didn't escape Julian's trained eye and bought him many comments and offerings that afternoon. He sat down on the sofa and pulled down his trousers. He had barely taken his hard cock in hand when...A knock on the front door made him frown.

”Who is it?” he yelled and thought: Just fuck off and let me get on with it. Whoever it was had no intention of letting him alone, so he adjusted himself with some discomfort and went out to the front door yelling, ”I'm coming!” as the insane hammering continued. He ripped the door open and looked into Drake's cool eyes. He looked down at him and said,

”Yes, apparently you are,” then pushed him inside and slammed the door shut. With one fluid movement he grabbed Luke around the waist and brought him closer, locking his arms around him tightly. “Hello,” he said in an easy tone, but the grip he held him with was powerful and made Luke cringe. He didn't answer him at all. His sudden desire was mingled with the need to irritate Drake into action; the whole domination aspect was what turned him on most, even now.

Luke pushed him away and said coldly,

“What do you think I am? Some horny houseboy waiting for his master's orders?”

Drake softened his lips into a smile sending nervous jitters through his body,

“Um, take away the question mark and you got yourself a sweet deal, babe.”

Luke pushed him again, irritated that Drake seemed in far too good a mood,

“Just forget it. Babe. I'm not controlled by you!” He tried to back away but strong arms held him in place.


Luke looked into Drake's narrow eyes as he pressed his body into his, recalling their one night together, and answered with a more indifferent voice than he really wanted,

“Yeah! Have a problem with that?”

Drake smiled and Luke knew he had hit something when he heard him answer,

“Nothing I can't resolve with a firm hand.” With these words he simply threw him over one shoulder. Luke tried to protest and felt a hard hand hit his arse. ”Quiet. Bedroom?”

Luke wriggled over his shoulder trying to get down,

”What the fuck? You can't - ”

”When will you learn I can do exactly what I want to you? That's what you like about me, right? But then we'll take the kitchen instead.” He wandered into the kitchen and eyed the wide table. ”Fine. That's more like it.” He dropped him on his feet, only to bend him over the table and whisper in his neck, ”Move one inch and you won't be able to walk tomorrow.” Drake reached around him and opened his fly and zipper from behind. He pulled back just enough to ease the trousers down to his feet and then said, ”Lube?”

Luke groaned out,

”Fuck you!” from his bent over position.

”Suit yourself, I'll be just as happy coating you with a stick of butter, but - ”

”In the bedroom.”

Drake returned with the bottle of lube and grinned,

”Liquid. My favourite.” He pulled his cock out and Luke saw he was equipped with a condom already. Drake poured some lube out in his palm and slicked his hardened length and then let some drip down the puckering opening between Luke's buttocks, mumbling, ”Because you were so impolite to slam the phone down on me, I won't open you up entirely. Let's leave some fun to play with.”

He let his own trousers fall down and threw them over the counter. Luke closed his eyes but still wouldn't admit to himself that this was what he had fantasied about that long grueling afternoon with his friends. ”Ready?”

Luke didn't answer and felt a large hand slam down on his cheeks. He yelled out. Shit that hurt

"I asked you a question, Luke. Ready?”

He sighed, feeling the scorching pain level out to a comfortable burning on his arse. ”Yes...” he grumbled.

Good boy. See how easily we get along?”

He felt the head of Drake's cock penetrate him and winced as he soon was in him all the way, pressing his testicles up against the sore skin on his buttocks. They didn't talk this time. Luke felt this was about getting instant relief for the both of them and wanted it no other way. Only the sounds of moaning and groaning filled the kitchen as Drake raised Luke's right leg a little to get better room and then started hammering into him.

The kitchen table creaked and protested while Luke's moans grew louder and louder. In the end Drake fucked him so hard he yelled out at the top of his lungs. He had no idea what he said; just knew he didn't want him to stop and realized the grip around his neck somehow heightened the pleasure. Luke felt Drake's teeth bite down on his neck and screamed out,

”Shit! Oh yes!” as the pain brought him over the edge. He felt Drake slam into him in three hard thrusts and then he came too, shuddering against his back, still holding his neck.

Once again Luke felt his kisses on the side of his neck and heard the sweet words that made him melt into a puddle. He kept his eyes closed, as if his legs couldn't carry him, but just didn't want him to know what the words did to him. He then felt strong hands pick him up and carry him through the kitchen to the living room sofa. Luke opened his eyes and looked into Drake's blue eyes. The lead there seemed to have melted as he softly said,

”Kiss me.”

Luke obeyed, losing himself in an open kiss. Oh god, he thought as Drake's hands caressed his sore backside tenderly. He pulled back a little and met his eyes again, panting,

”How do you know where I live?”

Drake's eyes caressed him before he reached out and pulled him even closer.

”I know all about you,” he whispered against his skin.



Julian walked away from the private harbour to the small tackle and bait store on the beach in Bournemouth. Inside, he walked right over to the wall with the surfboards, and the owner greeted him from across the store,

”Surfs up, Julian?” and he smiled,

”Couldn't stay away, Nick. How much do I owe in rent?”

Nick held up a hand,

”Forget it, I said. You are free advertisement for the business. Just tell people where to buy the boards...and keep hitting those high waves.”


He was able to fly or so it felt. This was the only time in his life he felt completely free. All his senses were heightened. He could even smell the seaweed and salty seawater while his hands went numb and cold by splashing waves, but hell, he didn't care. The people on the beach knew nothing of the rent boy Julio. Here he was Julian Slater, one of the best surfers around, and no one expected him to play any games.

Finally he walked up on the beach and peeled the wet-suit of his torso.

”Nice work out there.” He turned around and saw a stranger sitting in the sand next to a psychedelic looking surfboard. Julian nodded,

”Thanks. I try...” He looked at him a little hesitatingly and then said, ”My name's Julian. Julian Slater.”

The light haired stranger, a man his own age, rose and came closer,

”Nice to meet you, Julian Slater. I'm Andy. Andrew to anyone who hates me.” They laughed and Julian fingered his wet suit uneasily. He heard Andy chat about his work; he was a computer science post graduate who worked as a consultant on the side. ”You?”

Julian had been busy checking the guy out, admiring his eyes and the muscles on his upper body, and was taken by surprise by the question,

”Eh, you know. Studies. Still undergraduate.” He pulled his wet suit all the way off and started toweling himself and then said lightly, ”You...eh, fancy a beer?”

Andy met his eyes and blushed. Julian thought: Halleluja, I can still pick 'em and smiled when he heard the shy answer,




Billy sat in his car, waiting for the estate agent. He had decided he couldn't occupy Luke's guest room for much longer, but when he mentioned looking for rentals, Luke had insisted he lent the money from him to buy his own place. He was ashamed to admit to himself that he hadn't protested long. One more step away from Tom, he thought, and cursed himself for even thinking his name. Without wanting to, he sketched the image of his face in his head, remembering the first time they kissed. First time they -

A knock on the car window made him snap out of the sick daydream. Someone, probably the agent, stood leaning in over the car window with a knowing smile. Billy thanked his lucky star he had arrived now and not two minutes later when he was engulfed in his favorite jerk off fantasy.  He opened the car door as the man stepped back to let him out and quickly let his t-shirt fall down to cover himself up.

”Still at it, huh Billy?” The man grinned. Billy reached out and snatched the stranger's sunglasses from his nose,


They shook hands and Gerry said,

”Yep. I'm Gerald McHull now. First time in ten years I don't get comments on my last name.”

Gerry was a rent boy Billy had worked with when he first started out. He hadn't noticed the name when they talked on the phone, strange enough. After all, the name had been an inside joke in Central. McHull had turned into McHole since Gerry was able to take everything a client had to offer without any kind of lube. To this day Max would direct the boys to their clients with the words,

”Watch out, he's aiming for a McHole!”

Gerry smiled now, pushing a little closer than was called for.

”Been looking forward to seeing you again. Think you'll like the flat. If you buy it, I have a bottle of champagne in the car. We could christen it in your new hot tub?”

Billy couldn't help laughing,

”The length you'll go to for a sale, huh?” and Gerry grinned back as he unlocked the front door,

”I don't see myself as changing jobs. More working with my clothes on. Usually!”



Luke looked at the partition that separated the driver from them.

”A chauffeur, huh?” he asked Drake and saw him smile,

”I can drink as much as I like and still make it home in one piece.”  He reached out his hand and touched his dark hair, ”You clean up quite nice, Mr. Emrys. Seems I can take you just about anywhere in that suit.”

Luke looked down at his feet, puzzled by why the slightest compliment from Drake made him feel a little too happy. He looked up and met his eyes, trying to turn the conversation away from intimacy,

”So...if I drop a plate or use the wrong fork, I won't ruin your evening?”

Drake poured whiskey for the both of them and then handed him the glass before he said, almost as a byline,

”If you do these things, I will have to punish you. Thoroughly. In private.” He watched him over the edge of his glass as they drank, and Luke's face turned a shade of red as he recalled the last punishment in the kitchen. Something told him that dating Drake would bring a lot of those moments.

”Where are we going, by the way?”

Drake leaned back in the seat and answered,

”Sea Breeze.”

Luke turned his head and stared at him,

”Are you kidding me? The Sea Breeze's impossible to get into!”

”I rarely jest...and I called them an hour ago for a table.”


They dined almost in silence only interrupted by the discreet waiters who brought them different dishes. Drake was outright charming, and Luke stopped himself from making mistakes to see if he really would remake the little scene in the kitchen later. Better not play with fire, he thought and was curious to see what a normal date with Drake would turn into.

After dinner they drove slowly through traffic. Luke felt a little sleepy but was disappointed when someone called Drake on his mobile, and he heard him agree to a meeting fifteen minuted later. Where? In a warehouse? he thought but kept it to himself. He turned his head, looking at his own face in the window of the car, and tried to pretend the brush off didn't matter.

”What's the matter?” Drake's voice reached in and yanked him out of his misery.

”Nothing...” He felt an arm lock around his shoulder and sighed as he was pulled into his embrace.

”Didn't you like tonight?”

Luke looked up into his face. Drake's eyes were scanning his face, and he seemed suspicious all of a sudden.

”Yes...just don't think I like the ending much.” He saw him relax and even smile as Luke continued, ”I looked forward to a night just with you - ” That was all he managed to say before Drake kissed him, a long lingering kiss, making Luke slide over to rest against him, linking his arm behind his neck. When they broke apart, Luke whispered,

”I'm almost sorry I didn't make any mistakes. Perhaps that would have made you stay.”

They kissed again and this time the kiss went deeper, lasting a long time. Pulling away Drake spoke with a rough voice,

 ”I could come over later tonight. Show you good manners are rewarded.”




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