Luke drove his car to the hotel late, breaking his own speed record; foolishly risking yet another ticket. Usually he would be on top of the world at this moment, knowing exactly who he should meet and how the evening would pan out, but this time he didn't have a clue.

”Just a few hours...” he mumbled to himself. It was nine o'clock, and it would probably take what? An hour or perhaps an hour and a half, depending on how long it would take this control freak to get off. He had had the foresight to lube himself up, remembering the last time some Dom decided to go bareback without telling him, and felt slippery as he moved in his seat.

He then concocted a plan. He would play along, pretend to be one of Julian's little playmates, and jerk this guy off. Perhaps he would throw in a blow job and then the client would fall asleep, preferably drunk, and he would still have the night to himself.  Luke checked his face in the rear view mirror and brushed his dark hair this way and that to make it look a little more preppy. In the end he gave up trying to make the dimwitted smile Julian's customers seemed to prefer and settled for the quiet country boy routine.

Hell, this clown was probably just like the other yahoos that fell for Julian's antics. He seemed to attract the same type; someone wishing to be taller and bigger than he was and who felt more masculine with Julian fluttering about. But why someone like that wanted him, he didn't get.

He felt a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach as he walked through the lobby, and that surprised him. He hadn't been this nervous since his first time pulling tricks. Perhaps he had let himself be too comfortable with his clients? He had grown to see them as friends he happened to fuck occasionally, and they didn't excite him much now.

Doing them was just a little better than his own hand, but paid the rent. Luke stepped into the elevator unnoticed. His outfit was expensive enough to make sure the staff saw him as just another rich kid, but not too flashy to make him stand out. He worked the name over in his head again and again. W.A. Trent. 

Julian had called him Mr. Trent or just plain Sir, and Luke figured it was part of the guy's power trip. He looked up as the door opened to the nineteenth floor. His stomach now felt worse than before, and he just hoped he wouldn't throw up all over the client's shoes. 

It turned out to be the penthouse with only one solid looking door to choose from. He was about to knock when it opened, sending his stomach out on another roller-coaster. Inside a strange man looked down on him, saying,


He nodded surprised. The stranger stuck his big hand out, grabbed Luke's and gave it a hard squeeze. ”Drake Trent... Come inside.”

Luke let his eyes slide over him as he stepped aside, noticing he was even taller than himself and more muscular. He suppressed an irritated feeling and handed him his jacket. He took in some more of him when he wasn't looking; a square serious face and short blond hair.  Then as he turned, he felt impaled by the look in his blue eyes,

”Let's go into the living room.”

Drake led the way, and Luke followed his broad back, checking him out automatically from behind, dressed in an expensive suit that seemed to cling to his shapely arse. It was a nice sight, but something in his controlled movements made him realize it wasn't going to be a time where he would get much of a say in what they were doing. He turned and Luke caught a look in his eyes that made his stomach flop around again. He looked at the room, noticing the lavish furniture, and then a wave of a hand made him sit down on a soft spongy sofa as Drake said, ”Drink?”

No. Don't drink. Clouds your senses. Stay sober. 

”Yes, thank you,” Luke answered and continued, ”Vodka?”

”Yeah... Just what I needed, too.” Drake opened a little refrigerator and pulled out a cold bottle, poured a moderate amount in two glasses and handed one to him. ”Not to little, not too much. Don't want to cloud the senses.”

As if he had read his mind. Luke felt his warm hand touch his skin, as he took the glass and noticed Drake's eyes kept wandering from his eyes to his mouth as he drank. He licked his lips and savored the burning hot fire that followed the cool liquid. Still he made sure he saw Drake drink some too.

His voice suddenly sounded again,

”Julian told you how I like it?”

Luke nodded and saw his eyes change as they entered the subject of sex. With a start he realized he didn't blink when he stared at him. Julian? Luke thought. Not Julio. Strange.

”You're a difficult man to gain access to.” He looked at him with a satisfied gaze, and Luke smiled. No reason really to answer that. Still Mr. Trent kept staring at him, making him feel uncomfortable. Luke looked away, feeling his eyes still on him, and in the end blurted out,

”Has to my line of work there's a lot of crazies, Mr.Trent.”

Drake nodded and he felt a strange warm feeling of having pleased him fill his body. Why, he didn't know.

”Call me Drake. So, Luke ... Julian tells me you are a Dom by trade.” He couldn't tell if his voice mocked him or not, so he just nodded. Why the hell had Julian told him that? ”But not in your private life.” Was that a question or a statement?  Luke lowered his eyes, resting it on his crotch, and saw his bulge swell as he said,

”Guess you could say that...” He felt a certain pulse start to beat between his legs too and looked down at the thick carpet. Somehow it felt less and less like a job.

”Come here.” His low voice suddenly had an edge that made heat rush down to Luke's crotch. He noticed Drake was unbuttoning his white shirt and saw him yank it off and throw it on the floor while he hesitated. Then he heard his voice say, ”Now,” and knew it was more than a request. He got up and moved the few steps to where he was sitting. Drake reached out and hooked his fingers in Luke's belt, pulling him in. He forced him to his knees, locking his left hand around his neck, and stared into his eyes while he opened his own belt and fly with his right hand.  He pulled out his hard cock and said, ”You know what to do.”

Luke took the head of his cock in his mouth and started to suck. Drake moaned slightly, and Luke opened his mouth wide, swallowing his hard cock while he looked up at him, trying not to gag. He pulled it out of his mouth and started to play with his tongue around the head when Drake locked his hands behind his neck with a wild groan, forcing the cock back into his mouth, and started to fuck it.

His cock was growing in his mouth, and his own mouth was open as he panted. His iron grip around Luke's neck grew tighter as he fucked his mouth hard with quick thrusts of his hips. Luke couldn't help thinking: Easier than I expected, when Drake suddenly pulled out and used the grip around his neck to drag him on his feet. He turned him around, using his left arm to pull him in close. Luke pressed his butt into him as he felt his right hand open his belt.

Drake slowly grind his hips against his buttocks, and Luke arched his back, moving towards him, hoping he would come quickly. Drake pulled him down on the carpet, trying to get him on his hands and knees while his hard cock throbbed against his thighs, and Luke fought him until he managed to break away, playing the game of hard to get. He heaved himself up against the soft couch, panting and staring at him, trying to anger him. Drake rose and moved closer, removing his trousers and shorts.

“I've been after this for a long time, ever since I saw you first,” he said in a low voice. “Knew I had to have you.”

Luke met his eyes. The look was that of a predator, and he realized startled then he had seen him before, and more than once, at the parties Max constantly threw. He had been standing in the outskirts of the usual onlookers, staring as they stared, but somehow... Somehow he had scared him, even then, as he did now. 

Suddenly Drake came towards him and hurled him down on his stomach on the carpet. He removed his shoes and socks, opened his trousers with experienced fingers and ripped them off his legs, groaning when he saw he wasn't wearing any underwear. Then he pulled his shirt off with rough fingers. Luke's legs were parted as Drake found his clenched up hole with his mouth and let his wet tongue flicker inside, and the sensation made him spread his legs wider. Drake moved up over him, and Luke felt his cock slide up and down the crack of his arse.

He felt Drake's fingers on the head of his cock, smearing pre-cum up and down the shaft, and squeezed his eyes shut, breathing deeply and slowly. Would he? Luke asked himself. He felt the cock enter in between his cheeks and rub against his puckered hole.

"Uh..." He made a submissive sound when the cock thrust against his hole and moaned as it happened again. He pushed his arse back and groaned as it finally penetrated him and worked its way in, making him feel it all from the inside.

Drake's jabs went deeper each time, and Luke groaned again and again as he started a slow rhythm, driving in and pulling out, making him moan with each thrust. Drake rammed slowly into him, and the only sounds were Luke's moans filling the living room. He was silent himself as he plowed into him, and Luke closed his eyes again. 

The sensation felt so insanely good, but he remembered Julian's words again and decided to up the ante to earn his wages. He pulled away from him, but it happened too fast and he hurt himself and probably Drake too judging from the muffled curse behind him. He leaned back on the floor and couldn't help feel aroused as his legs spread wide.

Drake remained still, leaning back on his haunches, watching Luke who could see his excitement grow when their eyes met, and he almost moaned at the sight, sensing he was about to attack. Drake then came after him, catching him by the neck and forcing him down on all fours. He mounted him from behind, mumbling angry curses as he took him hard, working his cock into him with every trust, so Luke came in an explosive burst in the second his knees gave in.

“It isn't over,” he heard Drake whisper, his mouth too close to his ear, and felt him still hard as a rock inside him. He pulled out but kept holding him, running his hands over his back and neck, letting his fingers play with his hair very gently.

“Don't do that...” Luke whispered as fingers touched his lips.

“Why?” Drake asked, stroking them, and he shook his head.

“Not part of the deal...” He tried to move, to get on his knees, but he was held back,

“Thought the client got whatever he wanted,” Drake whispered and placed his lips on his neck. “Whatever he paid for.”

The sensation made him shiver, why he didn't know. He let him roll him over and felt the thick carpet on his back as Drake moved in between his legs and rested his heavy body on him, weighing him down. He let his tongue play around one nipple, slowly, having all the time in the world. Luke moved uneasily, not wanting this, but as Drake sucked and teased each nipple he couldn't help press his head down and his breathing grew shallow when a hand slid down and locked around his cock.

“Are you kidding me,” Luke whispered and heard Drake laugh. This was wrong. It wasn't meant to be like this. The client was the one supposed to be on the edge of coming again. Luke moaned when he felt his strokes; his big, warm hand quickly making him as hard as before. He realized that he wanted him again, wanted him to take him. Drake slowly raised one of his legs, easing himself closer, and Luke groaned, just wishing he would be rougher, would get going before he lost control of the situation he had planned so very differently.

“You want me in you?” Drake whispered and Luke groaned again. ”Say it!” Drake commanded and he moaned out,

”Yes,” almost coming just saying the word. Drake let go of his cock and slowly, ever so slowly eased into him. Luke closed his eyes so not to see Drake's face, but then he opened them again, letting his hands caress his sides, and noticed a smile when he felt his touch. “Faster,” Luke mumbled as he almost stopped moving.

“Slower,” Drake said, smiling again, thrusting into him, making him bite down hard to keep from screaming when a surge of lust rose in his groin. “Don't close your mouth,” he whispered as he saw Luke clench his jaw. “I want to hear you.”

Luke let out a moan when he trust again and dug his fingers into his sweaty back. Drake was slowly making him come again, now without touching his cock, making him sound out his closing orgasm in deep throated groans each time he penetrated him. Luke, who now felt his entire length fill him, sensed his hot breath against his mouth and moved his head just before he kissed him.

He then whimpered when Drake took a hard hold of his hair, forcing him to stare into his eyes. For one second he had no idea what he was about to do, only knew Drake had him trapped, but then he let go of his hair and raised himself up on his elbow, continuing to slide into him, making him groan out as he moved back and forth.

”Fuuuck,” he groaned, staring into Luke's eyes, ”Oh fuck!”

Luke felt his ass convulse, gripping him, and Drake exploded, pumping into him in long oozing squirts. He fell as a rag doll when he finally slid out of him and left him sprawled out on the mattress.

Then he felt Drake slide his arms around him, felt his lips on his neck and realized with a shock that he was kissing him. It felt uncomfortable when his kissing continued and was followed by caresses. Still Luke leaned into his touch, seeking out his hands, feeling strangely lightheaded as he heard words whispered he never thought he would hear from a client. Just a part of his game, he told himself. Doesn't mean a thing. But when the thought of leaving occurred to him, he hesitated. Closing his eyes, he let himself believe this wasn't a job....and the client says when it's over, right? After all, it is his money...

They fell asleep like that with Luke nestled in his arms, the strange mixture of force and caress confusing him no end, he just knew he liked it. He also knew he would be better off leaving then and there, while he still could.


Luke woke lying on his side on a bed, feeling hard again. Drake's hand lay on his stomach, fingers caressed his wet skin, lingered at the dark hairs growing up to his navel, stroking lightly. He then felt his tongue on his shoulder moving slowly as he licked his waydown his body. Drake kissed his sweaty back as he moved down, spreading his cheeks. He rimmed him and Luke started moaning out loud, separating his legs, whimpering, 

”Oh yes, yes!” as Drake used his tongue to stab him. Luke turned around on his stomach, arching his back in a pointless struggle to get away from the insane pleasure, and then was caught under him as Drake grabbed hold of his wrists, forcing them into the mattress while Luke begged him to continue again and again until he felt he lost his voice.

Drake afterwards crawled up and melted into him. This time it was so different without any force; just a union of bodies finding the same rhythm. Drake slowly picked up the speed, in the end bolting his hips into him, causing him to feel the entire length of his cock again. His weight kept pressing him back and forth until he came, and the powerful orgasm made Luke scream out, feeling faint.

Seconds after Drake came too between his legs, raising himself up just as he did so, spurting out deep inside him. Luke lay still, feeling tremors in his tired legs, and gasped when he felt Drake's kiss his face, caressing him gently. He heard him sigh in his ear and then whisper,

”I wanted you so long. Paid Julian a lot to get to you. Fuck this. Took forever to get near you. First paying off Max, then earning Julian's trust...”

Luke turned and looked into those blue eyes. His throat was so soar from moaning he almost couldn't get the words out,

” did?” His eyes lingered on Drake's lips and suddenly he felt an urge to kiss him but forced his mind away from those stupid mushy feelings and looked at the clock on the nightstand. Seven o'clock! He thought he would have been done by midnight. The clock revealed just how much he had fucked up and snapped him out of his weakness. It was time to leave. He sat up but felt Drake's hand close around his neck, pulling him back.

”Times up,” Luke whispered weakly and looked the other way. Fingers turned his face to meet Drake's eyes as he answered,

”No.” Luke stared at him. Though the word was said very softly, it still sounded like an order, and not a frustrated sigh. Drake's face came closer. His lips parted and Luke saw his tongue move between them. He knew what he had in mind and decided he wasn't going to win this time.

”I have to go...” he said, removing his fingers from his face,but he moved to slow. Drake leaned in, caught his lower lip between his teeth and nibbled it so it hurt. When Luke protested he was let go, but only for a second. Then Drake kissed him. His lips were soft and warm and feeling stunned, Luke just let it happen. He felt his tongue lick his lips and his fingers slowly caress his skin; his sudden gentleness soon the only thing he couldn't handle. Drake opened his mouth and tasted him and Luke responded hungrily, groaning as he felt his eagerness.

“God Luke,” he whispered when Luke in the end tried to break away, and the sound of his voice made him stop. “Look at me,” he whispered and though Luke didn't want to, he met his eyes.

“I have to go,” he answered in the same low voice and slipped out of bed.

The morning sun was shining in through the huge glass windows in the living room. He found his clothes scattered on the carpet and quickly pulled them on, trying not to think as he sat on the sofa and tied his shoes. The silence from the bedroom was deafening, and he felt both relieved and oddly disappointed. Drake had probably fallen asleep. Luke quickly left the room and was about to open the front door, when he heard his voice behind him,

“You forgot your money.”

He turned and saw him stand behind him, wrapped in a dark bathrobe, with a thick stack of bills in his right hand.

“No. No I didn't,” Luke answered and opened the door.

“Luke...” He turned and looked at him. For the first time he noticed Drake looked insecure. “Can I see you again?” he asked.

Luke hesitated, running all the reasons why not through his head. His feelings must have been evident on his face since Drake dropped the money and took a step forward, grabbing his head between both hands. He kissed him again, slowly, forcefully, and then withdrew his mouth, leaving Luke so weak he had to steady himself against his body.

When do I see you again?” he asked, voice strangely rough. Luke reached into his jacket and found one of his calling cards. He ripped it in half, removing the name T. Central, and gave him the part with his private mobile phone number,

“Anytime you want.”




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