Its raining as crazy and am just in one of those sucked on boxers with a see through mariner. Well scented with palmers body butter. Its kind of a dark and obscured so I pulled out of my bed table a matches . And so reaching for the lampstand to have it lid. I saw walking across my room heading down the hall. Without his shirt on he was in kohls jeans that sucked on perfectly adding curve to his body physique, leaving the smell of a man floating on thin air within the room, I got in the frenzy wating for hìs return,i had him target returning from the hall I spitefully poured my body oil over the floor at the entrance to my room just incase he slide, well so as to say it happen then I began to apologizing hoping for a friendly conversation, he sat at my bed corner and so did I, we talk for awhile laughing tidings of great joy when he looked into my eyes ready to explore each other desire, then realizing that he is getting closer to me in conversation, I felt the embrasive presence between us.

As we talk I began to feel intoxicated desireably hungry with a hard steel in my pants, he realized that I am one of those guys who is up for the encounterment, shockinly he rest his hand on my shoulder talking to me and rubbing the side of my ears is when I realize he meant buisness, I then grabed him hungrily I stuff my tongue in his mouth kissing every moments, we kiss hungrily till he looked in my eyes with a desireably frenzy attitude, I could read his emotion giving me the sex signals, he then remove his pants revealing tommy hilfiger that clinch to his asscrack, I embrace myself towards him hugging passionately then I remove his boxers,when I saw his stalk flip up infront of me I slowly rolled back his foreskin exposing his red pulp, I looked in his eyes and swallow his 9 while he lay on the bed with his two legs open wide I were in the middle playing greedy, I had him moan to pleasure as I suck his hard steel that almost led him to madness, I felt every string of viens on my lips.

As I sucked hiss massive wand very slowly I feel his saltery flavour of precum escaping from his pisslit, then I stop for a moment to delay whatsoever desire which are approaching, I had him turn over exposing a ass that ooz with the word welcom to whatsoever I wish, I then divide his asscheek revealing his piersable pink hole that is tight enough for raviging adventure, I then lube my finger and insert that tight chute he has til he beg me to insert him the way he needed, I know he need something much bigger so I plunge my stiff rod into his oozing asshole pumping him forcefully, for a hour and a half I had him giving him the pulsating burning hood of his life, while stroking his stiff meat I am behind him giving him all that I had a raviging cock, thrusting flesh that suck on my cock the pleasure of desire had me explode my cream curdle over his assplit?



Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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