I was nearing the end of the fourth group lesson on self-defense techniques at the store-front gym under the instruction of a heavily muscled Syrian wrestler named Anwar, when he took me aside and, after telling me he thought I'd make a natural wrestler, asked me if I'd like to stay after class and have him demonstrate some holds to me. I had admired his massive build a bodybuilder's barrel chest, huge arm and leg muscles, bulbous but firm butt, and tiny waist and, although I was pretty well built myself, I figured if I could build up to anything like him by developing wrestling techniques, I was game to have a go at it. I saw how all the women students and some of the men too licked their lips when they took in his light-brown, hairy body and his rugged, yet handsome features.

So, I readily said yes and he directed me to a private mat-covered room behind the main class area and told me to wait until the gym had cleared from our class, which was the last scheduled one of the evening. I went into the back room and waited. I'd worked up quite a sweat during the class, so I stripped off my gym shirt and used it to towel off.

I was still rubbing myself when Anwar came into the room and closed and locked the door behind him. He had a small gym bag that he put down beside the door, and then he looked up at me and smiled a big smile.

'Nice,' he said, 'Very, very nice. You look like you're in really good shape.'

I started to pull my T-shirt back on, but he wasted no time in getting down to business, telling me that he could show me how my muscles should move in the wrestling holds if I was bare chested. He was wearing gym shorts himself and an athletic T with deep cuts at the neck and arm holes from which short, black curly hair blossomed.

At his command, we both took our gym shoes and socks off and went to the center of the mat, where, for the next forty-five minutes, he put me through a series of holds and falls that left me completely exhausted, while he'd hardly worked up a sweat. Half way through the workout, he'd shed his T, complaining of the heat, and I have to admit that our session of skin on skin was turning me on. I couldn't hide from myself that I had fantasized about Anwar and his manly body and had formed some very unhealthy thoughts about him and me.

While he was putting me in a standing Full Nelson, with me barely able to even stand in exhaustion, I realized that I was turning him on as well. He had his powerful arms under my arm pits, holding my arms above my head and my body was leaning back into his chest. But farther down, I could feel a gigantic, hard cock running up the small of my back. I realized that we were just standing there, against each other, rocking back and forth, and for the first time, I felt his chest heaving and his breath turning raspy. I had dreamed about this and my interest seemed to convey to him without my making any intentional moves.

He buried his face into the small of my neck, and I felt his lips and teeth seeking out the carotid artery and kissing me there. His mustache was tickling my neck.

I started to give a weak objection, but I was surprised and exhausted, and confused and his kiss and the friction of his cock up the small of my back were making my cock rise. I had never done it with a man before, but he had caught me so off guard, and our wrestling had built the sexual tension from something that was almost imperceptible to something that was almost consuming me, that my defenses were shattered.

Without losing his lip lock on my carotid artery, he slowly let my arms come down, and his massive hands went to my pecs and rubbed and pinched at my erect nipples. I involuntarily moaned for him, which he took as an invitation to explore farther, and one hand slowly ran down my ribs and belly and went across the cloth of my gym shorts and found my cock. I felt him take in air with apparent pleasure when he felt the measure of me.

I let my hands go around him and grab hold of his buttocks through the cloth of his gym shorts, pulling him into me as closely as his stiff cock between us would allow. His hand left his play with my nipple and raised and turned my head to him and we went into a deep kiss. It seemed no different from kissing a woman, but no woman had played with my body during a kiss like this. The hand he had at my pelvis moved up and under the waistband of my shorts and found and encircled my dick briefly. Then both hands were pushing down my shorts, and I stepped out of them. His right hand went back to pulling at my dick, while his left hand fluttered all over my body. He came around me and kneeled and took my dick in his mouth and did marvelous things with his mouth and tongue. He was partially supporting me with his hands cupping my butt cheeks, but I collapsed in exhaustion and a serious case of the tremors, and a sank to the floor. He came down with me, taking me down in a slow fall and keeping my penis buried in his throat. I panted and moaned for him and, in the excitement of the first experience, came fairly quickly, down his throat.

It had been quite a pleasant and sexually stimulating experience, although it had been something that, only in my wildest fantasies I'd ever thought I'd do. But it had been so pleasant that I already was thinking of letting Anwar suck me off again sometime. I moved to get up and head for the showers, but I was soon to learn that the experience was not over.

When I started to rise, Anwar just laughed a hearty laugh and pushed me back down on the mat with a big hand on my belly. He moved to sucking and tonguing my balls and then his magic tongue, which I found to be a pleasant finish to having jacked off. But he then moved on down to my asshole, where he sucked and rimmed my ass with his tongue. I weakly tried to fight him as his tongue dug farther into my ass canal, but he just folded my thighs up against my torso and held me down with his strong hands. After a while I gave up to the pleasure of being tongue-fucked, deeper and deeper. I could feel my hole loosening and opening to him.

I lay there, weakly panting, as he stood and stripped off his gym shorts. His ram was huge and stood straight out from his body. I watched in fascination and horror as he took something from a pocket of his shorts, a condom packet, ripped it open with his teeth and slowly rolled a giant-sized condom onto his penis. He flashed me a broad and lascivious smile.

I got up on my feet as best I could and started scrabbling for the door. But he got to me before I reached it and slammed my chest up against the wall, knocking the breath out of me.

He held me against the wall with a strong hand to the back I screamed in pain as the head of his penis came up against my asshole. But then he let it slide down between my thighs, where he slowly dry fucked me. He found my mouth with the fingers of one hand and worked them between my lips.

'Here, get these good and wet,' he commanded, 'You'll be glad you did.'

I did as he directed, sucking on the three fingers in my mouth and moistening them up real well, while his dick tantalizingly worked its way between my thighs. It was a huge battering ram, and once, when it had come through below my own cock, his free hand went to them and held them together and than slowly pumped them. One of my hands involuntarily went there too, and I took the helmet of his cock between my fingers and let them glide around it and flick his piss slit. He shuddered and I could tell from the moan he gave out that I was pleasing him. I didn't know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, however.

After a short while, he pulled his dick out from between my legs and he was back on his knees behind me, with, first, his tongue at my ass, and then those moistened fingers.

'God, you're tight,' he commented, as I grunted and writhed in pain from his fingers probing inside my ass. 'You haven't done this before, have you?'

'No,' I grunted and made plain that I didn't want to do it now either.

'Sweet,' he said. 'It will take longer, but it will be more fun.'

He rose and turned away from me then and went over and rummaged around in his gym bag on the other side of the door. I just sank to the floor in fear and exhaustion. He was back with three sizes of rubber dildos and a bottle of lubricant, and I tried scrambling for the door. But Anwar was too quick and strong for me. He just lifted me, with an arm around my belly and pulled me out to the center of the room and flopped me on my back. He came down on his knees between my legs and once more started working my cock and balls with his magic mouth, tongue, and teeth. I lay pretty quietly, because I was really enjoying this part. His mouth worked its way back to my asshole, where he gently kissed and licked around my rim; all the time he was humming a gentle, calming tune. I flinched when his tongue darted into my asshole but relaxed when he immediately took it out and started gently kissing and tonguing up and down my inner thighs. His mustache brushed against my skin, giving a pleasant sensation. I tightened up again, when I felt his fingers at my asshole, but they were wet and cool. He was liberally applying the lubricant to my ass, and I could feel my hole opening to his attention. He probed ever deeper with a finger, which I had no trouble accommodating now. Another finger went in and then a third. His index finger found my prostate and rubbed up against it. I shuddered and arched my back and involuntarily reached for my engorged dick, feeling as if I was going to piss. I felt a tingling, pleasant sensation in my dick.

The fingers came out, and Anwar rose to his knees between my thighs and pulled me toward him, so that my buttocks rested on where his thighs met his knees. This elevated my pelvis toward him. His big, thick cock was waving around and rhythmically flopping against my own hand-sheathed cock. He lifted one of the dildos so that I could see it. It was only about four inches long, not any thicker than the three fingers he'd had in my ass already and curved up a bit at the tip. Other than that, it was shaped in the form of a man's cock, complete with balls on the end.

'See this?' he asked, as he squirted lubricant on it and worked the liquid around on the surface of the cock. 'This is how we begin. No more really than you've taken already. You felt pleased in your cock your very nice cock, I might add when my finger found your G-spot?'

'Yes,' I answered in a hushed tone.

'Well, this is going to give you so much pleasure there, you're going to cum. I don't want to rape you and give you only pain. But I'm going to do you; that much I'm sure you know and you can be sure of. Allah has brought me a handsome virgin, and I will have my pleasure with you. But we can do this with much pain for you or with a little pain but much pleasure. What I am holding in my hand is designed to give you only pleasure. You are open enough for this already and you've felt a taste of the pleasure. This will magnify that pleasure with no more pain. You will cum probably not for the last time tonight. Just lay back, relax, stroke your cock until you cum, and let what will be, be.

So, leaving one hand encasing my cock, I relaxed on my back, and threw my arm over my face, ready to pretend I wasn't there.

'No, no,' let me see your face,' Anwar said with a husky voice. 'My pleasure is in seeing your pleasure and you pain mixed with pleasure.'

So, I looked into his eyes, as he spread my right leg up and out with his left hand, and I felt the dildo at my asshole, guided by his right hand. I felt full, as the smooth, rounded head of the dildo popped into my hole, but I felt no pain. And then, surprisingly enough, I felt my sphincter muscle actually draw the dildo in and my back arched again as the head of the dildo found my prostate. My eyes went to Anwar's.

'Ah, good, we've found it, haven't we? I can tell from the pleasure on your face.'

I couldn't answer. I was processing the sensations in my ass channel and cock as Anwar rubbed the dildo head along my prostate. My finger felt sticky, and I realized that I was oozing precum.

'Remember to breath,' Anwar said huskily. 'Relax and just let it be.'

I relaxed and found that I was sighing and moaning in pleasure. My dick engorged further and my hand fluttered all over my shaft and dick helmet in ever quickening rhythm to match the quickening rhythm of the rubbing of the dildo across my glans. I felt I was about to come, and Anwar must have felt that as well, because he took his hand off the dildo, and, with both hands, raised my buttocks up, slid his mouth down onto my cock, and took me in almost to the hilt. I came there inside his mouth. He licked up and down my shaft as he slowly pulled off of my dick.

'Ah, essence of virgin,' he said, a glitter in his eye. 'There that was pleasurable, wasn't it?'

My eyes and weak smile told him that I agreed. But my smile faded; as he lowered my buttocks back onto his thighs and lifted up a six-inch dildo with some thickness to it and thick veins running down the shaft. A wire I couldn't figure out was running from the balls end of it back to somewhere beside Anwar.

'Don't look like that,' he admonished. 'To accommodate me, it's best that you adjust in stages. You would not like it much if I just force fucked you now with what I have. We are going slow just for you. I assure you that I'm ready to take you now. Which is it?'

'Slow, slow, please,' I whimpered, 'If at all.'

'Spoken like a true virgin,' Anwar said and then gave a big, throaty laugh. 'Slow it will be then.'

I watched in horror as he lathered up the six-inch cock and then flinched, as I felt it's cool, wet head at my asshole. As with the four incher, Anwar slowly guided it in, with help from my sphincter, and he stopped at the prostate and rubbed back and forth, causing me to moan with pleasure again and to let the tension drain out of me. We'd been here before.

But then we were in new territory. The shaft was pushing deeper into me, filling me up, and causing sharp little pains. I grunted and moaned below him.

'Breath, breath,' Anwar instructed. 'And look at me. Open your eyes; keep your eyes on mine.' I opened my eyes, and then screamed and arched my back as the shaft went farther in.

'No, no, don't fight it, my virgin. It's almost all in. I can feel you opening to it. You can do it. There, there, you've taken six inches. We'll rest.'

He lifted my torso to him then and his lips found mine. I felt my ass passage loosening, and the pain lessened as the sensations of pleasure at his kiss overtook the feeling in my ass canal. His lips left mine, and my head arched back as he nuzzled his mouth into my neck and kissed and licked his way around my neck. He found the throbbing carotid arteries on either side of my neck and sucked and nipped those to my great pleasure. But I involuntarily yelped again and grabbed the muscles of his back and squeezed as he started to move the dildo around inside me, first short strokes in and out and then back and forth, encouraging my canal walls to widen, and then rotating around so that I could feel the veins of the cock massaging my ass wall. This helped open me up and I wasn't feeling any pain anymore. And then longer strokes in and out. I could feel my cock coming alive again, and it was brushing against his erect staff. I reached down and encased both cocks, and he sighed and his mouth traveled down to my nipples, as I arched my back away from him.

But then I felt the dildo inside me enlarging. 'Oh god, no, I whimpered.'

'Yes, we must,' Anwar whispered back to me. 'I'm more than nine inches. If you are going to take me without pain, we must do this. I'm ready now. This is for you. The shaft is mechanized. You'll take it; you'll see. And you'll enjoy it. It will give you something I can't give you with this condom on. It will bathe you inside as Allah intended. It will take you completely as a virgin.'

'No, no, no,' I whimpered, as the dildo inside me grew in length and width and began to pulsate. 'No, no,' I whispered. But this changed into. 'Yes, oh yes, o-h-h-h, God, yes!' as the dildo pulsated more rapidly, dug a little deeper, pushed a little harder again my ass walls. I started flopping around under Anwar, and he raised back up and pinned me down on the mat with a big hand on my belly. He was laughing, sharing my enjoyment. And then the dildo ejaculated, spewing warm liquid up my ass channel. I flopped back on the mat and arched my head back and screamed. 'Oh God, yes; I had no idea.'

But I froze as I opened my eyes and looked up. Answer was kneeling there with a big grin on his face and a big thick dildo waving around in his hand that must have been twelve inches long.

'Oh God, no,' I yelled. 'You'll split me with that. You'll kill me.'

'You've taken eight inches already,' Anwar said with a grin. 'I didn't tell you how much over nine inches I was when I'm fully erect. And with a virginal beauty like you, I'm going to be fully erect.

'No,' I repeated and tried to rise. But my efforts were futile. Still grinning, Anwar backhanded me across the face, with both surprised and dazed me more than hurt me. I fell back on the floor, and the mechanized dildo slid out to be replaced almost immediately by another ram that stretched me to the limit again and it moved in and up me. My struggling and writhing only helped the rod on its journey up my ass canal. Anwar's hands had grabbed a hold of my hips on both sides and he was holding my pelvis in place, not minding what the rest of my body was doing as long as he could hold my ass steady.

It was then that I realized that Anwar wasn't guiding a dildo. Both of his hands were on my hips. It was Anwar himself who was inside me, not a dildo.



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