THE RETURN Chapter 2.

The following morning, as he came awake, Gerry was aware of David's half-hard cock lying up his crack. His first thought was wondering if his lover would fuck him before he had to get up. He wiggled his ass and felt David twitch.

"Fuck it, you're a randy bugger." David sleepily whispered.

"So bugger me in revenge." the younger man whispered back.

David's stiff cock found Gerry's sweet hole and with the slightest of pressure it opened and let the already slippery head in. Gerry loved it. David inched deeper and deeper into him. It felt so good. Their scrota met and Gerry's internal muscles took a positive role in exciting and stimulating the invader. They both moaned and David began to fuck him in earnest, driving his pole up inside him. Both fully awake and active now; the bedcovers had been thrown back and David lifting Gerry's leg was pile driving his prick as deeply into him as he could. Gerry's hand was a blur as he stroked himself to orgasm while exerting maximum anal action on David. His sudden shooting of a stream of cum across the bed caused spasms which finally brought David off and he heavily lubricated Gerry's gut. As David slid out, Gerry turned and they kissed.

"And good morning to you, too."

"I fucking love you so much."

They noticed the time and hurried from bed into the shower. They dressed and were out of the apartment and on their way to work in record time. As David dropped Gerry off at the underground station, they snatched a quick kiss.

"I want you again tonight. Just like last evening, my big, beautiful man."

David watched him dash across the road and disappear. He put the car in gear and slipped into the line of traffic, heading for his office.

* * * * * *

Gerry was smiling to himself as he held on to the strap on the train. Whatever it was that had set David off last night, he didn't want to lose it for not only had his man fucked him as soon as he got home. They had reversed roles after supper and now David had done it again this morning. Gerry knew he was probably glowing like a beacon but he didn't care. His man loved him and he loved him back. Suddenly he felt a hand squeezing his ass.

"Who's a lucky boy then?"

"Fuck, Jamie, what're you doing?" Despite the soft almost whisper, he had recognised an old fuck-buddy from his student days

"Just envying you that early morning fuck."

"What 'early morning fuck'?"

"No one looks that happy and that smug, unless he's just been serviced."

"Ha, ha, ha."

"I hope it was David - or have you been playing away?"

"Of course it was! Who else!?" He felt Jamie grope him.

"Wow. And you've been together how long? Four years?"

"Three and a bit. And stop that!"

"And he can still do this to you. It must be true love."

"Lay off." But Gerry found himself grinning at his friend as they murmured to each other in the overcrowded compartment.

"No, it's beautiful. I am really happy for you."

"Thanks. But please stop groping me."


Gerry felt Jamie's hand release his junk. The train pulled into the station and along with many others, the two friends got off.

"Free for Lunch?" Jamie asked.

"Think so. - I'll give you a call." Still smiling Gerry set off for his office.

* * * * * *

David had left his car in the cavernous park below the building, and took the lift up to the seventh floor where the old family firm had had its offices since the last century.

"Good morning, Gwen." He smiled at his secretary.

"Hello, David, You are looking very chipper."

"Am I?"

"Yes, - has something special happened?"

" I am just feeling particularly at peace with the world this morning." He gave her a broad smile

"I haven't forgotten Gerry and your anniversary or anything?"

"Good gracious no! I'm more likely to forget such things than you are. Anything new or necessary in the post?"

"Mrs Bradbury has sent her four books from the slush pile back. One very highly commended."

"Four? I thought I only sent her two.

"You did. Henry sent a couple of his. - It's one of his she liked so much.

"If it's a novel let him have it back."

"No, it's a sort of travel book."

"Oh, in that case perhaps I will take a look."

She handed him the manuscript and the report. "The proofs for the Autumn list are on your desk."

"OK, I'll deal with them first and then see why Mrs B thinks we should publish." He went through to his office and took his place at his Father's old desk that had been his Grandfather's before that and that of his great-Grandfather who had founded the firm with a couple of partners back in the 1890s. David was very aware that the family connection would be broken by him, for he had no son or even daughter to hand it on to. He pulled the bunch of galley proofs for the list towards him and grinned as he thought of Gerry.

Half an hour later he buzzed Gwen and told her that the proofs could go back to the printers. He picked up the Bradbury report and the Mss of the book and crossed to the comfortable, old, leather armchair that he used when trying to assess a writer's work.

He quickly read his reader's report and was surprised at her enthusiasm. She wasn't given to "over-praise" but clearly this book had struck a very deep chord with her. It appeared it was more than a travel book, it had philosophical as well as anthropological aspects to it and all written in the most accessible and relaxed style, she could not praise the work highly enough.

David opened the soft cover of the Manuscript and saw the title page. He stopped breathing, and felt the blood drain from his face.




Bloody Anton! How could he. How could he send his manuscript to this firm? How could he expect, this firm... where he, David, was senior partner, now... this firm to publish his work after everything Anton had said about him? He was deliberately challenging him. David was suddenly so very sure of that. Anton was deliberately daring him to turn the book down.

* * * * * *

Gerry texted  Jamie and agreed to lunch with him and they met at a small mock bistro which though trying to move up market hadn't yet escalated their prices to match their ambition.

"You are positively glowing with good health, it just shows what regular sex coupled with comfortable surroundings and being loved by a rich older man can do."

"Don't be bitchy, Jamie. It doesn't suit you."

"Pay no heed, dear ex-buddy, just stating the facts. I am really very happy for you. As you know I like them to be contemporary or a little younger; nothing too permanent for I'm always finding sweeter fruit in the market."

Gerry laughed. "You're a harlot, Jamie Gibson - but soooo sexy with it!"

"Thanks." Jamie flashed his eyes, "so tell me all about it."

"There's nothing to tell. We love each other. We have great sex and are both happy and satisfied. That's it."

"How boring! Aren't you going to give me a 'blow by blow' account?"

"No! But, I will tell you something; something I haven't even told David yet!"

" Is it scandal?!"

"Not in the least - I have just been given my first client. Mr Hawthorne called me in this morning and told me that I was to manage a new client's account, all by myself. He assured me that he had complete faith in me and that for all the good and reliable work I had done this past year, I had earned this."

"Gerry, how great! We must drink to it. Let's have a couple of glasses of bubbles! Is it a trust, An old rich widow or what?"

"It's a man. There isn't a lot of money involved but he needs advice on what to do with what he's got.. I'm taking him out to lunch tomorrow and shall find out everything then."

"You're taking him to lunch?"

"Yes, of course. We have to do something for the enormous fees we charge!"

"Do you know anything about him?"

" Two things. One he's around fifty and two he's been living abroad - Oh, and a third: his name is Gould."



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