THE RETURN Chapter 4

Gerry was not sure what had happened to him. He had never before been so floored by a man. He just knew that his every impulse was to grab hold of Anton and hug, kiss and have sex with him right now. He had always known he was attracted to men older than himself, David was some 26 years older and he loved him, but David had never had this effect on him. As they got to the restaurant he managed to pull himself together. He gave his name and they were shown through into the main room.

Anton, for his part,  was seriously struck by this very attractive young financial wizard and he wondered where his talents might stretch to. His own somewhat fallible "gaydar" thought the boy could be one of the chosen, but so many men, these days put out signals that were so easily misread. As this was possibly his new financial guru, he would keep his hands to himself - for the moment. They reached the Restaurant and he was impressed when they were lead immediately to their table. They were shown to a booth along one of the side walls so were sitting side by side on a banquette looking out into the room. It meant they could talk discretely without being overheard. They both refused a preliminary drink and quickly ordered the first two courses.

Gerry was glad that Anton had not only refused a drink but also wine. Gerry ordered water; he knew he had to keep a cool head. They made some general small talk and he began to relax. After their starters had been served, Gerry steered the conversation towards business and in a short time they were exploring Anton's financial situation. Gerry was glad he had prepared so thoroughly for when Anton turned the full concentration of those liquid brown eyes on him, he just wanted to drown in them.

After the meal Gerry suggested they returned to the office for certain matters could be dealt with right away and it would help if Anton could provide signatures and so forth; and they went back together and sorted out the necessary admin. Once that was over, Anton sat back and smiled at Gerry.

"Gerry, dear boy; you are being absolutely brilliant and I am delighted that my financial life is going to be in your, obviously, capable hands. However, I would much rather hear about you. Have you worked in the City for long?

"Just a couple of years."

"Well you've clearly learnt a lot in that time. Have you an army of doting and satisfied clients, hanging on your every financial forecast?"

Gerry laughed; "Hardly!. .. I'll confess to you, Anton. You are my first client."


"Really and truly."

"I feel very privileged."

"No at all. I only hope I can succeed in making the best out of what you have."

"I am confidant that you will. So what happens now?"

"We have set several things moving and in time there will be papers and such for you to sign. Those will be sent to you."

"I actually meant now. At this particular moment?

"Oh," Gerry laughed, "I am sorry. Nothing - that is, you are free to go. Thank you for being so patient with me."

"We have finished? Everything is done? Are you free to go too?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well now that all the business side is over, I thought we might go and have a quiet drink together to celebrate our new business arrangements. You say I am your only client - your first - so I know I am not depriving anyone else of your valuable expertise, unless you are just getting rid of me to meet your second client of course."

"No. Though I do have other work here as well - BUT.." he grinned "that is very kind of you and I am happy to accept your invitation." Gerry felt light headed and was completely under the charming spell of Anton. They went to a small drinking club where Anton was a member, and Gerry was introduced to a light single malt whisky from one of the Inner Hebrides which was the perfect drink for the late afternoon.

Gerry knew he ached for Anton as he had never ached for anyone before. He didn't understand it and didn't want to. Some people might call it falling in lust, but for Gerry it was a completely new experience, totally different from anything he felt or had ever felt for David or anyone else. Under Anton's gentle probing he was confessing to his most hidden, secret desires, he knew that he wanted to go somewhere and explore them with Anton. And Anton was very aware of the fact as he gazed into those deep blue eyes of this young man.

"I don't suppose you could come to the theatre with me tonight?"

"Tonight?" Gerry was slightly thrown by this change of direction.

"Yes, an old friend offered me a couple of tickets for tonight but I was going to turn it down as I had no one to go with."

"Well... er... yes. That is ... I'ld love to. Thank you."

"You don't have a partner or friend you're seeing tonight?"

"No. I'm completely free. My boyfriend is away till the middle of next week."

"I promise not to make a pass at you."

"Please don't."


"Please don't promise that. I want you to make a pass, please, more than anything I can think of."

"Back to my flat, then?"

"Oh yes."

They left the club and in the taxi Anton rested his hand on Gerry's thigh. Gerry's heart was beating at an absurd rate as he stroked that hand. Nothing was said and Gerry thought the taxi was going to drive forever when they suddenly pulled up in front of a block of service flats. In a state of sexual hiatus Gerry was taken from the cab, through the front door and into a lift. The doors closed and he was folded into Anton's arms and he felt Anton's lips on his and his tongue slip into his willing mouth.

Part 5 to follow shortly



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