This should have been the second half of Chapter Four but I wasn't happy with it and let the first part of the Chapter stand alone. I feel they should be together. I feel I am now back on schedule and so Ch 6 should follow in a few days. Thank you for all the kind words they are greatly appreciated.

THE RETURN Chapter 5

The lift came to a halt and the doors opened. They broke their kiss.

"Wow! sweet boy," Anton whispered. "Let's get into the flat, before I strip you right here." He lead Gerry to the only door on this floor, unlocked it and took him inside.

"Come." He took his hand and they crossed the hallway into the bedroom where Anton wrapped the younger man in his arms again and they made out some more.

Gerry was trying to get Anton's clothes off him and Anton was doing the same to him. Jackets were shed, shoes tossed aside, trousers dropped and removed with socks, shirts opened and cast aside. Anton ripped the labelled briefs from him while Gerry pushed the other's trunks down beyond his thighs, ducked down and took the exposed massive cock in his mouth licking the mushroom head and tasting the sweet saltiness that leaked from it. Anton lifted him and laid him on the bed, then took his cock deep in his throat.

"OOOOOh ! Fuuuuck! You're going to make me cum."

"Good! I want to use it as lube." He sucked harder.

Gerry felt himself fire off streams of semen into Anton's mouth, then found it was being dribbled down onto his balls and Anton was using it to smear round his asshole. He felt fingers stretching him and felt his love-chute open up to a cum-gelled hand; it was shortly followed by the monster cock. Anton eased it into him and Gerry's man-cunt encouraged the invasion; he moaned and whimpered as the great tool filled him. In no time Anton was powering it into the depth of Gerry's gut. With a wild howl the older man came, pouring his love juices into him and Gerry clamped his muscles holding the cock within him. Anton fell on top of him and Gerry locked his ankles across that bronzed and powerful back.

Gerry opened his eyes.

"Oh, my God!"

"What's wrong?"

"Don't move!" Gerry began to giggle, "There's a mirror up there!"

"Yes. I had it put in. It seems guys like it. Are you going to let me out?"

They looked deeply into each others eyes.

"Not yet. I want you to fuck me again only slowly this time."

"Give an old man a chance."

"You're still hard."

They locked lips again.

Gerry felt wonderfully full. "You are very big."

"9 inches when last measured in action. Though you may have made it reach a little further this afternoon, you wickedly sexy young man. - With no mean cock length yourself. Do you fuck or are you a pure bottom."

"There's nothing pure about me. And I'd love to fuck you - after you've done me again." He squeezed the cock within him and Anton began to slow fuck with short strokes. Together they moved in erotic harmony and when Anton reared up Gerry could watch himself being impaled. He found it very sexy and his cock lay half-hard leaking pre-cum on to his stomach.

Anton thumbed the precum that was leaking out over the deep pink head. He stroked carefully and Gerry hardened and moaned. But Anton didn't want this man to cum again before he was up inside him. He felt the tingle in his own balls, that first touch of anticipation, and knew that he would cum a second time soon. He was lucky, he always managed to cum twice when he needed to. Today he knew he was giving this boy, this beautiful young man something he would always remember. Something that would be the yardstick he would measure future lovers against. Those deep blue eyes were glazed over with sexual satiety and total pleasure. He revolved his hips and entered him from various angles so that every part of that sweet ass would feel used and appreciated.

Gerry moaned and sighed with pleasure, he thought he wanted this fuck to go on for ever. Yet all too soon he felt the cock within him stretch and expand and then Anton was crying out as he flooded his passage for a second time.

The clung to each other, hungrily feeding on each other's mouth. Gerry broke the kiss and whispered, "Thank you...thank you... promise me you'll fuck me again."

"I promise. Oh, fuck yes, I promise." Anton felt himself soften slightly and slip out.

Gerry moved quickly and took Anton's cum-covered cock in his mouth and sucked it clean. Anton cried out as his sensitive head was lapped by a tongue. But Gerry had business to finish and he turned the older man over and forcing his cum-and-saliva dressed tongue into Anton's puckered hole. He rimmed him, he ate him out, he spat into that rich hairy hole and used fingers to spread it deep. Covering his own cock with saliva and with cum from his own hole, he pushed it in up to Anton's sphincter.

"Relax and let me fuck you." He felt Anton draw his cock slowly into him and with only the slightest pressure soon found he was stroking those muscular cheeks with his pubes.

Anton growled, "Fuck me hard! I want you deep."

Gerry pulled a pillow down and raised the other man's hips he began to pound his cock in long piston thrusts. He held off cumming again and again. Anton was urging him on, "Yeeees! Harder baby!!, Yeeees! Fuck me! Fuuuuuuck Meeeeeeee!" After fifteen minutes, Gerry had to release his spunk.

"Heeeere it iiiiiiiS" he spurted and squirted again and again, he collapsed on to that strong back.

Both bodies were slick with a covering of sweat, they moved into an embrace looked up into the mirror and saw that they were beautiful.

* * * * * *

Gerry came awake. He reached out but he was alone and the bed was cold along side him. He opened his eyes, there was no mirror now, he recognised the ceiling; it was David and his bedroom. He sat up, he was naked, he saw his neatly folded clothes on a chair. He listened, there was no sound from elsewhere in the flat. He urgently need a pee, so got out of bed and went through to the bathroom. As he stood and expelled a powerful jet of urine, the questions forced themselves upon him. How did he get here? Where was Anton? What happened after that amazing sex; his whole body could remember that? They were going to the theatre; Gerry was sure they hadn't gone. Why not and where did they go? It was all a blank. He knew it wasn't a dream for someone had undressed him and folded his clothes like that for he never did. Was it Anton? But then why didn't he stay? And how did he know where to bring him?

Gerry looked at the bedside clock; it was a quarter to six, his usual waking time; automatically he started to go through his morning routine; he had to get to the office, after all it was Friday and there were things he had to do, things he hadn't finished when he took the afternoon off to be with Anton. And where was Anton? And what really happened last evening?



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