The first rule of Luke's trade is: Don't kiss on the mouth. The second rule is: Don't fall for a client. One night he managed to break them both...

The name was Luke to his clients. Just Luke. No last name required. Most guys chose Italian or Latino names to add a flavor to their act, but he didn't need that. He did what he did and did it well and didn't have to create a make believe game. After all he sold sexual favors. 

Luke had several regular clients in the city whom he had known for years, and he rarely took on a new face, if they hadn't been referred by Pen Central. PC was a small office next to the new city college on Penzance Road, and the sign on the door claimed it to be an unemployment agency. Inside the office an old man with long grey hair, who went by the name of Max, sat behind a huge desk, screening applications all day, but no one ever got a job through him.

The many men filling out applications were potential customers referred by old regulars, and they were thoroughly checked out for diseases, kinks and mental hangups before they were admitted through the pearly gate.

T. Central owned the three apartments next to Max's office, each of them with about ten bedrooms that had uniformed guards outside the doors making sure no one crossed the line between consensual sex and forced entry.  The young men who worked there would check in and leave at a separate entrance, which strangers believed was part of a lecture hall since all the people coming and going were in their twenties. They would have their medical and dental bills paid and even received paid holidays from their employer.

The door between the office and the apartments was painted a color of mother-of-pearl. Hence the pearly gate.  Luke used to work at the apartments, but his clients now preferred to meet up at hotels because it was easier to explain to the wife. Luxury hotels of course, no fleabag accommodations for him; he didn't come cheap. He rarely mentioned how much he charged by the hour, since he lived by the old phrase, “If you have to ask, you can't afford me.”

His work alone began when a client who only had an hour to spare before leaving town asked him to come to his hotel. He had asked Max if they had a problem with him taking his business outside of T. Central and received the go ahead as long as he continued to pay them commission. 

One evening Luke sat in front of the television, watching a movie, when he received a call from one of his friends at T. Central. His clients called him Julio, but his real name was Julian, and he was about as exotic as oatmeal without his tan-in-a-bottle. He wanted Luke to cover for him and begged him to go to the Fountain Hotel to entertain a customer of his.

”He's a good guy but firm. Hot too...a big tipper with a big cock.”

Luke interrupted him,

”What's his thing?” Meaning: how twisted is this psychopath since you want to give him to me?

”He likes to be in charge, Luke. All hands on love, just like you love it...”

Julian laughed, knowing he would be against it for just that reason. Luke wasn't a wallflower waiting to be courted and by nature he liked a firm hand. He had known about it since ninth grade when Gerald Sussman pinned him to the floor of the locker room, and he came in his pants before he beat him up, just so people wouldn't think he was queer. Since then he knew what he liked, but one thing is what you feel, the other thing is reality, and in reality his customers were subs, and subs wanted to be dominated. Doms didn't come along often in his special line of work, and he guessed it had something to do with how he looked.

He wasn't one of those short schoolboy types with soft muscles that clients buy for an hour to live out some sick fantasy. He was tall and muscular and most times his clients wanted him to fuck them or begged to blow him. But even if a Dom wanted him as a client, he would say no. It would be too close to home. In his private life he preferred lovers with a firm hand, in fact that was the only way he ever got off, but at work? Never...

”Just remember, he likes it rough,” Julian chatted on as if Luke already had agreed to do it. ”Real rough. Likes me to struggle and fight, so he can punish me for trying to run.”

Luke made a face in the mirror thinking Julian probably didn't struggle much, and the thought made him apprehensive. It was never a good idea to dive into what you liked most with a client. That was why all his clients were subs. He had the upper hand when he couldn't get hurt emotionally and didn't like to lose it when there were good money on the table, so ... he said no.

”Don't think so...” and Julian became strangely quiet as he continued, ”Why don't you do it yourself? You're not sick. Physically I mean...” He heard him hesitate and didn't pay back the insult, until he suddenly blurted out,

”I...I can't tell you why, I got some stuff going on. If I play my cards right, there's a lot of money involved. Listen, Lukey, what's the big deal? So you'll be a sub for the night, so what? See it as your own private date with benefits. I don't like to let this guy down. He's too much of a power player in real life.”

Luke thought about it some more since he hated to let down a friend and sensed Julian held his breath.

”Punish how?”

”Just the usual...spankings. He likes to use his hand, a little caning, handcuffs; just clean honest fun.” He paused again and Luke sighed. He didn't really want to work on his day off. The difference between clean and ready for work meant hours of preparations. ”I showed him your picture,” Julian continued. “He said you might be what he was looking for. He's really turned on by you.”

He was buttering him up, but he didn't fall for it.

”Of course he is...” Luke smirked. Hell, ever heard about an ugly rent boy?

”Shut up...” Julian said easily. ”I mean it. You could do me a favor. You know I got it coming. Remember Puerto Rico?”

Central had moved its business over to Puerto Rico a year ago for a special week long conference. It was when Luke still worked with random customers, and they were busy since the hotel had been filled with horny politicians. Julian had helped him out then, taking care of a few clients one day he felt a little ill. He had taken his tips too, but clearly he didn't remember that part of the deal.

”Okay...” Luke finally said. ”But I get all of your tips for the night...” He had known Julian for three years and considered him a friend. When he first moved to the city, they had looked out for each other and shared an apartment until Luke had had enough of his sloppiness and found his own place. Still, they remained tight, or as tight as Luke was able to be with someone. He eased out of his Sunday drowsiness and pulled off his clothes to take a shower. Standing under the scolding hot water he ran his hands over his body, trying to tell himself that this was just an average working day, though something in Julian's voice had him worried. Normally Luke would never jerk off before he had a client. 

Hell, better not tempt providence and risk a limp dick, but today...He wouldn't be the one working, so perhaps it was better to take the edge off and keep it businesslike. Thinking of what Julian had mentioned about the client made him a little horny, and he ran his hand down his flat stomach. He was trying not to think up some fantasy about this new Dom customer because he knew with painfully clarity they never panned out anyway. When he felt his cock grow in his wet hand, he moved it up and down, quickly and mechanically, just to get off.

His mouth opened making rasping sounds, and he couldn't help think of an unknown figure who forced his arms over his head, or better yet...bent him over a chair, yanking his pants down, a hard hand on his quivering buttocks again and again...Then he came, explosively, thrusting forward as he erupted like never before. He gushed out a stream of fluid, splattering over the wet tile floor, and leaned against the wall, panting as the tremors in his groin finally stopped.




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