'That's right,' Anwar said, having discerned my realization that he was taking me more intimately now. 'We're there. It's me fucking you now, and you are taking it. We're there. Very little pain, I think, more pleasure, and we've reached the goal. You can relax now. There'll be even less pain if you relax. And breath, breath normally.'

He was right. There was very little pain now, and I'd already learned that if I just relaxed and breathed normally, the tension would go out of me. He was bigger and longer than the dildo that had just been inside me, but not by much. He must have shown me the twelve-incher to make the reality more bearable. He was filling me and stretching me, but I no longer felt that he would split me or do permanent damage. So, I just laid back with a sigh and panted and grunted for him, while he pumped me from above. Our eyes remained locked, and I could tell that he was getting a great deal of satisfaction from this fuck. And it gave me more pleasure, realizing that someone like him could want me so badly and could get so much pleasure from my body.

Anwar was pumping me and grunting and straining. I didn't even know he was having any trouble until he slapped me on the butt, withdrew his cock and stood up. 'It's no use; I can't get all the way in from this position. You are just too tight; too much of a good thing. Here up on you hands and knees, doggy style.'

Can't get all of the way in? I had assumed he had been all of the way in. Oh, lord, I thought, as I turned over and came up on my knees. I could feel the cool lubricant, as Anwar lathered up my hole and his cock again, and then I cried out and grunted as he entered me a second time. I twisted in pain, as I could feel him driving farther into me than he had before, filling and stretching me.

'Ah, that's better,' he said after pumping me for several minutes, 'But not good enough. Here, I'm going to spin you around.'

He did so, turning me onto my back, with my weight on my shoulders and my pelvis supported in the air with his strong hands. He was crouched up above me and driving that ram of his down into me. Long strokes, each one sinking just a bit lower

'Ah, ah, ah-h-h-h,' I cried, beating the mat with my fists.

'I'm sorry, does it hurt too much? Should I stop for a while?'

'Yes. No. No, don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me. I've never had it like this. Oh god, yes. Yes! All the way!'

My full surrender seemed to have pleased him. He pumped me with new vigor, although he was now in as deep as he could go. He pumped endlessly, but eventually tired of the crouch and turned me once more, onto my side on the mat, with my right leg held up in the air and pumped me for several minutes more until I felt him tense and then release and then go limp behind me. His arms came around me and one hand took and worked my cock and the other one pressed into my belly. I turned my head and he took my mouth in his for a long, breathless kiss, as he pumped me off to ejaculation.

Some moments later, he broke the kiss and whispered in my ear. 'I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry. I had no idea you'd never been fucked before. You were just too good looking and sexy to be a virgin. I'm sorry. You should have started with someone smaller, but I just couldn't help myself.' Then he rose and left me. Unlocking the door, he headed for the showers, leaving me panting on the floor, completely and deeply fucked.

When I had regained my strength, I stood up on wobbly legs and went off to the showers myself. I marched right into the shower room and stood there before him, hands on hips, as he was soaping down.

'Look, I said I was sorry.' he said. 'I'll try to control myself in the future if you come back for the lessons.'

'That fuck was for you,' I declared. 'As you said, you were going to have me one way or the other. But I found I liked it, so I don't hold you accountable for anything. And now, to show I have no hard feelings, I want to be fucked for me, on my terms.'

I then walked right up to the surprised Syrian hunk, under the thrust of water from the shower head, and latched my mouth onto his. I grabbed his bulbous butt cheeks in my hands and drew him into me. Even when flaccid, his cock was huge, but not that much bigger than mine. The two rods rubbed against each other between us, and both started to come back to life again.

'I don't know how long before I can get it up again,' he whispered in my ear. 'You were such a good fuck that you drained me dry.'

'Oh, I don't think so,' I answered. 'I can feel it stirring again. We'll see what a little attention can do.'

I started kissing and tonguing down his neck and into his curly chest hair. I moved my mouth alternately from one of his arm pits to his other one, licking his curly hair there and burying my nose into the lingering man scent from his long pumping session in me that hadn't been fully washed away by the water of the shower. He was laughing and whispering endearments to me, some of them in Arabic, as I went to work on his nipples with my mouth and fingers, moved down his abs, paused briefly to tongue his navel and belly and then went to work on his engorging cock and on his huge balls. I wasn't expert in the least in blowing a man, but Anwar helped me, giving me direction in what he liked within the realms of what I could do with such a big cock. Soon I had him at full staff again. On my way into the shower, I had palm another condom packet from Anwar's gym bag, and now I opened it and slowly rolled the condom as far down as it would go on his cock. I could sense his body shivering in anticipation.

I rose before him, looked him straight in the eye, and said, 'Fuck me now. Fuck me because I want to be fucked by you and not just because of your need. Fuck me hard and fuck me deep.'

Anwar gave a deep-throated animal sound and lifted and turned me toward the wall, crouched into and below me, and got his dick head lodged at my asshole, which was still lubricated from our previous fuck session. I could feel him penetrate me a good four inches and, having gained purchase, with another animal sound, he got his hands under my buttocks where they met my thighs and lifted me and impaled me on his Syrian ram. Deeper and deeper he went; as he bucked me up against the tile wall of the shower under the flowing water. I entwined my arms around his neck and hung on for dear life, as he pumped and pumped and pumped me until he had cum deep inside me.

After another deep kiss, Anwar released me, soaped me up, and we both showered off. Then we went into the dressing area and toweled each other off. He told me to sit straddling the dressing room bench with my legs and to lie down on my back. He lay on his belly below me, and sucked my cock until it was fully engorged again. And then, telling me that he rarely did this but was so happy to have found me and wanting me to know the sensation of being a top, he rolled a condom on my cock, positioned his asshole over it facing me, and slowly descended into my lap. I held his cock in one hand and explored his hairy chest and belly with the other as he pumped up and down on my cock until I came with a little scream of ecstasy. Holding me inside him with very talented ass muscles, he then came down on my chest and we remained there until we became drowsy.

I actually nodded off and when I awoke, Anwar was gone. I showered again and headed toward the front of the gym, where I found Anwar, letting a blond Nordic giant in the front door.

'My late-night class,' Anwar said, with a wink at me. 'Eric, this is Galen, who was just here for a special session. Maybe he'll want to join the late-night class one of these days.'

I could tell what sort of session was coming up, because Anwar has a hand firmly planted on Eric's big butt.

Eric looked me up and down, and said, 'Yes, that would be very nice. I think I'd like a . . . class . . . for three some night.'

'Yes, I might as well,' I responded with a smile. 'I'll think over the possibility and get back to Anwar on that.'

When I had walked out of the door and it had been shut behind me, I turned to look inside once more, and the two hulking hunks were walking toward the back room. Anwar already had worked his hand inside the Swede's gym trunks and seemed to have already found a good hole for his index finger; so much for worrying if Anwar could get it up again.



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